Evan Centopani & Prime Nutrition: "Our Story"

Evan Centopani & Prime Nutrition: "Our Story"

when I look back at my life there's there's just moments where I feel like this is the beginning of a new chapter in something new and different and usually hopefully at least recently good comes out of it and I feel very very strongly that this is one of those times and that this time is going to be particularly monumental the rise of the company is has been pretty staggering actually I have to pinch myself a lot and think back to the beginning because it was really only two years ago this is a true story it's coming up on and on two years over two years at the end of this month we started our first company right in the spare bedroom that I had and it you know it literally just was me my laptop a printer and just our one product that we were selling at a time online and you know that escalated so fast and some more products coming out today is a big transition for a PJ and I and prime nutrition signing Evan is actually me and PJ look at it as the biggest businesses decision of our lives so far people are giving us a hard time in the beginning saying how nutrition doesn't sponsor body builders and you know my answer to that was there's a lot of very very good body builders you know so why should I just pick you know a great physique to represent my company when I at one time had a pretty great physique well I can just use some old pictures of myself I want somebody that can do more for the company I can I want somebody that's gonna bring more the table than even I can and that is of it because Evan is truly the thinking man's body builder every brings a few things to the table it's different one is that he is a top level top 10 bodybuilder in the world so just by that we get more visibility Prime attrition is put on the map that's the the first thing number two is that evidence individual is well-known as a person with high moral fiber and I don't mean that just in the industry with nutrition but in general people listen to heaven and the fact that he decided to come with us it's big because he had just about if he would have said you know I'm open to all takers almost any nutrition company or any nutrition company that knows what's going on you know who's gonna be interested in heaven so the fact that he chose us is significant is a big deal and then number three is that Evan brings to the table his brain his mind every does not anybody who knows heaven knows that he is not the average media he's like the Renaissance man in a bodybuilding it's definitely it's definitely a big change I mean I've been with universal nutrition now a little bit better than seven years well prime is very much a new company I mean they're they're a rising star they're just getting started but I mean they've the rate at which they've grown has been tremendous and there's no doubt in my mind that you know with the team you know that we would send will assembled and the the ideas that we all have that it's gonna be it's gonna be something really tremendous I think at the heart of it there's people that want to do something good I want to do good I want people to say hey you know that guy's alright you know he's we can trust him he stands for something and that's what I find here at prime that people there are people that are genuinely concerned we concerned with doing something good with doing the right thing yes we all want to make money we all want to be a success we want to do something good – I've been at consumer of supplements since I've been a child I got into it got interested in bodybuilding when I was 13 years old so I've been reading the magazines taking the supplements since I was just turning just a teenager and I'll go to Barnes & Noble by my house get every magazine couldn't afford to buy them but I would sit there and read them for hours and hours we looked at every ad especially back then I would read every hat and look at every MuscleTech ad and be like ah I can only afford to buy this little piece my bench across 800% I would like go to the store and they're a good GNC and stare at the products how could I convince my mom to buy me these and you know I remember that and I've seen the changes in the supplement industry and being a part of the supplement industry being a part of the bodybuilding industry you get an idea that he start to get an idea that that maybe some of the marketing and and the products aren't what they seem I think that there was a really great time and so in supplement 7 and I've talked about this when I was a kid I thought it was a very cool time in supplements there was a lot of groundbreaking products I remember being in high school and taking this stuff called ultimate orange like my look my eighth period and and being like now I'm gonna go train like an animal in the gym and believing so much in the product and EES was in ES was in its heyday back then I don't even know if they're around anymore now and then I feel like there was this law where nothing new came out the marketing kind of was all the same there was a lot of false claims it was kind of this bodybuilder is using this product and this is the pose that he's doing and the same a company was doing it for their product and it got to the point where I kind of stopped looking at the magazines and as a business person now you understand margin you understand okay these guys need to make and we need to make a certain amount of money on a product and there's the easy way to do it which is to say okay let's sprinkle this entire string all that you know put enough of this to put it on a label and then we'll charge X amount of dollars and because it only cost 4 bucks to make we're gonna make this much more money and we can offer these deals to the distributor isn't this to this so that you can incentivize a lot of people divided and to get out there a lot of places even if the product is not that great and we have made a conscious decision at prime nutrition to not be like that tonight not promise crazy things in the magazines when you see our ads and all the magazines in the very near future you won't see promises extraordinary promises and you won't see when you look at the labels you won't see a list of ton of ingredients you don't know how much is in there we're gonna put the right amount of ingredients that the effective dose of each ingredient and we're going to be you know a lot more transparent with what we're doing if you look at the product itself okay there's a desire to do what's optimal you know the slogan being the best or nothing rings true with the products their willingness to open themselves up to the possibility of producing products that can help those interested in achieving high performance stay healthy at the same time or maybe do it in a way that's a little bit different than how it's always been done I've taken a tremendous interest and it's just it's an interest that's been growing over the past so many years a lot of it had to do with the fact you know I saw my father diagnosed with cancer and go through that and you know I just I see it everywhere it's very few of us I think can either look around to those closest to us or talk to any talk to anyone close to us without finding that someone has suffered from you know some type of serious disease or unfortunately passed from it I have a family I want to live a long time so I'm constantly asking myself okay how can I do this in a way where I can be competitive but that I can also stay healthy at the same time how can I make better decisions whether they're big ones or small ones so the thing one of the things that was really really interesting to me and that really grabbed my attention was when I spoke to Aaron PJ that they were willing to explore the possibility of bringing products like this into this industry where in reality they don't really exist and I feel that there's a there's a greater demand than people realize okay for for products that maybe don't use artificial sweeteners or products that don't use other types of artificial ingredients you know whether it's colors you know flavors things like that products that maybe go back to kind of you know kind of maybe go the old-school way you know going back to some of the things that guys were doing 50 years ago that people forgot about but they really really work okay they just weren't sexy enough for people anymore that's the stuff I'm interested in I want I'm a huge believer in food I'm a huge believer in the power of nutrition and it seems that there's such a huge disparity currently in the industry between food which everyone accepts is essential and is vital and is the best thing and supplements which it seems like okay you have food and you have supplements and they're the two of them are so different there's such a huge gap in between them can we bridge the gap with something a little bit more natural or something that's a happier medium between food and the standard supplements being offered for these guys to be willing to take that chance to take that risk because I'm that is what it is it's a guess it's not being done and will it work will people take to it I think that that speaks volumes I'd like to think that up prime nutrition is like a rocket ship and that although we're just starting to take off we're just lifting off the ground you know the sky's the limit and our vision for where prime attrition will be is is really sky high you know the truth is that some of the ideas that Evans brought to the table the idea is that PJ and I had before and we're utilizing now I believe will take us to the top of the supplement industry and we're gonna do it a different way a way that hasn't been done before and we're not gonna follow the trends and we're not gonna be another you know add-on brand that does everything that everybody else does we're gonna do things a little differently we're gonna do it the right way and we're not going to spare any expense and we're gonna give the customer what they want and the right kind of service and we do everything that fits with the slogan the best enough I consider this such a tremendous opportunity because so far in my career my role has been phenomenally as an athlete as a specimen as a spokesperson but to come over to prime and have the opportunity to take it beyond that and to yes to be you know the face of the brand and so it also be a sponsored athlete but beyond that to be included in decision making and have a role that allows me to express my creativity to voice my thoughts I think and I hope at least that's what I like to believe is that I can contribute something to the sport beyond just say you know being a good bodybuilder


