Ebola response in DR Congo tough and costly – World Health Organization

Ebola response in DR Congo tough and costly - World Health Organization

we have three healthcare workers infected and one who have been reported as of yesterday has having died and we know that health care workers can really be an amplification factor for these kinds of outbreaks and we know the number of suspected probable and confirmed cases is significant so we are very concerned and we are planning for all scenarios including the worst case scenario it is absolutely a dire scene in terms of infrastructure there are very few paved roads very little electrification very poor water and sanitation and as I mentioned the only way we'll mount a serious response in this outbreak is through an air bridge just to give you a sense what we're talking about an area that's 280 kilometres even from the provincial capital of ecuator so it's going to be extremely challenging in terms of the response so so we need to make sure everyone's aware this is going to be tough and it's going to be costly to stamp out this outbreak and there are a lot of complications with using an experimental vaccine which requires to be kept in the long term at between negative 60 and negative 80 degrees Celsius so this is not a simple logistical effort it's not like doing polio campaign with oral polio vaccine where we get it immediately out to the field this is a highly complex sophisticated operation in one of the most difficult terrains on earth

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