Fallout 4 | Live Stream | FROST: Survival Simulator | Session 4

Fallout 4 | Live Stream | FROST: Survival Simulator | Session 4

hello everyone welcome to another episode of Hello Kitty Island Adventure things stopped it in tonight so hello everyone welcome back to Frost it's not really hi-low Kitty Island Adventure I was playing the joke because I'm funny like that um let me just pause the game here now that work got it loaded up with the hell we got here uh I see Colin's been here for a while I there he is although hello Kyle good to see you man Tana hello Adama in the house unsubbed you said you would play Hello Kitty Island Adventure I can no longer watch this channel the Jade River are coming in from the future hello gray wolf gaming TPG Guild X hello and that's as far as my screen Scrolls up so apologies if I missed anybody there tannaz asking am I gonna do a new California playthrough actually have one started I think we had about five or six sessions of that and I kind of let it languish I've been thinking about that actually I am gonna just start from scratch there is a huge update that came out to it about two weeks ago I want to say it's like the 2.2 update some big ass update that fixed a bunch of stuff and added a whole bunch of new content so I think I am gonna do just start from scratch with that but I can't say when so short answer is yes long answer I just gave you two new California Deckard eight one one guten abend couldn't talk hello Elsa Doland the gates evarin Akari I'm doing good it's um gonna be a short stream tonight guys I do have to get up to work in the morning but it's been hot as hell where I live in the beautiful northeastern United States have not been able to get a let's play recorded for this week it's just been too damn hot to sit in front of a microphone and record I don't mind doing it a live stream you guys just gonna have to suffer through the fan if you can hear it but I don't want that crap in my audio on my my videos it's just it just you got to be in the right mindset to do that it's it's not as easy as you think to play a game and talking to a microphone and just with the heat it just not happening so I'm gonna do a very short stream for frost tonight just because I've been really wanting to play some more of that so hopefully that will make up for not having a video this week I didn't want to let the week go without having something new so jump back over here pretty much where we left off the last time we are still up here our boy Boston butch I did do quite a bit after the last stream I went back all those areas that we cleared out when we streaming ahead last Monday I think it was all those areas we cleared out last time I went back got all the loot that I had to leave behind cuz I couldn't carry it I went back and grabbed all that came back dumped that off and I went back and although back into the Lions territory that little area that little I guess I call it a town by the postal station through a few Alliance cars there that although at that place with all the people that was the civilians that were screaming and getting in my way that I had the TCL passed well if his soldiers had respond there and all their gear and everything so I went and cleared that out again and it was a hell about easy with a handmade rifle that I have so I cleared them out grabbed their loot came back sold a ton of stuff to opal and Ozzy in Gionta and we are pretty well set now for things I don't know where I got this serrated machete I may have somebody I killed last episode I swapped that out I was using the assault round blade before swap that out I made a few more molotovs I've ran out of oil before I made those stocked up on some turn my audio back up here a little low on line here stocked up on some booze and some food and some gems and I think a pretty well set what if I got four purified water we got three oh I'm gonna leave some of that here I went back to what well let me back up when I came back here I went over to opal did a bunch of trading over there one thing that I forgot to do last time that I meant to do was to check her apparel to see what spawns so when I went back and did that and found that she had one of the rebel gas masks in her inventory and I've been wanting one of these to spawn because I said this is the old original I mentioned it before the old original Lord of war rebel outfit I added it to the vendor leveled lists and kind of nerfed it a little bit for frost jacked up the price I had to mod in the gas mask to be compatible with the ambient radiation that frost had so short of it is I can now wear the rebel gas mask and the thermal goggles at the same time before with the the military gas mask it takes up the full face slot with a rebel gas mask it only takes that part of the slot and I'm already hungry we just started in a peckish already so now I have a gas mask I can wear with the with the goggles outside and I was really really happy to get that and that was the big big purchase there she had some more MRE so I bought those bought another stim pack from her so we're set on that so we're pretty decent shape enough food to get the sanity back down to 80 or back up to 89 rather I'm actually gonna go for let's see peckish only knocks off one endurance which oh darn my endurance is down to ten but I think I get an endurance boost from the Alliance fatigue in a second no agility alright oh the the helmet army helmet gives me an endurance boosts so alright I'm gonna hold off eating for a minute here so I think the plan today is here oh you don't run the ground with no map we only have a couple of locations cleared here oh yeah we went up to Clare College square well we didn't actually clear Khalid spur and cleared the subway station there I did take some things back to hangman's alley some I split up the the crafting resources between downtown and hangman's Ally so I do have some goodies there I think I have some food and purified water and whatnot in here oh ammo I bought a bunch more ammo from from opal what I could anyway so we're pretty well stocked on 762 and flamer fuel and I think we have I still have some stuff to sell here – pretty good for boiled water plenty of food purified water and I think I have some of that stuff over at hangman's alley so the plan original plan I was gonna have for today was to go head down the subway tunnels again and head out towards the airport line because that's filled with ghouls that would be some easy XP but since this is a short story my I kind of want to do something else tonight so I think what we're gonna do is head back into the subway and we're going to go back towards the Alliance territory but we're gonna make a side trip in the complan station I think I want to go tranq throughout the library it's gonna be loaded with ghouls but I've got plenty of flame or fuel so I'm gonna do that and then after we do that provided oh you know what I just realized we don't have the death row meter where's the death of me there's the death ohmmeter the death of Amir was not active we're up to 17 deaths now we went almost an entire session last time and finally got killed by a dog so let's see how we do