Famous Faces In Food (GAME)

Famous Faces In Food (GAME)

– I see famous people’s faces in food.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– You know sometimes you’re eatin’ and you look down and you see a face
in your food? And I don’t mean you’re – like, a cannibal. I mean, you know…
– (laughing) recognize what looks like a person’s face
in your food. And you see these things – on the Internet.
– Does this happen to you often? It doesn’t happen a lot to me, but
people think they see different people in food, and they sell these things on
eBay and that kind of thing. It’s actually a phenomenon called “face pareidolia.”
This is a thing that humans have. We have a tendency to see human faces in
different objects. – That’s cool.
– Side of a cliff, rumpled up clothes – clouds…
– (snaps) You know where I see it all – the time? Campfire.
– (frantically) Where? – Weird. Weird. You’re weird.
– Like, the burning logs of a campfire, – I see, like, Liam Neeson.
– Maybe the fact that you see Liam Neeson in fire will be an asset in this game
we’re playing today to see how good – you are at face pareidolia, Link.
– Okay! It’s called, “Can Link Figure Out Who
That Famous Person Is in That Piece of Food That Rhett Is
Showing Him? – What a name!
– Okay, here’s how it works, Link. I’ve got 12 faces I’m gonna go through
pretty quickly here. If you get eight of these right, then you’re gonna get a
very special prize. I’m gonna carve your face into a watermelon during
Good Mythical More. Oh, wow. And can they play along at home? – They can. They’re encouraged to.
– Great. – So here we go.
– The pressure’s on. Here’s the first one. Who does this
saintly cinnamon bun look like? You’ll notice that I’ve dropped hints in
each one of the questions. – Saintly cin–
– I don’t want it to be incredibly difficult. First of all, I’m like, “Well, it just
looks like a snail.” I don’t see a face, Rhett. Oh, oh, oh!
Now I see it. I’m starting to see – two eyes right there and a nose.
– It’s like one of those things at the mall. A saint? What saint? – Oh, this is gonna be a long game.
– I don’t — I don’t — – This was easiest one.
– A saint? – Saintly cinnamon bun.
– I don’t know. It looks like a troll to me. – I don’t know, dude. It looks like…
– Really? – Mother Teresa, man. (incorrect buzzer)
– Oh, Mother Teresa! – She’s not technically a saint.
– She’s saintly. I know. That’s what threw me. – If you’d have just said…
– She’s saintly. – If you’d have said like Teresa as a name.
– I think… – Gimme another one.
– How about this one. Who does this executive eggplant
look like? – That’s photoshopped!
– It could be, but I don’t know that… – That’s crazy!
– …for a fact. Who does this executive eggplant look like? This one’s a little
more difficult. Uh… well, when you said executive, I
was immediately thinking Donald Trump. Maybe your hints are throwing me.
I should ignore them. An executive… Uh, Steve Jobs. – Like a long-faced Steve Jobs.
– How about who does this presidental – eggplant look like, Link.
– Oh, a president. – I’m gonna make this simpler for you.
– (laughing) – Uh… um, Pat Buchanan.
– (crew offscreen laughing) (laughing) It kinda looks like
Pat Buchanan. – Is that your final answer?
– Yes! I’m… – Richard Nixon, man! (incorrect buzzer)
– Oh… It’s so obvious once you show – me the actual person.
– Oh, you know what? If you get… (exhales) Well, let’s just stick with
eight. I’ll adjust the score later. – (laughing)
– You’re not doing well now. – Ooh, that’s scary!
– Who does this prize-fighting pepper look like? This one’s hard. – “Prize-fighting pepper.”
– This one, you gotta think about… – …who made this face…
– Is this Mike Tyson? Who made this face while playing a boxer. Oh, okay. This is (slurred) “Hey, Adrian!” – (correct ding)
– All right, that’s right, Link! – Sylvester Stallone. It’s the mouth!
– Sylvester Stallone! – Okay, are we on the same page now?
– Yes! Yes, finally. – All right, congratulations.
