Dr. Llaila Afrika | Health, Nutrition and Spirituality in New Millennium – Pt. 1/3

Dr. Llaila Afrika | Health, Nutrition and Spirituality in New Millennium - Pt. 1/3

okay good afternoon we're gonna go through some information here about health and the challenges we have with our health in this environment because it basically cuts off at least two years of your life just to live in a city anyway and I'm not even going into what happens in New York but just to live in a city is about two years off your life close to have four cups another two years close to the radiation from the railroad tracks you call Subway's it's another year close to these electrical cables cuts another year off of you well I guess I'll have something left but I'm just trying to deal with the quality of what you have when you live in this environment it's a matter of fighting all the time against the air pollution the water pollution and noise pollution which drains a system of energy whether you're conscious of it or not it makes your sympathetic nervous system fight against the environment which means it decreases the blood to your reproductive system and your digestive system and stress that your pancreas that your body interprets this environment is a stressor so the cause of the whole range of other things the weaken in your system because your body is fighting back I'm going to talk about some of the remedies you can use but I just want you to be able to be able to figure out what to do yourself instead of just always asking somebody for some remedy for this and remedy for that you should be at a certain point where you can figure some of these things out yourself it doesn't take a genius to figure this stuff out no matter how complicated people in my business make it sound you can figure this out and just be aware that most of us in the medical field hustlers most of us are gonna rip you the hell off I'm just telling you how it is that's how this business operates just to hustle you when you show up in a health food store they know you're sick any damn way so they're basically gonna sell you the whole store if you don't have some kind of idea of what's going on in your body yourself so you can limit the amount of stuff that they're gonna try to sell you now I'm going to talk about nature and then there's the other side of nature which you call mother nature and mother nature's basically a philosophy that each culture has about the environment about God about the human body just the philosophy that we call mother nature philosophy but don't get that confused with nature nature has nothing to do with mother nature philosophy as African people think mother nature's balance and this harmony and it's reciprocity and all of those things we think of mother nature's being Maya as we called it in our culture but nature has nothing to do with a cultured mother nature's philosophy nature will put together two losers two crackheads can have a baby nature does not care nature just want to protect itself and produce just like rats to protect themselves and they look out to each other they don't give a damn about rabbits rats are concerned about rats rabbits concerned by rabbits and nature is concerned about nature does not give a damn about you and put together two losers or two winners doesn't matter nature extracts the cost for anything that you do against nature you pay for nature does not care whether you six days old six months old 60 years old if you jump off that damn roof you will hurt yourself nature does not care whether you're intelligent dumb smart or bright if you jump off the roof you're gonna hurt yourself because nature makes you pay for everything you do if you write out your teeth and you say well I'm changing my diet and getting into raw food I'm a drink spring water smart water or dumb water you're gonna drink it and you think mother nature can't forgive you for writing out your teeth no you're not gonna get your teeth back because nature makes you pay for the stupid things you do so don't think that you listening to me is gonna solve your problems I come back here next year some of y'all gonna be on dialysis some of you gonna be diabetic some of you're gonna be dead because that all you cannot be saved that's what oppression is about that's how oppression works all you're not gonna be saved some of y'all just gonna pick yourself to death no matter what I say about white sugar salt y'all still gonna eat that shit y'all still be challenged by the white sugar and the salt it's not intelligence that got you in the problem you are in what your diet is your emotions you have an emotional problem you're emotionally dysfunctional that's what oppression does if you're not emotionally dysfunctional and how the hell can you be depressed all Prince so you have an emotional problem in dealing with this food and dealing with controlling your mouth that's on your face why do you eat sugar why do you eat so why do you eat bleach white flour why do you why you make all these excuses to eat the stuff when you know better it's not your brain your intellect if the problem is your emotions so I'm gonna focus a lot on the emotional side of this problem that we have in the hood in our village so I have to look at some of those things that makes us a little different from other crackers Lloyd's racism scuse me and I get my point oh yeah about morning so we're talking about this chemical this is the final gland and we're talking about this chemical called melanin that makes your skin brown and then your eyes and course of course you'd absorb more color when you see color you see the full death of a color in the singing ears cause you to absorb more sound when you hear sound you hear the full range of tones in a sound then your taste buds the caused you to taste the full flavor of food when you eat food there's melanin is the thing that makes you different from the other races the more melanin you have the more psychic you are the more spiritual you are the more human you are so we're looking at those things that destroy your ability to be human we're looking at this environment it's not designed for you this whole environment is Europe brought over here this stuff about