1. Its sorta ironic how ppl beleive soldiers can get away with this type of shit. And others always bring up the arguement that "fighting for us" as if that absolves them ftom the judicial system that they protect its unfair and unnecessary that ppl beleive this. American law should abide to all no mattet the position of the accused and to those who disagree what have we gained as a socirty if our judicial system plays favorites and favors those in a goverment pisition, do we just look the other way and stand as if that persons obligations absolves them from consequence?

  2. If I was one of the soldiers and the wooden pirate saluted me with his left hand I'd make him use a wooden torso from that day on

  3. One would think that Peter would be a beast from all those fights to the death with the giant chicken. 😂

  4. "I was in this booth when Jaq the mouse was transformed into a horse for all fucking eternity!"

    "Oh my God, No!"

  5. Moral of this clip: It's great to respect people in the Army who actually deserve it. But when a group of guys from the Army bully and pick on others like a dickhead would… they SHOULD lose all respect, but they don't. People will always see the uniform and salute (which is fine) but you can never officially salute your respect to someone unless they genuinely deserve it!

  6. Why do you always fight with that I just can't stand so you need to stop stop it now cuz if you don't then I'm not doing anything with you ever ever ever again so I bet I want you to knock it off now shut your pie hole it's my turn to talk shut your pie hole so shut up Intec dick

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  8. Even if they're soldiers, surely they would have received a discharge for beating up innocent civilians. Or at the very least a severe punishment

  9. Have you guys noticed the hidden message? We have to not just accept their stupid behavior and rudeness but also to cherish it just because they are soldiers.

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