I'm back with another taste test this one is gonna be a little different I haven't seen anyone do it in the Philippines it's gonna be a 7-eleven taste test but like lunch at 7-eleven which I have never done but I've seen a lot of people do they have like cooked food cold food frozen food obviously I probably won't do but but yeah I'm I'm super curious cuz there's quite a huge variety of food my my personal favourite section there's so many so much potential for taster I should do it drinks one as well I'm not sure I could probably do as many more junk food this is sweet two coffees and then there's these sections think these are ready to eat salads yeah like pastas small not sure how many of these I'd need to get okay all right you got sandwiches classics Thunder spells these I think you'd probably have to wool I don't know anything I just want to get like ready mate so have these bad boys over here this is really hard whenever I come here to buy load and I see all this stuff it's honestly it's honestly so difficult to just come in here for one thing I heard this is quite good I tried it real long time ago but I can't remember whether I liked it the nights are pretty good actually the notes are really good I think I prefer these think it's time McDonald's like it's here but I'm not like a nugget connoisseur so then you get the I always struggle to point out this and then my personal favorite fiction most personal favorite women to have loved that I love this what else is here we got some noodles alright I'm gonna stop picking let's see let's see what I can play let's start with these McConnell does that mean how much how many should I take mama you guys this is like an eclair I'm pretty sure it isn't it so obviously well well obviously not on a diet today three just like with all the taste ten do you guys want me to do like that filthy taste test let me know I kind of know what you're gonna let me know anyways getting these without squishing them and completely destroying them is quite difficult these are my favorites so I'm probably gonna get to these seven of them please think of like an easier way to get these you know making it very convenient I'll get one of those well I have no idea what this is I've never tried it before I think I want to try the budget father I'm not sure what budget means like I know the definition of project but does it mean that it was cheaply made why does it cause it because so many people have taken from this what else should I get should I get another one spicy asado with chicken Assad or identic I don't actually know what I saw – I mean premium you know what I'm gonna get one premium so I can compare the budget with the premium so I got the spicy decided because there was no more of premium on should I get a hot dog TJ classic cheesy Peppa dog all cheesy pepper dogs super popular chicken cheese overloads fancy Hungarian jumbo classic let's get the classic let's try it with cheese boats if we have enough what's up what's going get something cold chickens crab bacon footpaths I want to try this something this is uber Tahoe and this is classic taco I'll get the tuna macaroni well just give the chicken all right I think I see guys that should feed me I hope Oh I am we're gonna pay it and I will see you back home at the table and here we are ready to feast I like to start with sweet things so I'm gonna although this is gonna get cold okay I'll start with the hot doggers it's gonna get massive as this in this man okay I'm gonna have to start with the savory things I bought some sources this is a cheese sauce and this is a shop I don't want a show honey say this show pie show power shield pow I am extremely excited I'm extremely hungry I haven't really eaten today I had a banana it is 3 o'clock so let's get into it but this is they have quite a few options as you saw this was just the classic I thought I dreamt start with the classic I did see that some were more popular than the others so I'm curious how this classic is going to be I love hot dogs and this cheese sauce is gonna be I'll just put on it a little bit because I'm only doing a taste test I don't know program the whole thing I also have a bit of ketchup this is the only ketchup I had ok and it look how little there's like nothing then I'm hoping it's gonna be enough gonna put some kiss your do you guys put ketchup or mustard on your hotdogs or mayonnaise I know I know some people put mayonnaise because there's cheese on it I'm gonna put mustard on it just yet okay there we have it it's quite small look at the size of it if I was hungry I mean like two or three of these that's not bad there's a bitch cheese in the middle hopefully you can see that it's cooled down too much I think it's still a little bit but not much extended what though happy go taste better caramelized onions shredded cheese mustard there obviously but simple and delicious it just honestly just tastes like a standard hot dog there's not much of there's no other way to describe it I would probably give it like a seven and a half let's try this sir I would like a spicy one and a non spicy one and this is one video I was in Hong Kong eating buns and I didn't film myself peeling off the paper and so many of you guys were worried that I had eaten the paper that's actually really sweet so now we had the sauce for the show pal seal we have the sauce I'll try this first by itself that's nice but it's very sweet it tastes like dessert let's try it with the sauce I think that's a beef I'm not too sure hmm the sauce is really sweet this tastes like plum sauce or fig sauce something really tastes like things a lot of things only this tastes like dessert uh-huh this is not the spicy one by the way this is the spice on with the blue dot this one was bigger I'm gonna try it mmm I mean this is the spicy one mmm no wonder so many people buy these look how massive it is bed huh that's really good my dad really loves this he's gonna like this although I didn't give any sauce for the chicken nuggets but these I've had these before and I really like these better than McDonald's ones I think they're a little bit like juicier let's see if I'm lying nice Tomatoes Oh barbecue sauce or something and then bringing the sauce hmm I see a lot of people do like chicken nugget challenges I don't think I could ever do a chicken nugget challenge I just don't like them enough I mean I like them but literally the most I could eat would be four I can't eat more than that I'm totally gonna knock that water yeah I'm gonna try with the this sauce I feel like a kind of girl because they're really missing sauce they need to us what kind of sauce to use for your chicken nugget I like something spicy or sour travelers this has like no taste and have one nugget left I'm gonna leave it Kaleo I really want