Fitness and Psoriasis Q and A | The Psoriasis Bodybuilder #psoriasis #summershredding2019

Fitness and Psoriasis Q and A | The Psoriasis Bodybuilder #psoriasis #summershredding2019

Two hours later Just give me a sec while I put this wide camera lens on when I bought for Amazon What what’s going on everyone, my name is Mohammad Khan, hope you guys are all having a wonderful day Just head to the park near my house Change up the view do something different. Also. Can’t wait for like two more days April 14 Game of Thrones is gonna be coming back very Excited for that. It’s my favorite thing to watch anytime I am trying to chill. Before I start this video I want to mention to everybody who’s new onto this channel a little bit about me So, my name is Mohammad Khan. I am 21 years old currently Finishing off my undergrad at Brock University in business. I’m also prepping for my First ever bodybuilding show that will be taking place later this summer in July. This is my 13th Yea 13th week on my cut so far so I still have about like 11 to 12 weeks to go So I’m past my half point of my cut. I also shared my experience with psoriasis that I had in the past So if those are things that interest you make sure you guys subscribe to the channel for more videos just like this one like I said before I was I posted on Instagram that I’ll be Making a Q&A video for you guys, and I got a lot of questions I was very surprised with some of the questions that I got. I picked about 12 questions that I’ll be covering in today’s video and Yeah, let’s get right into it. So what supplements are needed to build muscle or to lose fat? I want to say something that was surprised many people supplements are not needed to build muscle or to lose weight in my opinion I don’t consider protein powder to be a supplement. It’s of like a meal replacement. You know, like it’s pushing the summer I love making smoothie sauce throw in a scoop and you know some berries or some almond milk and make a nice cold smoothie and You know, sometimes it just makes like life a little bit easier. So Protein is something that I’d say. Yeah, you can have in your diet again. I wouldn’t take it every single day I personally take protein powder two to three times a week like each time I take it. It’s just a scoop so some kind of like sometimes you know, if I’m in a rush or if at the end of the day I still have some protein left that I haven’t had enough. So I’ll take it Other than that, you don’t need any supplements to build muscle or lose fat your diet Is your key player in determining ie where you’ll get in your fitness journey. What workouts split is best for me? Whatever you can stick to for the long term, man Like honestly, I see so many people saying that yeah, you know I want to go to the gym six days a week five days a week But if that doesn’t fit into your schedule, then you’ll never be able to stick with that for the long term, right? If you’re a beginner, I recommend doing something where you can hit every muscle every single day So full body workouts are great An upper lower body split workout. It’s great. Right, and if you’re a beginner, you’re just starting out at the gym I’d say you know, like full body three times a week, you know, it’s gonna take you a while at the gym full body It’s gonna probably take you like an hour and a half or two hours a workout But you only gonna have to go to the gym three times a week upper lower. You can do upper lower Arrested at an upper lower and upper is basically you’re just hitting all your upper body muscles your chest your back your shoulders your bicep your tricep and You know a lower body is pretty much just legs so you could do that as well if you wanted to After like a year or so of training you can definitely switch it to a more high Frequency high volume training program such as the one that I’m currently running right now, which is a push-pull legs Push-pull legs rest and then repeat so I go to the gym six days a week and I train each muscle Twice every single week, but I would recommend you do that after a year worth of training So your body is you know Like able to take that much load that you’re gonna put on off of your body when you’re training with a high-frequency program What is the best diet for my fitness goals? There is no best diet to gain muscle or to lose weight, you know At the end of the day if you’re trying to build muscle or bulk up I recommend that you stay in a caloric surplus where you’re eating more calories than how much you need To maintain your current weight right now And then if you’re trying to lose weight, then I recommend you stay in a caloric deficit where you’re eating less calories Then you need to maintain your current weight I’ll actually put a link at the top of the screen somewhere over here as well in the description box down below of a video detailing how to go about Finding your calories for surplus and deficit how much training is good enough you take a look at two main things volume and frequency volume is basically the number of sets times the number of reps times the Weight that you’re using for each exercise and freedom and frequency is basically how many times are you performing that over the week? So to put it in simpler terms If you have been training for a while your intermediate trainer, you know If you’ve been ready for like I would say two or more years now I recommend that for the bigger muscles like your chest your back your