EXECUTIVE ORDER: President Trump Advancing American Kidney Health

EXECUTIVE ORDER: President Trump Advancing American Kidney Health

steps to lower the cost of care cut drug prices and put Americans in control through disclosure of real prices for procedures it also includes taking on some of the most stubborn challenges in American health care problems that have gone neglected for too long including drug addiction and our focus today kidney disease President Trump is not content with a health care system where millions of Americans receive costly burdensome treatments when better options are possible and available he wants better care and better health for all Americans that's why it's such an honor to work for him and to be here today so it's my pleasure to introduce to all of you the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump [Applause] well thank you very much secretary Azhar and thank you for everyone being here please sit down let's enjoy it it's much better you'd rather sit right but today we're taking groundbreaking action to bring new hope to millions of Americans suffering from kidney disease a big deal I want to express my gratitude to Secretary Alex ASA Secretary Robert Wilkie who's here thank you Robert thank you secretary Eric Hagen thank you Eric thank you nice to see you administrator Sima Verma who's so outstanding sent such an incredible job and director Adam bowler thanks also to Senator Todd young where's Todd a young great senator and Representatives Michael Burgess and Matt cadre thank you thank you fellas thank you very much as part of our commitment to ensuring great health care for every American my administration has already launched many bold initiatives to battle major diseases and save American lives we are aggressively confronting the opioid fentanyl and drug addiction epidemic and that's what it is it's an epidemic but we're making tremendous strides I think you're probably hearing about it we'll be talking about it very soon it's hard to believe we're making tremendous strides very tough situation we're working with Congress to develop a 500 million dollar investment in new treatments and cures for childhood cancers and we've launched a campaign to end hiv/aids epidemic throughout America we think that within a fairly short number of years like 10 we will have that epidemic totally under control and if you would have said that two years ago people would have said there's no possible way high he's even happy to give critically ill patients access to life-saving cures we passed right to try something I'm so proud of where people that are terminally ill or very very ill can go and see their doctor and when we have something in our pipeline and nobody has the pipeline like the United States of America we're the greatest technicians doctors labs in the world by far and medical research we can get them a possible cure we give them hope it's really hope it straight to trial of the name but it's hope so instead of going to Asia instead of going to Europe or wherever they may go in the world they go all over the world they go to places you've never heard of if they have money if they don't have money they go home with no hope and they die and we now have the right to try so that if we have something that's five years off but it's looking good they sign a piece of paper and we give it to them and you have no idea how incredible some of the results are we've had some people one young woman in particular is so so incredible the results people that were expecting to die are living and Alex and Sima it's been that's been a tremendous thing the results not only is it a wonderful thing in terms of knowing how a certain medicine or possible cure works but it's incredible to see the results we've had incredible results so we're very proud of right to try they've been trying to get it for 44 years more complicated than you think to get it a lot of people didn't want to have it but we got it and it's something we're very proud of now with today's action we're making crucial progress at another core national priority and that's the fight against kidney disease in 2017 in 2017 kidney disease was the ninth leading cause of death in the United States kidney health affects families throughout America and those who suffer from kidney disease experienced a significant toll on their daily lives I've spoken to people they say the work is so intense the time is so enormous that you spend and it's it's like a full-time job for people sometimes the work itself I was speaking to Alex he said the work itself it's so intense the work kills people it literally kills you have to work so hard for these patients their loved ones and for the impacted all those impacted by kidney disease I mean to say we are fighting by your side and we're determined to get you the best treatment anywhere in the world and we've made a lot of progress we're with you every step of the way in a few moments I'll sign an executive order taking vital steps to increase the supply of kidney available transplants this action will also dramatically improve prevention and treatment of this life-threatening illness while making life better and longer for millions of Americans it's a tremendous thing that's happening roughly 100,000 Americans are currently awaiting a kidney donation every day ten of our fellow citizens die waiting many many people are dying while they wait we'll do everything we can to increase the supply and we'll be able to do that and very substantially in terms of the available kidneys and getting Americans off these wait lists so they can lead a full and healthy and happy life that's the best answer of all that's why my order supports the selfless individuals who donate kidneys by granting them reimbursement for extra expenses associated with organ donations such as lost wages and foul and those people I have to say have never got enough credit what they do is so incredible they have never gotten enough credit secondly we're revising the rules of governing organ procurement organizations so the organ procurement organizations are going to have rules which really ensure available kidneys and that they reach waiting