Eating insects not sustainable by default

Eating insects   not sustainable by default

Insects as food is sort of branded as a green food source as sustainable but we don´t actually know if it is sustainable. We don´t know which insects we should use that are good in converting food. We only know a little about a few species. And we don´t know what to feed them so that they grow and get healthy and produce lots of good food for us humans. We think that sustainable feed for insects have to be something that we can´t eat ourselves. That could be a by-product from current food systems or something that also support wild biodiversity. One example is clover The flowers are beneficial for many types of different insects. If If we are going to produce food for a large human population in the future it is really important that we think about sustainablilty from the beginning and to the end. Eating insects is a good opportunity for us to change our food habits. So we need lots of new research to find out how should we do this in a good way.

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