legs You do 20 to 30 sets per week in total So if you’re training all that’s a chest twice a week You don’t want to be doing more than a total of 30 sets a week So let’s say Monday you do chest right you do four sets of benchpress four sets of incline dumbbell press Three sets of chest fly and three sets of PEC deck machine. So that’s like three six eight Fourteen right and then you just do a set of push-ups, right that’s fifteen sets Right and let’s say you do that again on Thursday. So 15 plus 15 sets. It’s that’s 30 sets You don’t want to be doing more than 30 sets per week If you are an intermediate lifter, and if you’re a beginner I’d recommend just doing between 15 to 20 sets per week maximum every week and then for smaller muscles you can just do 50 To 20 sets per week. It’s also ask your triceps your biceps your shoulders, right? I’ve trained, you know, like chest like 40 sets a week and honestly all that does is that prolongs your recovery? And the more you prolong your recovery the less frequently you can go to the gym and you know like push more weight and push yourselves more at the gym, so maximum I’d say 30 sets is good enough every week for the bigger muscles and Maximum of 15 to 20 sets for the smaller muscles. What is the best way to increase number of push-ups or chin-ups? I can do and my strength on all exercises So two things you want to remember is consistency and improving and that goes for everything that you do in life, right? Anything that you do you want to be doing it consistently? On a regular basis and obviously every time you do what you want to do it a little bit better now With regards to building strength or muscle or increasing how many pushups or chin-ups you can do you want to focus on something called? Progressive overload and what? progressive overload is that you basically Lifting more weights each time. Let’s say on week one day one of your training, you know you hit chest then you do bench, press at 185 pounds which is a plate on each side right the next week you when you go to the gym you should try aiming for 190 or 195 pounds so That’s basically you adding two and a half or five pounds on each side of the bar, right? So that’s progressive. Overload It’s basically you adding weight a little bit of weight. Each time you go to the gym on any given exercise All right, that’s the best way to increase strength and you can also keep track of this You know by just writing it down or by using an app called rep count where you can you know enter the exercise the number of sets the number of reps and the weight they use for that exercise and After to a couple of weeks you can you know It allows you to like draw a graph on the app where you can see if you are, you know If your strength is if the numbers are basically going up then you should be basically getting stronger, right? So that’s a basic cool progressive overload is if you can’t do a push-up or a pull-up, you know the bodyweight by yourself That’s okay with pull-ups chin-ups and tips you can you know use the assisted pull-up Assisted machine where you know like you add weight that essentially helps you do the movement, which makes it a bit easier, right? And you can still use the concept of progressive overload the chin-ups as an example, right you go to the gym Let’s say on day one. You can do only two chin-ups with your body weight, right? let’s just say Next week try to hit three the week after try to hit four the week after that try to hit six and just build on Top of that right slowly but surely you’ll get there. Why is eight hours of sleep very important I feel like this question is very easy to answer in a way because it eight hours of sleep is important because like your body just needs it right period right you need a minimum of six hours and eight hours is the Recommended Universal like amount that you should be sleeping If you are training I would highly highly recommend that you still you get seven to nine hours worth of sleeping if you’re an intermediate lifter Like myself, you know you’re training five six days a week that’s putting a lot of tax on your body, which is fine, but you need to you know compensate that with Proper sleep, right sleeping eight hours and every single day or else you’ll just run into issues of recovery You might hurt yourself faster that way right? So make sure that you guys are sleeping properly. If you sleep five four or five hours every single day you’ll feel it there’s no one on this planet that can sleep four or five hours every single day and You know still be like killing it in life, you know like you’re just gonna run into issues whether it be at the gym whether it be you know, My work or school you just fall asleep, or you can’t concentrate. So make sure you guys are sleeping eight hours every single day is it advisable to take whey protein and BCAAs when you’re suffering from psoriasis so When I had psoriasis I honestly did not take any supplements. And one thing I recommend to my psoriasis people out there is that Eat only Whole Foods for a while You know for like two or three months go on a diet where you’re pretty much just eating whole foods you know foods that haven’t been processed yet such as potatoes rice Lean cut meats, you know like chicken breast fish You know whole wheat pasta whole wheat bread, you know not not eating in a junk food packaged food processed food that much Personally for a whole month thirty days. I did a 30-day