but sup wonderful amazing sweet and lovely people how are you all doing today we hope y'all having an amazing day today and we'll hope you're not letting anybody steal your joy welcome to everybody Miriam's daughter live today is a beautiful day the sweet money's back yep I'm off work we're headed to the store today as a family yeah family time today it is just some groceries you know just a couple things for the house that space come over doing today we're trying to do a get back into the family vlogging thing we haven't did it much that was the time that was a time a lot of changes under under channel you guys it's going back to the family vlogging right that's right so the first thing I want to talk about is man it's hot outside yes it is like a hundred degrees I'm freaking burning up or orange just sweat my crazy how many y'all are sweating out there yeah even when you're just walking to the mailbox you just get really hot yeah I know not all y'all are in Georgia so maybe it's a little different for y'all in another area of the world where that is but man here in Georgia right now it is scorching so the kids whenever they go to the playground mama right here takes them early in the morning before it gets super high yeah now while it's still like 80 degrees it's still hot in the morning but man 2 o'clock in the afternoon feels like an overnight here you can cook an egg yeah on the sidewalk there funny I bet people out there sweating image it's all funny I don't where week so I know I'm just making a joke yeah I'm sweating my edges off man dadgum it's so hot yeah well yeah we're gonna go get some groceries nothing too complicated nothing we haven't done before not even really sure what we're getting Miriam Miriam the woman with the grocery list I was doing think I was gonna ask you do you want me to buy ground beef or you just buy chicken and use chicken for the next weekend oh I guess you can use some chicken because we've been using ground beef lately a lot so so I think I should be yeah barons been load Mills because y'all know Miriam cooks for me you know I take food to work every day I'm lucky I'm lucky I don't have to go out to eat ever even when we're even when were fighting or what not Merritt still cooks in the morning or actually she cooks late at night and I just yeah well babe there are certain things I cook in the morning for you like yours chicken strips and yeah certain things but Miriam always cookies that she always bakes here I have something eat going or something I'm happy about that thanks babe she always takes care of me and of course of course Miriam takes care of the kids at home and does a great job of that so I'm a happy dad a happy hard-working dad yes yeah but uh fourth of July is coming up this Thursday yes I think we're gonna go see some fireworks Oh are we going to that remember when your mom your mom took us to like how many years ago before yeah before she passed when I would be five years ago five years ago when we there's a place that that say here well but we live near the Atlanta Motor Speedway so yeah um we'll just go there when they do it if they're doing it Thursday night Oh ask my how I asked Big Daddy I know y'all haven't seen him in a while but you know since we live closer to them now we see Big Daddy a lot more often so way up well I'll ask him if they're doing fireworks on Thursday night July 4th is on Thursday so it's gonna be exciting I like July 4th the reason why is because obviously you know I'm thankful to be an American for the most part you know America ain't perfect no but I'm thankful to be here you know I'm thankful be right at the end of the day I have another plan to have plenty of opportunity you know there's a lot of opportunity here in America of course there's a lot of problems here too but sound kind of weak instead it yeah it's every area of Merriam's from a whole different part of the world she's from that area so she sees it even differently is a great place it's an amazing place so that people happier married to mine haha southern sexy sugar man ha ha welcome July 4th is also my parents anniversary yeah that's way to go here so back in 1990 1998 1998 my parents got married god bless you on July 4th I remembered today cuz I was the ring bearer I was the ring bearer they yeah I see where I saw the pictures yeah so when Mom got my big boy when my parents got married you know that's a poor to me because you know my parents my parents raised money together you know yeah I'm thankful that's a lot of people don't get you know both parents growing up on luckily thankful for my parents that's awesome my mom isn't with us anymore but so you know it happens yeah my mom I appreciate everything she done for me I think about her every day yeah but I'm sure she would be proud of me right now for not giving up to finish school and whatnot you know so and of course my family a good lord let me on you and Zozo would love grandma oh oh my gosh yes but I'm I would have them all the time we're at Walmart now so we're about to transition inside yeah we always get the big buggy that the kids they said also yeah that's something new this time yeah they haven't seen that before that's right there's something new so let's go on inside