EP.769: Stefania Maurizi- Julian Assange’s Health is Being DESTROYED+EU Stands up to US over Iran

EP.769: Stefania Maurizi- Julian Assange’s Health is Being DESTROYED+EU Stands up to US over Iran

I'm option retention we're going underground now is after Israel did what UK p.m. contenders Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have advocated before it bombed Syria coming up on the show why is the British government destroying and hiding documents essential to the Julian Assange case we speak to the journalist who is in court this week fighting for their release and as the EU squabbles over management personnel changes the UN warns that the Mediterranean will be a sea of blood we investigate European dehumanization of those who seek better lives plus of the news atomic Don goes nuclear as Iran and Europe do business and this Boris Johnson giving the thumbs up or the two fingers to big business all this and more coming up in today's going underground the first is a fraction of one percent of the electorate aside Britain's next prime minister Labour's Jeremy Corbyn questions the arguable deep state after the Murdoch times defames him over his health that civil servants should be briefing newspapers against an elected politician against a prospective government is something that should be very concerned much more concerning for mainstream media's Corbin's alleged tolerance for anti-semitism here's one of his MPs who read out a torrent of the vile anti-semitic abuse she has received from people who say they'd back Corbin you are a spy you are evil satanic leave hashtag hashtag call win it has roots me the Labour MP who has called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign ever been a spy there is nothing to connect her to any spying for previous employers whether it be French outsourcing company Sodexo or the Swiss company Nestle currently targeted by an activist boycott but Ruth Smith is keen to emphasize she is not a spy specifically madam Deputy Speaker I feel I must inform you that I am NOT a CIA spy I am NOT a agent and nor am i an mi5 operative who are occasionally foolish enough to Google me although I would urge you not to it can be unpleasant reading I do not work for the people of tel-aviv well arguably she did work for an organization linked to Tel Aviv before entering Parliament she used to be a director of the Britain Israel communications and Research Centre Britain's equivalent of Israeli lobbyists AIPAC not only that but though there are no apparent links between her and the CIA or mi5 a WikiLeaks cable appears to expose that she has been used as a asset by the US government in a cable dated 2009 April 24th from the US Embassy in London to the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Ruth Smith his name checked as a source for finding out when the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown would call a general election in Britain labor prospective parliamentary candidate for Burton Ruth Smith strictly protect told us April 20 that Brown had intended to announce the elections on May 12 he goes on to say no to this information has not been reported in the press and note perhaps we there's not a willing us informant but why was she a protected source for a cable to the US National Security Council as well as Hillary Clinton Babs it's all accidental that US authorities felt the need to keep her name secret when it came to information about UK general elections to date she has declined all going Underground's requests for comment on allegations she was a US intelligence asset but that's the thing about WikiLeaks cables they allow journalists to probe the state we don't see the links we otherwise have no evidence for today WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is in prison in southeast London and the UN has determined his treatment by UK us Ecuadorian and Swedish authorities amounts to torture someone who's been following the persecution of WikiLeaks and Assange is Stefani Emirates II she joins me now Giovani thanks so much for coming on I know there's a case ongoing I'm gonna get to that in a second it's Julian Assange his birthday today you probably want to wish him a happy birthday can we just go back a bit and talk about your Freedom of Information request and how different the answers you got were from Swedish and from British authorities the first letter there from Paul close to the Swedish prosecutor yes basically my idea was back in 2015 when Julian had already spent five years confined initially under house arrest and then in the Ecuadorian Embassy I realized that no journalist no media had ever tried to access the documents to get the facts so my idea was if I can get the documents from Sweden Sweden has a very good has very good laws when it comes to Freedom of Information Act maybe I can use anything I get from Sweden as a peacock to get documents from the UK from the US from Australia Ecuador whatever and it work I find my friend in Sweden back in 2015 yes talking about the rape allegations I suppose that's crucially made because he provides evidence on how the Crown Prosecution Service which is the very same agency which is now in charge of considering the US extradition for requests of Julian Assange the Crown Prosecution Service basically advised the Swedish prosecutors against the Harley strategy which could have led to a quick solution of the Swedish case which is questioning Julian Assange in London rather than extradited him to Sweden this was the bombshell exposure after your Freedom of Information request that under clear stommer circular the jeremy corbyn's brexit fara brexit secretary the cps seemed to be telling sweden or begging sweden to hold up to keep on with allegations of rape now we go to the and actually they didn't put pressure on allegation they advise against questioning him he London which was crucial in creating the legal and then the diplomatic quagmire which kept anna-san here but then the same document released by the British authorities is redacted completely and this kind of leads us on to what may happen on Friday you're at the upper tribunal Court in London Assange was in jail chelsea manning in jail tell me about the case that's going on this week yes basically after I felt my phone in Sweden basically Crown Prosecution Service refused me any document and I filed a case at the London first year