patients as quickly as possible because oftentimes they just don't make it in time there are cases where they have to be there immediately they have a certain period of time they don't make it in time we are going to make it so that it gets there in time we'll establish more transparent and forcible and objective metrics for identifying potential kidneys for transplant the result will be more and faster transplants for those in needs by streamlining rules to help patients and by incentivizing the supply of kidneys and very substantially incentivizing I have to add an estimated 17,000 additional Americans could receive kidneys that they desperately need we think that's going to happen we think that number is very doable and it could even be higher than that in addition up to 11,000 more Americans could receive heart lung and liver transplants annually so heart lung and liver that would be up to 28,000 American lives saved every year and that number could be quite a bit higher if it works the way we anticipated it to work thank you because the kidney transplant cost much less than prolonged dialysis which is an incredible thing the ultimate is the kidney transplant and the cost is far less when you think about it it makes a lot of sense in so many ways our policies will save up to 4.2 billion dollars a year for patients families and taxpayers that's an incredible thing today we're also taking important steps to improve kidney disease treatment and prevention we will be changing the way that we reimburse Medicare providers encouraging them to diagnose and treat patients earlier very important the word earlier allow for home care and increase the rate of transplants crucially our new system will ensure that more patients undergoing dialysis can do so from the comfort of their own home and doing this from the home is a dramatic long overdue reform something that people have been asking for for many many years sometimes amazes me that it never got done so many things don't get done in government but now we're getting them done right Todd right we're getting them done better believe it right now only 12 percent of patients on dialysis receive care at home my executive order will change that and reduced cost transform care and greatly improve the quality of life for kidney patients all across our nation finally this executive order such an important executive order encourages private enterprises to partner with government to achieve incredible medical breakthroughs we are going to prioritize a truly transformative goal the development of an artificial kidney and it'll happen that'll happen here with us are a group of very strong and brave Americans who will tell us about the urgency of improving kidney health I'd like to start by introducing Jamie and Andrew Nash to come up and tell us about their one-year-old beautiful son Hudson good morning everyone and thank you mr. president for welcoming welcoming us here today kidney care is very dear to our hearts as our son Hudson one year ago was born with significant damage to both his kidneys he spent two months in the NICU and since then to keep him going he takes numerous medicines receives multiple shots blood draws and more doctors visits than I can count Hudson will go on peritoneal dialysis until he is big enough to receive a living donor kidney transplant we are hopeful within the next year this is a disease Hudson will have to deal with his entire life never going more than three months without a blood draw and multiple medicines twice a day forever our family is hopeful that today's executive order will raise awareness dr kidney care innovation increase access to transplantation and provide much better care and treatment for Hudson and the millions and millions of Americans living with kidney disease mr. president thank you for your commitment you have made today to improve the lives of everyone affected by kidney disease including our Hudson so beautiful Thank You Hudson get better soon Hudson you're gonna be good by the time it comes by the time he's a little bit older I think you could have a lot of answers that were not even thinking about right now I really believe it beautiful baby Nancy Scott is a retired nurse and an ordained minister who was afflicted with kidney disease for more than a decade Nancy please come up and tell us your story it's some story [Applause] good morning as he said my name is Nancy Scott I am an ordained minister retired nurse president of dialysis patient citizen's education center and currently slowly working on a doctorate in industrial organizational psychology but most of all I am a patient in March of 2004 I woke up on a Saturday morning and I could not see nor could I stand up I went to the emergency room and by Monday I was a full-fledged dialysis patient my daughter said mom you can't be hooked up to a machine three times a week I'm going to give you a kidney we went for a workup and they found out that I also had breast cancer so I was on dialysis for seven years I received chemo and radiation I had to wait three years before I went on a transplant because in the state of Delaware you have to wait three years I am transplanted now for eight years and I'm living through don't make me cry don't make me cry I'm living proof as I said the dialysis does not mean the end of your life I did dialysis I did not let it do me mr. president thank you for this executive order that thousands of us have been working for focusing on these issues and I'm glad to see in my lifetime that some of it will come to fruition thank you all very much it's incredible story that's hard work Nancy that was hard it was hard work how you just say that that the regimen of what she had to do and go through an incredible great story at age 25 Tunisia Bullock was blindsided by kidney failure while she was being treated for another disease Tunisia please come up and tell the story Thank You mr. president as a young woman just graduating college with a degree in flute performance the world was at my fingertips I was so excited to start my life as a graduate student at the University of New Mexico little did I know that on the morning of July 1st 2006 my world