to get into these let's try this one on up top I think this is like something caramel or 12 swell it's really soft I love donuts and cookies it's got custard inside Omaha I like the West that give me a nice taste test revision this would be an 8/10 hmm I could finish that and like a sneeze I know these have custom so I'm gonna skip up now when we try this doughnut it's got like gold glitter on it I hope it's edible and they just all smushed harpy's one of the things I love about or one of the things in particular about with donuts is they have to be really soft the pastry it has to like kind of melt in your mouth you shouldn't have to chew it that's my requirement yeah I think it's okay cow Moos I'm not too sure hmm it's got whipped cream I think in the middle can you see so yeah yeah the turnips for sure oh man they are so fresh nine and a half you can taste the chocolate there's cow lips that I'd like a bit of crunch can taste the glitter can't really taste the cream inside okay let's do something this one chocolate I think this is just custody based on the custard filled hole I think it's Joe's cousin mmm in the icing sugar posture simple elegant reliable you know what to expect you know now these two are the same two million take my other one which side should I take a bite out at the Custis side or the strawberry jam side these are one of my favorites I love strawberry jam in custody I mean okay thank you % time I mean of the journalist the last one I'm gonna try is this one I think it's an eclair chocolate with cream custard custard inside my mom's favorite like that huh I like that the chocolate they use is dark chocolate because it hasn't much stronger flavor than milk chocolate and I just can't believe how fresh there I don't know how often they deliver to 7-eleven but seriously only once in all the times I have bought their pastries have they been like slightly old like maybe delivered early in the morning and I went there late at night so I'm super impressed with how fresh they are but I was told that one of my friends told me that some of them has really fresh pastries and I was like 7-eleven but it's true what makes anything salty I have Treena macaroni a chicken sandwich I think that's it and then I have one two three desserts so let's try let's try the Trina macaroni it's a really small box so I don't know if I was hungry I would need a lot of these not hungry anymore I haven't seen any sweets oh but look at the size it's not even full that's smells so good there it smells fresh you can smell the tuna a little bit it's not very fishy which is surprising I expected it to be like a super fishy smell I can see carrots some green stuff bitter Trina macaroni all right it's not let's not have such a mess of my it's and I know it's there something a bit more ladylike okay basically this is just mayonnaise with tuna and macaroni the macaronis overcooked the mayonnaise is way too sweet and I taste any of their like garnishing and the tunas really fishy that's why it's strange but it doesn't smell I can hardly smell it but it tastes old maybe people don't buy this very often I'm not a fan of it I'm gonna give this a one-and-a-half how disappointing sweet little this is this tastes sweeter than these dude I'm not I'm not exaggerating head over to your 7-eleven and like do a comparison I swear what should I try now should I try the classic classic tartar and then I try the cool bit okay so basically that's made out of soy we've got these bubbles at the bottom or pearls or and you kind of just let's see that's way too much sweeter there we go good jiggle I can barely snowed my stuff to remove my snuff so tell her this I've only had this once before I think once before or a couple of times and it tastes like sweet tofu with syrup this year it's not that sweet but the tofu is quite sweet I prefer tofu savory but that's not bad I wanna get some of the bubbles there we go hopefully you guys are gonna be able to see that hmm okay the one I had before is better I think it was from something marked quick in one it wasn't from 7-eleven but it was something like 7-eleven this one is a bit watery and strange I'm gonna give this for editon I'm hoping this is gonna outperform that I'm really hoping this is a little bit a little bit I find it difficult to tell the difference between uber and purple yeah is it the same thing I feel like it's not the same thing okay here we go okay that's definitely better than that it's not watered down doesn't taste water down I'm gonna try some of the bubbles it is a really thick and thick consistency and strong flavor I'm gonna give this a 6 I'm just not feeling it something's not sitting well the maybe like the tofu the soybeans they use the all that flavor is definitely the thing that's pushing out the points so we have mocha so that Sidewalk achieve multiple caramel and the this chicken sandwich let's do it what's the situation you got brown and white red so it's healthy but also kind of not healthy it smells very good am i oh oh the whole thing is the sandwich all I thought it was like separates Pantages they're all like all of them are connected see that's connected that's connected that's connected so you basically you take a bar that Oliver I'm gonna I'm gonna do this cuz I can't I don't I squish it you really did so it's chicken and something man is but different man is compared to the Trina it's more sour mayonnaise it's better I won't give this hmm the chicken isn't really strong taste you can tell it's chicken just not strong or Tyler I've give us an 8 out of 10 now that doesn't work to a horror of eating so many sweet things my appetite is going down but this is quite good reminds me of school the good old days hmm no this is a dessert cup caramel mocha caramel and that smell is so intense let's see if it's gonna beat these guys it's got a bit of cake I think and then caramel and on Kate again I wonder if it's gonna be dry or moist I prefer moist cakes dry but that cream is so intensely mocha it's incredible good 9 out of 10 I'm just not hungry anymore but that's so like fatty and creamy it's perfect there's no graininess whatsoever and because it's so creamy I guess the drag cake doesn't seem dry if you get what I mean like it's not moist but it's not dry like you don't need to eat this with a drink the caramel is not bad would have been nice if there was like a bit of salt in it just to balance out the sweetness alright guys that's it some interesting surprises these guys the steamed buns amazing classic nope yeah that was dude amazing let me know if you want to see more videos like these if you like this video please give me a thumbs up will leave a comment subscribe and hit that notification button and I will see you next time it's me and my friend these are the goods