tribunal and they started releasing some documents after I filed this case and but the documents are varied redacted most of them are completely used when you see the first year it's also Jay Franz Kafka's birthday it's the first you mentioned the first-tier tribunal that's before this week's trial yes so there are all these various courts in London that exactly I don't in freedom of information so I went to the first year tribunal and they basically ruled against me and so I was four I was basically put into the condition to appeal to the upper tribunal and this is why this yes this week I was at they have the tribunal with my lawyer defending the right of the press to access if anyone thinks this is just of interest to those bereaved from alleged US war crimes in Afghanistan or Iraq what the case this week what is important about the case this week is important to all journalists everywhere you are trying to change the way freedom of information works by saying factual circumstances changing can change the authorities view over whether they can release documents to a journalist absolutely I mean first of all what can we expect from this week ruling I have for the food correspondence between the Crown Prosecution Service and the US authorities which means the US Department of Justice and the US State Department when I asked for this document to Sweden they needed a say we don't have such correspondence because we didn't get correspondence with them when I ask the same correspondence to the UK they didn't want to confirm or deny so if they hadn't such correspondence with the US why not to tell me immediately we don't have such correspondence just because of the Crown Prosecution Service gave you an NC nd neither confirm nor deny response about correspondence between we in Britain and the United States exactly and also about Ecuador which was really ridiculous because they said we cannot confirm or deny bout Ecuador because any such correspondence would be about an extradition with that it doesn't make sense an extradition to Ecuador because he's in the Ecuadorian Embassy I think they use Ecuador they use they had Ecuador do the neither confirm nor deny the exception because it would have sounds suspicious to say we can I there confirmed nor denied about the u.s. so they put Ecuador but they came out of ridiculous because everything's traditional quest by Ecuador when Julian Assange was in the Ecuadorian Embassy is completely nonsense it must be about the US extradition respect okay well they said they're the lawyers for the authorities are saying okay they they totally said that for Julian Assange of course there's a strong personal interest in the information you're seeking being made public but that doesn't necessarily mean it it is important as regards public interest what did you mean it's a nonsense because he absolutely makes sense to know whether the u.s. asked for a was considering extradition and putting Julian Assange in jail from the very beginnings as soon as he started publishing the US government documents so it's crucially to understand whether the Swedish case was used in an instrumental way to get Julian Assange extradited initially to Sweden then to the US and it is crucial to know whether the u.s. considered to put him in jail from the very beginning there is no way to know unless we got the the emails unless we got the documents there is no way to know this means any journalist watching this program right now must realize that if you fail on Friday a decision over the way they did journalism as it were is deliberately separated by authorities here in Britain with the Public Interest even if that journalist working on something feels it is over the public absolutely absolutely and there is key you know that what what is crucial to understand about this case is that this case is not just about Julian Assange it is about any journalists everywhere trying to expose war crimes secret documents provide evidence of tortures and so on so if Julian if they can assert jurisdiction on an Australian publisher who relate these documents they can assert jurisdiction on an Italian journalist exposing drones in Sigonella or nuclear weapons in Aviano Engedi the US bases for nuclear weapons u.s. nuclear weapons in Italy or they can assert jurisdiction on journalists working you know on the French journalists working on exposing us documents provide evidence of crimes in France in in everywhere I mean Germany so this case is about the right of the press to publish documents which are which are devastating for the government because they don't want to be exposed of course as they have exposed but this document and it is about having this possibility without adding your life destroyed because if we look at Julian Assange here this help basically destroyed we were trying to – we were trying to alert the public and many of our colleagues were telling your campaigning we are not campaigning we are telling you that they are destroying him they are destroying his mental health its physical health and the price is so high that journalists should not pay such a price for exposing war crimes and torture and the same applies to the to the journalistic sources like Chelsea Manning she paid a huge price and the journalistic source who exposed such valuable and important information in the public interest should not bar Bey such a price Savannah emergency thank you thanks so much after the break in an age of wars in the ER liberalism the UN claims a new all-time high of 70 million refugees we asked for director of a new film about the hardships of those crossing the Mediterranean for a better life if globalization has fostered a kind of international apartheid plus from the headlines children die as Israel targets Syria and Greenpeace has that sinking feeling in the East Pacific all this is more coming up in part two of going underground welcome back joining me now to go through some of the week's top stories is former Liberal Democrat MP in China Secretary of State Lembit OPA Gleb it long time no see yes let's go straight to today's greenpeace report before we go to any stories what do you make of this in deepwater the emerging threat of deep-sea mining well what they're talking about here is another preservation story as you know the reservations and other preservation so for seven tenths of the earth is covered in water