people dropping out of school we didn't know anything about so we came over here and was subjected to this culture and the things that attaches to that culture is that cultures food that's why when the Chinese come to New York or the Koreans come here they open up a Chinese market a Korean market because they cannot eat and let they see China on the plate the Koreans can't eat unless they see Korea on the plate the Italians they want to see Italian food they got to see that culture on the plate before they can eat that's what makes them healthy we are not attaching our culture to our diet that's the problem of culture helps us define what we're doing right what we're doing wrong with itself with his wellness and if you don't see Africa on the plate you can never be healthy so we got to start seeing Al culture on the plate just like the Chinese do the Koreans Asians and everybody else great onions come from Africa string beans come from Africa the round plates come from Africa it's symbolic of the sun-god raw because we associate eating with communion with God so we put a round plate on the table the symbolic of the sun-god raw we associate eating as a communion with God it's a spiritual activity with African people that's why the plate is round your concept that's why you have a spoon next to the plate the Sun and the moon then you have the fork with the four children you call it Osiris and I see the neces you see that's why it's four prongs on the fork the whole thing in front of you is Africa but you don't see Africa you have to associate your culture with your food you'll never get out of this rut knowing with Chinese food and Italian food is mad shit with African food as you are with their with their know you got a no don't know this stuff this rate onions come from Africa a stream Bank of America this is our food they stole us and they sold our food they didn't have this stuff in those caves and you know it so we got to be clear we got to reclaim our culture when we eat just like everybody else does to come to this country so don't be fooled so we're talking about the pineal gland we're talking about its ability to make melanin and make some hormone called melatonin and serotonin all these things we're talking about it we constantly read they're being attacked by the drug industry they just don't say we're gonna attack your melanin and destroy your ability to be black they don't say that they hide the term so when you read Prozac is going to say serotonin reuptake inhibitor you say serotonin melatonin melanin this thing is stopping me from being black you damn right that's how drugs work they stop you from being black they destroy your ability to beep like they have to attack the melanin because that's the biochemical marker for life that's how we age measure the age of the brain by how much melatonin all that stuff what I'm saying all of that for those people that in the audience who are here for the white folk I just want y'all to know I've been college that's why I use all them terms now I'm gonna talk like what I talk like okay these people answer you know they're just sitting there like why she buying Santa damn okay so I got to give him a props to my ancestors this is him hotep put together volume a collection of medical works we call it a compendium of medicine everybody's steal from him all the white folks stole from him Hippocrates the homosexual Korea faggot that he was excuse me he was sexually challenged I think that's what they say oh yeah he stole he quotes the Moscow for Paris verbatim which is an African textbook everybody steals from us and I'm gonna skip over some things I just want to show you a plant and this is the filaments and this is the answer and you get pollen that comes out the filament you will call this the penis this is a rech penis and this pollen is the sperm ejaculated out the penis the smell just like sperm and it goes through the vagina down to the universe with and fertilizes the egg it's the same process when you learn one thing and you learn it well you know all things so nature is no mystery to you everything about nature is copied the camera copies eyes the speaker copies your ear your digestive system is copied by the car motor you put the gasoline in the tank motor can't use it you put the food in your stomach your body can't use it you see it's got to be a liquid and then it has the vapor rise at 98.6 in your body but your body can't use it until it's fired off with a spark look which we call the enzyme you see the whole car motor duplicates your digestive system and you know when a car is running bad it's smoke coming out the tailpipe it says it won't come out the tailpipe something wrong with the motor so when it's smoke coming out of your tailpipe there's something wrong with your motor Barton your way to heaven funk arise in the world so it's something wrong with your motor so we're gonna try to give you a motor a tune-up here because the plant itself has a vibration and it is similar to your Pancras I'm gonna deal liver it has a brain plants get upset they cried and move out the hood and try to go to a better neighborhood they just move slower so you don't see it moving a quarter of an inch a year but they get upset with each other you can sit in front of a plant if you don't like it the plant will die it picks up you it the plant knows when you comin home you can be in California get on a plane and come over here the plant will get all excited this is a book called a secret life of plants for those who enter the subject by Peter Thompson's the secret life of plants but I always tell people to study the secret of the soil you got to study the soil first and that's why Peter Tompkins – the secrets of the soil then you go to the secret life of plants that's the progression then you want to be smart like white folk are now you won't be that damn don't know what I'm trying to say is no I'm not gonna say that now I'll let y'all relax a little bit before I get on your case cuz I'm getting tired of talking to you Nick Rose cuz y'all don't listen to a damn thing I say anyway some of y'all going to sneak out tonight neither pigfoot y'all know it so we're talking about this thing that people