Diabetes as a Disease of Fat Toxicity

Diabetes as a Disease of Fat Toxicity


  1. Questions:
    1. So there's no way to diagnose an imminent pancreatic insulin decline?
    2. Is this set of conditions, without exclusion, the sole reason for type II diabetes?
    3. Why is that many of those with hyperlipidemia for a decade or even longer, do not develop diabetes?
    4. Is there any relationship between statins and diabetes?*

    * Over the years I've noticed seniors (acquaintances of mine) who were put on stains for hyperlipidemia, within 2 to 3 years later are subsequently diagnosed with diabetes. None have had, or do have heart disease. Coincidence? Or, was is the exact set of circumstances the good Doc just described, as in, it was only a matter of time before the excess fat in their blood caused insulin resistance.

  2. BTW, as others have noticed, the feeds here on youtube for this channel are late, missing, out of chronological order, etc. Something's going on here. If you want the latest in order videos, you need to visit the website.

  3. Thank you so much for all your vital information, Dr. Greger! It's a shame that something/ someone is messing with your Youtube channel – I'll keep spreading the message of health and prosperity!

  4. I thought you could reverse diabetes with diet.  This video sounds like the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas are killed off.

    Can they come back or are you just screwed forever once these cells are injured?

  5. If diabetes is a disease of sugar, why are diabetics supposed to reduce fat intake?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/diabetes-as-a-disease-of-fat-toxicity

  6. My fasting blood sugar is around 60 mg/dl. Some people say that is too low and a bad sign. However, I am fit and not really hungry when I wake up and sometimes exercise 30-60 minutes before breakfast without problems. Btw.: I eat a 85-90% carbs whole foods vegan diet.

    Is such a value ok for people like me or is that hypoglycemia?

  7. I hope you never give up posting this vital information for us, even if The Man continues to try and silence you. Thank you for your courage!!

  8. If you want to know what to eat in order to avoid diabetes and be lean and muscular look at the dietary habits of those that are lean and muscular. Hmm…lean and muscular? Who would that be? Oh yeah, bodybuilders and physique competitors. What do they all eat? Lean chicken and rice. Lean white fish and oatmeal. Egg whites and sweet potatoes. What do all these foods have in common? Carbs and protein with very little fat. Please point me to a physique competitor who is winning competitions eating butter? You can't because they don't exist.

  9. I can't even begin to understand this.

    Did you know since the 1977 low fat guideliens introduced by the US Senate, that obesity and diabetes has more than doubled in percentage from 20% to 40%? Americans were eating less fat, yet there is twice as much obesity and diabetes. It's obviously the carbs, espeically refined carbs that caused this not the fat.

  10. Where do you get your science? Site your sources please. You're the only one I've ever heard talking about this radical "fat spillover inteferes with insulin" theory.

  11. Thanks a lot Doctor. By ignorance myself and millions of people think that we develop diabetes by eating too much sugar how wrong I was. I am 48 now and became diabetic. I am really taking care of myself now I am dieting and exercising very seriously . My question is CAN WE REVERSE DIABETES? OR WE CAN JUST CONTROLE IT? thanks in advanced for your answer.

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  13. Why is it that people with Type 2 diabetes who go on a ketogenic diet lose weight, and reduce symptoms & insulin requirements then? Is it because the body is in a constant fat-burning state, so the saturated fat in the diet doesn't cause a fatty liver & start the vicious cycle?

  14. What would you say in leu of the American Diabetes/Diabetic Association being called out in the new documentary What The Health as PROMOTING diabetics to eat foods leading to and aiding in becoming/remaining diabetic ?

  15. if this is true, how are all these people getting great results with low carb/keto diets?
    even studies showing BETTER results than a low fat diet?

  16. SERIOUS QUESTION here. I'm a 60 year old woman with Type 2 diabetes (25 years since diagnosis) on insulin. How long after eliminating saturated animal fat can I expect to see better blood sugar control (especially because I'd now be eating more carbohydrates) and will my pancreas wake up to do the job of insulin production.

  17. Nice video with very good explanation. I noticed a discrepancy between what you said and what I read in the Banting Memorial lecture you have quoted in your video. You mentioned that due to excess fat exposure, the beta cells are killed off. But, in the Banting lecture transcript, Dr. Taylor has indicated that he was able to reverse type 2 diabetes and has mentioned "The β-cells had woken up! This has never been demonstrated before. Clearly, the β-cells are not permanently damaged in Type 2 diabetes, but are merely metabolically inhibited."

  18. I've already cut down animal protein and saturated fats, but even so any amount of carbohydrate makes me lethargic and with mild symptoms of dementia, even fruits knock me down. Is it that I have to stay without eating? This is preventing me from studying and working normally, What can I do? I NEEdHeLp

  19. The problem with this logic is that the fat in a fatty liver doesn't come from dietairy fat. It comes from sugar, specifically, fructose. Alcohol can do it too, but isn't necessary. Then it's called non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

    Why then, on a low fat high carb diet people don't get a fatty liver???

    Actually,… They do if they eat large amounts of sugar and fructose and not a lot of vegetables.

    Insulin resistance is the result of high energy stored in the blood. Eat more carbs and less fat, make them processed carbs, eat more frequent, and that's what you end up with, high levels of energy stored in the blood. Even if you exercize enough to maintain weight and aren't obese,.. you'll still develop insulin resistance.

    What happened to our diets since the 70's? The standard dietairy guidelines increased carb consumption and reduced fat consumption. And if you look it up, people did follow the guidelines, carb consumption went up and fat consumption went down.

    On top of that, fat got replaced with processed carbs and often in the form of sugar and fructose. Then, to make matters worse, a lot if saturated and monounsaturated fats got replaced by vegetable oils, which are polyunsaturated fats, which unfortunately, are super high in omega 6 and very low in omega 3. Even more unfortunate. Polyunsaturated fats aren't for energy. They are building blocks mostly. They're not metabolized for energy. Polyunsaturated fats in high quantities, most of them omega 6 cause inflamation which raises cholesterol.

    I just described the standard american diet. (Which isn't all that american by the way, it's how most of the world eats.)

    But in all of this you can see how fat toxicity is caused by blocking the cells from using fat for energy. The higher (unhealthy processed) carb intake is forcing the cells to just use glucose for energy.

    When your cells use glucose for energy most of the time, you have to eat low fat. High carb is fine on low fat.

    High fat is also fine if you eat low carb. If your cells can metabolize the fat you eat, it doesn't build up in the wrong places.

    Even the standard diet can work if you eat no processed food and don't eat every 3 hours so your cells get the chance to switch between glucose and fat metabolism.

  20. seriously ??? Fatty liver is caused by high consumption of CARBOHYDRATE! not Fat !!!!! man… eating fat will not cause people obese, it is the carbs ! Dr greg is so biased… never mentioned anything about the consequence of eating processed carbs and blame everything to fat .

  21. This irresponsibility misleading. Vegans are nuts. Your religion will harm you eventually.
    Diabetes is insulin resistance from too much sugar in your diet.

  22. My relative has been grossly overweight and eating all kinds of meats and fried foods for the whole life; now 75ish, has never been diagnosed with t2dm and even her doctors always assume she has it when they talk with her because she is so very fat.

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