and now Greenpeace is telling its attention to the idea that some very large companies might be destroying microbes which do us good I mean there was a piece a while back talking about the fact that an eminent doctor was saying that cures for cancer superbug cures they're all down in the deep and they might be being destroyed by all these mining companies professor Matt Upton said he found a microbe in his laboratory which I think they called up from near Rock Hall 700 meters below sea level he said this could solve the antibiotic resistance problem and this has now been extrapolated by Greenpeace to say well we've got to be really careful where we dig trenches and where we we turn up to the seabed this is it's completely on message for a Greenpeace but we've got to be a bit careful here because most of the Earth's sea but has never been explored what better company for the largest exploratory mission then Britain's Britain's corporate proportion to be run by a company called UK seabed is limited which is not British government-owned at all they're owned by Lockheed Martin it is a walk of your Roni they're not so worried about the microbes but they are very keen on the precious resources that haven't been exploited down there white because it's really hard to mind deep down in the ocean look at some of the accidents that the oil industry has had so it's not easy even this wholly-owned Lockheed subsidiary UK seabed Resources has admitted that they found extinctions in the areas of exploration for the exploitation of resources blame of the sea when you plow a field you kill lots of worms and lots of local habitat the same is gonna happen if you're under sea I'm not rubbishing this I just think we have to have a sense of proportion here story from I news we've got a stress testing conference in Washington the Federal Reserve we've got one fan of the banks probably a fan of the defense industry take us through this yes wonderful headline here Boris Johnson says nobody stuck up for the bankers as much as I did when I asked about F blank blank a business jibe that is because he said something to an ambassador in fact rather to me British Prime Minister one of them yeah what he said was when somebody said well what about big business in terms of your brexit plans Boris he said that phrase business and he's now saying is taken out of context what he meant was big business should not stand in the way of his democratic right to honor the outcome of the referendum from a couple of years ago the public at large going to support a prime minister at a eminent general election if indeed he is crowned prime minister if he says nobody stuck up for the bankers as much as I do there's an election in Greece in a few days time that I think sticking up for bankers is not really popular on the right on the left in the center anyway you're always looking for negatives Boris is a man of the people he's very popular he's just trying to be popular with big business let's remember where the Conservatives get a lot of their money it is from big business and in that sense he's playing to his audience he doesn't have to convince you to vote for him because you're not I don't think a member of the Conservative Party the donations are purely coincidental let's go to TruthDig Iran threatening to withdraw completely from the jcpoa with the other members of the p5 plus one let alone donald trump on sundays so they say take us through this angle story this story's about the law of unintended consequences the headline europe leaders defied Trump on Iran with bold move now you will know that unilaterally wonderful president of the United States Donald Trump decided to pull out of a painstakingly agreed nuclear deal which Iran seemed to be adhering to which pretty much guaranteed that Iran wouldn't be building their was naughty atom bombs but that was good enough for atomic Don he decided to walk out of it causing huge international stress what's happened here is Europe's kept a promise Europe said it would not be believed by the United States into cutting ties with Iran now at last after huge delay they found a complicated way of doing it they can sell some stuff to Iran Iran can pay for it this is for the evading of sanctions because Trump has said if you any other country trade with Iran will attack the other country with sanctions again but fair play to European Union they said they wouldn't be bullied by America if they see this through it's the first sign of hope and it might deescalate the situation which Donald Trump's responsible for me and we're still in the Middle East Israel has been bombing Iran very little coverage in Western NATO nation mainstream media I wonder why let's take us through her ed story that says Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria reports says 16 killed 21 wounded the headline doesn't say that children were killed as well this is Israel conducting not a secret war but its own private campaign they're hitting targets which it reckons are supplied with Iranian weapons but the collateral damage of civilians the reason they're damaging military equipment used by the Syrian government to attack Al qaeda-linked and Isis linked groups in that region so Israel is de facto backing Isis and al Qaeda well it's the unintended consequence again the issue here is the reason you don't get coverage of it is because as you pointed out it's really complicated it's not even obvious why Israel thinks it's in its own interest to do this and well you think there's so many refugees leaving the region maybe because of things like this maybe it's because it's not a very safe place to live and to where does this all go back to the Arab Spring let's remember this all started when the West thought they could get nice friendly governments all across the Middle East that went wrong and this is the collateral damage which affects us all thank you well the fighting in Syria has displaced almost 7 million people according to the UN almost a tenth of the 70 million refugees worldwide an all-time high figure so is it any wonder that the elites who arguably created this crisis have a vested interest in dehumanizing those who leave their home countries to seek a better life we caught up with Philippe Furcal the award-winning director of Amin a new film that follows a Senegalese immigrant working in France and puts a human face on those