Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)

Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)

95% of our life is coming from the programs of life how to live life that we get in the first seven years of life That’s why poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich The movie The Matrix is not science fiction. It’s a documentary Every human is a fact Every human first seven years is is download the hypnosis the brain of a child under seven is in a lower Vibrational frequency to put wires on a person’s head you read? Electroencephalograph reading brain activity a child below seven has a lower vibration than consciousness that it’s called theta Theta is imagination. Oh, that’s how kids play a a tea party with mud pies But to them it’s a real thing a kid rides a broom. It’s a horse. It’s that’s theta imagination Theta is also hypnosis and the idea is this Before you can become conscious If you don’t have any programs, what are you gonna be conscious of so nature makes the first seven years How what kind of programs are required to live on this planet? I say how do you get them theta is hypnosis You just watch your watch your parents your watch your siblings and your community because you have to learn How many hundred thousand rules think about it? Just to be a functional member of a family and a functional member of a community. There are rules I teach an infant these rules I say you don’t have to first seven years They’re just that day to observe it and just download it. Look this is not new I mean There’s the famous book Rich, Dad Poor Dad And basically said you come from a poor family and you could struggle your whole life and tribe get rich But you’re not going to make it and if you come from a rich family You could be stupid your whole life and make it not because it was thinking but it was Unconscious behavior that was downloaded from rich families into kids Which is unconscious? So they’re they’re making the right moves unconsciously if they engage their conscious mind and they look stupid But it’s unconscious and that’s the same thing with poor people Poor people have beliefs from the family or you can’t make it life’s a struggle things are hard. Who do you think you are and If that’s the program you get then 95% of the day you will sabotage yourself and that’s why poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich because the programming 95% of our life is the fact Comes from those programs in the subconscious every day only about 5% of the life. Are you using conscious which is creative 5% of your life is being lived Even though you think you’re living your life exactly and you don’t see it because it’s called subconscious below conscious And the jesuits for 400 years They were Bost and people didn’t understand they say give me a child until it’s 7 and I will show you the man they’ve been saying that for 400 years because they knew 7 years was the program period and 95% of your life after that will be whatever that program is So you don’t have to try and think about what happened I just say look at your life The things you like that come into your life come in because you have a program that supports them But anything you struggle with work hard at put a lot of effort into making it happen Why are you working so hard? Inevitably you have a program that doesn’t support that conclusion and you’re trying to override the program. So You don’t need to do a lot of strength and psychology stuff. You just look at your life and say where am I struggling? Because wherever you’re struggling Inevitably is a program in your subconsciousness does not support that destination you’ve been looking for The conscious mind is creative and can learn in any number of ways read a self-help book Go to Electra listen to this program and conscious minds going to get some awareness and I go yeah But subconscious mind doesn’t learn that way I go Ryan doesn’t subconscious mind learns in two fundamental ways naturally hypnosis, which is the first seven years and After age seven, how do you put new programs in repetition? Practice you want to drive a car? You didn’t loan learn How by just getting in the seat for the key and you had to practice driving the car you want to learn the alphabet How many times did you go from A to Z? You know trying to go to is that before you can complete it? Once you’ve completed it, you didn’t have to go back and do it again. So two phases you want to train the subconscious mind hypnosis Repetition the I like the last one because there’s a new phrase that’s bandied about called fake it till you make it Meaning if you’re not a happy person. I said you want to be a happy person then repeat all the time. I’m happy I’m happy I say well, you don’t look happy right? They said no I Who am I talking to it by repetition? I’m talking to subconscious if subconscious gets I am happy and 95% of your life comes from that subconscious. There will be a point once the subconscious got I am happy You don’t have to say it again Okay It’ll be automatic and that’s why we people see people do affirmations and the gratitude journals and stuff because if you do that daily It’s repetitive it that’s it That’s the secret part like putting a sticky note on the refrigerator is more like a suggestion But it’s not a repetition. So it doesn’t work very well. But you have to do repetition is a it’s a habit It’s making habit so you got to do something Religiously in a sense of repeating it repeating it repeating it to make it work


  1. This is exactly what illu— familly practice to their childs : programmation by hypnose and repetition. Watch #svali# video (call on radio), she talks about all of this even Matrix moovie.
    Children in front of tv are in alpha programmation! !
    I am really surprise they talk about that in public!

  2. Liar! They brought System Capitalism to create and widened rich poor gap. It is system not the mentality, which keeps people rich or poor. The wealth accumulates in few hands. Wealth only circulates in rich hands. They are only giving lolly pop to people to blame them. Zionists and bankers are very cunning.