challenge for myself when I had psoriasis I went vegan for for a whole month or I ate no meat. No, nothing animal related I ate during that one month You know, no eggs. No dairy. No cheese no meat and I bought a vegan protein powder Right and that’s basically made out of P protein and rice protein and that’s perfectly fine. I will be making a video on What supplements to take when? You have psoriasis or be sure to Be on the lookout for that video are some tips for someone who eats like shit and needs to want and wants to change their Diet, you got a meal prep, man, if you’re eating like shit, and you know, you’re eating like shit Then I’d recommend you know, you take two to three hours one time a week and you know go to the grocery store That’s gonna take you maybe max an hour make a grocery list before you go So, you know what you need to buy right and bring those stuff home cook it yourself So that you know you are in control of what’s going inside your body, right? So yeah, that’s honestly the only thing I could recommend is meal prep And if you have a busy schedule, you know like what I like to do on Sundays or meal prep for the entire week and You know like me and if you’re gonna complain and be like, oh, you know, I want to eat fresh meals every single day Well, I mean you can cook fresh meals every single day, but it’s gonna definitely be hard for you, right? It’s not easy to cook fresh meals every single day So definitely I recommend, you know meal prepping Another thing that you guys can do is make small switches when you go eat out right for example using milk instead of cream in your coffee sweetener instead of sugar eating baked food instead of fried, you know, if you’re eating out and there’s fried chicken and there’s baked chicken then I mean You know like eat baked chicken instead of fried chicken, right? You go to you go you go to buy a sandwich. Try to get whole-wheat bread instead of white bread, right? So just make small changes like that that I will definitely help you in the long run when did your fitness journey started I started lifting back in grade 12 when my one of my close friends actually got me into fitness and you know just training and Literally from the day that I started At the I started the gym in my high school when I started I just fell in love with it, you know it was uh It was a place where I could really go to Relieve a lot of stress and I’m a person that I tend to stress a lot and very fast So the gym is something that you know, I go and it’s just like it’s just me nothing else matters and it just allows me to just like sewing out and just you know, just concentrate on myself and when I went to university I Became very overweight. So yeah, I went into my first year at 175 pounds and After that first year, so literally that’s just eight months later right? Not even a year. I was 250 pounds so yes, I gained 75 pounds In eight months you do the math. How many pounds that is per week. That is a lot of pounds per week in The course of eight months right? And that’s where I started to take my diet very seriously when I got overweight at 250 pounds So my phone fell over there because the wind pushed it so I’m moving again It’s probably cold because like Game of Thrones is you know on the way Winter is here So, yeah, like I’m saying, you know, I started taking my diet a lot more seriously once you know, I hate 250 pounds but that was the point where I hit when I actually Got my psoriasis because I was pretty depressed with being overweight and how do you stay motivated? Don’t you know motivation is something that just comes and goes, you know? It’s like an energy boost if you were to take an espresso shot, right? what happens after a while you get you get a you almost get a crash right or you just a fade the Hype or that energy just fades away, right? That’s the thing about motivation It just gets you up and it gets you hyped and you know, if you get you feeling feeling energized and everything but you know at the end of the day like it doesn’t keep you going right but what happens when life gets hard and Situations are I say you have little or no control over discipline? No matter what happens You guys will still do what you need to do. I give you guys an example Sometimes I get so busy like drina’s exam seasons and you know It’s difficult for me to go work out six days a week You know each time each day a week ago I go for it For like one and a half to two hours because I gotta do cardio, you know And then I also got a stick to my diet. So I got a meal prep So I gotta do all of that while also studying and finishing up with my 4-year program Right and there like it gets hard and I’m not motivated to do it every single day Sometimes I just feel like you know like it’ll be so much more easier if I can just go to McDonald’s and grab a meal instead of Cooking a meal for myself, right? But that’s where discipline kicks in I know that this is something that I want to do I want to contest prep, right so I do you know I’m meal prep. I go to the gym no matter what I do cardio or not Every time I hate doing cardio personally, I don’t want to go step on a Stairmaster Or you know or whatever amount of minutes every single day, but you know I do it either way get the job done. Then you feel so much more good about yourself So, how do I start stay motivated? I don’t you sometimes have to in life cut some time off from things that you want to do in Order to