that global elites degrade humiliate and victimize Philippe tell me about the new film Amin is the story of a man who moved from Senegal to France to work leaving behind his wife in children in Senegal and only seeing them once a year so he doesn't see his children growing up he's disconnected from his wife and in France life isn't very fun it's only dedicated to work to his needs and the obligation to earn money to send it back in the evenings he meets up with men who live alone like him until one day in France he meets a woman he knows that in France relations between men and women are not the same he needs to be very cautious but through his need for human contact he lets himself fall into this relationship this affair which allows him to have some balance with his work in France doubts start to forming in Senegal his wife starts asking questions because the money he sends means that a larger number of the family can survive those who helped pay for his trip there's a sort of unspoken element both out of prudishness and economic need and a sort of pressure on her from the family to not ask too many questions and accept the situation and when you around a NATO nation capital and see building contractors with immigrant labor do you think this film will humanize those people in those building sites Sisyphus c'mon dear that's what certain observers of the film have told me that's really the people who build these buildings or roads in France and Europe or who do this very physical work that the people they meet often ask themselves these questions about their lives and why they're there and indeed some observers have told me that the film will undoubtedly change how these people are viewed do you think there are some forces in society that want to dehumanize them well this film tries to humanize them that's the sake of you these are people who have quite an inhumane life who are no longer capable of living a balanced life in France indeed we often reproach these people for being there but they're there because they agree to these work and living conditions that are no longer accepted in Europe but ironic that the only sense of community in the film is the immigrants doing the manual labor the bourgeoisie have nothing but alienation in the film we yes these people who have very difficult lives in France who are only working to send money home due to their isolation they are forced to meet together creates connections and support each other it's something that is a little absent that has become a little bit absent in what's Gabrielle has with her husband and that's her life is a little fractured aside from the Senegalese immigrant there is French Algerian as it were with the French daughter watching this film it looks like nothing has changed since the 1950s what do you think yes this character of Abdul Aziz who came from Morocco is the previous generation it's the generation before I mean and in fact is the generation that's often come from North Africa now immigration is from this part of Africa Mali Senegal mauritania that and abdul-aziz is someone who has had a life similar to Amin in another period and he also came and left his wife in his country and in the film we understand that he separated from his wife had children in France and is now returning to a Morocco to see his children that he had there and then returned to France to his French children it's a similar situation to Amin Amin sees his children who tell him that he is like a pretend father and his wife tells him that he is like a fake husband and so it's a life that is a little staggered between the two countries so do you think the globalization has become a sort of international apartheid we yes sure we live in a world in which the differences that existed previously between cities and rural areas in France or Italy for example have now shifted to the country to country differences so today in Western societies we use a workforce that comes from really far away from Africa or from Eastern Europe and the people who have come from far away live a life removed from the society which they contribute through their work there is something that is amplified that existed previously between cities and the countryside Tamar and that's now exists on a global level but do you think there are some issues that unite all those immigrant communities in a sense I know you worked on Palestine before whether it be Palestine Iraq they're big issues that unite these immigrants that do not unite the alienated Gabrielle in the film I love her these are complex issues where these people begin their lives very far from their home there are people whose motive for leaving is war or difficult living conditions and others who move to seek work elsewhere so all of that is a little complicated but perhaps what unites all of these people is an ability to live and survive and create connections with people who are in the same conditions of survival sometimes don't exist elsewhere I should I should actually just ask also Amina advises people in Senegal to be wary of thinking of travelling to a NATO country using rafts you didn't you didn't think the need of showing that thousands of course have drowned on the ears Shores it's something he says he knows that the boy has an illusion as to what he expects to find in Europe he knows that there in Europe he will have an extremely difficult life and before arriving to Europe he will take a journey that is dangerous and that he is leaving his former life behind but also he knows that the reasons for which the boy is leaving that he has no future where he is and that he needs to go somewhere else to find the means to support his family so that's why he tells him that I can't tell you to go or not to go you know what needs to be done he both wants to not encourage him to go but also he knows he can't tell him not to go really buckles thank you thank you very much Phillipe for speaking to us there in central London and tickets to see Amin are available online now that's it for the show we'll be back on Saturday with human rights lawyer Cherie Blair QC wife a former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to investigate a Middle East human rights case that has caught the attention of Russian and US government's until then keep in touch by social media see you then you


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