Ahhh. That hot shower really calmed my nerves. But now I’m kinda sweaty. And lucky for Olivia, The water’s already nice and warm! Uh oh, someone turned on the faucet! No matter the weather, some people always
feel cold. But others swear they have fire running through
their veins. Are you sure you guys live in the same house? Aren’t you freezing in there, Hannah? A cup of hot tea can evoke opposite reactions
in people. Anyone need some ice? Oh yeah, come to mama! Hey! Sorry, miss! I’ll teach you girls. Woah! See if you like this! Uh, where did these shirts come from? Did we order these? This is gonna be interesting… Shall we dig in? I wonder what’s under here… A soda! Isn’t it supposed to be cold? Gah! How do I drink it if I can’t hold it? It’s like lava! Cool down already! While we’re waiting, let’s check Olivia’s
out. It’s another soda, But this one’s frozen solid! I’m gonna see if I can pour it into a glass. If I can get it open, that is. Uh oh… This thing’s gonna blow! Yikes! It’s angry, alright. Hey! Watch it! Oh man, I can hardly watch! Phew! It’s calm now. Well done, girl. Whatever didn’t already explode is still
frozen. C’mon, get outta there! Let me try. GAHH!! This stuff isn’t budging! Whatever. Cheers! Gah! It’s too hot! Oh yea, that’s the stuff. It’s safe to say soda’s better chilled. Let’s see here… You’re up, Olivia! Woah! Did this apple just come out of the freezer? Ouch! I almost broke my tooth on this thing. I can’t eat this. Time to find out what you’re dealing with,
Hannah! Ta-da! I love baked apples! That’s not gonna work. Hmm… Ah, ha! I knew these would come in handy! I wish this had some cinnamon on it. Mmm, it smells so good. Woah! Despite the temperature it’s pretty good! How are you gonna eat yours, Olivia? You’re kidding… I knew carrying my blowdryer around would
come in handy one day! It’s like your own portable microwave! I suddenly have a craving for some apple juice! GAHH! Man, this thing sure is juicy, isn’t it? Still going! There we go! Phew! Fresh-squeezed juice, anyone? Turns out apples taste just as good chilled, As they do warm! Bon appetite, ladies! Let’s see who’s going first this time
around. HA! A double cheese burger? Yes please! Ahh! So warm! Now mine! This thing is totally frozen! Okay, this is unacceptable! Will it still taste good? I couldn’t even take a bite to tell you! Are there pickles in this thing? Because I could use a spa day right about
now. Ahhhh. I’ve got a couple more if you want ‘em! Looks like this cold burger’s good for something! Be gone, puffy eyes! Ha ha! Sucker! Hey! You play dirty, Hannah! Let’s eat! Woah! That is a banana, right? It looks like it was yellow once… But it looks more like a little baseball bat
to me! Okay, let’s see what you got, Hannah. Woah! Banana’s sure look funny when they’re
hot! Do I really have to eat this slimy thing? Careful, Hannah! Ooh, tha’s hot! Hmm… Woah! Was that really necessary, Olivia? Alright, should I try to peel this thing or
not? It still looks like a banana, right? It kind of feels like peeling an orange. Hmm… Yikes, that’s cold! That was definitely a bad idea. You try it. Gah! It’s like banana ice cream! I can’t get enough of this stuff. Brain freeze! Still hungry? Ah-ha! Ooh, soup! Woah. It smells pretty good though. Uh, now what do I do? I guess I won’t be eating this today. Go ahead and try yours, Olivia! I sure hope this doesn’t burn my mouth. Woah! Gah! Olivia, do something! Warm your mouth up with this! That was scary! Mmm, nothing like a soup lollipop! I think regular old hot soup is the better
choice. But that’s just me! I think I smell something good in here. What do you think it is? No way! And this is my favorite flavor! Pistachio and strawberry. Mmm! Wait, does that mean your ice cream is… You know… Yep! That’s some hot melted cream! The sugar in it will still be good, right? Ew… I don’t know about this stuff… Gah! Too hot!! You’ve sure got a lot in your bowl, Olivia. You can spare a scoop, right? This ought to cool things down a bit. Look how fast it melted! Really, Hannah? Mmm! That’s pretty good! Different strokes for different folks, I guess! Still have room for some more eats? Would you rather have piping hot fries Or frozen ones? Open up, Hannah! Ahh! My dreams came true! Ooh, are yours still frozen, Olivia? Yep, that’s ice! It’s like eating rocks! Hannah sure made out better this round. But can she do this? Haha! I’m still chewing, Olivia! Us walruses gotta stick together! And apparently walruses love to share too! Bring on the next challenge, we got this! Ooh! An egg! Nothing like a hot egg for breakfast, right? Wait a second… This is the opposite of hot. It’s frozen solid! Does that mean Olivia’s is… Hot and delicious!!! Breaking the yolk is the very best part! Look at all that gooey goodness! What, am I making you jealous? Maybe the cold one won’t be that bad. Gah! That warm egg sure looks tasty. Maybe I can crack my yolk another way! C’mon! Break already! There! Ooh, that does not look good. Gotta get my protein in! Even if it hurts to do it! Would you try any of these foods at weird
temperatures? Share this challenge with your friends and
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