Fat Mom Vs Fitness Mom Wife Swap Johnson/Blackburn Part 2

Fat Mom Vs Fitness Mom Wife Swap Johnson/Blackburn Part 2

living with someone else in the house would be like I think there's a good possibility it could actually be easier I think every once in a while I would like for him to you know put his drill sergeant hats inside take his boots off just be my husband and you know have maybe just a little bit more romance see after a 500-mile journey the wives finally get to see where they'll be living for the next two weeks before they meet their new families the wives get a chance to look around their new homes oh my goodness it's like we're not using our fitness equipment get that for to use a little is this him on the wall Dallas cowgirls he's gonna make me work out something fierce I just know it oh my goodness 50 inch waist all right I see the running shoes and everything like that but you know I didn't pack workout clothes oh this looks exactly like my bathroom oh my goodness trash the floor if this looks extremely similar to mine but that's cool I mean a lot of health-food and that's kind of like what we do to get the commodity size of mayonnaise and the raisins and rice and oatmeal cookie dough I know that's a TV unfortunately I don't watch much TV looked like a mom that lives here is going to really kick my husband's butt for a couple weeks you know everything I'm gonna drag some that fitness equipment in here for the first week the wives have to live by the rules of their new families each wife has written a manual as a guide to the running of their homes this house is run like a well Milt airy machine in my house it's all about me you should never waste a moment when you could be burning color oh my lord Tony never gets to sleep in not sleep till 9:00 or so I wake up when Jay wakes up Oh 400 hours holy moly I thought I got up early I take a break about 1:00 to watch my favorite soap operas and Tony Mann's the phones because we are in business together Jay and I are together without our daughter for long periods of the day okay when do they exactly see Sydney Tony is my best friend but if it weren't for me he would not function Jay might not be in the army anymore but he's still a drill sergeant if he is loud it doesn't necessarily mean his mad he's always loud I wear the pants in this family I have to yell at him or he won't do anything I'm gonna have to get up and leave the room a couple of times I'm not used to being yelled at mmm Tony used to be a shock jock on local radio he quit his show so he could work with me in my business you know what I'm wondering I wonder if he just gave that up on Zone or I wonder if Rebecca's sort of insisted on that I wish Jay could see me more as a woman a soul mate and a lover and I'm just a business partner I just think that you put your thumb down too hard on Tony it she's want a little romance she's wanting the guy who proposed Tony did some help next the wives meet their new families


  1. They both seem like nice women. I think the blonde mom is very pretty. I don't mean "If she lost weight blah blah blah…" I think she's gorgeous at any any size.

  2. Thanks for this interesting video. 👍 Have you heard of this new training program before? https://youtu.be/CGztGVU9eD0

  3. John and Kate plus 8 wants their hair back. Actually, it's more like a beginner butch lesbian hair do

  4. Guess what y'all?
    I found their social media.
    She's now a mental health counselor (earned a Master's) and her page had a website for BUZZ Blackburn'–a very successful d.j.!! They both lost weight, he is a successful d.j. thats won several awards for his, and HE especially looks and sounds so much more happy. I almost didnt recognize him, but he goes by Buzz now as his on-air name.

  5. FYI-I watched a behind the scenes of this show and the families do not write the guides. The producers do. They're also told to not be boring and to be dramatic and some stuff is completely fabricated by the show (like Alicia G's episode-they were told to put a Christmas tree up and claim it's up year round).

  6. Works with Dallas cowboy cheerleaders runs his own business has a simple home where’s the money lol

  7. These “fat mom” comments have enraged me! I’m not plus size but to refer to someone according to their size is disgusting.

  8. I think the fitness people will pass out when first meeting each other unless they were told about them.

  9. There is no way i would ever agree to let another woman replace me for any amount of time or even be around my husband or children without me. And the fact that they know nothing about the other family wierds me out. This is insane

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