  3. Didn't really blew my mind.. All he is doing is replacing word habbit for word program, while playing piano music in the backround… If you met this guys under normal circumstances, you would run the other way. It's not revolutionary to think that rich families, who have better access to QUALITY education and generally tend to be smarter and push their kids to success, can raise their children better, than lower class poor people who handle 2 jobs and either don't have time to do school with their kids or don't care about them at all, because they didn't plan them. And his solution ? Hypnosis and repetition.. Basically he said "convince yourself that you are happy" … Like really ? 😀

  4. Just like god created the earth in 7 days that’s odd , I knew something was telling me not me , that’s why I’m different

  5. Using headphones at night to reprogram the subconscious..
    my question is subliminal sounds are better to reprogram the subconscious mind?

  6. absolute bullshit. These "rich families" murdered over 300 million Native Americans to live "wealthy and Elite" lives. These are generational MURDER CRIME FAMILIES WHO ARE BETTER AT HIDING THEIR CRIMES.

  7. Ah so I am a machine.
    A machine has no feelings.
    I am now content.
    I am a happy robot
    Happiness is a feeling
    System crash…

  8. Earning money is easy but being asked by someone to earn money only by this way is harder to digest
    – typical Indian

  9. If there was no youtube I would have died just because of school and depression but I can proudly say fuck u people school parents

  10. What is the most important thing in life? Everybody just talk about money. Is money everythinh? Money money money

  11. The fucking most mind blowing and eyes opening 5:37 mins, i have ever watched on YT. Thank you for this!

  12. I’m 30. Married. Jobless. In debt. You can take this comment as my confession. My wife believes in me hence she asked me to leave my previous so that I can do something that I love. But I failed miserably. Yet she stands like a mountain behind my back. She works so hard and spent all of her earnings to repay my debts. When she was in her initial stage I was there to support her and her family. I helped her with her education so that she can work for a giant company. She is currently working for one of top inverted company and she thanks me everyday whilst leaving for her office. On the other side I feel shameful. She deserves much better life but she chose me. Everyday I went for an interview and she deposit 150 rs in my account for travelling without asking. For past 15 days I haven’t spent a penny and saved 1500rs for her birthday. I cried every single day for put her in such position but somewhere I know as soon as I get a job everything will be fine. She sold her jewellery for me and now she avoiding to visit her mom’m place as she might ask about it. She never complains about anything but I made a promise with myself that I’m nothing for myself but I have to become something for that amazing woman I have as a greatest gift of my life

  13. Why always talk about money? Why not talk about live without money but.
    Love the people

  14. Just be you. Maybe being rich is not your goal in life. Maybe living a healthy happy balanced life is your goal. So don't let others e.g. This egg head tell you that you must aim to be rich..

  15. When you are poor, teach your kids to live like rich and they’ll live their lives beyond means—that’s where theives are born. 😂

  16. Sorry I hope people don’t fully believe him?
    Genetics still play a huge role in a persons
    earnings potential.
    Let’s override genetics with new-age beliefs 🤦‍♂️
    Free Will?

  17. Poor people stay poor because all the shit is given to black bitches to rise and they leave whites and veterans at the bottom. Especially the straight white females. Progressives are ass holes.

  18. Like in Star Wars Darth Maul said “Doubt leaves to failure.” (Darth Maul) It so true OMG.

  19. You think your living ur life to the fullest only to find out ur life is being lived by ur great great grand father

  20. Could you tell me the name of back ground music? There is information this music from Audiojungle but I couldn't find name of music.

  21. Because math is hard. If Donald Trump was "only" given a million dollars that's a lot easier to invest in a bank due to percentage rates.

  22. It is easy to be inspired by this … if you are not a critical thinker and are prone to suggestibility. If you are a critical thinker, you check out such overly simplistic claims and if there is any evidence behind them. When I did that, I found nothing.

    This is what we call pseudoscience, and is why Dr. Lipton is typically referred to as a quack by the scientific community. Generally speaking, people's outcomes in life are governed by 3 things: genes, environment, and random chance. People aren't "programmed" at a young age, and what influence young age has is more about peers than parents. That's easily discernible from studies involving twins (identical and fraternal), adoptees, peers, and siblings, especially in the similarity and difference of those raised together vs those raised apart.

    The poor staying poor and wealthy staying wealthy has nothing to do with early age "programming" either. It isn't even exactly true, as wealth and poverty tend to only last a few generation and tend to revert toward the mean over time. One extreme or the other typically results in a combination of events of which randomness plays a large part, but are also government by simple mathematical principles.

    One is the simplicity of exponential growth. Compound interest is an obvious example, but it also plays out in all investments in all types of currency, including labour and time. The more free time you have, the more time you have to invest in freeing up more time. Or even clutter. The more clutter you have, the harder it is to find things and you end up spending more time looking and/or buying duplicate things you can't find. So putting in a little time to organize things actually pays off with more time (and money). When you lack time, you are stuck doing things that take a long time. When you have a little wealth of time, you can use that extra time to free up more time.

