Do Anti-Aging Products ACTUALLY Work??

Do Anti-Aging Products ACTUALLY Work??

What is the best anti-aging product?
First of all, let me explain what anti-aging does. It’s an ANTI-OXIDANT
so that means ANTI-AGING. And basically, what that does, is it protects your skin
from breaking down, which is “oxidizing”. If they break, they break apart the “Free
Radicals” in your skin or they neutralize them. So, you want to look for Vitamin A,
Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. So, look for the “ACE Bandage” – A – C – E. Now, the highest
concentration of these vitamins are typically in a SERUM, sometimes in a
CREAM. But for the serum, first of all, you want them to be in a glass bottle and
you don’t want to see through that bottle because all the vitamins,
especially Vitamin C, are highly OXIDATIVE. They break down when exposed
to air, heat, and light. So typically you want them in an airless pump or a serum
in a glass bottle where they have a little glass pipette. Now, with a cream, if
it has Vitamin A, C, and E, again especially Vitamin C, I would avoid the Vitamin C
creams that are in a jar because every time you open the lid, you are starting
to oxidize the Vitamin C very quickly. You’re exposing it, the entire product, to
air versus an airless pump that you push down it’s only the, what you’re using is
coming out. With anything that has Vitamin C in a jar or container that’s
see-through, the Vitamin C has nearly oxidized so you don’t want to waste your
time using that. Now, with Vitamin C there are different qualities and different
types of Vitamin C. Obviously the higher quality ones don’t break down as fast so
what I would do is try to get one that is the highest quality and highest
concentration, usually in serums. Now, with Vitamin C, you get what you pay for. So,
the higher percentage and the better quality of Vitamin C you’re going to
have to pay more money. So, typically the
drugstore brands don’t even pay that extra $5 to get the Vitamin C because
it’s usually already oxidized by then. So, get a high percentage, high-quality
Vitamin C serum and do the layering method. Layer the serum product on top of
product. So, in this case you put the Vitamin C serum on, then after that use a
toner that actually increases the efficacy of serums and moisturizer, and
then on top of that you want to use a Vitamin C or anti-aging cream on top of
that. So, that way you get a higher percentage of Vitamin C that gets into
your skin. Finally, the last tip is: if you are entering an environment that it is
very polluted, such as a smoke-filled casino, the amount of oxidants or Radical,
Free Radicals which age your skin is overwhelming. So, before you go into an
environment that you’re being assaulted with aging agents, layer your face in
Vitamin C products, then put on your make-up, and then you can walk through the
casino. And that will neutralize a lot of the Free Radicals that actually age your
skin faster. So, thanks for watching and we’ll see you in our next video!


  1. What is the best anti-aging products you have tried? What is the biggest gimmick that you believed? Write in the comments below.

  2. Can you recommend a vitamin c serum you like? I use the timeless 20% vitamin c serum with vitamin e and fueric acid. I hope I'm using a good one.

  3. Will using a vitamin C serum provide visible benefits that we can see? I tried using the Timeless serum that is so popular on youtube, keeping it in the fridge and using a lot of it at a time, 2x/day (probably finished it in 3 – 4 months) and I found no visible difference in my skin as I was finishing it so I didnt repurchase any vitamin c products after that. One dermatologist here, Dr Dray, thinks all vitamin C serums will be too oxidized before it reaches someone's face to do much, regardless of cost. How do we know that isn't true?

  4. Thanks for going through this. The world of beauty products has always overwhelmed me. Now I have a basic knowledge of what to look for. Thank you!

  5. I just love how you explain this simply – I will be so much more careful now… THANK YOU!!

  6. Hi, these videos are incredible, thank you for explaining every topic so clearly, skincare could be confusing, especially​ layering products,
    I would love to know which Toner is the best to apply in between serums. Thank you

  7. Can you do a video on which The Ordinary products you recommend and which you dont.
    I was just reminded of the brand because of the vitamin C suspension I have from them…

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