fitness favorites: things I can't live without for the gym

fitness favorites: things I can't live without for the gym

seriously screaming internally as I like the thought of this video actually happening right now because I've been planning up for so long and I'm so excited but I'm also really scared that it's not gonna turn out high why I normally don't get like anxiety over my videos but this one has been taking the cake what's up everyone welcome back to my channel if you are new here hi how are you doing my name is Abby ashlynn and I am a lifestyle and College youtuber I am 21 about via senior at the University of Alabama and I am in Dallas right now currently and I'm just doing youtube full-time this summer and today's video was so exciting because I've been planning it for so long and I haven't seen one of these on youtube before and I feel really good about videos whenever I haven't seen them on YouTube before and there's something that I like just doing out of pure creativity myself but I'm also really stressed that it's not gonna strain ha I want it to be but besides the point I'm gonna be doing a fitness a master list for you guys I'm kind of just sharing at my favorite products supplements complements to working out on everything I have been really prioritizing my health and fitness and it just my overall just strength this summer because it's the only time I've ever really had time to put as much focus on as I ever have in my life really besides when I like to gymnastics I'm worked out like insanely all the time but I just have really been enjoying prioritizing my health and fitness I have been trying out so many different new products this summer as far as like supplements go and I've gotten like tons of new different like workout clothes recently and I'm just like really been stepping outside of my comfort zone with working out and fitness in general and I want to share everything with you guys that I think I love for my everyday workouts that I used with my everyday workout things that really have made my whole workout experience better before we get started definitely follow me on social media down below if you are already it is all always like down below I have literally everything down there and subscribe if you are already so you can stick around and see more content in the future I want to start off with like my favorite gym bag I've had a few but I kind of stopped using them for a while and I got this one from fabletics from through a sponsored video and I've never been happier with the product um it is just this really sleek black 2 pouch bag has cup holders on both sides it's like a cute little mini backpack adjustable straps and it just holds everything perfectly I normally take like two different water bottles to the gym and everything and I always have stuff in here so I don't know it's just really great I will have everything linked down below and it's just the perfect size that's not too big not too small and I love that I like exclusively use it for the gym next up as far as shoe goes shoes go I'm not very picky with shoes for the gym it's just because I don't even like have that many parents if she's compared to the average girl I feel like I wear the same shoes all the time these are Nike Odyssey Reax I don't think they sell them anymore like in this exact style at color but they do have Odyssey react shoes I believe I'll try and link some down below my boyfriend got these for me for Christmas I think maybe my birthday maybe Valentine's Day it's all running together in my head these are just great really really lightweight shoes when I do legs I still usually end up wearing these to be honest when I should probably just be wearing like my converse or something which I do have a pair of Converse that I can wear to the gym these are just really good because if I decided to do cardio one day at the gym these are fine and they're also just really good stable lightweight supportive shoes to wear to the gym as far as apparel goes okay so for lifting my favorite sports bra I really love the Lululemon power why bras they have like just literally a wide design in the back I think I have three or four of these sports bras this one's like a yellow color they have a ton of colors they have removable pads um if you are larger chested you probably won't like this as much but if you're not doing any cardio I don't really think it matters like that's why I said for lifting this is my favorite but they're just really really comfy a super soft material the band is not like too restrictive at all and this is a size 6 I believe I think I have one that's a four and it's just it's too small and I should have gotten a four and a five I really like the power eyebrows for lifting I know the trend right now and like what's popular is to wear sports bras and Lighting's to the gym I haven't really gotten fully comfortable with that if it's long enough I will but there's just some nasty men who like make comments and stuff even when I'm like wearing a regular tank top and looking so I like can't even imagine what be like if I were wearing a full-on sports bra but granted that's what my gym here in Dallas I'm going to I'm just going to my apartment gym so whatever thankfully my boyfriend's with me though when I'm working out so I don't feel as scared I really love this sports bra for like cardio and like spin class I will wear this one by itself to a spin class I never really wear sports bras and leggings to the actual gym but to like a cycle Barre class which I was talking about ever shut this summer just for like this month just cuz I've been really enjoying it is that Ella sports bra from fat let except it's beautiful pink color it's higher neck which I like so you know you're not like spilling out of your bra or anything and it's just very comfy and very supportive in my opinion once again has removable pads really cute back design and this one works really well with like high waisted leggings if you just wanted to wear this to the gym I really like wearing long sleeve cropped tops that are very fitted and seamless like from the gym shark or fabletics I didn't bring them out here with me just cuz it's not in season like top the long season ones long sleeve ones just cuz it's so hot outside but I do really like wearing those to the gym it's a little bit cooler with leggings and I just really like the whole look of the long sleeve seamless crop top with high waisted leggings I think that's more conservative