Eye On Vaping | US VS UK in the war on public health

Eye On Vaping | US VS UK in the war on public health

hey folks and welcome to iron piping I'm your host Steve and I have a couple of things I do want to share with you this week I haven't done full research on all of these but I think I've got a good grasp on what's going on here I want to put a shout out to a special thanks to a regulator watch they did a story on one of these things recently and it's really it's really eye-opening it's quite um enraging in a way if you think about it so here's the deal the see what is it called let me pull up my notes here the CPSC the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the states they passed a law in accordance with the government in 2016 that requires all liquid nicotine to be packaged in a specific way it requires flow restrictors on the caps so the liquid can only flow at a certain speed the idea being that this will you know stop kids from drinking it and it will stop poisonings and that sort of thing never mind the fact that there are far fewer poisonings then would be imagined and much much less than other products like bleach and floor cleaner and all that stuff and never mind the fact that they don't require flow restrictors on any other product in the marketplace with the exception of floor cleaner it's a strange strange thing anyway this law was passed in 2016 and then promptly ignored by everyone including the commission themselves it was just left and ignored they have recently decided to pursue it to 100% compliance and they are going to be coming down over the next few months on all all illiquid manufacturers within the United States I'm not sure what they're going to be doing about imports but yeah this the sounds that sounds like a common-sense thing it sounds like something that we could just go okay yeah sure I agree safety is important protecting kids is important flow restrictor yeah it's not a big deal we can deal with that I agree with you 100% it's not a big deal in fact I am in favor of flow restrictors on these bottles make it safer for four kids make it safer for accidental spills protection and it protects us as an industry it protects us as users and it also protects kids this is all good things but it's the way they're going about it it's literally and it's just so you understand this is not an easy thing for a lot of companies to to switch over to they're going to they're going to be auditing companies and their product and if they are not compliant they're gonna have destroy orders basically it means that they're going to take their entire current inventory that's not compliant and destroy it they've got to destroy everything that is in their warehouses and their trucks everything that is in shops they've got to bring back buy back and destroy first of all destroying a large amount of what is legally considered to be toxic chemical it's toxic waste at that point that's very very difficult and very very very expensive just doing that alone is destroying stock as it's destroying their capital then making them pay to do so that's incredibly expensive that alone could be devastating for a company but then retooling taking these factories that are designed for certain machines certain bottles etc and reprinting and redesigning new labels purchasing new bottles and new machines that fit with those bottles making sure those boils are 100% compliance that whole switchover it's a long slow and incredibly expensive from consumers a few point switching caps doesn't seem like a big deal but from a manufacturing viewpoint we're talking about millions and millions of dollars when you've already had to basically pull yourself off the market and no longer have product for sale when you've had to pay to to buy back your product and pay to have your product destroyed and then you've got to spend more to retool and re get yourself we get we get that's not the right way to say that is it to get yourself up and running again all of this is devastating for smaller companies there's not that many companies I could think of that are big enough to actually be able to swallow that cost so it seems to me the way they are going about this which is quite literally like oK we've ignored it it's been in law for a while and now boom comply boom can't be done regional reasonably or logistically by any company this seems to be another attempt to shut down the industry a more reasonable way to work it would be to to give a period of time to give a deadline and say okay you can keep moving at your old stock but put great big warnings on them stickers because it doesn't cost that much to supply some stickers right and and gradually start retooling to show us that you're working towards this and we'll give you a mile and you know that kind of attitude which is the way a lot of government bodies work with a lot of industries just not ours so that's that's one of the things that's again there's no answer for this it's just it's one of those things that I share with you that are just infuriating the way they're going about it seems to me to be very very much an attack it's not an attempt to protect children it's an attempt to end an industry which brings me to the other the other thing that happened this week and I've had a lot of people comment under some of my previous videos about this I've had people send me messages I did notice it I was just saving it for this so on the other side of the water far away from American bureaucracy we have English bureaucracy which is a whole different beast because they have just opened two chain store vape shops in public hospitals these are government funded na British hospitals very different from the American system and they have you know as a hospitals do it like a little foyer area and they've got a gift shop and maybe a little cafeteria for guests and all that sort of stuff and they've had you know a couple of empty slots there and they've they've rented them out knowingly to vape shops they've banned smoking on the premises there's not even smoke pits on the outside now but there's a vape shop and you can buy your vapes there you as you as a guest as a doctor a nurse as a patient if you're a patient and you're in for an issue and you can't quit smoking you can take your little IV and you could wander down there and have a chat with them and figure out what would be the best the best to satisfy you because the doctor down there he said you know any more smoking then it's gonna kill you so let's move this way you can sit out there as you're recovering in that patio area vaping away on your watermelon or or whatever this is so freakin progressive this is this is awesome and this is this is I mean great move for the company that's done it great move by the NHS this is this is a perfect fit but this is also like a test bed this is one of those things that is happening in one place and the rest of the world is watching to see what happens and I'm hoping I'm hoping it all goes well and I'm hoping it spreads across England and Scotland and Wales and Ireland you know all of Great Britain and yeah jumps the water to New Zealand and eventually makes its way here to Australia and all in the meanwhile America is concerned about flow restrictors that's kind of why I brought these two things up because they they're it's on one side of the coin and the other right that's just it just mystifies me