say this is holistic medicine this is holistic hell wouldn't the hell are they talking about so this is what we're talking about we're talking about each section your body is related to a word related to a color related to a musical note related to a geometrical shape that you call a number and relate it to a sound that you call language what I'm saying is you can heal the body with music you can heal the body with sound and you can heal the body with words which he calls psychology some people talk to you and they can put you to sleep that's so soothing and we're talking about colors and colors to are defined by your culture be clear on this biology is the language of a culture chemistry is the language of a culture music is the language of a culture you have to see culture attached to things you see or hearing or you don't know what you're seeing in here even these colors here indigo violet and blue are related to culture because we call those female colours we call these bright colors red orange and yellow male colors and then when you look at nature you see the bright birds and you always say that red canary is the male canary you ever noticed that so you say we look at nature say okay the bright colors are male the red the yellow the orange and the female colors of blue indigo and violet you can call it spiritual if you like but we have this green here because that's a mixture of two colors for those who know yellow and orange make green that kind of thing now what I'm saying is I'm gonna make light red which is Europeans call pink so I'm gonna make light red which the Europeans call me should I put the pink on the boy or pink on the girl hello red is a male color I just told you that so I make light red the white folks call it pink but it's just like red so should I speak on the girl a pink on the boy oh I see now we're talking about how you've been gentrified by them you approach each other like you are white you following their whole classification of colors that's why you confuse it really is gender for those who know what I'm talking about these rules that costume makeup the women wear dread men wear pants women wears fingernail polish men don't women's put the hands on their waist men put their hands on their hips down here gender rules this was made up by white folks so we follow that but we ought to look at the rules we were following before we met these white folk okay so you can look at any anthropology book you want even the ones written by lesbians like Margaret need just to read them you will never read in that book where the black man's only concern is pussy what's given is children here I'm sorry with the reproductive organs of the sisters you follow me you will never read that in any anthropology book about the black man so where did we learn this why are we following this isn't this causing us some harm we follow some things that are causing it on you know in our culture's no such thing as a teenager anyway when you were 12 years old you go through rites of passage and you become adults there's no teenager so if you adult in the village then you already madly become a father or mother because you're gonna father somebody's charity some age the child doing some wrongs and looking at son don't do that so you automatically become a father and you ought to make they become a mother in the village do you follow me so when you see a woman you automatically see her as a mother who could potentially being your wife we already know she the woman so that's clear but if you see her as a woman that could potentially be a mother and a wife that you looking at her as a white person would look at a female the first person you see in the village it's children and mothers and fathers so that all of women were mothers and all the brothers were fathers so it's a different approach that we had seen each other in the first place but we don't see that anymore something that something's wrong with this picture here what I'm saying is we got to go back and throw out all these bugs in our program it's a lot of things we don't have to update because I don't want to lose you in this conversation here so a lot of things I'm going to say is I'm going back to African signs and sometimes I go back what I'll let you know I'm going back so you may have to say something to me because I forget – you've been miss educated even though cottagey Woodson told us all right so we got to throw out a lot of bugs in our program and update this thing and a lot of things I'm talking about I'm forgetting all about the European education sometimes so you may feel a little lost but that's alright I was lost too cuz I'm the better student than you are every teacher is a damn good student you can't be a teacher without being a student I'm a lot of sit in that chair and listen when I was turning my head every time the damn door but like y'all do so my coming in right here around can't even stay focused grown people too you said I was all right but let me talk about this you got you covered me though like okay it right I got it well I'm just gonna show you a side wait cut of the brain with this says that the language skills of women associated with this part of the brain we call it the frontal lobe but and language skill of the men uh and this part of the brain we called it a peri yet so low so even though the brain looks the same it functions differently in men and women I don't know who you met – women notice I'm not mincing different from you all yeah yeah that doesn't but this is just a rumor right so what I'm saying this is a physical fact this occurs because there's a rise in a hormone around the third month of the Chou's the boys but after you born there's a rise in a hormone called – tester on it organizes his thinking differently forever so you got to know how to talk to a man into a girl which program are they on you can't talk to I can't talk to a woman like he's a man i'ma talk to a woman I have to tell her how I feel first then how I think second are you following me brother you tell her how you feel first and then how you think second so I feel as though I'm not in touch with myself I'm having problems sorting out my feeling today I don't know what's