let's go inside you that is my sweet man cam I also tell you I also give you an idea for a cooking video oh yes I would definitely know about this Nigerian pizza oh my goodness that'll be everything you got dang got that on YouTube no I don't think so so somebody who's seen it I know you'll see a lot of let me I'll come back here live and come back over he's trying to run off come here son anyways I know a lot of people have cooking channels on YouTube yeah but how many of them have Nigerian pizza ah it's gonna be great yeah all right oh yeah they're Birds mine if you feel ugly hurt situations yeah come here is up hey don't be showing out Zoe you need to sit over there don't be doing that baby no I'm not gonna carry you don't do that don't do that oh she's gonna Mama's gonna hold on to its other than I kick it out watch daddy daddy's gonna try a Mac well David Oh it's a Walmart brand that's all vine parents choice size 4 yes that one in blue we get water yes we are what y'all think about the buggy we picked out yeah kids love it so okay you guys I have tried pampers Huggies and all kinds of diapers I'm gonna do that do a review video on that stuff you guys I'm telling you the fact that diapers are high the certain diapers a high-end does not mean you should buy it so picking up some biscuits over here because five five yeah because the reason is because if you buy something because it's expensive there's two leak when the P in it is to leaks they blow it up is the same thing so I'd rather buy something does least expensive and that takes time too I've tried them all you guys trust me I've tried them all but this Walmart brand has actually gotten better over time and it works perfect if you want to know about one more you might make it to oh okay boy way back in this story come here come here all the time we live here is our second home and that's true we have a boundary soap well we don't have bleach do we need bleach so now we're gonna pick up the sausages they have none of what I call it I've done a kitchen tour and they've seen that's the extent of the kind we buy so if they buy it I really like it because you know I could in a dress Turkey yeah turkey baby John now you know a suggestion turkey sausage was suggested to me by my friends it's a lot healthier took it I tried it out you know it tastes pretty good I mean it's not don't taste like pork obviously like pork has a strong taste to it yeah strong flavoring turkey is a little bit less flavorful but it is healthy yeah it's good enough Oh mom it is babe do you want um cereal oh you have enough time I got plenty right now left nine right now okay I didn't even eat in this boy yeah I thought it so light yeah just let her my alarm yeah I did got a bad light you did you were watching three agency and you forgot I have enough flour yeah I'm actually going so drinking water water again cuz I've been drinking you've been drinking so much power I feel sugared up my I think got it I got that sugar addiction Ben won't I'll write a lot okay let's get some do you want the what I call it the noodles wave that we get let's yeah let's get some before we get some chicken over there okay I'm gonna get the walnut skinless chicken I'm gonna get some pasta sauce oh I want to get some some pasta they do you think I should get this Guardian rotini with the multiple colors try colors I'm not try but multiple color you guys gotta do some you know variety sure good job I'm just getting a mixture all right is that everything no I need to get pasta sauce all right think about kind of vegetables well because I might have a lot of onions I know I have green peppers for now babe the grapes the kids grace is down there yeah they moved them to the end of that aisle where that's like right there on the wall if you want me to get do you want would you like some um what do you call that stuff watermelon yeah would okay we'll pick up one over there but I want some garlic what are you doing [Applause] they show them how you check out you know how you like to be organized thank you buddy that is not done yet getting there buddy just getting close though good job levian okay so we are done usually you have to check your receipts to make sure that everything you have in our bodies paper oh are you doing peekaboo where is Zoey yes she is where is Zoey I can't find Zoey blab young can you see where Zoey oh hey I can't find Zoey does anybody know what so it is somewhere where are you this is look at those wheels on that thing it's nice peekaboo where me sewing it's my baby girl all right levy on set yep oh Jesus oh my goodness don't crash Wow kid


  1. I'm sweating my edges out in New York y'all! It's hot and humid up here too. Since I watched last year, you two lost a good amount of weight together. Awesome. God bless!

  2. Yeah My mum would be proud of me too. For the fact that the DEVIL IS NOT USING ME RIGHT NOW AND FOREVERMORE, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN!

  3. GOOD AFTERNOON! Yes it is hot here in Arkansas… Excited about you guys vlogging more as a family. I miss it.

  4. Hey guys I have one and only one thing to say after watching this vlog MORE please Thank you so much 🙏💗🙏

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