  1. I think that Universal-Animal got to big for him they have like 10 guys on there team… He probably also wanted to be #1 the main guy the face on a company that he really believes in…. Good for him can't wait to see more of him and Meadows…

  2. Yeap he does have high morale fibre……..thats why he left this shitty company selling prohormones and shit products promoted to death on insta by sluts n pornstars…..sleezynutrition

  3. So glad you signed Evan,truly amazing bodybuilder and the only reason I subscribed to this page,can't wait to see more of him,get him to do a DVD that would be awesome

  4. I follow Evan for years now because he is the "smart" guy that give the right and good advices. He has improved me a lot and I am now the big guy in my gym because of what I've learned from him. I like Universal/Animal, they are in the bodybuilding world since 1977 and I'm a little sad of Evan's departure, but this new brand, Prime, sounds promising. BUT PLEASE don't make the same mistake that BPI Sport : Sponsoring a big guy (in this case Jay Cutler or Evan) only to get attention to scam and sell overpriced products (seriously their products are bullshit, a couple of herbs like ginseng hidden behind scientific names, fake promises ("Blox" is a couple of useless amino acids with a study on rats that doesnt work on humans), check them and laugh, and the few that are real supplements are 5x overpriced, I mean who want to give 25 $ or more for 100 grams of glutamine LOL)
    Scamming makes a lot of money but work a certain amont of time only.. Because people are not stupid.
    I like the "health" part of your brand. We all know bodybuilders have blood pressure or cholesterol issues. You physique should not cost you your health. Sometimes it is a sacrifice we choose, but if you can find a way to creat some health products (vegetable/fruits antioxydant powder, something for the blood pressure, the heart, something that combine all the natural things again cancer, something for the cholesterol, the lipids.) it would be the right thing to do in the bodybuilding world because this is missing. Scientific studies are always in your side.
    If you give the right things, with no label proprietary blend to hide what is really inside, people will take the time to come.
    I promise I will try all your products :)´╗┐

  5. Evan has always been my favorite I'm a young guy getting into this stuff and he is definitely a role model of mine

  6. Signing Evan and John Meadows is like the biggest achievement in the world, what an awesome team. Looking forward to seeing where this company will end up.

  7. Yes, there is a desire for products with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Even if its flavorless, an honest product is what im looking for. Anybody that follows Evan really "takes his word" on everything he says. Look forward to exploring your products 

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