Diabesity (Part 7): My Story

Diabesity (Part 7): My Story

At 158, I’m about 30 pounds less than my
peak weight which I reached in college. I actually started getting some high blood
pressure at that point. I got that weight off and kept it off for about 30
years using more of a plant-based diet. But as I got older and insulin-resistant
in my mid-50s, I started struggling with this. Decided
to cut my carbs. When I did it, became so much easier. In addition to cutting my
carbs, I then started closing that eating window, from 12- to 14-hour eating window down
to about 6- to 8-hour window. Then I added prolonged water fasts that I
do in most weeks. I’d do a 48-hour water fast. But guess what?
I’ve been very happy, I relaxed. So I thought I had stabilized and then I
crept right back up from 152 to 162. I’m back back down to 158. But here’s how I’m
doing it. I’m using a meal replacement program, replacing a couple of meals a
week. And it’s teaching me portion control. My dad was north of 350 pounds
in my height, so that’s way more than two of me. And I learned some bad eating
habits from him. If you’re interested in in trying this along with me, let me know.
Thank you for your interest. If plaque is the number one cause of
heart attack, stroke, dementia, blindness, kidney disease, you think we know how to
evaluate it, screen for it. Unfortunately, the state of the art right
now is a guess and a bad one at that – Framingham. The most common thing that
you do is you say, well, hey Doc, why don’t we do a stress test. They don’t work
either. Then you go into the cath lab and get a definitive test. But that
revolves getting a needle in the groin. It just goes downhill from there. Now,
there are better ways. Take a look at our plaque evaluation course. Click the link


  1. Hi dr. Brewer. Thanks for this video. I was just wanting to view your weight in context. Do you mind sharing your height?

  2. I have a portion control issue for sure. I’m doing a lot of fasting as well, intermittent and longer. I would like to know more. I need a solution for in between fasts to maintain my weight losses. Sounds Interesting

  3. 16:8 has made it easy for me to keep slim. Low carb has helped. But im more concerned about inflammation. At 61, im lifting weights and gaining muscle is a lot harder than 10 years ago. I guess testosterone does make a big difference.

  4. I do a 36hr water fast one a week, intermittent fast 18/6 , 16/8, 20/4 , and once in a while throw in an OMAD, they say that your fasting blood sugar tends to be higher with OMAD ( dawn effect) so I don't do it to much. I always change things up so that the body doesnt metabolism has a harder time to adjust to what I am doing. I bounce in and put of keto to low carb and back every few days. I went from 250 to 214 do far and my goal weight is 180.

  5. I looked into Prolon but it seems to contain some questionable ingredients. Definitely interested in your meal replacement!

  6. Just wanted to mention I take glyemepride and Metformin. My last A1C was 7.8. I eat very low carb. My portion size is small. I eat a spinach or kale salad most every night along with an egg or meat. For lunch I eat sardines or salmon each day along with chicken soup. I also have a small piece of dart chocolate. I do close to 1.5 hours of exercise a day. Thats about it. I follow your advice, but get it threw my diet except for vitamin C and D3. Thats it.

  7. Can you share what you're doing for a meal replacement? Also, you say "do it with you" — join the fun and do IF, meal replacement and portion control?

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