FAT TO FIT 65 Lbs Lost – 90 Day Survival Fitness Challenge – Day 1

FAT TO FIT 65 Lbs Lost - 90 Day Survival Fitness Challenge - Day 1

okay hold up before we get to the part where I start working out five days a week let's go back to the beginning to tell this story properly let's go back to over one year ago when I weighed 300 pounds the moment I realized going down the stairs made me tired I knew I needed a change so I spun those hamster wheels for about six months and really not much happened I literally only lost 25 pounds in over a hundred and eighty days now through that I did overall feel better but I tried everything from paleo and then over on taquito which for a long time actually with okay success so now over a year later I'm 65 pounds down and I'm ready for my second annual 90-day survival Fitness Challenge and this year I'm not alone I have teamed up with some incredible YouTube channels and some awesome folks to inspire my friends all of you watching at home to join us on our goal towards the collective of self-improvement now no one yeah and I mean nobody wants to be told they need to get into shape I definitely didn't I refused to listen to it for years in years and years and to be clear I'm not here to do that in this video either for those folks who are watching privately at home who have voiced the desire to make a change or even quietly in their own heads and haven't shared it with anybody this is the challenge for you we have created a fantastic Facebook community which will be linked below with over 350 people just like you and I to encourage one another share their successes their failures and connect connect all these amazing channels and communities that are involved in this movement towards better health now to be frank I really don't care where you come from whether you start your starting out at 400 pounds or you're already a seasoned athlete and you just want to shred you do you for you for your reasons and at your own pace but without any further ado let's get on to what I'm gonna be doing to crush my goals for my 90-day survival Fitness Challenge so here I am a year later my second annual 90 day survival fitness challenge and I have my big final push for me to go from 235 pounds down to 200 now the beauty of this fitness challenge it's not necessarily a weight-loss challenge and I want that to be very clear in this video whether you're like 160 pounds and you're desperately wanting to gain weight because you want to put on muscle go for it and do that or let's say you're 215 pounds and you just want to drop ten pounds to get to 205 to get to your ideal weight you go and do that you can do anything you want and that's the beauty of this challenge I don't want anyone to feel pressured to feel like they have to do anything as Extreme as mine and there's gonna be quite a few channels that you're gonna see that are gonna do their own thing in their own way now to accomplish my goal I'm gonna have to put in a lot of work that's a pretty lofty goal it's only a third of a pound a day but you'll find you'll plateau at times and get stuck in a rut and I've done and that that's happened to me a lot so right now currently I'm going to the gym anywhere between five to six days a week that is in the beginning for the first week and a half was really tough it's my body just hurt a lot I was no I wasn't happy once my muscles kind of got into when I started getting used to it I kind of been priming myself getting myself kind of gym ready to handle that type of regimen for the next 90 days and get myself ready cuz I didn't want to just jump in cold turkey and then end up getting hurt or injured and just not being ready for it but speed this along what else am i doing nutrition wise so to be frank I am a former recovering sack of fattiness this is what it is three hundred pounds and I get really busy and when I get really busy and I get really desperate I usually make really bad nutritional choices they just really suck really bad so when I'm what I'm choosing to do this time is I actually am gonna be rocking at keto Joe this is I'm on the ketogenic protocol this is for people who are wanting to get into keto or RN takedo and looking for something a little bit easier listen up for anybody else just ignore this so it is basically a way to have a full on a meal replacement keto shake they have these cool little starter packs they have like 50 like anywhere between 8 to 15 different flavors you can try a whole bunch that's what I've been doing and they taste really really good now you can pick them up on Amazon you want to learn more about them links will be in the description below but even if you're not looking to do Kido one thing I will suggest especially if you're gonna try the low-carb approach is I go to the bathroom a lot on low-carb my kidneys are flushing the water like crazy and I noticed in the beginning I was getting a really bad headaches because I was losing my electrolytes a lot but I wanted to avoid the sugar so I've been rocking these this if this is probably my biggest recommendation as a keto Chow electrolyte drops these things are fantastic but I like these collective slip this little tiny bottle into my pocket and keep it with me so if I'm out and about or I'm filming or I am on a walk and I start getting a headache and I know my electrolytes are dropping I can go ahead and pop that in down that bottle of water and like 20-30 minutes later I feel a ton better and then last but not least this is why I like keto gel they have this cool little informational card whether you're a rockin at 24 liner calories a day you're not really trying to lose weight or you're really trying to lose weight and going super calorie restricted they have the breakdown of how to put different ingredients into your key to shakes to give you the fat content you need on a ketogenic protocol and one thing I will say so far the reason I mentioned salted caramel there's like no sugar there's really no carbs at all in those things it's perfectly keto here's kind of them for thing and think so you can actually pause that if you'd like and get a closer look on that and as far as fitness for the most part I will be going to the gym just because I live in a city it's gonna be easy for me to do but I will be going on hikes I do that with my family regularly about two or three times a week we like to go out to the park there's a park here in town there's a huge one that's got soccer fields and trails and playgrounds and other cool stuff that may might my son love to go out to we throw the frisbee around and then you frisbee if your guys are kind of wondering what it is it's called a zip chip but it is a frisbee it's pretty neat but all in all I don't want anyone who isn't interested or isn't sure that they can draw up 4050 pounds in 90 days to feel pressure not to do this and it's okay like I said for the first six months I lost 25 pounds like almost nothing happened I felt now through that I did feel better I got a lot more energy out of it and I had a better I had much better cardio because I could actually move and I wouldn't get tired walking down steps which was pretty embarrassing but like I said this is my second one I'm at a survival survival fitness challenge it is a fitness challenge not necessarily a weight-loss challenge and with I'm really excited to see I think the one thing that I'm the most excited to see is how all the other channels choose to tackle this and the objectives and the approaches they take to it I think it's going to be the most exciting now if you're curious as to which channels are involved we're gonna have them linked down below I'm also gonna have all of their episodes that they air on their channels linked in a single playlist on my channel so you can access them very quickly but for reference we're gonna be working with the urban prepper we're gonna be working with city prepping for directions bushcraft and also rogue preparedness it's very very exciting to kind of see where they're gonna be taking it because they lead different lives and they all have different goals and we're all at different fitness levels so it's gonna be pretty exciting to see how this takes off let's say you're watching this video and this 90-day SRL fitness challenge isn't up your alley you don't need a loo you're in great shape you don't have any additional goals you're content where you are I have a feeling you probably have a friend or a family member who's probably interested in taking on something like this and I do encourage you guys to share this video out definitely let them know about the 90 day survival Fitness Challenge Facebook group that we've have so that we can connect with them and just have a fun safe non-judgmental place that we can all come together and keep each other encouraged so we can all grow and crush our goals that we've got within this next 90 days but with that said I'm excited to get started with you guys I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and the overlay footage of us and you're excited to join with us in this adventure and if you enjoyed this video and you want to see more like it I encourage you guys to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell as well as share this out with your friends and family who would be interested in such a type of fitness challenge like this but with that said I hope you guys have an awesome start to your week as this is a Monday and I will see you guys next month for the 30 day update to show you guys where I'm at and my progress from now until then and then in the mean time for anybody who wants to get daily and weekly updates from us and the entire crew and team and family that is joining us on the side of a survival fitness challenge like I said check out the Facebook group is gonna be your best option to contact us and connect with us every single day of the week but that just about does it for now see you guys go check out the other channels I'm out


