Fitness crucial for Silver Ferns World Cup squad – coach

Fitness crucial for Silver Ferns World Cup squad - coach

there is a whole lot more to the game of netball than simply passing and catching and this year's Silver Ferns fitness test is a testament to that the Silver Ferns coach Norling todo er worked closely with high performance sport New Zealand to ensure she had the best all-round squat squad to compete at the netball World Cup now to achieve this she put hopefuls through vigorous testing to get a chance of making the team sports reporter Ravinder hanya headed to the Millennium Institute of Sport in Auckland to find out why the fuss over fitness the Silver Ferns coach Nolan thora identified Fitness as one crucial component to choosing the final twelve to compete at this year's netball World Cup what Shaun out and quad constellation cups was probably our fitness levels our ability to sustain repeated efforts from quarter to quarter and even game to gain I don't think we're at the level that we need it to be to be able to compete so that's been a big push as well and hence the standards that have been placed on players players vying for a Silver Ferns spot were put through vigorous fitness tests which they had to pass in order to be shortlisted for the site but what exactly was involved I teamed up with one of my netball team mates and national tag player te young our kupuna and high performance New Zealand coach Chloe McKinsey to find out so let's start at the beginning why is dota so fixated on fitness and it was a fast dynamic game so the ferns needs to be able to be fit enough to be able to perform the game stay injury-free and perform the best they can a lot of the time it's the effort putting in the intensity is we need to be working it to make sure we're matching game intensities that's really important those who were thought to be Shawn's for the squad were left out because of these results so how was their fitness tracked and how exactly other players measured fitness that could be anything from court shuttles to longer distance so in it was a intermittent sport so it's lots of short bursts of intensity so we need to make sure we're covering that as well as doing longer distance so a game of nipple is an hour long so we need to make sure they're able to actually withstand that for a whole game the fitness test the main test we use as a yo-yo intimate recovery test and that that measures the player's ability to repeatedly perform high intensity aerobic work so that's that's one one of the main tests we use all ANZ premiership franchise teams were assigned a high performance coach to monitor the fitness of players throughout the season they then reported back to the Silver Ferns strength and conditioning coach on their progress testing happened preseason midseason and at the conclusion with players able to repeat the test if they wished TDR and I managed a cool 14 but players like Laura Langman and no one to go 20 plus but Chloe McKenzie who worked with the northern stars this season says there's a reason the mid-quarter would do well with different positions requiring different targets we do have targets for different positions positions on court obviously require different fitness standards or where they where they need to be reaching their targets so we do we do have differences between mid shooters different defenders they're all different so fitness tests obviously you want your mid quarters they need to be a bit further they need to move more around the court so they they tend to have higher high targets to reach players are also measured on how far and how high they can jump the vertical jump test is used as an indication of lower body power so I'm hitting 34 but these athletes are heading 57 the horizontal jump is all about how far forward an athlete can propel themselves from a standing position the goal is to maximize the opportunity to meet the ball gain prime rebounding ability and of course those all-important intercepts so the testing we do with the fins as comparable to other teams around the world and the yoyo is one of the testers commonly used to measure fitness so yeah we use their NS it's comparable now we have a glimpse of all three mandatory components involved in a Silver Ferns fitness test thanks to Chloe from high performance sport New Zealand for taking us through the yo-yo vertical and horizontal jump tests and its targets set by Silver Ferns coach Nolan fedora ahead of the netball World Cup now it's time to put it to the test against Malawi for Game one what they oughta call da he born a courier vendor honey out there name

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