Fitness Flop – Brandon Harding

Fitness Flop - Brandon Harding

let me fill you guys in on the juicy drama that's been going down I assume you guys have seen my last video well that video's release timed up perfectly with brandon harding and dylan McKenna's collab like a fifth-grade girl at recess brandon harding hops on the drama after five minutes of knowing Dylan McKenna he's never done anything to me let it be known that the third eye of truth will summon you when it wants to summon you throw on you fucking knapsack guys because we're going to clickbait school with Brandon Harding let's go so fitness flop is the series in which I review other content creators content brandon has 16 videos with hands cheeks in them with an average of two butt cheeks per video my god that's 32 has cheeks divide that by the number of subscribers he has take a cross-section of his audience and you'll realize that they're a bunch of 11-year olds with their slim jims fully torqued ready to beat their meet at Brandon hoardings videos it's quite apparent that all these children's browsers accounts ran out so they resort to the next-best website also known as YouTube now here's the thing Brandon I would enjoy your videos I really would you're great at editing you know how to make videos but you're so goddamn cringy and I can't get past that fact let's take a look at some of these videos so that I can get a better understanding as to why I cringe so goddamn much this video is titled can't wait to eat all that really really you can't wait to eat that I can't wait to eat this you got Weiner juice on me it's really what is this Crocodile Dundee Steve Irwin looking ass necklace did you kill a shark did you wrestle a crocodile so this video is a nice vlog and then it cuts into fucking porno then it just puts the Brendan's rock-hard fucking body room where is this girl's mother and does she know that you made this video with her hey babe for my youtube channel let me just get your fucking butt cheeks coming out of the water in slow-motion did you tell your girlfriend to act like that because that that doesn't look like how a normal girl acts enough of this mean let's go to let's go to another video I wasn't expecting this oh I wasn't expecting you this nine point six million views we're just gonna skip to the part because every single vlog is the goddamn same [Applause] fuck fuck what the fuck Bobbo how much of your ad revenue are you giving to these lovely girls in your videos it would seem like the right thing to do just a you give like 90 percent of your ad revenue to these girls because that's what gets your views I can do this shit all day let's go through a few more dealing with my new addiction next to a pair of ass cheeks let me guess your new addiction isn't these pair of ass cheeks booty games featuring my the most clickbait year of my life and what do you know it's branded horny smothering you god damn face in a pair of buns getting lucky on Valentine's Day kicked out this music choice – oh my god now personally this is probably the best looking toilet seat I've ever seen it just depends what we're gonna turn this channel into I really wish I could name the series Fitness fuck boy the cherry on the top of No all right I'm going too far all right what the cherry on top what who's pushing me away oh oh you oh my lord dude I wouldn't put that shit on YouTube you just told $167,000 fans that you got fucked ha ha ha alright last video my opinion on the hate in the fitness industry now this video was originally titled my opinion on the hate channels in the fitness industry he's talking about me right apparently I have a hate channel pinion on Philly unfit that's me to almost defend Kenny in a way like he was just trying to make meaningless content to gain more subscribers and just help them and upload Fillion fit I don't agree with what he said because he did it much with malicious intent a malicious intent boy what hold on you don't agree with what I said because I'm right I'm pretty sure I only complement Dylan I tell everyone how he has an insane physique he's very strong there are no threats whatsoever and he said it in such a way that when he called you out it was like he actually hates you as a person they're allowed to be friends with someone and form an opinion in fact there's no bad blood like my most recent videos I'm simply presenting me information and you guys can form whatever opinion use lesson I can't give a harmful opinion on him because he's never done anything to me you just gave me a harmful opinion well I got a backup Kenny because he doesn't say when says like he hates the people he's not attacking he's not vicious he's not like malicious he's literally just saying this is my unbiased opinion on the situation and then here's reason X Y & Z like my most recent videos I'm simply presenting the information and you guys can form whatever opinion you'd like in my opinion what Phil is doing is kind of like he's basically shitting on the purse i shit on your content because you have direct control over that and you dictate whether or not you make good videos here's the thing dude your channel relies on girls butt cheeks for views and subscribers my channel relies on comedic and entertainment value to you know maybe convince some people of the bullshit that's going on in the fitness one thing I also arrest about your vlog is that you love white monster we have endless comes off of Y monster now I've never had this drink before so we're gonna do a little taste test on this channel and we're just gonna try it out right let me summon it real quick holy shit here goes nothing fuck it I don't have nails all fun


  1. What seemed like he was struggling with his bench.

    2 women sit on his dick and he starts repping like a fucking madman

  2. "that tastes like fucking asshole". Bro, you're a master chess player. Shitting on his sponsor AND destroying his obsession with asshole.
    > "don't react to phillion, we don't want your viewers to go see his stuff and come upon the 'tastes like fucking asshole' comment'" — Monster drinks Marketing guy

  3. Brandon is the biggest cunt in the uk fitness industry, and in close second is Aaron lambo! Great video bro

  4. After complaining about you calling them out, bot of them (Brandon and Dylan) admitted to not being natty, complete donkeys 😂😂😂

  5. Love this channel. If I was one of them fitness fxcks I would consider doing a video with phillion lol.

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