what's up guys welcome to a channel imperfectness now Sunday but an aspect of the camera about fat loss map coil with the hibachi common basic lifestyle tips switch quelques open a fat loss journey both a easy and both enjoyable massive sense of tomorrow pellet a pan usually locus of sale lost my gotu air is about staying consistent guys it's not about the intensity it's about consistency ask yourself after fat loss Q&A aura Bob Jim Joe a workout Delta AB karate and you see no changes next day of ginger to work out kitto hirato mmmm addictive and still you see no changes you become desperate up desperate or at the results killin usually gonna getcha gear up put patience left Nigeria you have to be patient and consistent along with it and sad met upload don't go to the gym and workout madly pinch Alf and tagline eat nothing at all Karev in May and expect thorough with total numerical changes result milling it rather be consistent have patience and his journey Co is is processed over life self not and it's safe over here it's up consistent roguia workouts karoge up this process to enjoy it aerobic and a finis fat loss journey go cheap gorilla tip number two is eliminate the crap out and start eating real food buy real food I mean real food guys agar up apne fat loss your Nikolic is serious hope as much as you hate hearing this earthquake and a burger up good junk processed food refined sugars surived juices you market Romilda most of avoid can happening and you have to start eating for a reason si food job watch a complex carbohydrate with vitamins minerals antioxidants protein lean protein resources healthy fat up to a year sorry Chism a diet may include carne pudding and don't even worry about calorie intake it deficit me and I obviously deficit Myrna is important but up cook consistency Kelly at least start eating healthier food and a cheat choices carne asada you have to be willabus wisely always choose wisely tip number three is workout and workout Casa high-intensity workout album consistently omnipotent I'd set Gravatar DM a Chicana Caray a important time Mr workout car right workout your benefits can workout it improves your posture that improves your BMR your metabolic rate it improves your strength it builds muscle and workout should be high-intensity mclubbe take more that she's saying a key either you can work out long or you can work out hard but love that's a broad time to work out receptive that's about high-intensity workout concept you you don't have to go to the gym and thr hunting up a person about Java Perl have a purpose kill your workouts therapist out sleep well recover tarot point number four is sleep sleeping such a advantageous sound sleep with me important widget my important after workout that did not burn up on nutrition a sad say advocate sounds like a paragraph the stress hormone called lower figure dokie upper forties alota and you last thing as of which ie of my fat loss which I mean me or yeah he died to control melikhaya after resting metabolism range over whose could decrease choreographers are asleep male over meaning less fat burning process so it's important to sleep like a baby see I am add a punch motive drink plenty of water subcommittee Amara human body is 70% water include 7ua ups it is very important during water plus is zero in calories or thermo Club caloric free or that it also flushes out the toxins for my body and after metabolism cook Kickstarter pepper it is very important guys remember this it is very important to drink plenty of water throughout your day last but not the least tomorrow Chaka type have balance guys to see the changes you have to make changes mutlar up cool life may balance certain about the reapply nutrition app may work out of me sleep of NARAS recovery social life her cheesecake right balance monopods auroria training or overtraining my difference a manager or a heating and overeating with different Samanas aurora agar up in some cheese cabana strength of my fat loss jamaica both enjoyable both the HR and bought the long-term turban ascertain his government life cellphone acceptance llamar a complete video about fat loss meant though children say bonus tips are called energy no is number one we stop looking for shortcuts and number two they stop taking stress increased stress up k immune system to suppress kept their guys i got up yes allergies number follow car – I am 100% sure of Corazon milling and visible results missing within two to three weeks thank you for watching this video if you found this video helpful please like share and subscribe this video and leave your valuable comments below and himiko bizarre cookies topics in video change I'm trying young sorry topics but I put detail and practical information they thank you guys love you all peace


  1. Bom fat loss pe video banao…mai gym ja rha hun tabse hi mere boms ka size bad rha hai please yaar help me

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