yeah I have nothing else to say about that I think this is awesome what's happening in the UK and the way they are embracing this I've seen rumblings of what's going on down in New Zealand and that's freaking awesome that's amazing I'm stuck in the middle here in Australia so it's halfway not literally but it's halfway between Britain and New Zealand and we are not going anywhere we're not moving in any direction it's quite literally laws were drawn before vaping even existed and they were propped up when vaping came along and they haven't changed it's ridiculous it's not I was gonna say it's not as bad as you as the US it's not as bad as the US you can purchase in the US you can access nicotine liquids in the US but that is slowly being shut down here we have a status quo where you can't actually purchase but you can import but it's not changing either way it's not quite as bad as the states because the states are becoming restrictive and when they closed that door that'll be it for you guys unless something changes for us we're kind of in this weird not really existing zone we don't really exist technically you can't buy a liquid with nicotine here but you can't import it so we get by yeah nothing has to go on I started rambling off on other stuff but a point is is yeah I thought I wanted to show that that that weird dichotomy between the UK and the US and what's going on in one hand they are you know vaping in hospitals which is amazing amazingly progressive and on the other hand they are finding every single solitary way to shut things down and put them back in the box it's been said before I'm not the only one who's pointed it out but this is the difference between a country where public health is government-funded and public health is privately funded when the government funds the public health yeah it's in their best of interest to reduce the damage as it's in our interest to reduce the damage in the US yeah the more damage you do to yourself the more money the the institutions make anyway I am done I am out of here I realize that I've been talking for a while I haven't even vaped once so I'm gonna have a vape and so yeah I am done I will see you guys next time for another review as always vape on babe safely so I was just about to start putting this together at editing and everything and I realize I had one more thing that I want to share with you just an idea now this isn't a news and advocacy sort of thing although it does can gently relate to all that it's just an idea that I've had for a long time something I'm curious about and yeah I don't I don't expect to see this taken up by the industry anytime soon but I would love to see this start to be incorporated so this of course this is in 18 650 you've seen them before if you've been vaping for a while then you know the stock standard battery that we we use twenty seven hundred and twenty-one seven hundred s same basic thing just slightly different size these are made by a number of different companies and they're made well they're not made for us and they're not made for human hands to actually be using all the time not the way that we use them they're meant to be packed together soldered into a battery pack with external connections and and never touched again never removed and that's why there's such a huge difference between the wrapping on the batteries we use and the ones you get at the store such as double A's triple A's all that stuff they have a much more heavy-duty wrapping mainly because yeah they go in and out of devices all the time and so they need to have that sort of durability these batteries the manufacturers don't expect them to be used like that so they don't really put as much effort into the wrap that's fine that's fair enough that's the way the industry is right now and we deal with that but uh I can see there being a better solution now here's the thing is I've been looking at this you get a better look at that you will see that this is an off-market brand camera battery that's actually a Sony format it's very very common it comes in this size which is basically 218 650 s in there there's another one that's got four and there's another one that's got six and they all use the same slide connector on the back so they'll all fit externally on devices the same and it is it is a commonly used format in in film and video and that sort of things it's used on lights I've got lights here they take it it's used on little monitors I've got one in front of me it takes it it's actually using one right now of course it's used in Sony brand camcorders but it's used in a whole range of different devices aside from Sony there's a larger size called a V mount that is used on all sorts of much bigger bigger devices and of course camera market has a bunch of smaller ones some of them are common like the Canon LP six used in a multitude of things some of them are specific and I'm wondering I'm wondering why as an industry we can't adopt something like this because two batteries safely wrapped in a case little contacts there this is durable this is a functional and this is safe it clicks into place now you could have something like this the mande vape and you could slide that I would fit right into something like that and lock into place and it would just be a lot safer I think a lot easier for people you wouldn't ever have to worry about wraps you would never have to worry about damage you would never ever have to fiddle around with trying to make sure your batteries in the right way or not you could see the contacts are on one side and it clicks in one way that's it it would be a good solution for the industry I see a time coming and again this is one of those things people will hate what I say I see a time coming where it's potentially possible that the only devices you can buy have built-in batteries because I don't know I'm not saying there's a real issue but I can see legislation being passed because of some of the issues that batteries have to restrict things to battery built-in devices only if we as an industry took it upon ourselves to rectify those issues then that wouldn't happen and then you'd have a lot more options and of course you know I've got a stack of these lying around because I use them on all sorts of things so this format would work for me now I don't think the industry is going to jump that way it would require a tremendous amount of cooperation from all the different manufacturers to adopt a new battery format and to sell it one one possibility would be to sell cases like this that that open up that you could put your 18 650s in you close it up and that's it they're locked in there and you could just keep using it again I don't see this happening I don't see the industry deciding to cooperate across the board which is one of the things that you know in a lot of ways holds us back I think battery safety is of tremendous importance and if there was something again similar to this as simple as this that it was durable that the batteries themselves were protected that was literally a click and play sort of solution I think it would solve an awful lot of problems and go a long way towards making our industry just a little bit more user-friendly I'm a little bit safer for beginners anyway that's just a thought that's my idea so again I am done I've already done the vape on vape safely so yeah see you guys next time [Applause] [Applause]