    Money just represents an excess of value produced over the costs put into producing that value. The more money you have, the more excess value you can produce, growing that wealth exponentially. It's not about "programming"; it's about opportunity, and often that comes randomly and often comes with risk of failure and becoming worse off.

    Another mathematical principle is dispersion of wealth over time. Individuals can collect wealth, like the squirrel collecting nuts. But when people die that inheritance usually goes to more than one person, which tends to spread it out. Even spreading it over two people cuts the wealth in half. Things like taxes, health care costs, and upkeep of assets (like property) also serve to dissipate wealth. It takes effort to maintain it and/or grow it.

    You'd be better off learning math and science than this uninspiring pseudoscience. But, some people are inspired by hearing great stories of magical things. So be it. Just don't expect the magical stories to be real or provide life lessons; they are merely entertainment to make you feel good, and often to reduce your own wealth by the peddler of magical snake oil taking some of your wealth from you to improve their own wealth.

  23. Ja just det! "Programmed from birth", true. Sant.
    …a Claus is coming! To town. (It´s Swedish this).

  24. being SUPER WEALTHY couldn't have ANYTHING to do with the FACT the few bankster families have a MONOPOLY on currency CREATION, could it? I mean the FACT that THEY can & DO create currency out of THIN AIR, while the rest of us work like dogs all our lives to EARN the crumbs THEY feel like giving us? NO! That couldn't be the CAUSE of the HORRENDOUS wealth inequality! Could that be the reason nearly 50,000 people die EVERY DAY from starvation & starvation related disease? NO! Say it isn't so!

  25. Romanticised understanding of capitalist understanding.
    This has nothing to do with secret programming and parents being an influence.
    The reason children of capitalists' children are well off regardless of their personal capability in any aspect of our society is because they already have more security and more privelleged than us proleterians in the firat place.
    When us proleterians try to become capitalists we have to take risks which can threaten our lives along with lives of those we love. Capitalists don't need it. They can let their children do whatever they want no matter how much the risk.
    Those hundered thousand people convinced of his bullshit should ask themselves, then how come children of the intelligentsia sub class of proleterians end up poorer than their parents in USA the so called richest nation in the world.
    Stop speading your lies priest, your blasphemies have no need in material society.

  26. There are actually 3 ways of learning; hypnosis, repetition, and blunt force trauma. If something happens and it hurts you, it will teach you instantly what to do next time.

  27. summary: almost all your behaviours are coming from your subconcious mind who runs on a specefic program (which is a number of beliefs) and this mind works to match your reality to the program he got , and the way to change this program and install an empowering one is with REPETITION 'repeat the program you want to intall so that t translates to the right behaviours and get you what you want in life

  28. So….the Ancient civilizations knew of this knowledge. What happened? What event took place too drop our potential down so much? The greedy among us? Religion?
    Conform…control is the instrument of their wants. Is power that addictive? Wow! Hence here we are.

  29. the jesuits said it for 400 years the islam said it 1400 years before when The Prophet mohamed (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) says:" Teach them seven and beat them ten"

  30. When I saw a bmw i8 I was 16, I was going to my job at the mall of Georgia, today I’m no longer working there, I’m in SMMA GAINING CLIENTS ON CLIENTS AND IM 17. I’m going to get one before I turn 18 and a half.


  32. My Dear Sir!!! this is a very life-changing video!!! Thanks for sharing and let me tell you that you've just earned a new subscriber and a huge like !!! I will share this video everywhere because this is a video that gives you and teaches you !!! This video adds value !!!! thank you !!!

  33. the environment in which we grow up shapes our mentality, our believe system. as adults we've got to get rid of all this stuff in our head, that keeps us poor.

  34. First years of my life we were in war, we didn't have fod, most of days I was hungry but I enjoyed playing in the mud. I don't have idea if I'm ever going to be rich but I don't care. I want to be with my family and be healthy it's all. You need just some money to pay bills, eat and it's all. Life is about small things.

  35. Motivational speaker make money..but never nothing happens without God hand. If you are lucky everything success in your life. That's way RICH PEOPLE rich not because there doing hard work. They have money to make business. BUT POOR they don't have money make business..

  36. If you smoke cannabis you increase your theta waves big time. Does that suggest that it can help you get in the state of a young child to rewire the subconscious? From my experience as an ex-addict of cannabis I believe it can but it's a dangerous thing to smoke weed every day. Because you will just download all information you are bombarded with all day long…

  37. So the first 7 years we were learning by watching in a theta state? Is there any other way to do this again?
    I mean I know you go through theta twice everyday but are their any more possibility after age 7?

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