tonight I want to head back towards Lions territory go into MCM the the Medical Center Metro clear that out I'm pretty sure there's a fusion core up there that's the cell that in the vanilla game it connects a DB Technical High School it's like in the basement of the of the of the technical school there I want to go and get that fusion core clear that out because that will give me access to slim that ghoul vendor over by the massbay Medical Center which is where my subway safehouses and I want to go get that so clearing out the library clearing out MCM and going and getting the subway safehouse is kind of on the agenda for tonight problem with the safehouse is I have to go into Hester's electric Hester's robotics get the keycard for the safehouse and once you get inside the main room there there's a trigger that activates an assault Tron a century bot and a I think it's a fire protector on so I have to get through all those all three of those but that's gonna be the agenda for tonight I think I'm going to take the power armor number one for the rad protection from all the ghouls because I've got my rads down pretty good I don't want to get too many more the right protection the extra strength for the carrying weight so I don't get me come over in comfort because I said I'm gonna have the flamer and all the flamer fuel and I think I want to leave the power armor over there at the subway safehouse if we can get that I was gonna leave it at hangman's alley but then I realized we're not that far from Grey garden and there's that suit of power armor that I believe is up on that overpass there I don't know what it's gonna spawn with and then mate I'm ready to go get that there's all the u.s. army remnants around Diamond City I wanna go clear that was out too but that's gonna be another time let me sketch up on shet here real quick and then we'll get started let's see Jade's trying to play trust for a second time did a lot better with the kidnapped choice wasn't sure where to go after making it to the small station well that's probably the good good good one to start with Jade that's as far as the frost Laura goes that's probably the best it's also the easiest because you started about to go island you got to get off the damn island and with the rads there is a mod I'm I don't know if I have it installed or not it's it's basically called both the spectacle Island and I've seen other cross players use it just so you get back and forth between the mainland and spectacle Island without taking up the Reds basically just a way to fast travel but it makes sense there should be some kind of boat there tannaz asking i fallout miami would be fine with settlement livestream fault Miami's that out yet and once you're talking about that test version of it that that demo version of it I'm just I'm not gonna stream that it's just there's nothing in it there's some ghouls that I don't even know if the AI works on them but I'm gonna check it out for myself but I'm not gonna there's nothing in at the stream so Galaxy Punk hello love the streams but a catch won't glad you to catch one two don't normally stream on Tuesday nights but here we are grey wolf gaming also says but I able to catch a stream appreciate it guys maybe if I stop bad but babbling here will actually have a stream going so I think Oh before I go since I'm hoping we'll be able to get the subway safe house tonight one of the reasons I want to get that and why I'm not worried too worried about taking the power armor is it does have does have a fusion core charger but I have to have parts in order to repair it and I had to actually go into my mod page on the Nexus and figure out what the hell I needed to repair it and I need nuclear material which I think I have in a biometric scanner has it I need a duct tape and some steel which I can take that metal bucket will cover it I don't want to drag that stuff around with me but I don't know if it's it's gonna be there in the book the other thing it needs Oh a military great circuit board I'm also going in but I'm hoping that there'll be one in the robot store oh I kind of need a fusion core don't I when Miami comes out well actually 10 when fallout Miami comes out it's gonna be a long time before that comes out so but when it comes out I will be playing it but it's not gonna be out anytime soon I still have fallout 3 and new Vegas to finish off before I doing the thing we have this you still have sebastian my other fallout 4 character we have a lot to do I'm not going this way this is the wait this way down here I was gonna go this way tonight this leads to the airport line but writing the other other the load door on the other side there's a turret but it's hostile to you and then there's some ghouls and you have to let it's a balance between figuring out which one of those to take out first button that was my first plan but I thought and it's a short stream let's get some of this other stuff out of the way so I have to head back to where am I going on here oh we are heading back towards Copley Square so we want to go this way yeah get the book out Colin get the book out um and those pens is uh OfficeMax ever show up with your delivery I'm beginning to get a little worried that I haven't heard anything about all those pens and everything getting getting delivered Oh as I hit the microphone with my glass of water as we are professionals here at red rocket TV feels like it's been forever since we've been this way but it really hasn't been that long lost in the sauce that doesn't surprise me a hopefully Scully station hasn't respond yet all that hasn't been oh the other thing since last time too I think one last uh oh god this has to respond there's people here again already what the hell we just cleared this out well there goes my sanity somebody's here we're getting detected by somebody all right um I did have was it's a fatigue that I had last time I got ill with fatigue towards into the last dream 18 hours I slept and that got rid of it so we have no more fatigue already how much of this we use about 10% of this fusion core already all right so maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring this to keep an eye on it because I know that I'm pretty sure that frost changes the I think fusion core is drained faster so we are gonna have to keep an eye on that I probably should have seen before coming in the park streets so let's just load up and I'll drop a saving here you still have those people upstairs we're not gonna kill them yet because I don't want anybody to spawn down in the lower level of here now I cleared all this out already I even went back over to vault 114 over there there were some gas canisters over there I got those so shouldn't be although I did did leave that should be a whole lot of left though all right oh yeah we've got these folks here we don't want to aggro them don't make me run and use my fusion core on dude so if you guys remember also when we were exploring the subway last time we found a way into the Lexington station there's a whole lot Sentinel lexington concord line those are from the subway runner mod there's I got playing around with over the weekend and the reason