wrong with me I'm very confused can you help me something emotional you see if you don't do that then the game is gonna be on you the next time you get into conversation you're talking to assist that you don't get all upset do not using the right program you can start howling so every time I talk he's always talking at you always bringing up something that's what's wrong again and you gonna start all that fussing you and get all emotional cuz she puts you on her program that can be in the case with you because you don't know the game I'm telling you how it goes so I'm talking about nature not your belief about nature which is Mother Nature philosophy what I'm saying is sex is not a man's game there's nothing on your body there for sex the penis has two functions it ejaculate sperm and it also urinate it is not strictly there for sex but the clitoris is there for sex they can sustain the orgasmic pleasure after you ejaculate your ding-dong is dead you know it ain't nothing it do ain't gonna rise again it ain't Jesus but she can sustain orgasmic feeling because of Qatar's and because of the muscle a little stringy muscles that suspend the uterus like it's a swing and when you thrust against it and move back and forth but after sex is over the muscles trying to rebound put the uterus back in the stable position so she can sustain that pleasure after sex is over whereas you all did so sex basically is farther than that it is concerned is a woman's game just like relationship is a ladies game ladies practice relationship they get a little doll Barbie doll says this and they practice in the relationship you practice buying a truck against the damn wall knowing about no damn relationship something get wrong with the truck you buying it up against the wall so I'm get wrong with your relationship you playing her up with it the wall so relationship is the latest game do you up out of outgunned and outnumbered in fact in nature the man is classified as unstable resource I don't want to go any further to that I know some of y'all got to go home and you don't want to sleep with rocks you're the man you do the man Yeah right it's not so a nation so we're looking at the classification of races now this is a scale for produced by white folk this was made up by some Afrocentric person this is white people scale or how they classify races we they classify you at the highest position density they classify themselves and the lowest position based on a melanin content you see that the problem with this is the last bangs and standards are based on white people so when they send your blood to the lab which is a chemical examination not a physical examination and your nutrient level which you have the highest amount of vitamins and minerals in your body when your nutrient level your vitamins and minerals fall from the sixth position all the way down to one the lab values some say it's nothing wrong with you and that's why you twice as thick died twice the higher rate and all do these categories if you have a notice oh yeah the unfortunate part of this is that the breasts no formulas are based on a white woman's mayonnaise looking titty milk I'm excuse me based on that the nutritional content of her breast milk which has the least amount of vitamins and minerals in it so when you give a white woman's breast milk to a black child it reduces the sucking time on a nipple which reduces the ability of the baby to bind to its mother and to bind to itself and to find through its culture that what you call racism and all the formulas the silly lack and all that stuff and set on the white woman's breast milk which has a different fat in protein ratio you see the racism has already started there's nothing more dangerous than a scientist nothing more dangerous than the scientists there's no need to be afraid of Frankenstein you should be afraid of dr. Frankenstein it's nothing more dangerous than a scientist so we have to look at reality for what it is and I'm trying to get you to look at nature for what it is just like you have to look at war for what it is wars I'm not forth by soldiers killing each other they always tell you they had to bomb the factories don't they read the history who worked in the factories here in America during the war women didn't aim so when they bombed factories they kill women wars are won by killing women they always tell you they bomb in factories soldiers don't work in factories women do you fighting the war by white standards if you don't kill women and children you're not fighting the war you're looking at TV soldiers don't know so just do not work in factories they say they bombed the factory of who in the hell you think is working in the factory that's looking at it correctly so we have to stop learning how to look and things for what they are and see the truth of the situation the truth of the matter is is when a boy or girl is born when they emerge from their mother's uterus which we call a emergency which is the only emergency in medicine when the child merges from the uterus the baby crawls for the mother's breast that's an unnatural birth I'm not talking about you being birth by a Greek homosexual rape position or the lady laying on her back and the boys legs tied in stirrups as how do used to rape Greek boys you were born under this spiritual vibration you wonder what happened to you the Greek homosexual rape position you were born in today now you don't have the program to access your black intelligence you're trying to use a white program to access black intelligence it won't work you were not born around your ancestors your grandmother people happy you would touch with rubber gloves and no culture touch it the perfect baby possessed along with rubber gloves except to Europeans tell you how this thing goes alienate you from yourself attention you to something white you start crying for some love and affection and some milk and your mother showed you a white bottle of milk a picture's worth a thousand words now you associate white with love and affection then you're trying to access your own intelligence with a white program it ain't gonna work in fact you don't even know what titties are for why do women have to tease brothers