than just wearing a strip sports bra I just physically like can't do it yeah like I'm not there I just I'm scared honestly if I were to wear this the job of high waisted leggings I would be like I I feel I just feel like all eyes are on me I don't like that I really love this gym shark sports bra I'll leave a link down below I know they don't have this color anymore the only thing I don't like cuz this doesn't have pads in it and it is then so I mean like if you're even slightly cold like you're next I gotta show through so I really really love this the back of it this is definitely a longer one as you can tell this with like some fabletics high waisted leggings pretty much covers you up and you feel like you're in the sports bra thing so it's very comfortable and I love wearing this to spend – just because the tank tops kind of get in the way during spend so I really like wearing like long sports bras for that I'm gonna show you guys a couple pair of leggings just you guys have options as far as price points and styles go so I've only tried out once kind of gems sharukh leggings and it's the vital seamless I have this pair and then I have the bright pink pair I really like my all seamless legging I wear a size small and I'm usually like a four or a six in pants for reference but they are just I love the fun colors and they're just really comfy and I just really really like them like you hold me together and they're high-waisted and they're good and between for like price point wise they're not too expensive but they're also not like crappy cheap pair of leggings next up or fabletics high-waisted seamless leggings I love their seamless seamless leg moves very comparable but not as impressive as the generic ones but um you can't compare them to them these are a little bit these kind of just like form to your body and they're not necessarily gonna be compressive like the gym shark material is and I have like this dark gray pair they're inside out right now so ignore the color difference but these have like mesh on the bottom and then I have a plain dark grey pair and these are just very comfy I love them for leg day because they go so high up like they literally go to this like almost the bottom of my sports bra pretty much which I love so it like holds up my whole stomach and hip region and and they're just really they really allow me to move if that makes sense like one leg day and stuff next up fabletics I forgot what these are called they're just like the high-waisted seven eight I want to see they're powerful but that might not be the name of them and I'll leave a link down below but these are just the plain but 7/8 length ones these are so good a very compressive a little bit thicker of a fabric but they're still so amazing I'm for going to the gym or doing cycle bar and then as far as like lifting and cycle bar goes my favourites are probably Lululemon fast and free which I have a plain black pair as well but they're dirty this is just like a pattern pair I have they're very thin and they do have a seam on the waistband which I don't love like at the top of the waistband but um they have pockets on the side so you can stick your phone in them so I really like them for lifting without reason to and they're just very thin so you can breathe so I really like I'm flat reason but I wish they were a little bit more high-waisted like the gym shark or the fat Lennox ones and I really love little women wonder under extreme leggings but I find myself saving this pair to wear like during the week when I'm running air or going to class or something instead of working out just because I really like them for day to day where there's still a really good option for everything else and then if you're wondering what underwear I wear with like those seamless leggings and stuff because I know that it like shows through I their target cells a bunch of like seamless underwear that doesn't have anything on them at Victoria's Secret does airy dyes those are the three places I pretty much only buy underwear from so you can get any of those they're far as my favorite like bottle goes I use this blender bottle I got it off Amazon I love the frosted white color just because it matches everything and it's just beautiful I need to order more of blender bottles so I literally use it for pre-workout my protein and any other like crystal light type thing I'm doing which I never really do that but if I do blender bottles are ideal for it so I got this one off the Amazon you can get little baby ones you can get the big ones but Amazon pretty much has every color in the world so does GNC there's a good investment I didn't have it for the longest time but once I started using supplements I needed it the only thing I don't like about frosted white color is it's really hard to read like this measurement increments for like how much water or milk you have in here because I just it's so hard I have to hold it up in a certain light and that's the only thing I don't like about that color okay thank alike deletes and stuff off my ass gee cards so sorry okay so next up is just my general water bottle for the gem I do have a hydro flask abaya I mainly just use that for like going to class or chilling at home hydro floss are just so large and loud and just inconvenient for the gym to be honest I have this little lemon like little cycling type of water bottle you can get these from like Target but like Camelback or anything like that you don't have to get a little mmm one but I'll leave a link down below I know they have other really cute patterns I love taking this a cycle bar and I love using this in the gym just filling it up with my water and you can also use this as like a shaker bottle if you just hold the top and shake it it's fine I use it for my BCAAs all the time but it's just a really good water bottle in the gym you don't need a hide to Fosca image on it just button even fit in my gym bag pockets and this does so I just really like this and I like keeping them separate so feel like taking a hard fall syllogism gets like really dirty and gross so yeah next up I'm gonna do my favorite like protein bar I don't always eat protein bars arm and I have ways but these know what I ate when I actually had a trainer for volleyball otherwise ETS after school and before I went to my trading and volleyball practice these are the power Crunch Bars you can get a and off Amazon and like a variety pack or in bulk or you can get a target GMC smoothie king