1. More strength training videos that are focused on only upper body or lower body? I have done almost everything and would love to see more! I also would love to see more strength + hiit workouts! They burn out my body like nothing else.
    Thank you so much for doing what you do! You guys are awesome [:

  2. I would like to see calendar workout and what to eat every day for the specific workout, I like to lose 25 lb.

  3. Can you PLEASE make a SERIES of 10 minute strength training workout videos (with and without weights) for folks who want to lose weight but don't have the time for long workouts. I have searched for others but they lack big time!

  4. Please do more workouts that's longer, aprox 50 mins that's focusing on HIIT and strength trainings, I really enjoy these intense workout ! Cheers!

  5. Hi I am really happy you people are back I would really love more step workout also few more workout to reduce and uplift bust
    Thanks guys

  6. can you please add toning videos or some advise how to tone up…I have lost 40ibs…but I need to tone up now not sure how :/ please help

  7. please more 20 minute high intensity cardio!! i really don't have the time to exercise sometimes, so those are AMAZING!

  8. Can you do a workout to fix glute imbalances? I have a kind of bum knee on the left side, so doing squats, lunges, etc actually exacerbate this imbalance, as my body won't really even let me do them properly.

    I started just doing double sets of leg lifts etc on the left side but maybe you could design a workout specifically for this. Love you guys and thanks so much for all you do!!!

  9. i want to get long workouts for abs, legs and arms (without weights please) thank u💞 you ruel💪💪

  10. Hi guys!
    So happy to read you are going to add some videos… I wanted to ask if you could add more of the hard stuff- I really like the hard stuff- Daniel's HIIT videos. Will there be new ones?
    Thank you!

  11. I need advice! I am a full time college student and work part time and have a hard time finding time to workout 🙁

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