European Fitness Badge – Introduction

European Fitness Badge  - Introduction

the European Fitness patch is the result of an erasmus+ project with partners from Germany Belgium Denmark Spain and Austria the badge is a confirmation of a healthy face in fitness status where fitness components of endurance strength flexibility and coordination are tested additionally body composition and posture is integrated the European Fitness patch can be tested from young adults to elderly people the European Fitness patch motivates and supports people changing their behavior to an active lifestyle therefore the European fitness patch invites and commits more people to exercise to sport and physical activities the fitness status is awarded on three levels basic the signal status is under the average level of the population of the same age and sex advance the treatment status is corresponding to an average level of the population of the same sex and age an approved the finished status is better than the average of the population of the same age and sex the dress includes endurance strength coordination and flexibility items for example the Danish step test planking Flamingo and sit and reach settings for the European fin dispatch our sport clubs as well as events in sport clubs the European Fitness part can act as a commitment tool where people are motivated to improve their fitness status and reach the next level during events people have the opportunity to check their skills and motivate themselves to become members of a sport club an important advantage of the European Fitness patch is its broad use sport minded people as well as inactive people are able to execute the batch the test items are easy to use and can be integrated in every sport club participant get motivated to improve their health and therefore enhance their fitness level in all four components and find more information about the European Fitness patch at our website wwhen miss Botti you

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