hello I'm just asking you a basic science question why do women have rent no family on them will have big breasts unless that breastfeeding will be wrong pig dog can't when they breastfeed their breasts hanging all down on the ground am i telling you the truth so why the females have a breasts you've been looking at it all this time you should have figured out something bout them titties basic stuffs and we should have been taught we were not taught because we are miss educated thoroughly in science and biology chemistry everything they didn't miss a stone ladies go into puberty when they are able to store fat when they able to store a certain amount of fat then they can start ovulating throwing some all that stuff that you think make women pretty it's the ability to store fat that gives them the hips if the ability does so effect it gives them the breast makes over 70,000 calories again to a pregnancy so they have to store fat and I'm not talking about getting through breastfeeding that's a caloric drain so they have to store fat that's what the breath therefore what you like about women are their ability to be a mother the hips the breasts that's the ability to be a mother but someone told you that's the ability to have sex you're not even looking nature's right there but somebody taught you how to see so you only believe what they tell you to believe so you only see what you believe and you believe what you see so thorough game here so what I'm talking about is updating your files and throwing out some of that stupid stuff that we learn like teeth or white bones are yellow your teeth are not white that's physically impossible that's why they want you to bleach your damn teeth but they know you'll never be able to get them white you'll always have to buy the toothpaste shouldn't even use any toothpaste has a warning on the back of the label anyways don't if you feel swallows contact the scent of disease control it right on the label and you know it that goes to the health food store II get a toothpaste that doesn't have a warning on it and don't trust all the stuff in the health food store they sell health food junk food down you know that's a big ripoff market in itself so just read the toothpaste tube if it has a warning on the back whether the health food the junk food store don't get it get the one without the warning on it you got that now somebody is going to change their diet today right raise your hand if you're gonna change your thigh today okay and I'm not talking about going from me feet to pickled pig feet Negro please we make up a lot of things in science we got the theory of gravity – the theory of the speed of light and we also have the theory of evolution and we tell you we make it up we say it's a theory but you think is the fact but ever tell you it's a theory of evolution they do so if this is true that should be one group of monkeys built in progressing the war being human then it should be some white people to progress in the war back being a monkey something some should be in between there and it's very easy to figure this thing out I'll tell you what it women let me do it this way brother could you come up here and could you come up here sister and you my brother cometh you all right all right it does just stand side-by-side no good boy okay all right know what I'm talking about is evolution so I'm saying between here is a missing link right this is this is the eighth man this is a primitive man yeah it's primitive enough and this is Martin man and so I'm saying like this we found the missing link and this is a missing link Lucy right now what has happened is there is a missing link between these two now right now I think they find the missing link and now I'm the missing link but what has happened now is a mixing link between me and him now is the missing they have not solved the problem thank you very much for the demonstration is it they have not solved the problem that you can figure out there's still a missing link but you who keep going for the okey doke you being bamboozled if something is not morally correct it can never be scientifically corrected just because somebody puts them on a lab coat don't mean ain't a liar they told you you were free I'm still stuck on slavery reparations damn 9/11 I'm still stuck on slavery and reparation I ain't got over that yet honey but talk to me about Kobe I haven't gotten over slavery yet damn Kobe give me a break I'm still stuck whatever they put newspaper ain't nothing tops what they did to us or slavery nothing I ain't got over their affirmative action I ain't got over flavor yet or reparation the hell with it somebody took away your ability to have children don't you understand this 60% of the black women have fibroid tumors don't you understand these people are taking away your ability to reproduce every time you pick up the paper black man has prostate disease don't you understand what's happening here and nobody gets angry about this stuff let me tell you something before I get upset I'm gonna say this is a ghetto crowd brother okay here you go just follow me on this thing here I don't want to upset anybody I just want to tell you what happens in nature now there was some Jews cos øz is the proper name they're Germans and they were trying to build Israel which they stole which is classified as North East Africa all that oil coming out of Saudi Arabia in all those countries in African oil SLE money they're just they're just some other thieves over there now be clear on that but let's go back to this the Jews say they claim this land called Israel cuz they got that in that book it belong to them then they wrote right so they take the land and they trying to build a culture in the schools and all that sort of ladies leave their children in a kibbutz which you would call a daycare center why they working and they come to the children doing that day and breastfeed them and bathe them and the children sleep with them at night you follow that now these people still have their culture intact they still have never Jewish religion Berna damn candles burn some niggers too and they still sing Lord Jewish songs they still can't dance with a wide so they practicing all their