Fitbit Versa Review: Right balance between fitness & smartwatch

Fitbit Versa Review: Right balance between fitness & smartwatch

Fitbit has a brand new
wearable on the market called a Versa. Is it a smartwatch? Is it for fitness? Who should buy it, and does
it work with Windows 10? All that and more in my full review. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) (gentle chiming) So here it is, the Fitbit Versa. Let’s give a quick tour of the device. As you can see it’s very thin. It’s also very light,
coming in around 30 grams. Now compared to an Apple watch, it’s about the third of the weight of an Apple watch, and let me tell you that makes a huge difference if you’re wearing this everyday, especially if you go to the gym. Coming around to the side here, you can see here you have
the main power button. And you have two other
buttons on the side. This is a familiar design for Fitbit, they’ve been using it on
their last few devices. And you have a really nice display here, specifically it’s 300 by 300. And that’s actually a square resolution, and it’s the first time
they’re actually using that. And we compare it to the Fitbit Ionic, which came out last
year, that’s actually a 348 by 250 resolution,
so it’s more rectangle as opposed to square. That also means you get
more pixel density here on a Versa, and it totally
shows when you’re using it. The display is very good
and gets very bright. Now, this device also does
all sorts of cool things. For instance, it has the heart rate beater on there to give you all day measurement on your heart 24/7, including sleep data. And you have the charger on the back here, and we’ll show that in
a few minutes as well. And there are plenty of third-party bands available for Fitbit,
and that’s one of the big things I like is that
they have a large ecosystem and do a lot of work
with different partners. Having said that, I’m not a
huge fan of this mechanism now for changing the bands. It works, it’s a little pin,
and it pops right in there and you can hear it kinda
clicks and you’re good to go. Not too bad, it takes
maybe a minute or two to change, but it’s a little bit finicky, especially when compared to the Ionic, which just has a simple button release and just clicks back in. Way easier. I wish they’d kept that
along with the Versa, but they didn’t. So I wanna talk a little
bit here about lineage here before I go into deeper features here regarding this device. The Versa, some people have thought of as more of a sequel to the Ionic, which came out last year. You can go read my full review
of that on Windows Central. Having said that, it’s
more a sequel to the Blade, which I’ve also used
extensively for a long time. I said the Ionic is more
related to the Surge, that came out a number
of years ago, as well. The main dividing line here: This has standalone GPS, these do not, these are what’s called
connected GPS, so they rely on your phone to figure
out where they are. Does that matter for you? Well, it really depends,
do you run outside or not? I never do, folks, I just
don’t run a lot at all. I do use this, though, for bike riding. In that case, I always
have my phone with me, and these devices are very good for that. So what can you do with the Versa? Well it is kind of a smart watch, or at least has some
smart watch-like features. First of all, the main
feature is gonna be exercise. So you do have the ability to store up to seven different exercises that you use frequently,
and it’s just quick access, tap on it, and you can go. Now you can see it’s trying to connect to my phone for the GPS. If, however, you don’t want to use GPS, you can actually turn
that off in the settings, for that specific exercise. Other features include repeating
alarms, music, weather. And you can install a lot
of different apps too, including Pandora, you have
a wallet, Deezer, Starbucks, Yelp, and others. Now when it comes to music
it’s really interesting, you can have up to around 300
songs stored on the device. Now, installing music on
this is a little clunky. I felt like I was installing
music on a pre-iPod day, so you’ve gotta do it through a PC, that’ll take around 30
to 40 minutes to install all your music, but it’s
not a bad experience. Once it’s on there, you
can stream to your favorite Bluetooth headset while in the
gym for a totally hands-free experience, and it’s a very
liberating one as well. If, however, you don’t
want to use your own local music, you can also
do Pandora so long as you subscribe to their
program, and you can download the last three or four
channels that you can subscribe to, or you
can pick specific ones that you want to add to
the device, and then just stream music using that. And new to Fitbit OS 2.0
as support for Deezer, which if you’re in the United States, you’ve probably never heard of, but they’re very big in Europe. You can think of them as
another Spotify-like service, a lot of people like using them. You do need a subscription, of course, to use it here, but it’s
nice to have options. Still no support for
Spotify on this device yet but perhaps that’ll come later on. When it comes to charging the Versa, you do get this really nice stand that’s included in the box. It is USB. And Fitbit always changes the connectors on how they use these devices. It’s a little bit annoying if you collect all of them, like I do. But this actually is
one of the best stands I’ve seen from them. First of all, it’s an actual stand. If you’ve seen the Ionic, it’s just a plug that basically just
connects to the back of it, it’s magnetic, and it’s
not a very good experience. This instead, you squeeze the bottom, it opens up, and you drop in the device, and now it starts charging. Really nice, permanent
stand that even has a little bit of a bottom here so it
doesn’t slide around too much. So one of the reasons
I’m such a fan of Fitbit is they’ve been a big
supporter of Windows 10. In fact, they’ve been there since day one. This is the Windows 10 app. It also runs on Windows 10 mobile, HoloLens, and including Xbox, as well. And it allows you to sync up everything to the device through
Bluetooth on your PC, and it’s a very convenient experience. Now of course you can do this
on Android and iOS, as well, but it’s nice to be able to sync across all those devices
and be able to check in on your stats whenever you want to. As you can see here, I
have my full footsteps, I have my resting heart rate, my weight, how did I sleep, and all
