Fitness Flop – Kenny K.O.

Fitness Flop - Kenny K.O.

last night true yo you know who really needs to classic third eye of truth last natural slap and tickle wombo combo how about a good morning first you take some time this is serious we're running out of time here the heat crystals will need to be recharged have you kept them safe of course I remember that silly boy by the cock God huge mansion Yuri destroyed his sheep focus goddamn it Kenny kayo has been stealing my jokes and content for ages now I think it's about time he gets destroyed do you know what I mean I know exactly what you mean I chose the crystals straight away all right kisses I love you baby sing a little Gregory from you alright alright talk to you soon what dude I'll get back to you soon what the fuck was I supposed to be doing again Kenny ko comes into the industry as the guy who occupies the upper right hand corner of your screen I am natural at the moment yes as he does a stellar job exposing the fakes and producing quality content David guy know his views and subscribers begin to grow at exponential rates damn it is with the help of a few viral videos that forces Kenny into a Content chrysalis in which he emerges into a beautiful new fullscreen commentary butterfly shirts are passed down to me the most notable aspect of Kenny chaos content evolution is the fact that he bought a new camera which has an automatic white balance setting and yes he really did pull off 1.6 million views with the decaying forehead leave a comment down below and that's it I'll pick the winner in the next I don't know if I should be amazed or pissed off at the stupidity of the YouTube algorithm and the fitness community after some thought I finally decided that I should be pissed off you see rewarding bad content is a huge pet peeve of mine especially when your channel is built off of stealing other people's content Kenny ko stole a number of NYX strength and powers YouTube videos back in the day what Kenny ko did for this video was not only did he copy my video he literally downloaded the video that I uploaded and then re uploaded it with my voice muted and him voicing it over saying all the same things that I said in my video Mik clarifies the exact details regarding him and Kenny if you want to learn more about the history of Kenny's content stealing you could go and check out Nick's video that's a really slimy thing to do and what do you know he started stealing my videos now let's start with a slap on the wrist I uploaded a video talking about Carlton loss with this specific thumbnail all of my thumbnails have the exact same format – profiles with the three layers of text it's simple it's clean it's recognizable everybody associates it with my channel Kenny had a video on Carlton loth with an extremely ugly thumbnail this was back when Kenny didn't know anything about sizing an image for a thumbnail it looks something like this so what does he do he notices that my videos begin to gain some traction and he goes back and copies the exact same thumbnail that I have thanks dude that was really cool now let's get a little bit juicier a few months back I uploaded a video titled reacting to David Leeds new transformation video now I'll admit it's not some of my best to work but nonetheless I uploaded it to the good old YouTube the next day Kenny comes out with reaction to David Leeds transformation dude I gotta say your thumbnail game is on point I wonder where you got that one from fast forward a few months I make a video titled fitness flop Connor Murphy around the same time Kenny Kayoze main channel gets terminated at 200,000 subscribers so he starts a new channel also called Kenny ko and uploads a video titled Connor Murphy fakes his pranks wait a second this channel looks pretty funny best gaming highlights and moments oh there's my stolen video you just changed the name of your old channel now this caught my attention because in this video he discusses the exact same tinder video that I discuss makes the exact same points that I do and passes off the research as his own all of the girls that are in this video social media links are posted down in the description box of his video he left the social media accounts of all the girls who were in the video now the girl that has the YouTube channel link is the one that caught my attention the most so I go to our YouTube page and I watch your most recent video my experience on meeting Connor Murphy and I had a hunch it went through each girl to see if maybe they made a response video or their experience meeting Connor Murphy and lo and behold we came across Lauren he told me to make a video talking about meeting him wow that video looks really familiar maybe because you didn't download it from her channel because you were too late she deleted all of her videos which luckily I downloaded before it was removed from her channel what you actually did was went back downloaded my video with the edited version of her video and passed it off as your own and I'm not fucking stupid let's see what happens when I add the color grade that I used for all my videos onto the top clip yeah that's a match you were desperate because her new channel only had about 10,000 subscribers and you're too lazy to make original content so you start stealing mine Kenny you're often quick to brag about how many subscribers and views you have