that that's there's so much radioactivity but they're chasing reason with so much radioactivity is because that entire line is nothing but cars railroad cars load of radioactive material so it's gonna be a while before we go that way all right so we should be almost accomplished station here let's switch over to the flamer although we should be cleared that out already this is complet here I think yeah so unless this is respond we should be clear here yep good still No no ghoul mask not that it would work in power armor anyway all right so let's head on up to the library is currently closed oh can I not oh but um yeah all this stuff from the vanilla works here so let's even though I'm pretty sure that frost gets rid of the turrets and the robots let's do this way anyway I work here Let Me In now the last time I played frost and version 4 I think it was they're actually federation guards up here that was really nice to have for the the ghoul horde that shows up but I think they're dead now I think you're on your own in this version my ID number is 1 2 3 4 5 6 I love that the that's the mayor's password it's like having a terminal pass or it be password all right I'm gonna make a seat because I don't know what this cells gonna do I've never actually gone in this way in the vanilla game either I always go in through the other way oh all right so you still have turrets and for some reason it's raining inside we're duct tape Oh sounds like those I heard somebody with a railgun now I will take those sure the other thing too is I'm planning on not get ooh military-grade circuit board there we go that's the last piece I need for the fusion core charger and why the hell is it raining here there's nobody behind me Wow all right as I was gonna say I am NOT going to get the intelligence bobblehead tell me for the first time ever hello you I thought I heard what I thought I heard pitter patter of footsteps take the ultra jet hello hunter shadow Kisa welcome I'm not going to take the intelligence bobblehead I'm gonna leave that here because we care Oh actually this is the other thing too I'm parched yeah parched if you're parched you lose the one intelligence so normally my intelligence is only three and I want to keep it low so that idiot savant kicks in if I take the the bobblehead it's gonna kick it up to four so I'm gonna leave it here for now but I having to come back for it at some point why the hell is it raining in the library that's really nice don't have any more in here oh we got one down there oh we got more in here all right I've never come in this way before so I'm not gonna get the bobblehead yet just cuz I want to purposely keep my intelligence below yes the Gary savant kicked in hello and for those of you guys that don't know a lot of the workshop items such as obviously machine-gun turrets water purifiers and generators you now have to have a schematic in order to unlock them so you can't just go in the workshop mode build them even if you have the components form you have to have one of these its recipe itself and they actually go for a lot of money too so if you end up with multiples you can can sell them for a pretty good chunk of change perfect time to reload there yeah there's more out there yeah I am and I'm gonna keep mine I'm gonna hold off on some water though first Oh what do we got here let's have some mystery meat and there's all those happy little fellas in there I'm not gonna go that way well I was hoping that I heard the the soldiers in there heard somebody had a railgun and just like 76 yeah it's almost gee where did they get that idea from I wonder there's one down there kind of one don't want to forget to get over to books either let's go let's go the other way oh right you never get that way come on friend the down side door and the power armor is that I can't I can't use or at least the helmet anyway I can't use the the goggles Westec goggles I meant to test taking the helmet off but I'm just gonna just gonna deal with it for now I gave him I did not yeah the cigarette curtain oh that's got oil I'm gonna take that like some more Molotov some TV places like the library has a good place to find those schematics although found a whole lot so far you know before I forget I want to see I have ie D I kind of wanted to save for the mmm those robots over at Esther's so I think I'm not going to use that here there's really no more library books oh there's no Cola though boy people in the library show like they're dandy boy apples say about the fourth box I found all right there's our level up it's taking that look take that drop a save I thought about what I was gonna take the level 11 I think I got to start putting some in the locksmith because I've come into a couple advanced locks that have been peated my progress so I'm gonna go with locksmith for now and then we're going to have to start thinking about Sidious have on kickin again it's a level actually I could have clicked that this time around I could take that now and I want to start bumping up charisma because I think it was medic yeah medic – and then I got looking at this chemist I need intelligence to saddle now that's kind of a double-edged sword I want to keep my intelligence low for idiot savant to kick in so I didn't level up faster but I really would like to be able to get chemists to unlock some chem recipes and and have them last longer so at some point I'm going to start bumping up intelligence it's just gonna kind of be a trade-off for for idiot savant at some point so I'm gonna take this clipboard for the spring I see a couple more groovie goolies in the library over there I'm not even going to bother looking in the return machine yeah all right I did not save after I level up so let's do that take the red X military-grade duct tape that's a good find yes Gary in the house I like that I wasn't sure I was gonna like it but it's it's it's a lot of fun so Gary gets to stay all right I don't want to get too crazy with the cheese was here because let me get back here get trigger that will start the Horde when I bought a few bobby pins from opal tunes as I was getting getting a little low you got it hmm you know I'm gonna lose that stuff I think oh there used to be attention there so the key is the trick that key seems to be the trigger for activating the hoard that comes in come on yeah this is much much easier with all those I am ill with parasites fantastic hmm that's awesome that's one thing I did not want to get you know there we go said it you think it the announcement that the breach had been taken care of so maybe that's it alright Luke these guys here yeah I hopefully that's all the tools all run into this part of the trip I have about another say another 300 or so flavor fuels back at downtown but yeah I'm definitely need some more nope that's not it stuck you come I just want to get stuck in any of this furniture these are the bonus schools see that's the second time she gave the the all clear as long as we stay undetected that's fine it didn't seem like that that was it I know no see but wait here's what else you get come on I'm gonna take a stab that that's not it oh hey take those ya parasites was