rituals and ceremonies eating Jewish food and the ladies come to their children during the day and breastfeed them and bathe them in a child sleep someone at night but they found out because of that because of that that the child was being raised by strangers 20% of the children were damaged for life for life the head that puts them at risk for something emotionally missing something intellectually missing for life now when the women did not breastfeed the children or bathe them during the day and just pick them up after they got off work and breastfed them at night the child slept with him at night 40% of the children were damaged for life now I have been got to slavery these people are practicing their own culture you understand so what do you think happened to you when you were impressed set by your mother she was busy giving her titty to some little white boy a white girl what do you think happened to you that's why I say I haven't gotten over this thing yet that puts you at at risk for bonding we call it pair bonding that means you will not be able to have a functional relationship right because you learn how to bond with a stranger from your mother the placenta helps you bond to strangers bond together for the brothers that's a piece of tissue that you call your navel that skin connects to the mother's uterus when you inside the womb and the quality of the placenta if it weighs too much we know the challenge malnourished and they gonna have some bonding problem but you always weight a placenta and the baby at birth so we're talking about two different people getting along together that's caused by this quality of the placenta you follow me here what I'm saying is when the baby's born if the baby has brothers and sisters genetically the baby is more related to it brother insistence than its to its mother I'm just talking science here babies this is a you know just help you understand one and say I'm saying one for for the mothers the baby has won four of their mother's genes and they just said I can't trust this woman so I'm gonna give him one for for the mothers ancestor they follow me one floor for the father's genes and one for the father's ancestors genes that's why the baby is more related to his brothers and sisters than his mother so we're talking about two strangers are able to get along together what when does it start it starts in your mother's womb and that's the quality of your bonding forever the children's bond with their mother was broken as breast feeding as part of the bonding process and being with the mother at least 80 percent of the time and father being with the baby 20 percent at a time is normal and if that didn't happen to you you had risks to have something emotionally wrong with you were mentally wrong which is spiritually long with you forever but that's how nature plays the game that's why I haven't gotten over this slavery thing yet that's why they didn't know what they're doing when they have you being perfect in the Greek homosexual rate position it's all about spirit changing your spiritual attachment to yourself the name of the game is spiritual it always has been always will be so we got to go back and sank over and put a whole lot of things in place here because we are damaged you may not think you're damaged but I'm quite sure most of you in this audience are secondhand leftover trash from somebody else a relationship hello yes somebody else story threw your ass away you just left over people some trash from somebody else's relationship more than like it so much you got what somebody they try to pace you ass together make you back into a whole person then you got halfway health and you left them right okay okay all y'all words if I got it yeah yeah right y'all are getting on my damn nerves so what I'm saying is that we are looking at nature I'm saying certain things that you do against nature you have to pay for it just like when you're writing your teeth you can't get them damn thing back and certain things happen in the bonding process if they break that you got to pay for it sorry you have to pay for this stuff so it's something missing in your personality emotional intellectual for life what happens is when the lady is pregnant the father sposa mother the mother because it helps him develop his nurturing skills for the child and the chat mothers for the father the father that's part of the nurturing rites of passage the bonding process don't you understand everything is spiritual you African people so in your mother and father conceive you and more than likely they said a prayer before they had sex because that's what if African people do it they got into into this relationship if the child can see may be guided and protected from that would be the thing to do you say it pray over them hamburger so you should say a prayer before you have sex some pray that you and your mate make up the spiritual eyes that because if God isn't in the bed with you who in the hell's in the bed with you the ghost of the white man then goes to the white man in your bedroom the whole ritual you doing is a white ritual quietly raping each other can I go on to this because I want to get off of this from get on today okay thank you so what I'm saying is you can look at your face and find out what's wrong with you for the certain parts of your face associate we took part to the internal organs the outside expresses the inside what I'm saying is this part of your forehead is related to your small intestines and it's part of the lanes of your large intestines your bladder this is your liver it here the kidney is here on the eyes you've seen a raccoon looking Indian people with that spread kidney you see them in if you walk around looks like raccoon darlings eyes stressed kidneys release friends and I'm Indian guide to kick the hell out of them women okay some they have very cruel to their women they don't get that read that out of spirituality for math with in any case what I'm saying if you have bumps on your forehead right there then there's some kind of wasting your small intestines but you should not use your skin for a bowel movement all you're doing is fussing turns out of your skin that's what a bump is it's a