Dwayne Johnson! Muscle & Fitness (Behind the Scenes)

Dwayne Johnson! Muscle & Fitness (Behind the Scenes)

hey what's going on everybody DJ here or rock or uncle handsome and they call me right now on newsstands is my face the cover of muscle fitness it's the greatest cover I have ever done by far man of the century my personal history with Muscle & Fitness goes way back my dad was a professional wrestler he would always go to these hardcore gyms him and his fellow pro wrestlers Tony Atlas Ivan putski Hall on door of Hulk Hogan I would just hang out and I would read his bodybuilding magazines I had two references in terms of my training my dad and the other reference Muscle & Fitness the magazine itself it's often referred to as the Fitness Bible very first time the magazine came to me and asked me to be on the cover it was an easy yes actually I didn't say yes I was like fuck yes is what I said at that time I had just broken into the world of Hollywood it was an honor for me to do it the very first time I worked out in the gym I was with my dad I would get on the wrestling match with him bend my body into pretzels until I tapped out finally when I was about 10 years old he let me hit the weights the very first exercise I did was a bench press went onto twenty-fives press that up guard you ready to go 245 so I was like yeah let's go 245 145 on each side three two one give it to me and I got buried and I made it a point like I was going to push that up the very next week so all week long I did push up I went in the gym the next weekend Saturday morning with my dad and I pushed it up and that's why I don't need therapy today being the man of the century for muscle fitness it's an honor it's not a right just because you become a star I've had the opportunity to being on every magazine cover in the world we've had amazing shot Rolling Stone GQ details Esquire to be man of the century for Muscle & Fitness is by far the best cover the greatest thing that's ever happened so when I was 13 years old we got evicted out of my place out of our little apartment in Hawaii had no place to sleep but I knew at that time the men in my life who I aspired to be were all these men who went to the gym who are on the cover of muscle Fitness by the way Arnold Chuck Norris Clint Eastwood you name it I'm very grateful and I hope I do the magazine proud eating Joe Weider was was an honor he was all things that I had hoped him to be training and some sort of physical activity becomes my anchor try and stay focused for me I got to get up at 3:45 in the morning I do my cardio I'll have my breakfast then I'll go train and hit the iron then I'll go to set if I could get those things done before I go to set then I could work for the next 12 14 16 hours fun part is the strategy behind it training for role like ballers is different than training for role like Baywatch fast and furious for role like San Andreas they're all different cuz if you do anything you never want to do anything half-ass especially when it comes to your training get in be intense execute on it and get out for a lot of guys out there and that was certainly one of those guys in my 20s I thought I had all the answers didn't know shit by the way my 30s I'm still trying to find myself as a lot of guys are out there hopefully when you hit your 40s you hit a nice stride everyday today I'm just more appreciative of the moments been through relationships been through a divorce have a beautiful daughter one on the way very very lucky Mac if I'm gonna do it and you need to do this job right I need to stay focused on it I need to give the best effort I possibly can and not only that but just between us I was like I'm gonna be the baddest motherfucker walking at forty three four or five or six or seven social media for me it's become the most valuable asset I have 85 million people later here we are really enjoying this relationship it's one of the most important relationships I have in my life is with the fans and I try to make sure that every post has some quality to it and that means something and people can get something out of it whether it's some humor or a little bit of motivation I enjoy all of them Facebook and Twitter but the platform of Instagram has been fantastic because it's a great storytelling platform plus I have long ass arms man I get take selfies like that I don't need this bullshit selfie status we just signed an incredible deal with Ford which we're all very very proud ups an incredible partnership folks Manan service we want to do something that's never been done and then we felt like collectively the most powerful space is servicing your people and Plus Ford is being in my DNA since I was 15 years old I am honored it's an amazing issue pick it up its iconic its historic and I'm on the cover and thank you


  1. If you believe this guy gained his body in his Kate 30’s and 40’s your a fool.. same age was Barry bonds, Mark McGuire and soo on. The only reason you don’t hear of his steroid use is because he is not in the NFL or MLB.. Facts!!!

  2. This guys makes you believe he was poor then this comes out.. he is a complete lie and yes he does steroids along with hgh and synthetic testosterone.. people!!! Don’t be fooled..

  3. Workout Motivation – Push your Limits Featuring β€œThe Rock – Dwayne Johnson”


  4. honestly its sad that he spends most of his life in the gym and pretty much never has a brake who would want to live like that at that age like bruh go to the beach enjoy your life

  5. i listen rock's voice before step in to the gym … "Blood, Sweat and Respect..First two you give last one you earned it….let's earn it daily"….thank you all the time for motivating millions across the globe …love from India, i wish you and your family stay healthy and happy…. Real champ

  6. Hot and so sexy πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈπŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ™ muscle worship you Sir

  7. I find it Ironic that none of the trolls are screaming steroids, Steroids! Interesting how that works. Just goes to show they have no fucking clue what there talking about. As well as who is actually using them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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