not what I wanted that kind of sucks what if it which caused you to die it depends on the glitch but burn that bridge when I get to it if it's something the glitch of me getting stuck on furniture then yeah I would count that what am I looking for looking for parasites require more food lovely all right I missed a whole lot of stuff I wanted to fight off this horde first still have to go hurt somebody so these guys are the librarians in the vanilla game now normally in the older version II that I was playing they were two Federation guys here one had a railway gun one had a flamer and I actually heard somebody with a railway gun but they are nowhere to be found right now that there used to be a terminal here in the vanilla game there's I think it's curator Gibbons is terminal well the older versions of frost that terminal was still here and it had some war on it that and this guy actually has clothes look they put clothes on them and if you don't go the way that we did in the first episode the first session we this is how you get the blue the the blue line gate key to get into downtown but we kind of went around that that terminal has some lore on it about Daisy from good neighbor as apparently as far as the frost lore goes Daisy do I really need a mini-nuke solid just gonna grab this stuff Daisy was a ghoul living down in Copley station and because the station wasn't very well sealed everybody there turned in the ghouls but she used to sneak up to the library with a boyfriend and they greet books and they got gula fide so we are gonna leave the bobblehead for now I will take those I am gonna need court to make some take that but whether cork I'm gonna need to make some liquor eventually who's that doing for books except for my carry wait here 278 or still pretty good alright so we have to go back here right just nothing in these desks hmm all right that is yours that for the circuitry at guess I don't want to get loaded down with too much junk though already so we're in here our glass glass I will take I think glass I need for Molotov Riggins oh yeah I'm getting some frame hits here yeah a little bit not bad but noticeable okay well it's the legionary hunter we only died one time last episode last session and that was because of a freaking dog just make sure that there's nothing left in here well my fusion core is down to 50% so I think we're not we're gonna have to to move along here I'm not gonna worry about the looking for all the overdue books right now glass is good for scopes I I don't plan on doing a whole lot of weapons modifications right off the bat because I actually have this beautiful and I got another one here this puppy right here this thing's been pretty damn good so far so I don't foresee needing to to modify that up anytime soon I would like to get a suppressor for it but I don't know if I need but I find another one with a suppressor on it I don't know if I next need to have a commando just just swap those out or not all right you swamped over to this now so I think we're done there I'm gonna hold off taking my but we want to go this way I think so where we gonna go I think this is the way we gotta go hold off taking my antibiotics how many do I have at least until we get over to slim over near MCM killed these guys so they shouldn't be back I'll see what slim has four antibiotics and if he has anything I'll buy something from him and then take it but I'm not gonna take the only one that I have parasites kind of suck in this game and we need to go this way right or is it notes this way I going the right way no I'm not we're going the wrong way guys we got to go back I just lost a little bit of time infusion poor there I should want the other way through copy station did I modify the values I have a add-on for extra carry wait for power it's part of the wearable backpacks and variable backpacks and pouches Maude lets you craft carry weight add-ons for your power armor fun fact antibiotics one already yeah we met to go back this way yeah this is all we gotta go so they come back and get that missile launcher that was up up here before I'm pretty sure this guy hasn't responded yet but it's just because we are getting no he's not there somebody's I wasn't clear this out already to this little village that was up here this okay this is where we got to go but that little village is down back the other way I wouldn't took care of them so I'm gonna drop a save here I don't know what to expect in there so I haven't haven't come in here since way before the last time I played Frost all right people it's time for you to die I guess there's quite a few of them Oh were you goes that sanity huh whatever let them come back out somewhere there's a turd around here – is that it yeah it's there's definitely a turd around here ah damn it just hoping to get all of them you know what let's try see if this actually works here I have some of the bolts how many tin cans – I have six tin cans from tactical distraction whoa we're getting a little bit of glitching down there let's try this see if that draws anybody out now do I have to actually use the whistle yeah I don't know where that machine gun is but yeah that's not drawn them out all right this will do this steel fashion way I was there's one down in the car there ssam go back there's one the other one was a citizen I only want to kill him if I don't have to so much for that sanity yeah I don't know where the hell that turret is jumpy tonight I might come back for this stuff it's a lot now I can hear the turrets now what do you got you see shadow are you stuck in a wall there you're a citizen I'm not gonna take you out I just want the guys with the guns need to relax it's over okay maybe they're just citizens I don't know what do we got down here since we're coming this way that beer just gave me two bottles it shouldn't have I have a liquor bottle Nuka Cola bottle [Applause] that's it I don't believe it did but hopefully that was it for the natural soldiers I'm have to come back down for the stuff I think this is just citizens down here all right before we forget where I forget rather the whole reasons I came here was for the damn fusion core huh gone now I hope there's still a fusion core up here yep that's what we want there's nobody up here thankfully I was afraid that maybe this got got removed like the one in the museum is removed all right so I don't have to go the other side get out to Slim's courtyard I do need to go to the other side or so oh all right put some things back here I'm gonna actually is dry the stuff so it doesn't the spawn in case they do I'm gonna know I got that I just need that and I don't need a double-barrel shotgun right now either kind of want to keep some of this stuff to sell what's I can't get a little XP here nope losta Bobby yes anything here just a civilian no come on game oh you scared the hell out of me I have no quarrel with you good people looks like there's just citizens down here yeah hi that's what I was hoping for and this just goes back to the other yeah I'm not gonna kill those people probably should go clear that stuff out but I'll come back and loot everything in here okay Keep Calm it's