bowel movement gone the wrong way you don't follow me okay okay okay if you eat apples your bowel movement should smell like apples you agree that's what you ate that's what smell like right but in you eat and your bowel movement smell like shit you think no question about it so we're talking about three meals a day three bowel movements a day make sense on it three meals a day seven days a week twenty-one bowel movements they have you busting tutors a week here come out your ass a senior citizen you know what something wrong we got to face the reality of our situation to get out of this thing you gotta define this thing correctly to get out of this thing we call this glycation disease and aging process that's associated with fruit sugar you have glucose fructose you have these sugars now these sugars are just fine as long as they and the sugar cane you chew and the stock that's fine the sugars alright when it's in the piece and you eating the beets but when you take it out of the beet or take it out of the sugar cane you got a problem you got a problem because the way God put the sugar in the sugarcane stock of the way it should be if God made this thing and you're not God what I'm saying is you eat that white sugar or the brown dyed white sugar you call some turbinado sugar raw sugar all these names you give white sugar or the concentrated sugar you call maple syrup or molasses all these sugars that are so concentrated that it caused a problem in your system because if you ate the sugar cane stock and shoot it your saliva would dilute the sugar before you swallow this you take the sugar cane out of the sugar cane stalk and the body tries to dilute that sugar and it pulls the wort out of your nervous system your veins and arteries and that's what you call multiple sclerosis Alzheimer's Parkinson's chronic fatigue infertility you see because it's pulling the moistures out of your nerves and causing them to get damaged white sugar damages your nervous system it dehydrates your system because it's pulling the water out of your nerves which causes them to get over fired up from the electrical charge they drought and break all the sugars cause then if you take it out of the plant as long as it's in the plant it is no problem because that's the way God made it but once you take the sugar out of the sugarcane you've isolated the sugar and concentrated it by definition that's a drug you know poppy will not hurt you do you know what they make from poppy what drug do they make some poppy which one opium but even you poppy will it hurt you you're waiting a little black seeds on bread that's poppy launch it off as long as they minerals in the plant it don't hurt you the one you take it out you got problems so most of us are addicted to sugar why because we do not associate our culture with sugar do you know that our ancestors were subjected to slavery report to Barbados and st. Thomas and all these islands to make sugar for white folk the sugar belongs a white folks as white people food history proves me correct this reproves that to be correct do you understand we made the sugar for white folks there's not masters our sugar so it's master sugar we made the rum for white folk that's not our stuff that's their stuff so you thinking master we sick that's the same thing you're saying master we secure white master get a headache you say master we think we got a headache that is white people's food history proves be correct so you should mean that food pigs feet come from the French that's not your food let me get back to the sugar no I go get back I talk about it enough so I'm not gonna talk about it too much this evening Vasa Nations prospectors they put formaldehyde in this stuff aluminum mercury ammonium therefore all these poisons in this stuff along with some snot from somebody's throat which they get the typhoid fever sometimes they vacuum a rug and put that in it for people with allergies a grind up a house a felt hat and put that in it you know there's a little pus in it from some old sick cow they filter it with the aborted children's issue yes you're putting a aborted child in your veins when you get a vaccination there you also use trypsin which is taken from the pigs stomach so now you got pork and a dead child along with pus from some sick animals and some snot coming out of some white girl's nose all that's mixed up and you call it a vaccination but they always tell you that they doing something to you anyway you just have to listen cuz right at the bottom of this thing right here that bastard fascinating help protect against invasive pneumococcal disease and all that kind of they tell me is this yeah sure mmm right down the bottom here it says under geriatric use this vaccine is not recommended for use in adult populations says it's right there so why would you give it to a child when they tell you don't even give it to her adult and the child is the new system there's nowhere near yours oh yeah they tell you what they doing to you cuz they know all you're gonna do is pour libations oh yeah this is really dead too bad or libation for will they praise the Lord and also says down here has not been evaluated for causing cancer or mutations they always tell you these warning things and that slows Holmwood and may cause bleeding all things on it they know you ain't up to that stuff you missed it other stuff this is good for your headache this is good for any time you get a headache from talking to white people they call it cleaning off the sores you know I know you're not listening at that bar now I just thought thought you ought to see where mcdu do come from he is a minstrel character you ain't never seen no white boy with big lips like this in your life he is stimulating yourself hatred make you feel bad so the only way you can feel good is eat the burger he wears a red afro wig look at him next time he dresses up like a black man we call him a minstrel character that's why I have them in black and white so you can see it just like the negative will you get from a film I got he's the negative you see what I'm talking about only one time we're black and they have all these clowns about 20 clowns trying to get in the Louisville wagons hello