Eat like a fitness influencer | Lifesum & Denice Moberg

Eat like a fitness influencer | Lifesum & Denice Moberg

Hello guys! My name is Denice Moberg and my
biggest passions are training and the healthy lifestyle; right after Vince of
course. I’m 25 years old and it all started four years ago when I got my
first gym card that I actually used I come from a small town in north of Sweden where
we can see the Midnight Sun or no Sun at all. I went to Stockholm in order to get
better opportunities and after loads of attempts and mistakes I can proudly say
that it finally worked out if you don’t know me I have almost 1 million
followers on Instagram where I share my fitness journey
healthy lifestyle and help other girls to empower themselves by reaching their
fitness goals then the people ask me about my motivation but for me it’s more
like a mindset because you wouldn’t move if your mind doesn’t tell you to because
with that positive mindset you’ll find challenges much easier and reach your
gold much faster in my opinion you should be proud of who you are and be grateful of
what you have but never afraid to get better it’s all about you it’s your
story and no one to do it better than you
food is nutrition and we should learn about what we’re eating and what is
available to be eaten.There are foods out there that can give us exactly
what our body need and those are the ones that we should be focusing on.Try
your best to make good and tasty choices when talking about training it is just a
matter of persistence at first no one really enjoys lifting weights it’s
always hard to get up and go to the gym but if your mindset changes if you
say this is our time to invest in yourself, in your goals. it will be
super easy finding people to go with you. It can also be tricky to get you
there until it becomes a pleasure like it is for me now and there’s a lot of
training and it’s a part of my daily routine what I eat is very important so
I get the results that I worked hard for. In the hectic lifestyle as most of us
have who need to find time to take care of ourselves
for example being a mom having 70 hour a work schedule forces me to be smart
with my nutrition many people have been asking me what I eat, quantities, macros
calories so then I got a fantastic opportunity to make a meal plan with Lifesum. Lifesum is the perfect tool to help you to reach your health and
fitness goals whether that is losing weight gaining weight or just being
healthier and it’s definitely my favorite health app I use it every day
my new plan will make you feel strong and fit in a healthy way and at the same
time help you to create a balance between nutrition and everyday life since the
meals are super simple and super tasty you will get many breakfast lunch snack
and dinner options so you never get bored of what you’re eating
Oh make sure that your goal in the app is “Be Healthier”, otherwise you won’t find find the plan. So if you want to live a healthier life get in better shape and get feedback on
your food intake, you really need to check out the Lifesum app you can download
the app by using the link below right here I’m super curious to see what you
think about my meal plan so please share your meals on Instagram stories and tag Denice Moberg and Lifesum. Oh, if you want to be in the team make sure that
you’re using my hashtag #EATLIKEDENICE so we can see your lovely creations and
not-so-lovely-creations 🙂 see you bye

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