probably nothing this is so nice not having the damn what are they blood bugs in the vanilla game that are down here much rather have fleeing people oh I forgot about that if I didn't that power and where I probably might have been dead please don't come back that's it sometimes it's a good idea to kill civilians because it gives your position away to the guard you mean them screaming well though there's a laser rifle Jerry what what it's pretty sure they're worse than anybody else down here unless I actually have to kill this guy but this guy there's probably some more upstairs definitely want that a John Hegarty how are you better late than never good to see ya yep I'm picking up all the weapons I can find that's why I've been picking them up and dropping them back down I'm just gonna let these folks go for now I just want to get out of here for the time being this is gonna have an IE D on it I don't want to deal with that and so is this is this the way out I hope the hell are the stairs here I always get twisted around in this damn station ah trick of the light you over here yeah here we go oh that could have been deadly whoops that could have ended badly all right let's get on out of here that was that was too close if I it's two times if I wasn't in power armor I probably would have died all right so let's see Sims courtyard up oh geez Adventure you're not hostile Sims courtyard should be over here I went to guess ear added by NPCs travel you probably be able to do some trading your friendly up in the Commonwealth yeah she's got to be from NPCs travel let's see what you have sure let's take a look where are you come on I guess I guess I'm not gonna get the trade with her then alright well hopefully she won't die all right slim how's it going slim what a long time come on dad look Thank You Jones I pretty much know what you are but depends on what you got depends on what you got let me show you what I've got antibiotics no you have no antibiotics I will take some the dick doll though what do I have to sell him let's get rid of all that stuff that I don't know I don't want yeah that crap can go that I'm gonna hang on to I don't know if that's any better than the shotgun I already have I have multiple 10 millimeter pistols back at Downtown that are better than that one think he add on automatic and let's see would it be cool to go playing around Frost with a bunch of operator Armour that might be a thing [Applause] look at all that's actually have all that stuff back in downtown but I'm gonna hang on to it for now um let's see yeah mo I'm gonna definitely hang on to uh he doesn't have any frickin I might have to go back to opal hmm you know what that's a lot of money and I don't really need it right now all right let's go drop this stuff off make sure there's a few goodies around here you can get first I'm gonna dump everything off on the inside of the the safehouse here then we'll go over to Hester's and try not to get killed to death now in the vanilla game these are bobby pins me and all this stuff they call that gas can nope I didn't not want to get out I could just dump all this stuff in the sorting container and have it sort to the inside but I would till I actually get the keycard let me drop the safe here Tamas that mentioned ash blossoms they're not used antibiotics on PC or at least frost ash blossoms I have no idea no idea I don't even know what though I kind of know what those are but I don't think I've ever actually used them for anything we can find a chemist a shoe and go take a look and see what dumb oh look at this a baseball plate that's a good spot for it if you take a look when I get to the chem station and see what what there is I'm just gonna grab all the things the dump here for now oh I didn't even notice I got this the disciples serrated blade hmm hmm I may have to think about using that some point that is a good weapon more goggles that stuff on well if it wasn't for getting the keycard to this place I wouldn't even bother going over to the hester's because I have all the parts I need now I actually wanted to keep those cigarettes to sell the slim problem all right so we have the notes this is not going to be relevant for for frost because it's refers to the railroad agent but essentially why I have this setup this is supposed to be like a place that was gonna get used by the railroad as a safehouse for since but it never got open because the person that was supposed to take care of it never showed up and we need to get gotta find the car need to get a keycard and there is there should be a safe over here that I cannot open cuz it's expert and there's gonna be yeah this stuff is set to spawn randomly I never know what's gonna spawn over here sometimes it's sometimes nothing spawns sometimes other things spawn alright I think we're just going to go so in order to get the keycard I have to go over to Hester's consumer robotics and not die well even when I turn on up there we go the load times are still pretty bad when I if I uncap my frame rate from my en my en be loading into a new cell it definitely helps but then you want to make sure you turn it back on again now there's some times that you know they don't that's exactly what I did not want damn it damn it damn it damn it I didn't think he'd be around here Wow all right I was just about to take some tens – oh geez because that sanity I was just about to say sometimes that mr. gutsy from the Gunners is ticking around here and here he was and that robot is the reason I made slim essential in this mod I got sick of and dying all the time right yeah I really was not expecting him to be right there but there he was there's also this guy over here in the vanilla game it's got the two dogs I don't know if he's I'm assuming he's in the frosted him and his dogs are still incredibly hostile so I don't want to go mess with them well we'll take a gas canister though the robots are fine don't worry about them marriage all right let's jump inside here and I think it's gonna be a time for a quick break just let the cell load up here okay let's drop us save I'm going to take a quick little break get you guys a chance to grab a drink or whatever and be back here in just a few minutes and we'll see how many see if I can get through hester's without dying from all the robots but uh be back in just a few alright our back thanks for sticking around my little bio break before I go and die actually you know what let's wait because if I die then I don't have to delete all this stuff again we'll go take care of business first and then we'll loot the place now what I want to do I want to forget here I have this I have two of them now I may want to I may have to use one of these let's not set off the monkey trap shall we yeah there should be this guy here and septic all right what I need to do here is run that as a pop Oh uh-oh not what I wanted to have they woke up a little I forgot where that trigger was drop a bandage yep I had a feeling that was gonna happen oh hey he goes down in a hail of bullets 18 here we go ends your life in the wasteland alright yeah that didn't go the way she did not activate the mine she did not activate the mine