look at all the little nigger strike just that Volkswagen hot damn you know then money got in it and all the clowns became white all the jockeys were black at one time money got in it now all the jockeys a wait you know I'm telling you the truth well before we go on there's almost break time in it before we go on the break I thought I would go over to the emotional part of what I was talking about earlier about this emotional dysfunctionality we have we'd flat-out crazy we crazy for this white man's food right out of our team cause I had a fallout we don't get we're gonna suck up on that stuff don't you realize that all the candy bars are named after men all of me erect penises at a chocolate with nuts ornament jackal ate caramel Babe Ruth Musketeers mr. Goodbar you name the candy bar named after men all of them look like chocolate penises and you know it now if you want to go around sucking on Babe Ruth that's your issues you don't buy a hot dog brand and you know it a hot dog a symbolic of the penis and you stick it between two buns don't you yeah y'all give these kind of names of things like when you eat though they slice off with the pigs ass and y'all put in the pan call it bacon wake up the morning a couple of light for the pig ass in the morning flat out crazy now I'm talking about they put some electrodes to your brain give you something eat and see what part of your brain fires off the most signals so there's no that brandy snack foods relieve feelings of insecurity and soothe the satisfaction that's why you crave those ready snack foods chewie snack foods relieve tension and stress and the need to slow down and unwind don't you follow this watch people chewing and say I understand I'm paying I got that and chewing all the time the only animal to choose all day as a cow the cow has forced something so why are you chewing it's not done for your health have done for motional reasons oh yeah you do a lot of crazy stuff do you realize you have never seen a picture or a statue of African people in history with their legs crossed where did you learn that from why do Europeans originally cross their legs anyway because all the people you've seen with a land front you'll see statutes an ancient African and your chemic no you tell me about it Pharaoh's you name the painting legs are never cross cross the legs started because they were trying to relieve them kicked up turds and they cold it so find the constipation they trying to block a fart a turret from coming out of something they cross their legs and you think it's sophistication agreeing with me with the last cross and chewing gum see I ain't getting across to nobody creamy snack foods help satisfy the need to be nurtured and comfort you're looking for your mother's tittie that's why you want the creamy whipped stuff I'm not going into the symbolism here a pizza is nothing but symbolic of the vagina dismiss training what semen on it that you call cheese oh yeah Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with that little red jelly – who's out that's mr. Asian fluid because that's what they used to use the christen ship so you see his menstruation fluid and hit the ship with that blood then they switched to red wine but lesbian always you administration fluid to initiate each other lesbian rituals and lesbo alley but that's another issue altogether so let's talk about the crunchy snack foods helps relieve anxiety and pressure welcome to so much pressure they just too much once up there crunch on some damn I don't care it helps relieve that anxiety and pressure being black salt has always been associated with anger and frustration and violence who eats the most salted potato chips of any racial group in America black people because we angry and we're frustrated but we use in food to medicate that the functionality in us and sugar has always been associated with love and affection your birthday Christmas Halloween doing something good in school to teach you give you a piece of candy fur seals have to smell sweet brothers date and sisters can they smell like a damn candy bar that's right sugary snacks food satisfy the need to give or and receive love if you have a problem loving your chairs your bank account the ATM card your relationship your apartment the white people and your job that's gonna be a lot of sugar there but any case I'm saying you will eat sugar to satisfy that dysfunctionality they know the game they made you crazy so they know how to pimp off your craziness so you got to see what it is that causes you to eat these snack foods you think you're innocently eating do not think these people spent over millions of dollars on commercial that don't work they spend more money on the commercial than the damn television show they know it works they they attach you to this crazy way of eating find something to put in a turkey that's dead because the might I told you the day a turkey is hungry right make this stuffing in the turkeys stomach take him out the oven open up his legs and eat out of his hand Oh y'all do some sick things I'm telling you because you have never seen anything that's shaped like a pie or a cake growing on a tree anywhere in nature who came up with the shape of these foods the Greeks why the kick in tears like it is I mean it's in front of yes don't you know anything about what you're eating what whip queen is symbolic of semen anyway oh yeah sex sell food sex sell everything everything in sex sells food sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don't ultra bright gives your mouth ultra-bright gives your mouth workout effects are they talking about hello right in your face you were trying to say something


  1. H should have his own schools. This is where I want to put my money, time and mind in. This is the african movement.

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  5. He says all this but then REFUSES TO TELL YOU ALL THAT [YOU ARE Moors] and never came to the Americans on slave ships! Cause you are the Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples of the Americas and blood heirs these Vast Estates!! WHOOPS DID I JUST TELL YOU ALL THE GREAT MASONIC SECRET!

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