  1. Great job buddy, a nice personal goal and sounds like some good people to help keep you motivated. You've got this!

  2. So happy for ya man. I'm trying to help motivate a few close friends to do more for their health. Hope they check out this video.

  3. Hey man. Just wanna say Im proud of you. Keep up the good work. I used to be really overweight, and like you, i decided to do my best to get myself in order and be fit. Now I'm on track to be a Marine Corp Officer. You can do this.

    Quick tip: when rucking and hicking get proper boots, joint compression items, and a foam roller to roll out your legs (especially shins.) Otherwise you might get shin splints and/or runners knee.

    Im rooting for you. God bless.

  4. I’m so proud of your progress and dedication! I’m looking forward to being apart of this challenge!

  5. Hey well done!!!! Your weight loss is already showing and you look a hell of a lot fitter!!! I always wondered why you wouldn't get in shape esp with you being so active outdoors. So happy for you!!!! Keep it up even if it gets tough!!!

  6. Thumbs up to you good job it takes a lot to get motivated to do it so respect. OwenG lab rat πŸ‹πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘ŠπŸΏβœŒπŸΏ

  7. I don't get why people like you complicate it with stuff like keto. For most people it's harder than just a regular well-balanced diet. And according to research, you're not going to lose more fat (assuming equal calories and protein). You want the simplest and most sustainable diet for you (if that's keto, ignore this comment – but the fact you already need supplements says the opposite).
    To lose weight all you need is a caloric deficit. And to lose fat specifically, you want enough protein and overall good and nutritious diet. You don't even have to do cardio if you don't want to. You can be in a caloric deficit just using food.
    I think this is the reason why it's a "90 day" something. That already indicates something is wrong. To lose weight and keep it afterwards, you need to do something that you can do all year without too much effort.

  8. I think it is cool that you are working out this video inspired me to get my home gym started up faster and get more fit with you.

  9. I sent a request to join your group on Facebook, but it would not allow me to answer your admission question.

  10. Funny I need to gain weight I'm pretty bad underweight due to my crohns and my last big flare up was caused by a parasite so that's why and i haven't been able to gain weight and I'm not burning calories I sit around do research and eat food that I can eat and my weight just refuses to go up

  11. Yes! I want to be part of this!! i'm 250LBS and as a prepper i NEED to get this weight OFF> i live outside SA/Texas but in a tiny town …the Gym is out of my league..cannot afford that, but i'm willing to just get off the couch and begin this challenge with all of ya'll too! It's so nice to be able to have encouragement from others who are on the same venture! Thank you!

  12. I had a similar problem when I noticed I was 285 this past october so I decided to do something different I did keto and intermediate fasting. Now I'm 230 and I hope to be 200 or 195 by the end of this upcoming October. As always love the content.

  13. Congrats man! Keep pushing yourself! I love that park, you need to go mountain biking on the off road trails. In the heat of summer the blue loop is a workout by itself!

  14. I was 135 now I'm 200 the doctor wants me to shred again . I gained weight since I stopped working full time .

  15. Congrats Bud! Here's a tip. Diets DO NOT WORK. Period.
    1) Starve yourself periodically. Trust me you got plenty of reserve, Drink Water.
    2) Drop your caloric intake as low as you can stand it for a few days. Drink Water.
    3) Remember that muscle mass is heavier than fat. So, exercising is building up your muscle mass.
    4) Put your scale exactly in the same place every time you weight yourself. Try to find the most level area, and stick to it!
    5) DETOXIFY your body!!! Very important. And NOT THOSE MAKE YOU SH1T like mad concoctions!! A true Detox. At the cellular level. Plenty available out there.
    When your drop a lot of weight, your body needs to adapt at some point. You will plateau. It's normal. Don't give up. You're damn close!!!
    As soon as you hit 200, you'll be walking like someone put springs in your shoes!

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