whatever my favorite flavors are the wild berry cream french vanilla cream and cookies and cream I don't love the chocolate one and I don't love the peanut butter one they're a little bit too much for me and tastes a little bit too weird but they're pretty much just like a coated wafer so if you don't like that the powder enos that like wafers don't get this but it's not like eating like a block of just protein powder like a lot of protein bars are these just taste really good they're kind of sweet but the nutrition facts are good on then there's only 5 grams of sugar oh these have 14 grams of protein and 5 grams of sugar he sounds like you got hits in the comments yeah I mean this is definitely more like a processed protein bar if I eat these before workout I feel a lot better and I know that proteins more like a post-workout thing but I usually just eat one of these before I workout just to fill my stomach up a little bit so I don't fall over or if I do like an early-morning workout instead of eating a full breakfast before cuz I do like a full breakfast every day I like one of these if I did like a 5:30 or 6:30 like early morning class or BCAAs I just started using them in April and when you're just finish up this thing a couple weeks ago and this is the Elan Inu VCAA and sour gummy and it's really an amazing flavored product all the lot of news products are so good with flavors at their own point with the description and everything this really tastes like a pink a blue sour gummy worm I love the taste BCAAs are meant to be drank like with like during your workout with water and then or after your workout and it's pretty much just supposed to help with like muscle recovery and soreness and hydration and endurance for your muscles and honestly I don't know how well this worked so I have been contemplating repressing just because it's a expensive it's like you supplements with your workouts and I literally just started doing all of this stuff I used to use like no pre-workout no BCAAs none of that pretty much since like a for all this past April its July right now before so I recently just started using them just because I just feel like it just made my workout so much better anyway it's BCAAs I don't really know if he's helped me looking back I did not get sore that many times when I would use these and drink this during my workout there were times when I still would be sore but it was usually if you know I was doing more reps or using more weight so naturally I would hope I would be sore from that but um a lot of times like I like I don't know when I don't use them I'm sore pretty much every time I work out so now that I think about it these weren't working because I haven't been using these that past like week and a half or two weeks since I'm out of it and I think I've been sore after every workout so now that I think about it they do work and I just didn't think they did while I was using it because it was just I just didn't think about it so overall I do think they work it's just I don't know it's probably a person-to-person type of thing and they have tons of amazing flavors you can get the sample packets for $0.99 online only if you want a new website we can find like these bottles either on that website or in GNC next up for pre-workout oh my gosh pre-workout let's change the game for me it's dangerous if you like have a lot of caffeine already during the day because this is 200 milligrams caffeine for this one which I know is on the lower end of pre workouts I've only tried one other pre-workout and I don't know the name of it but I didn't like it because it made me tingly and it was just too much I feel like no tingles with this workout I don't feel my heart racing I don't feel anxious it just seriously it makes me so focused during my workout and it's probably like partially a mine thing and it's also just I think that caffeine just kind of makes you more focused and energized for your workout you take it 20 minutes before you workout with water I have the flavour cotton candy grape it definitely just tastes like more like a grape flavor it's not necessarily like a cotton candy flavor um but I have tried the rainbow candy and that tastes just like pink Pez to me like if you've ever had a little pause candy the pink flavor oh the pads that's exactly what rainbow candy tastes like and then I've tried Hawaiian shaved ice as well and that's a more subtle and not a sweet flavor because the rainbow candy was very sweet and a Hawaiian shaved ice kind of just tasted like a blue coconut type of snow cone to me to be honest I'm going to order the Aloha pineapple off the Elan II new website just because I wanted to get this one in store in person and GNC only sells certain flavors in store so oh now I've got my favorite protein this is the Aulani new whey protein I'm sorry with the Elana new stuff I just can't help it but this is a whey protein and confetti cake and I absolutely love love love love love this protein to death I used to just use like vanilla plant-based proteins and I would just get like a $25 one from Target then it likes a lot and don't get me wrong I do love those and I would just mix them with like fruit and an almond milk like some frozen fruit but it's expensive to like keep buying frozen fruit and I figured you know like if I got like a flavor like this obviously I'm gonna need to mix a ton of fruit with like a confetti cake flavor you can take this with almond milk or water I'm normally do like half a sweet vanilla milk and half water or I'll do just water um and you this has 23 grams of protein and one gram of sugar and 110 calories it's really amazing it tastes just like birthday cake I tried the foam our nutrition birthday cake one and it had like the same idea with like the sprinkles inside and everything just like the Salani new one has and the Bomar one tasted really amazing – it was probably a little bit sweeter than this one I would say but it really messed up my stomach for some reason and it was really expensive this was like 40 dollars I think for this whole thing and it has 30 servings and I got a 16 serving one for like 35 from boom arm but this one was just this one he's not messing me up and my stomach or anything and I just really really like it and they have tons of other amazing flavors and what bars headphones go I do have the I should have grabbed them but I don't know where they're on right now the over the ear like Beats Studio wireless headphones that have like the