– Thanks for giving me double hints. Now, I’m not gonna do that again,
because I feel like you’ve been shepherded – to this point. I’m letting the leash go.
– I should’ve gotten Nixon, but the – pressure’s really high.
– Don’t be nervous, man. Take a drink of your coffee. Calm down
a little bit. There is caffeine in that, though. It probably won’t help. Don’t do
it. Spit it back out. Too late. Nah, I don’t wanna make anybody
clean that up. Who’s regal silhouette does this
picturesque potato chip look like? – Looks like a ghost.
– The hints are, uh… Where is the face? It is that little — is
that the face? That little thing. No. Don’t be distracted by that. (exhales) Where is the face? Just show me the face,
and then I can… – (laughing)
– I don’t see a face at all. Is it a silhouette? Yes, you said
silhouette. If you were in Memphis, you might
get a clue. Uh… well, I guess I’m gonna guess
Elvis, but it looks more like a mohawk. ‘Cause now I see the nose. (correct ding)
Oh, okay. – (laughing)
– Once you… I mean, if you…. I tested all these with my wife, and
I showed her that with no hint, and she was like, “Elvis.” I was like, “All right,
I’m good.” – Really!
– That’s how I calibrated this. – All right.
– My wife is that much better at this than – you are.
– Okay, show me another one. Who does this noble chicken nugget
look like? – George Washington. (correct ding)
– Boom, Link! – That one’s easy. (laughing)
– Yeah, in the house, man! – All right, gimme another one!
– You comin’ back? Now I have time to give you fun facts. Washington’s dentures were not made of
wood. They were made out of a combination of carved animal bone and actual
human teeth. Are you sure you have time for fun facts? – No.
– Let’s keep going. – How about this.
– Michael Jackson. Who does the pattern in this blue-blooded
jellybean look like? Well, the hair’s too long to be
Michael Jackson, but if the hair were shorter… Blue-blooded
jellybean. I don’t know what that means. – You don’t know what blue-blooded means?
– No, I don’t. What does that mean? – Are you joking with me?
– No, what does “blue-blooded” mean? – I’m sorry, I don’t know what it means.
– I just feel like I can’t tell you that. – Um… Uhhhh…
– A blue blood, man. – A blue blood is somebody who’s royal.
– What’s that, uh, yeah. The princess… I can’t remember her name.
She just had a baby. She just had – another baby. Whatever her name is.
– All right, I’m gonna give you the point. – (correct ding) It’s Kate Middleton, Link.
– Yeah, Kate Middleton. – That’s her name.
– That does look like Kate Middleton. – And Michael Jackson.
– You need to sleep less. – Who does this…
– Kermit. – over-the-top…
– Elmo! NUN-yun look like? NUN-yun. Over-the-top nun. NUN-yun. – “Over-the-top nun?”
– Who’s an over-the-top nun that looks just like this onion. When I show the
picture of her… – The church lady?
– (sighs) That’s Elmo! I don’t care what you say.
I see Elmo. He’s right there. She acts like my sister sometimes. You don’t have a sister. (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – I just gave you a strong, healthy hint.
– I don’t, I don’t… – Whoopi Goldberg, man! Sister Act!
– (incorrect buzzer) Aww.. Sister Act. – Man, I said Sister Act!
– Dude, that doesn’t look like… – It looks just like Whoopi Goldberg.
– …Whoopi Goldberg. It’s looks like… – If I cut that onion open, I’d be like,
– …Elmo! – “Whoopi!”
– That’s Elmo! – Have you ever seen Elmo?
– Elmo doesn’t have hair like that. – Let’s keep going. This is difficult.
– Who does this fictitious fish… – E.T. (correct ding)
– Yeah, Link! (beating table) That’s right, E.T.!
He’s quick sometimes. See, here we go. I don’t know what a
blue blood is. (laughing) “But I know who E.T. is in
a fish stick.” – Yeah.
– Okay, here we go. – Oh, that’s the guy from Star Wars…
– Who does this… – “It’s a trap.” He said,
– …known for saying “It’s a trap,” – “It’s a trap.”
– …potato look like. (stammering) I don’t even need
