yep that's me hello and welcome my name is Tina woods I'm a 20 year old part-time youtuber full time life doer and I know what you thinking Tina another video crazy it must be sponsored well you're funny because it is to do what we're gonna be doing is a fitness fashion review oh and then this Fitness fashion review the fitness fashion brand that's gonna be under Fitness fashion reviewed is gonna be it's gonna let me try that again and the brand that's about to be Fitness fashion repeated is going to be Fitness fashion brand fabletics fabletics is an online store based on athleisure wear it screams like I could be active but also like could it's up to you really just it doesn't matter so you don't have to be a VIP to shop at fabletics but you do become a VIP there's a lot of benefits that come with it such as you get like 50% off most of the time breaking it free shipping free returns 30 days if you're not happy with him you get personalized pics and all this stuff and you know I am about personalized things you know how I'm all about it's okay to be selfish sometimes it doesn't matter it's alright so yes this video is sponsored but you're welcome because if you use a link in my description box you get two pairs of leggings for only $24 that's a steal if I've ever seen one so without further ado I bring you my fitness fashion review let's get started all right let's get it started so for the first outfit we have these red high-waisted solar-powered flex leggings and a really nice waistband that just holds everything in and super cute great for baseball you know just getting those swings and just getting some BP and you know what I'm saying so I'm pairing it with my white Nikes as I will with every other outfit and my favorite t-shirt in the world my Traverse City Pittsburgh because they have the coolest logo in the world here look at it wow this was my third strike through so they're out and that's it so lucky I don't play baseball or else everyone else would be jobless these are the castles fold-over cured luxe leggings and they have a super key drawstring on the leg just in case you want to show a little bit more angle maybe you're working out on a Saturday and you're feeling all frisky just pull those suckers up then we also have the FEI high impact sports bra and it's so strappy so cute and it really brings out my knee wraps I just love it I love it a lot really good bird kickboxing maybe even you know biking and finally we fight or you can even do some girls with it you know he's just do your thing can also it handles balls well we had all types of balls movies like [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the next outfit gives me mad Maddie Ziegler vibes this outfit just screams Dance Moms to me and I wish I was a dancer because then this would get probably a lot more used but I'm not this is the Hallie Terry propped hoodie and gray as such a cute little friggin too brighter now you see it now you don't also has a giant pocket for all your giant things so let's just play some volleyball all right yawn and it's high impact as well there's no movement no jiggle no nothing in there I just love it a lot with the little mesh details also these are solar solid power hold crop weight what you want in freeze frame breaking news forgotten by to start to turn Tina this is herself on sand volleyball court these are the power world cropped leggings they're super cute I used to not really like props for some reason I'm relating a needs here I'm wearing another pair of power Flags like this just with the higher up cropped and I this is my favorite crop ever oh I'm his layup perfect form perfect for layups great you know for everything I love the super thick waistband in the crop of the legs waistband really holds in your belly extremely flattering as well and trust me the movement and means your mobility is impeccable and I'm Jodie without fast night look and I'll leave you with the rest of these highlights I want you guys to know you miss 100% of the shots you don't take here is my favorite best of all men serving country club by maybe like a rocks daughter don't stop shopping at forever 21 it's super cute it's super mature I love the one-shoulder this is the wind low-impact sports bra it's two shoulders but you can take one of the straps off so it's one shoulder and I love it I'm gonna look classy I feel like I got money in a boat and I look like I belong on a boat that's why pants have this really nice breathable mesh on the side and it's super cute super crop in the waistband is super tight on top and high-waisted so it hold it in everything that you don't want and out know what I'm saying anyone say it but yeah love this outfit it's very simple but it's so cute like I said I'm tired of wearing all black but I don't mind this alright so let's see how it holds up of course impeccable sweet to my blood fathers a golfer not Tiger Woods seem to be Pat but I really think that the best was holding me back so let me take it off runway something's still holding me back and I'm pretty sure it's these straps let's take these suckers off I bet without this strap I'm just gonna for wacky what are you my trusty seminar here and I wouldn't lie to you all right so that was my fabletics fitness fashion review I hope that you guys enjoyed it a lot because I have a lot of fun filming it I want to say thank you to back Lenox for sponsoring this video I really just think it fits my vibe and I was really happy to see a brand like this reach out to me you'd be like hey we also agreed thing we're just vibing I feel like we revived it so you know we just we just linked up and vibe together and I'm doing this video you know be sure to at least check out that lettings because it's so cute and even if you don't feel like buying anything just send it to a friend you think my like and parents whatever anybody I just think it's so cute and it deserves the attention that it's getting the quality's amazing colors are amazing brand itself is amazing whoo go women and I know y'all like athleisure if you're interested in fabletics be sure to click the link in my description you can get two pairs of leggings for $24 so thank you for letting so much for sponsoring this video also I want to say thank you to Caden for being the camera man because it was 110 degrees outside and you's a real trouper you just had to sit there and film and watch me have fun everyone say Thank You fabletics and thank you Caden all right you guys thank you for watching I hope you actually enjoyed it comment down below if you want me to do anything in particular next I really want to start going outside and do things and I also had the idea that I wanted I want to paint a table for some reason you know how when you're on your period and you crave like me well right now I'm craving painting a table so if you're interested I mean I can make it fun I don't know if I already said it but be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you want to you don't have to follow me on Instagram if you want to alright I think that's it go outside and do stuff outside I don't care if it's play with worms or something just go outside talk to strangers responsibly talk to real-life people about what's going on because the Internet is a crazy place and it's not real it's real but you know what I mean it's not like real yeah and just do whatever you literally want to within reason okay whatever's morally correct to you I had don't care just you do you alright make sure that make sure that you're doing you where is it where is this going okay be yourself you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take


  1. the best sponsorship ever !! keep your head up Tina ! we love you ☺️💙 & 😭love the basketball edits lol

  2. we support you through everything, do a sponsorship for every video we'll still support you we love u.

  3. you should just do a mukbang and update us on everything that has been happening in your life lately.

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