Fitness, and Health, ,… Learn the Differences

Fitness, and Health, ,... Learn the Differences

it's Berk sealing and I'm here today to talk to you about fitness and health there's no health and fitness and fitness is actually fantasy it's not real I've been in the business for 43 years in the beginning everybody went to a health club they worked out they had black iron equipment they might have had a spire after the spy area started to come into play then they came in with some racquetball courts and some handball courts and then after that they started to get different equipment so that they could work out with things like novice anomalus was right it came on it was the best there was and they were trying to do classes where everybody went through so they were ahead of the class then then they went to aerobics no results are getting done so he went to aerobics and then came personal training that's when I started in was over 43 years ago I was in the first article on national fitness and trajan or Lou Ferrigno on the front and we were doing this service that no one else did but I knew that it had to be more than just serves the personal trainers worked by the way to try and get some kind of a certification and companies made money off but what were people really searching what was missing in the health clubs that things have had to change did you ever stop to ask yourself what am I really getting you know there's nobody out there that's measuring that's holding accountability that's testing it's proven nobody can predict we predict we've been predicting for 43 years we've been proving for 43 years and personal training certifications are worthless if you want to really get to the next level if you want to really start to understand what's going on it can't be about just having memberships and making money there's no health and fitness nobody is checking the blood sugar levels nobody checking resting heart rates nobody's checking the descending heart rates nobody's taking the photographs nobody's taking the pictures and when it comes to nutritionists forgiving if nutritionists could work people who's stupid here if nutritionists could they'd be getting people out of hospitals did you know that certain types of nutritionists are not allowed to give any supplements unless it's a life-threatening deal and they're not supposed to do that you're supposed to get it from your food then in 1933 our food was said to be no good by the Department of Agriculture when it sent a letter to Congress saying all the minerals Fergus and this is why we've been able to get results with people because we haven't gone the emotional route it doesn't matter what you like it doesn't matter what you feel that's what got you in the shape you're in that mindset that thinking that you've got that's got you out there oh I like that trader oh I like that guy well take a look in the mirror sweetheart and Mister because it's not working you've got to get somebody who has facts you've got to have measured tested results it's not about the cheap membership they've got things out there now that are crazy like Orangetheory or matrix okay you start looking at things like this it's nothing but again but they're CrossFit CrossFit came in because it was a class it was cheaper than personal training but it's the wrong type of ballistic movements it's kinetic energy that shouldn't be used that's great for showing them strength and demonstrating strength but to build strength that's got to be done the way novelist taught it one set done to a point of stimulus and let go so the problem is is this it isn't about memberships it isn't about equipment it isn't about the personal trainer it's not about the class it's not about CrossFit it's not about Orangetheory it's not about matrix and it's not about yoga it's about what are the facts are you giving what kind of testing is being done is it being proven to you we take a body composition test every two weeks would near-infrared light to make sure the client knows that their nutritional program is working we check the descending country to see if they're in shape and you don't need more than 18 to 21 minutes of cardio for almost any of them except if you start giving them the long-distance running so what's missing the major tested proven and predicted results and without those your body cannot remember if you're going to the gym and you're constantly working out and you can't measure a response you're in trouble why was it when you worked it and you went to the gym and you were barely in conditioned that you could do something that you could measure results then you became stronger your stead of stressing more tissue you started paying less attention to your diet your ego got bigger you thought you could work on higher so you put in more time at the gym but results slowed down almost done the idea is to do as little hard work as you can do as quality and efficient workers you can do and allow your body to recover so let's get off of the bulk of the point here let's get on to the results if nothing else get our book our book there's less than forty dollars and then we'll teach you everything you need it'll tell you how to coordinated all your nutrition all your supplements in a teacher about the workouts it'll tell you how to figure recovery and it's got more than any personal training program it's going to cost you three to five hundred out so there's no working knowledge no working knowledge people and so you can go to that gym and you can stretch your ego and you can try to act like you're smart but you've seen just like everybody else we've been producing these results for years and fitness is going right back to it the money the days of the cheap gyms are gonna go by you're gonna see the programs keep developing but until people start measuring proving and learning the inner working you can't just study nutrition you can't just study physiology you've got to understand the working knowledge of the to combine your reactive modes of the body and how they work so get our book go to our site we give away more free information than anyone else in the fitness field on the planet so test me try me out see what I'm saying you'll learn something and let's get you some results have a great day


  1. Made an anti-exercise video years ago and put one of your clips in it. Search "Exercise" in my video library, Zoroaster.
    Great stuff. Very few are advanced enough to agree with you. EGO has them tied to ignorance.

  2. I like the cut of your jib. I've been turning over every rock to cure Tourette's. I've been studying for over a decade & I'm at the ass end & most of the symptoms are gone. Plus many other improvements. I can give u a list of what has helped if u want. Do u have any ideas that I might have missed? I'll be getting the book too by the way.

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