would change the total trajectory of my life would change four months later I was diagnosed with lupus and a year after that I was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease on June 13th 2008 I woke up in the hospital attached to a dialysis machine I had no idea what was happening to me what I live or would I die it was in this moment that I knew I was in the fight of my life as I journey through dialysis care I learned that I had to take my care into my own hands it was through my own curiosity and research that I found what treatment mode would best be suited for me as I reflect back I now realize that my health care providers failed me at the beginning of the Ellis's continuum mr. president I am optimistically hopeful that the policies being proposed will help dialysis patients and families navigate the renal care system with less confusion and more ease thank you I just asked Tunisia do you still play the flute she said I still play the flute I'll bet you play it well – but you're good thank you very much today with today's order my administration is taking one more vital step in a series of actions to deliver great health care for the American people we've launched a bold initiative to lower the cost of prescription drugs that's a big thing and we're working very hard on it we have some very big moments coming up I think over the next week having to do with that Seema and Alex and everybody I think we have some very big moments coming up very shortly that will be something very special last year we saw the first drop in prescription drug prices at over 46 years we're expanding affordable insurance options for millions of American workers through Association health plans short-term plans and health reimbursement arrangements some of the options are 60% less expensive than what you have today or I should say probably a year or two ago and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions it's an absolute fact it's done the Republican Party willing will protect patients with pre-existing condition we're working with Congress to stop surprise medical billing because no American should be blindsided by medical bills to services that they never agreed to in advance they go home they get a bill that's more money than they have in the bank they don't know what to do and we have stopped that and we've made tremendous progress in that that was a tremendous problem and continues to be until people find out what the new system is to give patients the ability to choose the best doctor at the best price we're giving you the right to know the price and quality of health care services before you purchased care something that you were not able to do we're giving you transparency and that is something that some people think will be in many ways bigger than health care it's gonna be an enormous thing we signed the bill a month ago and the regulations are being worked out right now and I assume you're gonna have them done quickly I know Alex and Seema that haven't done probably within a couple of days that's a big thing transparency it'll be bigger than most people understand one of the bigger things that we've done from the medical and healthcare standpoint finally and mostly we're creating millions of new jobs each one with the means to help families afford better health care we will not rest until Americans have the health care system that they need and deserve a system that finally puts American patients first we say America first America patients first thank you very much for being here I just do want to thank some of the people cause Seema and Alex and so many of the people senator congressman you've been we've worked so hard on these things you've worked so hard on the kidney very special the kidney has a very special place in the heart it's an incredible thing people that have to go this people that have loved ones that are are working so hard to stay alive they have to work so hard there's a there's an esprit de corps there's a spirit like you see rarely on anything so I just want to thank all of you folks for being here it's really fantastic and it's truly an exciting day for advancing kidney health in our country I just want to end by saying on behalf of every American with kidney disease I will now sign this historic executive order this is a first second and third step it's more than just a first step but we're going to come up with solutions that over a period of five years in ten years I think most people even in this room experts in this room won't even believe from what I hear there are signs and potential out there that's just incredible thank you very much for being here and let's signed the executive order let's get going [Applause] give this pin to Hudson [Applause]


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  8. Okay, this is number three!…of the great things that Mr. President Donald Trump has done during his term! The first was for Israel! The second is officially starting the United States Space Corps, first called Space Force, and this is the next! I would have counted the North Korean step to peace; however, he started that conflict, mostly, and I truly don't believe it is over, yet! However, I wasn't born with a kidney disease, but I had a miracle kidney operation at birth, in which I was fully healed over my childhood from. And, I was able to make it into the United States Marine Corps! However, having new kidneys means more able bodies to serve our nation and improved health for those who are suffering. Thank you, Mr. President!!

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  16. After 7 years on kidney dialysis I received a transplant. I am thankful to the Veterans Administration for every one at the Robley Rex VAMC in Louisville Ky and the VA Tennessee valley health care system for all the wonderful help that they have given to me. I thank the family who gave their permission to donate their deceased loved ones kidney to me. My heart goes out to them. Thank you MR PRESIDENT for bringing kidney disease and organ donation to the forefront and minds to the American people. To you MR PRESIDENT,4 more years.

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