Does Chocolate Cause Weight Gain?

Does Chocolate Cause Weight Gain?


  1. My hands tend to swell after I eat chocolate. In some occasions, it feels like my pulse raises and I feel slightly dizzy. Chocolate (even cocoa powder) isn't a "health food" in my list. I'm a strong person and I could eat some bullets, but chocolate is my Kryptonite.

  2. cocoa beans are produced by child slaves. even fair trade and rainforest certified products have been caught by human rights groups.

  3. seeds….they all have lectins(carbohydrate binding proteins) too…some good some and some bad depending on what sugars they come in contact with…I eat 30g of 70% dark chocolate every day…methylates the genes almost as good as green tea

  4. My favorite chocolate (which doesn't even exist) would be dark chocolate with almonds. I have never seen it anywhere. You can get milk chocolate with almonds, but you can't get dark chocolate with almonds 🙁

  5. Green and Black's or Endangered Species in a small 1 or 2 squares with afternoon tea is my thing, and I didn't give them up as I was losing my winter weight.  I weighed in at 167 lbs yesterday down from 187 last winter.  I'm 76" tall with a 34 waist, and some say I'm underweight for my height, but I'm quite happy with it.  Some things I will not give up.  Who ever heard of having brussels sprout with afternoon tea?  Not me.

  6. if you melted those chocolates and diped the strawberries in them you would have a great 200 calorie meal……..LOVE CHOCOLATE…

  7. The last time I ate Brussel sprouts I barfed them back up. They were also bitter.  I've had a much more pleasant experience with chocolate.

  8. I read the study (goal was to monitor blood pressure on a low or high chocolate diet) and participants either got 6g or 25g of chocolate. So one group is consuming 20g chocolate more than the other group each day. All other things controlled, wouldn't you expect the weight gain in the 25g group simply from the increase in calories? They ate like that for 3 months and the 25g group only gained 0.8kg on average. I mean, replace 25g chocolate with an equivalent number of calories from date sugar or whatever you would consider healthy. 25g of chocolate is about 150 calories. If I added 150 calories to my diet for 3 months, I would expect to gain a pound or two.

  9. I eat chocolate every single day, approx. half bar a day which is about 50-75 g. The chocolate itself is 85-90% of cocoa (very dark). I am as lean as a stick. When it comes to chocolate, one should never call chocolate something that has less than 50 % of cocoa solids. It is not chocolate but chocolate flavoured something. So, milk chocolate doesn't even come close to this as well as cheap plain chocolate which is 25-30% of real chocolate inside. It is not chocolate which can be blamed for gaining wight but sugar and fat. We need to put real thing to the test.

  10. Read the nutritional values on even very dark chocolate. Tons of saturated fat in it even if the sugar count is relatively low. Eat cocoa , not chocolate for health.

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