one little cord that connects the two headphones are really great for working out and are cheaper alternatives like getting like over-the-air beats to do headphones or ear pods or something that's what I used to use all the time for working out and my boyfriend had gotten them for me and they're really great great sound quality they say to my ears and they were comfortable but I've got ear pods for my birthday and they have changed the game they're just so much easier with working out because you can just pop them in and pop them out real quick like someone's talking to you you can just tap them and I turn off and they're just amazing and they are as in my way as my beats to do ones where even though they were Wireless that one cord if I was ever doing squats or something or had the bar on my back it would get in the way of the bar and it just like hurts I'm at diggin or it will get caught in my hair and err pause did all have to worry about that so I had to recommend ear pods honestly they are an investment but I literally could not live without mine now I swear I was like apps ago I don't really use any workout apps or programs or anything I never have I pretty much just follow Instagram workouts that I find on like influencer pages or I just use the thing as I know like that I've just been doing for so long I know you guys really want me to do like a workout with me type of video but I just haven't worked up the like courage to do that in the gym and a lot of the gyms I go to I can't film in so I can't really help it but some Instagram influencers that I really like to follow I follow Bianca Franco ECX outfit and I'll leave everyone link down below she was really like aesthetic looking workouts and everything I'm like looking through them on my phone right now and I'll have like a screen recording on here she has really great workouts and she is like certified a personal training I believe and then I really like not be fit she was really awesome workouts and everything too and she's like very realistic like she'll talk about like her downfalls and everything too and she was really awesome workouts I recently discovered her and then someone actually messaged me one of you guys messaged me and told me that I looked like Rachel Alexandra and that's how I found her but now I like loved her page and I follow her and she is like she like really has an amazing body and she has an awesome page as well I really like all her workouts and those are honestly the only fitness people I follow but you can pretty much find anyone on YouTube but another thing you can do if you don't know what workouts to do literally just go to your search bar on Instagram and type in like biceps workout and then you can look at the tags and like so many people tagged it and you can find like certain Fitness accounts or you can find like girls who like tagging and you can say that I highly recommend like saving to a collection like I have all these on here and I just save it to my workouts and I'll go and refer to them whatever I workout one more after I love that I recently got is zones and this kind of like makes your Apple watch better I guess you could say because it kind of shows your heart rate zones for everything you do and it automatically links it like you don't have to go in there and like press anything and let's like find like a regular workout for me and so this is like a cycling class and it kind of just shows like the different phases for my heart rate and everything kinda just analyzes it and then like for other workouts I have you can see this was like probably like a long day or something and that's how my heart rate was broken down there and that's a really good at my friend Julia told me about it but I've also heard about it in videos before so that's really good to use and a more essential is an Apple watch the Apple watch has changed the game for working out for me I have this series 342 millimeter and I have it in black and it does not have the cellular it's just as GPS version I don't use any other apps inside zones and I just use the activity thing on here to track my calories burned and everything and it's just changed the game because it motivates me so much more to workout and burn all my calories during the day for my goal yeah I highly recommend getting an Apple watch because it has changed the game for me for my workouts I love being able to go on here while I work out like I don't even have to like ever use my phone when I work out I can literally leave it in my bag because I could like change my song on here I can you know respond to texts if I need to immediately on here and I love using resistance bands I did forget to mention that I got some off Amazon they're just like the perfect peach fans I think and they're really cute and my colors and I love putting this on I'm like day it just changes the game for your legs it really activates your glutes in your legs and I'll put them on when I do squats I'll put them on if I'm on like a leg press machine if I'm doing calf raises if I'm doing like deadlifts literally just throw them on and it makes everything so good gotten really long so I'm gonna conclude it but I hope this inspired you guys to either get back into your fitness routine or enhance your workout routine and fitness routine or just prioritize your health and start doing it from scratch whatever it is I hope it inspired you it helps you if you have any questions leave them down below and be sure to give this video a thumbs up the fill is helpful and if you enjoyed it and be sure to subscribe here already and I'll see you guys as a Mac stating as much for watching I


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  3. hi abby! i would love if you did super short videos showing what workouts you do!! like a leg day video, butt day, etc! i know you show them in vlogs sometimes but i think it’d be super helpful to newbies to working out to be able to start somewhere and have videos to reference and follow!

  4. Oh girl I 110% feel you on the nasty comments. Getting hit on or scolded for what you wear should not be a thing, period!

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  8. Bianca just changed her fitsta name! It's now a combined account with her boyfriend and is called mrandmissfitinspo

  9. You looked so excited to share your fitness favorites made it entertaining to watch 🙂 I got a lot of information thank you for sharing!

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