I'm gonna try this one more time if not we don't get get it actually I'm going to act we'll try a couple more times what the hell I'm gonna save so I don't have to do that again then there's no other way in no other way in so please run run run Frank grenades oh shit she's right here she was right freakin behind me all right yeah this weapon is not doing anything against her death no meter 19 please there we go yeah she did not even set off that mine it's not gone well then no nope so I think what I'm gonna do is a plan the end this this weapon doesn't seem to do anything against her so I think what I might do let's try this plan let's draw him in this way Oh Ronnie that's the wrong wait damn it now which way she's gonna come in that ain't gonna happen now all right we're not we're not gonna do this I can't do this is this weapon is just no good against her yeah all so much for my house yeah I'm gonna need it I'm gonna need some better firepower I think against her what software do I use to capture that well for the streams I'm using OBS open broadcast software for the Let's Plays I do was that the Nvidia shadowplay all right so this is a futile attempt we are not gonna get anything here so I think what I'm gonna have to do is we're going to just go back yeah I'm gonna need to get a bigger weapon that the handmade rifles just not even dealing any damage at all to her yeah the be the chestplate but you kind of got to see it first in if she's cloaked I can't even I can't even see her to do it and I just don't the damage in this weapon against her just isn't isn't isn't going to work so I have to get something a bit beefier just fine yeah I don't forget that let's go see if this mr. Kutz he had anything everything has been beefed up and D leveled in this in this mod so there so even though this goes this weapons really good against people obviously it's not submit against assault rap so no key card for me so I think what we'll do is we'll just head back and I'm gonna have to change out the fusion core here before too long I really wanted to get that charger set up but that's gonna have to wait apparently I would like to go back and try and sell some of this stuff to opal though and see if she has any more antibiotics I'm gonna leave all the junks here because I'm gonna need a little stash to start with um let me see here gonna take the amp you know I'm gonna leave the mini nuke here I don't need to be lugging that around with me and some of this other ammo I'm gonna leave here we got three weights I get a little stash going here but that would be cool maybe I'll sell that five-millimeter at some point I don't really know yet so that's that makes me sad oh that has a suppressor on it nice I'm gonna hang on to that see if I can't do anything with it back with the ones that I have downtown alright I think that's that's it let's head back down I don't have to go back through the metro that makes me sad I'm definitely gonna be it have a better weapon to take her out that's that's kind of nuts that was hitting her point-blank and it just wasn't it was barely scratching her so and somebody hit the bowel cap mines but I think it was the protector on this I don't think it was was the assault rod oops didn't want that what do we got here okay so we'll head back downtown definitely go back down through the through the Metro since it's a rad storm at some point we are going to have to venture out above ground but today is not the day I'm almost like I may have to get a missile launcher for Prentice Ultron damn but I'd be able to do a video on my settings um I don't know that I need to do an actual video that's not something I'm really gonna have any time for anytime soon but I'll tell you that when I record my stuff I have it pretty much at the max setting I can get box really strong hope that when I record stuff on with the Nvidia software I pretty much have everything set light I think I have a hunk it's a really high bitrate that I use my people take this stuff now really high a bit rate them what I wanted that the even though I play in 1080p I capture it in 1440 and the end result is the file sizes are really huge that's that's the downside of it it's advanced oh did I forgot that I took advance here but I it's overkill for what you two ends up with but if you start up with a higher quality video alright Gary from your source by the time YouTube gets it and compresses the hell out of it any anything that you can give YouTube is going to be a lot a lot better so it's overkill for what goes up to YouTube but it works as anyone heard from TC the last time I heard from TC was probably about Julian maybe three weeks ago he sounded like he was gonna take a break from modding and gaming he was sounds like he was getting a little frustrated with things that he was trying to do so he might be just taking some time off Oh quite nice journey it's over how much of this can actually take we'll just sell all that stuff to Opel I hope I do hear from again soon cuz it's not the same without oh and Tana for the OBS for streaming I can tell you what I use for my settings but it's not gonna help everyone's set up for streaming is going to be different it all depends on what your internet is capable of handling as far as the bandwidth going upstream so my settings aren't going to work for everybody I guess is the easiest way to put it you kind of have to fiddle around with things and find what works best for you took me days and hours of testing over the course of multiple multiple days hours of testing to come out with with what I'm using so alright let's let's head back towards downtown what time we get in here thirty well that really bums me out about the house I really wanted my house damnit make me use my fusion core as she was running after me I'm in power armor you have a fork now that Y is career lane I love how hostile they get awesome hey hunter what's how the hell are you good to see you and Tana there's plenty of other videos out there that it'd be far more informative than anything I could do for that stuff so even Evo cocks I want to see the guy's channel is Evo cocks Evo Pio X I think is the name of the channel my guy has tons of stuff on OBS he lives in Breen's OBS so it's either Evan pox or Evo Hawks look that up and there's there's a buttload of stuff on a no BS terrified pretty much I would say three-quarters of what I know about OBS I learned from watching that guy's videos so I'm not going to bring anything new to the table as far as that stuff I'm gonna have to change out the fusion core here pretty soon okay let's do that right now so though I want to save that so I can get it recharged when does the stream end it's probably gonna be pretty soon I think I wanted to quit by 9 o'clock and the one thing I wanted to do tonight we can't because I died many times so I think we're just gonna head back to opal sell some stuff and I'm going to probably call things there that would be a good good place to stop I'm not gonna have time to do anything else so I'd say about another 30 minutes or so maybe a little less yeah sorry man it was like a last it was a impromptu not planned last-minute thing I thought of