  1. i live in ireland and its great to hear about the uk putting a vape store in hospital,smoking around hospitals has been banned for a long time now here in ireland i rem we were one first countrys to ban smoking in bars and at the time people were going nuts but now today people say it was one best things ever implemented even the smokers.the way things are going i hope in time no one will be smoking and vaping to me can only help with that.

  2. Like the battery pack idea for regulated devices but you may still need batteries for mech tubes etc. It wud defo work on box type mod devices but tube devices although it wud be possible wud be a bit more of a challenge

  3. Keep it up Steve.
    First heard about the NHS via "Vaping with Vic" (I KNOW you watch, especially U.K.V.S, LOL).
    YES! bloody brilliant.
    I wish this was a thing here (Oz) as I would have quit long before when I was in hospital for 8 weeks (motorcycles, what can I say).

  4. I m somehow glad that I don't live in the US. They are going insane with this adamant behaviour of closing down all that even partially relates to vaping..
    That battery safety thing makes so much sense. I wish n hope companies see this video and understand the importance of battery safety. And I don't think people will mind giving a few extra bucks for those batteries… 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. On behalf of the NNA Australia, I'd like to thank you for supporting us through your channel.

    This latest regulatory measure regarding e-liquid and nicotine bottles is nothing more than a means to harm the industry, one regulation at a time. It's more likely to get worse before it gets better, and I do believe it will. Sanity must prevail.

    In terms of Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) advocacy, it's time we politely ask-demand for support from researchers and representatives of science and medicine. Particularly those who have already shown support for the concept of THR. They must take a stand against these draconian, counterproductive regulations that are having a negative impact on public health overall.

    As some are aware, the issue that these professionals face is one of credibility, moreover, the risks of being ostracized. Many in government and public health, and let us not forget the media, see supporters of THR as tobacco cronies, and or supporting another form of smoking.