  1. Yup, 7-11 is my go to place for fast, yummy and good value food. Great variety in you’re taste test. My favourite would be the taho and the chicken nuggets as well as their hotdogs. Love the foodie review!!!β€οΈπŸ˜‹ Looking forward to an encore!!!

  2. @vlog #19 you've had a hard time pronouncing "siomai" then here the "siopao". Thanks for the laughs. Keep vlogging!

    P. S. I've watched all your vlogs and repeats some of them when bored. You're so cool to hang out with for sure.

  3. This makes me want to get a donut now. The best out of 7-Eleven is the Hershey Dark choco city blend drink; beats McDo and Jollibee, other convenient store choco drinks πŸ˜‹

  4. You should have tried the rice meals to complete your Filipino lunch. They're really delicious 😊😊

  5. I think there should be a sauce that comes with the nuggets. The cashiers probably forgot to give it to you.

  6. I don't normally go to 7-11 here in the US, I'll have to check to see if they have prepared food like in your stores there.

  7. You should try to taste test filipino native delicacies or "kakanin" πŸ₯°πŸ˜Š I love watching your vlogs.

  8. Enjoyed your vid. New subscriber here. Will be in Manila early August and will definitely stop by a 7/11 for a quick and cheap bite..
    I’m sure the donuts messed up your pallet just a little. Purple yam is ube; never tried in taho before. Will be on my list. 😁

  9. All food in 7 Eleven are good except the lunch meals with rice and egg don't ingest those they look pretty synthetic specially the egg.

  10. Asado (Spanish: [aˈsaðo]) are the techniques and the social event of having or attending a barbecue in various South American countries, where it is also a traditional event. An asado usually consists of beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, and morcilla which are cooked on a grill, called a parrilla, or an open fire.

  11. Bad timing of watching this video! I wanna go to the nearest 7-11 just to buy the jam donuts! 😭

    Hi Simona! Try the bola bola! it’s the savory variety of siopao!

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