Face Exercise To Tighten And Lift The Face | Look Ravishing Without Any Pinch

Face Exercise To Tighten And Lift The Face | Look Ravishing Without Any Pinch

hi guys as we all know there's so many different kinds of facials procedures and treatments available to make ourselves look youthful but I'm always looking for something more natural and guess what I found something that really works I have these two beautiful girls with me Ilona and marina who are going to show us how to do different facial exercises the way we exercise our bodies we need to exercise our faces to make them look youthful so let's start this I'm sure watch carefully you are going to learn a lot of these exercises which you should continue at home so Ilona and Marie now you're going to show me some very cool facial exercises that you can do at home and looking of course which area are you interested I'm mainly interested and I'm sure my viewers will also agree on four four main areas first is for it because I think we start getting lines very easy for it because of the way we express also cheekbones because the moment we start aging we do snapped and that adds age to our you know faces so I would like to do something for my cheekbones also the laugh lines a lot of people face the you know that becomes very deep and it adds age and the lips of course let's start with the forehead so this exercise I call it BOTS X effect so you have to place your palms on your forehead and pull the skin down a little bit just a little bit and little bit aside and then you look up and you try to move your forehead this resistance of your head and move your eyebrows up and let's do it 20 times and a little bit more and look up all the time and now help hold this position for 20 seconds if you do this exercise twice a day you will reduce the wrinkles on your forehead okay and relax you already started to feel numb so if you feel numb you can control your muscle if you can control the muscle you reduce the wrinkles this it's easy okay second one for the chicks my favorite one so we need to use a spoons so you have to roll your lips inside then you put a spoon it and try to leave the spoon and the same time you have to smile lift your spoon smile and relax 20 times and relax your lips do you learn here yeah cause I feel like I really worked out these muscles so amazing yeah it's my favorite exercise so if you see your face tired or it's look tired just do it immediately like 20 times and then relax and you will see how your face became more fresh so the next exercise we tell you they want to work on yes so if you do the spoon exercise if automatically will reduce the lines here but don't forget to work with cheeks and your lips at the same time so if you did spoon exercise then you have to do lips exercise so it's very very easy we use our lips and push them and the more important the contour of your lips should be absolutely relaxed they have to put them like for 20 30 seconds and you have to start to feel and like numb or giggling you start to feel it and now we have to use our fingers with it push your fingers against your teeth beautiful and you have to do it 50 repetitions 50 times and then Alex basically working on your muscles and improving your blood circulation to make ourselves look fresh that's true absolutely do you something I already think I feel the blood circulation you know that's true it's amazing it's amazing so see you next time with some more exercises with Ilona and marina keep watching the commercial com


  1. Hi Uma,,,,I have a turkey neck with saggy neck skin, and was wondering if you could possibly make another video where you do yoga for turkey neck only. I do better if the video's are follow along, where they are exactly timed with how long to do them for and how many reps. Thank you so much!

  2. This is just superb, I have been researching "face yoga to prevent wrinkles" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Jenrooklyn Facial Mummification – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.

  3. Mam my name is renu… I am 31 year old,i have one side of face wrinkle.. So what can I do? plz reply

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