    Notwithstanding this, the primary reason for disparagement over vaping and THR, in general, is that public health and the pharmaceutical industry didn't come up with the technology, so they have no control over it; albeit that they and the anti-vaping crusaders are throwing everything they can to stop its growth.

    If the pharmaceutical industry had developed vaping, we'd be hearing praises from all sides. And that in itself shows the absurdity of this war, as one needs only to acknowledge the status quo.

  6. I'm not trying to spam the comments section, please hear me out:
    Why no regulatory uproar for alcohol bottles, they come in all shapes, sizes, and forms with a variety of flavours.. And prone to accidental ingestion by curious children… WHY VAPE LIQUIDS IN PARTICULAR⁉‼‼‼

  7. 4th month vaping
    NO turning back.

    I'm not tired of repeating my testimony :
    No more rotten stench.
    No more bad breath.
    My taste and smell are back and running❗
    My endurance has improved drastically.
    My teeth are whiter.
    My appetite is regained.
    My car is cleaner, the upholstery needed chemical cleaning to remove the odour and the stuck on tar❗
    I'm in control of the amount of liquid and the concentration of nicotine in it.
    Building a deck is a calming hobby.
    I'm enjoying various flavours, fruits, bakery, tobacco (my favourite), custard,…. 🍩🍮🍦🍨🍧🍰🍇🍒🍓🍉🍑🍍🍐🍌
    SAVINGS.. My monthly expenses are down to less than third what they used to be with ciggies…
    Happy vape to all of you..
    Cheers mates.

  8. 25% of the deaths in America are associated with tobacco. These regulators can fuck right off with their corrupt bull shit. I believe if these bureaucrat's just disappeared….no one would miss them.

  9. Then the topic batteries and dear to my heart;
    (I'm an engineer, someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.
    see also wizard, magician.)
    Although I have been wrong several times before, I do not see a "standard" arising for battery-modules.
    a) Often those modules are patented, see all Sony's for example.
    b)Selling single/individual batteries is often more profit for the seller.

    If we want to go down that route, the first thing that needs to be done is to design a battery-module and make it open-source.
    That wat every other company can participate without doing something highly illegal (copyright-infringement e.g.) and virtually not development-costs etc.
    Would be perfect if the design could be released so people can (e.g.) 3D-print their own.

    Built-in batteries I'm no fan off, as these batteries wear out and aren't suppose to be replaced by the user.
    Contacting the manufacturer for a built-in battery replacement is in my opinion fruitless, they often not even respond to warranty-claims.
    So eventually you might be stuck with an unusable MOD because the built-in battery died and you are not suppose to replace it yourself.

    I noticed that the tolerances (especially 18650's & 21700) about width is often an issue.
    In particular with smaller mods/tubes where there is only room for 1x battery, some brands do have issues (iJoy batteries come to mind in my experiences)

    I noticed, because I have the means to test & validate it, that battery-manufacturers do give quite exaggerated specifications about their battery;
    Mainly discharge-rates and capacity (in Amps per hour etcetera) are often overrated and not always true and/or accurate.
    I would love to see a truly one (accurate) standard that all adhere to, instead of their own interpretations.
    (it is like the Bluetooth SIG, great initiative until some manufacturers decided to give their own twist on the standard and out of the window goes compatibility and interchangeability)

    "The standard is there is no standard"

    And I could go on and on, but hopefully I will be proven wrong eventually.

  10. And in the mean time it is by law forbidden to sell any e-liquid (online or in-store) beyond 10ML in the Netherlands!
    Irrespective if it contains nicotine or not.
    Or to purchase mod/vaping devices online in Belgium, yu have to purchase it in a brick-and-mortar store!
    Just to outline some of the insanity in some countries…
    I guess some of the legislation do see vaping as a threat on countless levels, almost criminal perhaps.
    Next time we are going to vote, check prior what your possible nominee has to say about his/her views on vaping…
    Then hopefully the madness stops eventually.
    The world is not black-an-white but infinite levels of grey 🙂

  11. Here in the USA, if congress cant kill stuff like vaping, they will put restrictions and regulations on stuff doing with it to try and kill the hobby as they see it. If they canr kill it, use regulations to make it cost more and more taxes they can get also.