doing on my way home from work cuz I'm not gonna have any videos out this week and I wanted to do something new for the channel so I figured it's easier for me just to sit in front of the computer and press the stream button then just to get a video together this week but kind of go work for the man in the morning so it's gonna be a short one I see we're getting detected I wonder if there's somebody upstairs now well at least I didn't died to a dog this time at least the death was a little more dignified coming from an assault Ron oh hey I just had oh you know what before we do that now you know what never mind there's a key there's a lock rather that I wanted to go unlock as week before you come in the Scully station after you go through all the of the glowing fungus there's a there's a passageway utility tunnel for the subway the takes you down another flight of stairs think we actually went there last time there I want to say it's an advanced lock that's a shortcut over to polska station and if I had more time I'd probably go back to clear that out some more but we don't got time for that tonight so my sanity has already taken a hit anyway don't watch oxfords video lore I've watched some of his stuff I used to watch him a lot but I don't watch him so much anymore it's doing too much fallout 76 stuff that I have absolutely no interest in we want to go over and see opal we go this way yeah I think we'll go sell some stuff to opal actually let's grab some things I have a bunch of things in the workbench is still so since I have these linked over here I don't have to go back you just see what's over here let's see things that didn't sell the opal last time see I have all these other ten millimeter pistols here so I think between these I may be able to this one's got a suppressor on it heavy yeah and this does 65 I may not need to and it's got hang on a minute it has a reflex sight heavy frame well oh man I may not even need to mod this thing up at all I think this puppy's gonna be fine just the way it is I have that I can sell that's a beautiful thing Fusion sells I got 10 of those off stream at some point during the next week or so this week or whenever I have time oops actually I want to sell that I will go back and clear out MCM all that stuff that I didn't get you all this stuff here I'm gonna sell that to opal and I'm gonna keep the power arm around for the rads in the carry weight boost let's see combat knife I'm gonna sell the combat knife because I left it back at the safe house yeah I'm gonna have to start shuffling some some items around here I've got that nice disciples blade now the tan suits I pretty sure I dumped one on the floor over at opal so that I can wear that I have one over there to wear when it comes time to do some trading I'm just gonna sell the leather armor because I'll never use it I have combat armor back at hangman's alley to combat armor chest piece we're Jin hello welcome welcome to the stream unfortunately I think you're catching the tail end the things are gonna be wrapping up here pretty soon but it was good to see someone stop in welcome I probably should have say before I left but that's all right I'm just getting into playing and I gotta quit and get ready for bed kind of sucks so these Ruby goalies haven't respond yet that's a happy thing still have those survivors down here I know I had the power armor on get those Brad's if I'd call that nothing else over here no I still can't open that up a bit there yeah we're gonna have to go pay those people a visit sometime or at least trying to get them come over here and introduce themselves to office turrets and yep there's the blue suit that I laughs opal that's a nude that's a new look for you oh damn it I don't have my gas mask whoops let's put the damn gas mask all right my clean blue suit that gives a nice +2 charisma boost hey best scrap in the Commonwealth right here I'll take a look sure all right Opel do you have any antibiotics for me please no you don't damn all right I'm probably gonna have to take that one then what's so what we have first and then see what we can buy for food hmm and I have a combat shotgun incendiary grenade yeah I actually got a couple grenades off of those people I got a hidden sendiri grenade and I thought there was something else I got maybe that was the only thing from one of those fine folks over at MCM I'm gonna one of those is what I've been wearing so I want to say that I keep thinking of all the perks I'm gonna need to take like I gotta take hunter at some point we were talking about taking more Bach ticking there's just so many freakin perks that need to take so that's a pretty fair amount of stuff to sell oh we got to read there's no journal to read to we can do that so the cigarettes I think that was it yep that was all and I have to sell to Opel I think we're good for ammo okay for flamer fuel I'm gonna probably hold off buying any more flamer fuel because I don't know how much cool territory although next time maybe we can get over to the airport I don't have to take a look and see what I have left I need to buy some food though and some booze so let's do that it's grab some more MREs some of those well that kind of choose into my and I think I'm good there tell me I thought I had some cow meat already I'm gonna hold off on the cow meat yeah let's just buy that stuff an ounce that's probably good put those back on and for the next time I come over and do some trading we just oh oh I couldn't I couldn't do that again if I try it I hope it doesn't burn up in that fire I couldn't do that again if I wanted to so let's head back on over to downtown which is I guess it's going to be home for the time being who are you I'm wondering if maybe this this distraction mat doesn't work in frost there's two of them over there I'm kind of wonder if maybe I can lure them back over here hey Adama I just saw you heading out there yeah we're gonna be wrapping up here very shortly anyway man but thanks for stopping in it's always good to see you man have a good night at work and we'll catch you next time come on come in where'd that little fucker go see what okhla skirts do the work for you because you have plasma grenades oh alright well that was worth the price of admission anybody else out there yeah that's why you want to have that's why you want to be friends with opal this anymore all right what do you have well just when you thought you were done well I got a couple plasma grenades off oh there's another one here the dirty bomb oh they have see they have their own turrets over there all right Opel I'm gonna do some more trade with you then there's something else time I thought I saw movement never mind is my gas mask back on okay yep hey Tana yeah we're going to be quitting here very shortly anyway so have a good night man get some sleep we'll see you next time ace cavern let's trade sure let's take a look skipper this I already I don't need that we're just gonna sell it dirty bomb those are always good to have tire irons you can take that but I have aa two plasma grenades that that was definitely worth it all right dad yeah we don't want that and that's good that's why you