Everything Grimes Eats During Her Pregnancy | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR

Everything Grimes Eats During Her Pregnancy | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR

– Hey, I’m Grimes, and this
is everything I eat in a day. (playful instrumental music) Usually, I wake up and it’s a struggle. So, I actually have these things that I keep by the bed called GO Cubes, that are like caffeinated cubes. And I usually just like eat one of those, and then go back to sleep. And then, slowly the
caffeine enters my system and then I like wake up. Normally, I just don’t eat all day, and then eat one giant meal at dinner. But right now I’m pregnant, so I obviously don’t have that luxury. So lately, I’ve been waking up and I make this thing called butter toast, which is where I melt like a stick of butter
(laughs) on a plate, and then I like put toast in it, and then turn the toast over, so the toast is completely
saturated in butter. And then, I put a little bit
of jam on it and eat that. But, it’s actually incredible. Like this buttered technique, it’s great. So I’m allowed 200 milligrams of caffeine per day, right now. For caffeine, I’m between
the GO Cubes and matcha. So I’m really into the fancy
matcha from Little Tokyo. Then you get the weird whisk
thing and you whisk it up. I mean, usually my typical
breakfast is the butter toast or a fortified cereal,
like Raisin Bran (laughs), with maybe cut some
bananas, like blueberries, I don’t know raspberries. I actually hate fruit, but I am supposed to eat it right now. I, basically, hate everything
besides carbs and fat. Like I actually dislike
vegetables pointedly, but they’re important to eat. It’s just like vile. It’s like broccoli, like what the (beep)? It’s like actually disgusting, I don’t know how anyone eats it. (Grimes laughing) So to clarify, I usually go to bed around six in the morning. Like my breakfast usually
happens at like noon or one p.m., so my lunch is technically
kinda like my dinner. I wanna make a cookbook
for people who can’t cook. This kinda like, just weird
shit you can make very easily. I’m really into this weird
recipe I made called sludge. It’s like you take couscous,
you make the couscous. You take, actually I shouldn’t say this ’cause it’s kinda gross (laughs). – [Film Crew Member] Say it, I wanna know. – You take like a ton of
Vegenaise, take a ton of sriracha. And then just like cut up, weirdly celery tastes really good in this, tomatoes, just sort of like
take all the vegetables. If you steam some spinach,
and you throw it all in. And you just make this sludge,
like this couscous sludge, that’s like spicy and got Vegenaise. It’s like weirdly good. And Vegenaise, I would say, it’s one of the few vegan
things that’s notably, profoundly, better than the original. I just, I would die for Vegenaise. I wouldn’t die for Vegenaise,
I mean, that’s hyperbole. Like on tour and stuff,
typically in the past, I’ve been quite like not good to myself. On the last tour, for my last record, I had this thing, ’cause I was vegan. And I had this thing where I was like, I was like the only
reliable food is spaghetti. So I was only eating spaghetti
for like a year or two years, I only ate spaghetti. And then I was just like so sick. And my hair actually stopped growing. And I went to the doctor,
and the doctor was like, “You actually are malnourished
from not eating vegetables “or meat, and just eating
spaghetti for two years.” But yeah, ’cause spaghetti
is the only thing though, like in every city it’s good. But yeah, I won’t do that again. I won’t make the mistake again of only eating spaghetti on tour. Spaghetti is divine though. My favorite restaurant is Cactus Taqueria. I get the veggie burrito. I get all the green sauces. I think it’s called salsa verde. Verde, please excuse my incredible
ignorance, I’m Canadian. And I just put like a massive
amount of green sauce. It’s definitely not called green sauce, on the veggie burrito. Like I don’t do cheat meals, ’cause I don’t believe in like dieting. I just feel like there’s like
a lot of bad shit in society about body image and stuff. So like, I don’t know, I
try to just eat what I want. But my comfort food, I guess,
oh, salt and vinegar chips, Miss Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar chips. Specifically, binge eating Miss Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar
chips while watching TV, is like one of the best
experiences you can have. What am I snacking on? Oh, I’m supposed to eat,
it’s vile, but just pure, and I forget why I’m supposed to eat it, but the cottage cheese. Just eating a lot of cottage cheese. There’s some nutrient I’m
supposed to get from it. Well I invented, well it
definitely existed before, I probably didn’t invent this. But I invented this like weird thing, where I like make a thin
thing with a tomato. And then I like chop some avocado on it. And then I put like a bit
of nutritional yeast on it. Like salt and pepper, and it’s
like a weird little sandwich. It’s quite good, it’s a weird snack. Although now, it’s giving me heartburn ’cause tomatoes cause heartburn,
or something (laughing), they’re like acidic, I don’t know. I eat a lot of xiao
long bao, or dumplings. That’s one of my primary
dinner, favorite dinner things. Dumplings are pretty fantastic. Dumplings are like spaghetti, where they’re one of
these incredible foods that always tastes good. But unlike spaghetti, they
have more like nutrients. I love hot dogs because they
don’t kill cows for hot dogs. So it’s like you can eat
hot dogs without guilt, if you need meat but you
still have vegan tendencies, or you wanna try to like avoid
creating demand for stuff. ‘Cause it’s just all the waste, it’s all the extra product, so. I’m a huge proponent of hot dogs actually. And it is the best tasting meat as well, so it’s basically a win, win. Well, the best hot dog place
is Vicious Dogs in L.A. I get the Green Hornet, where the just put avocado all over it, and it’s like super spicy. And it’s just like a hot dog with like tons of like guacamole. I like the food in L.A.,
but I’m from Vancouver, which is like a pretty good food city. I think Tokyo might be the best food city. There’s one Japanese
spaghetti place in L.A., it’s called Pasta e Pasta,
and it’s in Little Tokyo. And you can get like the
Japanese style spaghetti. But which a lot of people tell me it’s like not a real thing. But, I don’t know, like the
noodle seems slightly thinner, it’s a bit saltier. It’s just like, there’s
like a slight nuance to this Japanese spaghetti
that I think is quite special. Dinner date? I mean, this is probably sort
of like a crazy thing to say, but I’ve definitely been
on a great dinner date to Mastro’s Steakhouse, I guess. It just feels really mobby in there. Lots of like old men, in like suits, with like pinky rings, like eating steaks. And I’m just like, “Whoa.” Right now I’m not drinking at all, but love like dark beer, I guess. Like I love like thick beer. I also really love kombucha, which, I recently discovered, doesn’t actually contain
anything good for you. Oh, I really like, right now,
I’m drinking a lot of kefir. It actually, lately, it’s just the one pregnancy craving I have is
just actually a glass of milk. Which is so weird, because I
haven’t had a glass of milk in like, probably 20 years. But lately, I’ve just been
having a glass of milk. Just cows milk. It’s probably become clear, that I’m not vegan during this time, this trying time (laughs). And that’s everything I eat in a day. Thanks for watching. And make sure to subscribe
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