your stuff. – But you gotta get the name.
– Commander… – You gotta get the name right.
– Dang it! – You gotta get the name.
– What’s his name? Julian Smith made a song where he said
this, but he wasn’t referring to this. No, I know who this is. Just ’cause
remember his name right now, – I should get the point.
– Really? All right, you get the point.
(correct ding) It’s Akbar, man. – His name is “Admiral Akbar.”
– Akbar… Admiral Akbar. – See, I knew he said, “It’s a trap.”
– So he’s at six. – The “It’s a trap,” guy.
– Okay, Link. You’re comin’ on strong here. You’re disappointed us so far, but you’re
really making a comeback. See, your hints are what’s messing me up.
Just let me see the thing. Don’t – say anything. Kermit. (correct ding)
– Well, that one’s really easy. You don’t need the hint. Yeah, Kermit. – See? I’m good at these.
– (laughing) – Can I redo the ones that I got wrong?
– Okay, so he’s up to seven. – Let’s keep going.
– Who does this punny potato look like? Uh… Hannah Hart. No. Hannah says
a lot of puns. – (drumming on table)
– See! Um… Don Rickles. It does kinda look like Don Rickles, but
that’s not right. It’s Jay Leno, man! – Look at that Jay Leno potato!
– If you turn it… (stammering) His forehead is too big, and there’s
no hair on it! – Well, it’s a potato.
– (laughing) It wasn’t carved in the thing.
Okay, so hold on. – His eyes are chasms.
– So you got seven, dude. All – you gotta do is get this last one right.
– Oh my goodness. That is a… – Who does this… amused apple look like?
– That’s Steven Tyler. You’re gonna have to use my hints.
My hints are great. – Amused…
– I want you to win. I wanna carve you – in a watermelon so bad. (inhales)
– The Joker. I said Steven Tyler. Then I said the
Joker. They’re both correct. It’s whoever – you wanna see in this apple.
– Which Joker, Link. You have to get it – right to win.
– For real? I gotta say which one? – Um… The Jack Nicholson one.
– That’s right, Link! (correct ding) The Jack Nicholson Joker from the 1989
film, “Batmaaaaaaaan!” Listen, I think you’re being a little
too narrow. (stammering) Celebrity’s in the eye of the beholder.
That is also Steven Tyler. It could be Steven Tyler, but I don’t
have Steven Tyler… Steven Tyler doesn’t have the… his lips are like that, but he
doesn’t look that mean. – Is that all of ’em?
– He’s a nice guy. Yeah, you win, Link. I’m gonna carve your
face in a watermelon. (laughing) All right, I wonder if you guys
did a lot better than me. You can tell me in the comments. Also, thanks for
liking this video. – You know what time it is.
– Hey, what’s goin’ on, guys? My name is Sarah Richard. I’m from
Memphis, Tennesee, and you know what time it is. It’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! You like “jifs?”? How about “gifs?” How
about we start a comment war between – “jifs” and “gifs.”
– No! Not! Let’s just… – (Link) …go to our Twitter account.
– (Rhett) Go to our Twitter! (Rhett) Where we’ve got some
great “jifs.” That’s how we say it, guys. Also, click through to Good Mythical
More… – Sue us!
– Rhett is going to carve me out of a watermelon! Which I’m gonna pick
up. Wow, it’s heavy. Woooow! “Eddie was here.” (annoyed) Eddie… What are you thinkin’, man? You’re fired! (forced laughter) He’s not fired! [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


  1. This was the first GMM video I watched
    Man this show has changed and I miss links’s old hair

  2. Speaking of faces in food, who thinks rhett and links faces would go good carved on a pumpkin for halloween, or the gmm logo

  3. I see faces in cars not just some cars, all cars, I give them ages and personalities, I told my mom once and she just said "oookay???"

  4. mother teresa was the opposite of saintly, she kept the sick and dying in pain because 'suffering is divine' but when she was on her own deathbed she was very comfortable.

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