  12. The main difference between America and Overseas, just in my opinion. In America they don't make any money off of us being healthy. There is no benefit to insurance company's, doctors, or huge pharmaceutical companies to keep us healthy. So why make it easy for us to stay that way? Why give us an option other then medication to not smoke? Like I said above just my thoughts/ opinion. As always great video. Bring back the hat. 😁

  13. Always good stuff I really like your point of view on things and the way you say it. Always a thumbs up with your content.

  14. Thanks for the heads up about all the stuff going on. In America we like people to smoke and are in Bed with BT and Pharma. Ca is really flpping along with Vermont.

  15. My honest opinion is this america depends on having billions of sick adults to have money coming in because if the states have healthy adults smoke free then big pharma and pharmaceutical companies lose billions of dollars hence why as an american i fight for my right to be smoke free it's a vital time to be your own advocate for ourselves those behind us and our families to have an alternative to smoking

  16. I think that’s great with the UK. As far as me being here in the US yes it’s like living on pins and needle‘s just waiting to see what states going to go down with what next. People are saying to stock up while you can on whatever it may be from coils to devices to liquid but I don’t have a money tree outside I can’t buy a lifetime supply of what I need OK and I don’t want to go back to smoking that’s the last thing I wanna do so I hope here in the US there will be some positive changes Knock on wood

  17. One thing I would like to mention to you about the batteries is the the vape companies that sell their own brand (or re-wrap batteries) do use a heavier type of sleeve or wrap such as ODB? and the Ohm-life. So I do see that they are trying for durability but I agree in that there are other methods than can be used. Thx for all the work and videos you put up, sub since 1k!

  18. this comes over as the government acting like mafiosos, only this time they won't take the pressure off once you've agreed to pay.
    it's just anything and everything they can do to put "the competition" out of business.
    one thing they should think about though, if they succeed they will have politicised hundreds upon hundreds of people who will make it their business to tell everyone what they did and why. that they tried to destroy so many businesses and take so many people's jobs.

  19. Ecig Wizard is the company that opened two shops in the UK Hospitals, Thanks, Steve. I agree 100% on what you said.

  20. That’s a really great idea about batteries Steve, you could open a shop in a hospital selling them? Just an idea! 🤦🏻‍♂️😝
    Great video as usual m8, I’m from the UK and I really hope other countries take note!

  21. I love this Series!
    I just dropped from 6mg to 3mg and love vaping even more!!!
    F*wk Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and Government!
    I smoked for 34 years and vaping saved my life so I can be here for my daughters.
    (I'm widowed)

    Cheers, Steve
    As a Canadian always had 3 vices.
    Tobacco, beer and weed.
    Now that I quit the "stinkie sticks" and took up vaping my consumption of weed is way down (even though legal here now) yet still enjoy my beer lol…
    The UK is spot on in regards to vaping, "Merica can f*ck off.
    American dream my ass!

    Once again so appreciate your taking the time to edit proper.
    I miss your sailor's hat though haha 😛
    I hold out hope the manufatuers of the vapes Spelling) have a say in this and stand up.
    No box mods/tanks etc. without e-liquid.
    When will SMOK, Vaporesso, Uwell, Aspire etc step up for their loss of market share/lost income?
    Perhaps they all are compensated by Big Tobacco?
    Often wondered why 18650 21700 etc are so crappy wrapped?
    Valid point.
    Like I said above, the Industry has to be "Comped" or proper enclosed batteries would be enclosed.
    Battery safety is key.
    Wish I could gives more thumbs up!

  22. I live in the uk and i couldn't be more happy about the vapeing side of things in the uk it's good to get more people to stop smoking and start vapeing we as a vapeing community need to grow and help other people learn about vapeing I think it's amazing to be honest hope the usa Canada and all over the globe will learn vapeing can be safe if you no your ohm's law and battery safety iv leard as much I i can.
    Awesome vid as always Steve have a good day and happy vapeing my friend

  23. I read somewheres this is one reason they are siding against vaping. I found info on the thing I stated above. I could be completely wrong.


  24. I think in the USA and Canada, there’s something along the lines of a master tobacco agreement. I don’t know much about it but it’s a major reason the govts are siding with big tobacco. Have you heard of this Steve?

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