do the things that you need to do. How do you measure success? Honestly, I don’t like sit there and measure success right with a ruler or anything like that but I Compare and compete with myself and myself only right? I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that okay How are you going to be a better version of yourselves? next week or the month after I can’t compare with myself with like you know other people that have already for example build successful YouTube channels or have you know I’ve very shredded and good-looking physique, right because thing is like and that’s the thing with success, you know everybody always sees that good, you know, everybody sees that, you know, when you look at a very shredded and lean Bodybuilder, everybody sees like old man. He saw Jack, you know, he’s so ripped and everything, right? But they don’t see all the back and work that that individual had put in to get that physique you know all that dieting for long term the cardio or the training, right, you know spending money on like You know a grocery shopping like what I’m trying to say It’s basically like you can’t measure success by looking at somebody else’s success You just got to look at yourself and put in the work to get to where you want to be This is all really a question, but somebody asked me how much do you love me? I know the person who asked me this question and I’m just gonna answer this to everyone I love everyone honestly like I don’t have hate for anyone if in the past, you know, I Fought with you. I Made you angry or I said something to you. I honestly Apologize from the bottom of my heart like like straight up. Um, that’s just me being honest Like I know in the past I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I know in the future I’ll make a lot of mistakes and that’s just, you know, part of being human plan. You know, I distant myself from certain people Right, but at the end of the day, you know, I love everybody and I hope the best for everybody I don’t want to make I don’t want anybody to feel that you know, they They’re still angry with me or anything So if you’re watching this video and I did something that you know made you angry with me. I’m very sorry for that Honestly, yeah, like how much do you love me again? I love everybody and I want everybody to you know, be successful and get to where they want to be That’s what this channel is all about Bonus question, somebody asked me what is a good post-workout meal now? I don’t want to answer this question just yet because I’ll be making a video on three Post-workout meals just like the one I did last week If you guys haven’t already dat three pre-workout meals that you guys can’t eat before you guys workout So I’ll be making that three post-workout meal video very soon. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the notification bell So you guys don’t miss out that video if you found this video helpful in any way, please smash the thumbs up button for me One last thing I want to mention that I wrote down over here that I really wanted to tell you guys is that And it’s also included in the title of this video. Maybe you guys are wondering what it’s all about I’m also taking part in an online competition with this Christian guzmán summer shredding challenge and It’s kind of getting late now but basically you guys have till this Monday to take part in this competition if you guys decided to what it is is that it’s an online competition where you upload a video of your Starting point which would be like right now, right? Let’s just say and If not, you you guys would have 90 days to basically, you know Get get lean or get shredded if you want to lose weight You know, it’s basically like an all-in like fitness transformation and it could also be you know Are you putting on some muscle putting on some size, right? So yeah, basically I’m taking part in I’m taking part in that 90 day challenge as well So if you guys are interested you guys can you know take part in that challenge as well? It’s an online competition you I want to do it just so that I want to see how far I can push my boundaries you know how far I can push myself Don’t do this for you know your others just do it for yourself You don’t even have to take part in the club position You could just do the 90 day challenge yourself, you know You can start like let’s just see today tomorrow and then just for like three months, you know just diet concentrate on your fitness Training and go to the gym on a regular basis and see how your life changes in a better way over those 90 days But if you guys wanted to take part in the competition, I’ll put a link in the description box down below I’ll take you guys to the instruction page and you guys can find out exactly how to take part in that challenge God, it’s getting so cold. Like it’s what happened. They were so good yesterday Yeah, I’m gonna wrap it up over here. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this Q&A video Let’s work together to build better versions of ourselves and I’ll see you guys in the next one


  1. Hi… I have a psoriasis problem since 4 years… I was taking medicine and applying cream so everything aprrox. 70% fine but after going to gym since 1 month, the problem comes to my hand and my back too…. Even I am consuming whey protein and egg whites .. I don't know the reason actually…. Will u help me out pls?

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