Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout

Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout

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  2. 5:50 I just noticed this girl on the far left wearing light yellow.. she is lazy doing this workout and not really jumping.. I was thinking maybe:
    A. Her boobs are fake
    B. She’s fit already so she thinks she doesn’t have to try harder
    C. She just care to look cute for the camera.
    What you guys think? Also, I’m watching this in 2019 😀

  3. Thanks for not putting anything on here I don’t get how to do, as a person with bad coordination it makes it much easier for me, thanks

  4. This is called QUICK BURN CARDIO, not ULTIMATE FAT BURN (a different DA workout). There are two parts, 20 minutes each. There is a 5 minute warm up. The first part is pretty good solid cardio. The second part uses crossfit style moves with weights. It's a killer ! Then a 5 minute cooldown. I'm trying to get back in shape and have been exercising regularly for two months. By 10 minutes into part 2 I'm soaking wet and have to stop for water!

  5. Utilizing the “fetching tuti space” (Google it) as my weight reduction guide has enabled me to shed 17 pounds. I can`t suggest this program enough if you`re prepared to invest in altering your lifestyle with the consequence of healthy weight loss. It really is rewarding for me to notice some of the body fat being expelled from my body..

  6. I start doing it but my problem I eat too much sweets. I think it won't help me. Did someone had a diet or something?

  7. this is so good! exactly what I was looking for again, i just don't know about the burpees…I could at least try them too eventually

  8. I discovered this workout a few months ago and I try to do it when I can't get to the gym. Seeing all these comments has definitely motivated me to do this workout more often as I've had to cancel my gym membership for the time being.

  9. Hello, let me just say that your videos kept me lean and fit for most of my 20s and 30s. But after my 2nd child I developed a prolapse and I haven’t been able to do most of your workouts. Have thought about putting together a prolapse safe workout? 😃

  10. guys, dont get fooled by video cause it looks extremely easy. i could only complete the full exercise in my 2nd week. working your ass off amazing! thanks denise!

  11. Thank you, Denise! Love your workouts! My dad discovered you back in the 90's. Gave him a good sweat, 😄😄

  12. I never thought I’d be able to finish the whole thing but after a few goes I’m able to do the entire thing and a few other exercises after that!!! So happy, persistence!!! So good when you can push yourself to do something you never thought you could do!

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