want to be friends with opal all right now let's head back and didn't cost me any sanity I don't want to run too much I just wanted to get past those damn barrels okay I was really hoping to get somewhere antibiotics but I think and a half and I'm wondering if we maybe next time we can head back over towards the subway safe house and go check out Mass Bay Medical Center I wonder what will be there that is probably be some drugs you get place to find some stuff all right yes think anything that I have on me I was gonna sell those but I'm just gonna dump them in there for now and my junks oh damn it I didn't leave my suit over there damn the whole reason I left it I'm an idiot all right let's go dump our armor and maybe get some food and I'll figure out what I'm gonna do I think we're just gonna end the stream here in a little bit guys it's just up the power armor get healed up a little bit grab my fusion core and I don't know that I have good care of this stuff up a little bit look I got plenty of stuff over there repairing so do that all right if I can get my ass out of here all right so right now we are as good a shape as when we started I'm gonna drop a couple thingies here let's what we got here for rules I know I have more booze in storage but I kind of want to hang on to that so let's go with what I have in my inventory or is drop of wine and a new cut cherry I'm gonna bring the sanity back up to eighty and what do we got to cook here a generic are you doing you're coming in right the tail end of things getting ready to close up shop here but glad you could make it Oh God almost ready the level up here so anything else I can cook her craft hmm we have one vodka man hang on did that tell you what we have any bottles huh I can get enough boiled dirty water to make a couple more 12 water's maybe we can level up that would be awesome no oh god we're almost almost there almost there hey better late than never man at least you made it let's see what am I looking for stats yeah let's I can make any molotovs or anything I'd love to level up before we quit no I'm still don't have oh I use all the oil for the power oh well that's gonna do it I guess Healing come on there we go that's what I wanted let's end on a good note since we died three more times tonight okay we're at level 12 guys I took Locke picked the last time locksmith rather let's go with torn between charisma or idiot savant I think I'm gonna go with idiot savant because then we'll get a 5x going us when it kicks in so and then I think next time I may actually go with strong back or something else but I'm not sure yet I'm going to need commando let's do any mods to that and rifle gunslinger I have these wonderful perks now in my other fallout 4 playthroughs I am adding what I've been doing is level 10 to 20 ish I've been taking two perfect points per level but I'm not gonna do that here we're just gonna we're just gonna play it straight one at a time but let's drop a save what hang on a minute generic got married Congrats man congratulations that's great news when was the big day was did you get me around the fourth digit did you have fireworks and everything let's see so where are we at here before we go once so I'm gonna eat I'm gonna drink I don't know what we're gonna do about the parasites yet I don't have to think about that last Thursday so that so that was that was the fourth man Congrats that's awesome [Applause] I just cooked up a bunch of stuff I'm peckish I'm still peckish oh because I have frickin parasites and now I'm properly fed and let's drink some of my boiled waters I'm actually vice keep this I stay parched next time we come in we get that five xp for I'm gonna I'm gonna just stay parched for now but I gotta have to figure out what to do about the parasites let's drop a sieve here I think we're it's good sooner rather than later I really wanted to get the subway save house but I think I may have to start thinking about because we got the base at hangman's alley I want to get over to my Cambridge bungalow because that has a pretty decent food source it has the hydroponic garden everything grows back within 48 hours so that would definitely be a thing to consider in Beantown breweries on the way lots of bottles and booze over there but I want to swing around this way because this is gonna be pretty hairy to get through at this point this is all ghouls loads of ghouls and survivors so it's thinking of coming around behind Cambridge maybe going up to grey garden grabbing that power arm or at least seeing what it is and then we come in the back way into Cambridge and go get the buckle off so but yeah we level up and in generic announced the good news that he is now a married man at the end of the stream that's probably a good place to end it guys probably a good place to end it I'm very disappointed I didn't get my house tonight but there's always next time I couldn't have to figure out something to get get that assault tram with we're gonna need some big guns I think I sold all the missile launchers I had have to come up with another missile I don't know how we're gonna take out that assault Ron but we will eventually but I appreciate all you guys stop it in on such short notice for the stream and all you guys that came in late let me pause the game here all you guys it came in late I still appreciate you showing up sorry it's such a short stream tonight but it is a work work night for me and I have to get ready actually I have to do a couple things before I go to bed so probably definitely a good time to end it but thanks again everyone for stopping in such short notice and congrats again to the generic youtuber untying a knot and Friday I'm still planning on streaming unless it's even hotter than it is tonight and I think we would be playing Fallout 3 Friday night that's that's what I really am thinking right now of course that's three days away that could completely change and we could be actually playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure for Colin but until then watch for the notification when the streaming scheduled it's probably to be at 7:30 as usual time that's that's the plan and I will see you guys then have a great rest of your week thanks again for stopping by for the surprise stream and please do fallout 3 yeah I think it's it's been a while since we've done fallout 3 and I'm kind of getting itchy to get back into it so I think that's the plan 7:30 EST st where I live so I'm not sure what a time it's going to be where you live Tana but the Google's can help you with that might be early it might be later but 7:30 is what I usually try to shoot for it depends on though when I you know get out of work and everything but that's gonna do it for me tonight guys I am fading fast and I hope to see you all Friday night every week we have a great rest of your week we'll see you next time thanks again guys have a good night

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  1. Shortly after the stream I remembered the second entrance into Hester's that would likely have been a better choice than what I tried here. We'll try that next time.

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