1. Hai bro I'm 29 years old, one year ago I have 74 kg body weight but now only 60. Can you suggest me some ideas to increase my body weight by maintaining a good health

  2. The truth is that if we are skinny we could not aim to have an aesthetic body by doing cardio and muscle gaining exercises simultaneously . First gain muscles then shred like him.

  3. Be safe … Pimples on gour body signifies some other dose… Fame is temporary.. keep yourself safe…

  4. Join me on StepSetGo, an application that rewards you with free products, just for walking. Use code ' chetantsm9 ' while registering and get 5 SSG Coins to start off.

  5. Tere face pe acne saaf dikhre h bhai….kisi ne 2 saal bhi gym Kiya ho to Jaan Sakta h teri reality…

  6. Ralz I need u to hlpme out in training man.. I am in hardship wr I can't afford these training .. hope u hlpme out to acheive my goal towrds men's physique

  7. Amazing bruh keep going💥💥💥💥 you are guy with yours and others dreams too so please request keep going and motivate others

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