of that other information. Very good, and you can even track things with your friends, and that’s really the big selling point with the Fitbit is, all your friends are
probably on it as well. It connects up through
Facebook and pulls in their data, and you can do
fun things like challenges. Okay, time for some real talk. So I’ve been using the
Versa now for the last week, I’ve used the Ionic since last summertime, and every other Fitbit since 2012. I really like this Versa. First of all, it’s very
comfortable to wear. It’s very light, it’s one
of the lightest devices they have made so far,
and it’s just a very nice-looking device too. I’ve had more people
excited about the looks of this device and interested in buying it than say, the Ionic,
which was very divisive. A lot of people just absolutely
hate the way it looks, that’s totally fine, but
this is a really good one. Now when it comes to battery life, it’s not as good as the Ionic. The Ionic’s gonna get
you around five days, this is more around three. Now I should put that a
little bit into perspective, too, that it also depends on
how much you’re working out. So if you’re gonna be
working out every day, that’ll be a little bit less. And if you’re also
gonna be streaming music from it, it can be a little bit rough. For instance, a two-hour workout while streaming music the entire time will knock about 25% of battery life off. Overnight, just by sleeping, you’re gonna take around 5% as well. So you can do the math there. It depends on how much you’re
going to be using this. Still, I’m very happy with it. It charges very quickly, too. So, overall, for what it does, it gets very good battery life. Don’t forget, the Apple watch only gets a day and a half on a new one, and that’s not nearly as good. In fact, it doesn’t do any
sleep recognition, either. And that for me is a selling
point here for the Versa. This sleep data is absolutely incredible, and I say that as someone who used to do sleep science and sleep
studies in New York City. Also, there’s very good heart rate stuff. Again, comparing it to
the Ionic, the heart rate here seems to update a
little bit more quickly than the Ionic does. And due to its size and being smaller, it hugs the wrist better;
it gets better data. The Ionic sometimes would
lose contact with me, I would have some issues. I don’t have that as much here. So the next question we have is, is this a smart watch? I get Fitbit is calling it that, and there’s some truth to it. It’s more of a smart watch than, say, the Blaze was last year. There’s a lot of good stuff here. There’s Deezer, there’s
Yelp, they work okay. But if you’re buying this because you want a smart watch first
and fitness is just not really a thing for you,
you probably should get something else, including the Android Wear or maybe an Apple watch
if that’s your thing. If, however, fitness
is your first priority, or you’re looking to get into shape and start something new,
I suggest definitely getting this device. Now, I’m not a huge smart watch person. This does do notifications,
especially on Android, they come in, and you can do it for all sorts of apps. In fact, you can go
through your entire list and pick what app you want
to have notifications from, and they worked very well. Later this spring there’ll be an update that allows users to
respond to notifications, which up until now has been missing from the platform, and that’s
pretty exciting as well. But I wouldn’t buy it just for that. Those are cool little bonuses for me, and it’s nice to have. If you really want that stuff, though, you would probably want
to get something different as this is more of a smart watch second. Having said that, I really
do like the fact that they bought Pebble a few years ago. That community is now coming over, and there are so many
cool watch design faces you can now download for
this device and the Ionic that make it worth it for me. In fact, I’m still
shocked on the Apple watch there are so few faces that are out there compared to what’s available here, and you’ll spend a lot
of time toying around and figuring out what you wanna use, and that’s a cool feature to have. So another thing I wanna talk about is the special edition of the Versa, which costs an extra $30 and has NFC tap to pay and a special nylon band. Is it worth it? Well, that’s going to depend on you have tap to pay systems around you. Believe it or not, I don’t. I live in Massachusetts,
outside of Boston. I have never seen one
of these systems around. In fact, in six months of using the Ionic, I never used tap to pay once, not to mention there’s only some banks that work with Fitbit Pay,
which is their system. Bank of America does, that’s what I use, and I suppose it works. Now, I will say this nylon band, though, is super cool. I love the color of it,
I love the design of it. It worked well even at the gym. It’s very breathable, it’s
very comfortable to use and very light. And more importantly, you
can’t buy this band separately. In that regard, yeah, I
would get this version because I kinda really
like the design of it. And you also get the
regular band with it too, so for an extra $30, probably worth it. Okay, let’s run down the list here. I’m very excited about the Fitbit Versa. I think it’s an excellent purchase. For $200, you’re getting
a lot of device here. First of all, you’re going to get very good battery life. You’ll very get good heart rate data, you’ll get sleep analysis, and you will get exercise things, and you also get a little
bit of smart watch features, which I wouldn’t buy
this for a smart watch, but it’s cool to have. It’s also just a fun device to use and won’t be cumbersome
at all in your lifestyle. There’s also the fact it
works with Windows 10 mobile, Windows 10, iOS, and Android,
so no matter which device you switch to in the future,
this will work with it. So the bottom line is this. If you’re into technology
and you want a cool wearable, and you wanna get into fitness,
I think the Fitbit Versa is the best choice on the market today. So there’s a quick look
at the Fitbit Versa. Now, I have a ton to say on this device, so if you want more information on it, or if you want more videos on it, let me know in comments below. You can also go to Windows Central to read my full review. If you liked this video,
give us a thumb’s up, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching; take care, everybody.


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