how much clout you have gained and how much high-quality content that you produce I get more views than em or get more clout than them or just overall get talked about more than him specifically you talk about how you make better content than Nick strength and power produce much better content Nick strength and power makes PowerPoint presentations and pumps them out like fucking hotcakes your videos are like a sad attempt of a fourth grader trying to understand iMovie there is no structure no skits no creativity and no effort ever I literally cannot even imagine how hard that would be Kenny chaos Channel is the result of copy pasting other people's content and slapping his own enhanced Athlete mushroom stamp on top of it and you wonder why your channel got terminated Kenny I remember you telling me that I have to be careful with the fake natural videos and the steroid topics because that is the reason why YouTube took action on deleting your channel I think it has more to do with the fact that you had a discount code for a company that violated YouTube's guidelines like selling storm's and promoting steroid use your pockets were lying with that sweet sweet enhanced athlete revenue you know what's funny the longer I waited to make this video the more shit hit the fan your Instagram was deleted no no Kenny you don't have your facts right you were not deleted at 400,000 you were terminated at 48,000 now I don't know if you're using this as a social proof tactic like new followers come to your page and they see oh he used to have 400,000 followers let me follow him or you're just dumb I'm leaning towards somewhere in the middle your Instagram was most definitely deleted because you would take other people's content upload it as your own not even tag them and then just whore out engagement here's some advice that you can follow so that you don't run into any problems on your new Instagram account post your own pictures and videos ask people for permission if you're going to take their shit at least tag them and don't run any stupid social experiments in which you photoshopped pictures and then hypocritically call out people for photoshopping pictures this videos you're just being a douchebag for the sake of being a douchebag you steal someone's video don't tag her she contacts you and asks you to take it down you don't you get into a fight with her you make a youtube video exposing her in which you don't include her in the video you know don't harass her do happen to find out who this was and please do not go to their Instagram profile or any form of social media and spam and hate comments or anything along those lines oh but oops you left her name in the video so that people can then go and harass her then you call out Cassidy Campbell Cassidy s Brad Castleberry at an expo a simple question regarding your channel and you get your drama stained panties into a bunch what do you think about pani ko gaining his whole following just talking about you as a result of this you rush out a dumb video and everyone hates it you get into a weird dick-measuring contest with Cassidy guess what my highest viewed video happens to have double the view count of your video and then you make an ass of yourself by deleting the video in which you talk about how Cassidy used to delete videos my doubt Cassidy will actually come back with the video on this because number one most of his trained to look good naked videos he took off his channel I don't know if he was embarrassed about him or he didn't want people to associate himself with trained to look good naked before he renamed his channel to Cassidy Campbell or what the whole scheme is the difference is Cassidy actually evolved as a content creator and completely rebranded and branched away from fitness it makes perfect sense for him to delete his old videos as you should probably also make an e-book of how to acquire gains through using a steroid cycle dude you called him gay that's a fucking knee slapper oh wait no you didn't you just passed it off to a mean so that that mean could tell the joke for you it's not like you constantly rely on memes to tell jokes for you it's still not as bad as Brad Castleberry trying to draw attention away from his fake wait list by trying to do cardio you know let's just go ahead and run that who is laughing at your jokes and how are they funny how are either of these situations gay you have the comedic timing of a Neanderthal did you seriously think that you could slide this by me you took vegan gains –is the worst of the fitness industries title drop the words the an industry and then copied my exact thumbnail style and format then you come up with a combination of all of the aspects of all of the series on my channel and pass it off as if it's going to be some revolutionary content on your channel and at home obviously thinking of some more video topics or video series to do and one of those topics that came to mind was by the name the worst of Fitness I thought what we could cover in the series would be exposing Fitness companies Jed North which is an extremely juicy juicy sponsorship and now he's sponsored by Jim shark which we also know is a juicy sponsorship his products welcome to my first installment of push boi products and fitness personalities welcome to my first installment of fitness fluff I am going to be looking at certain people in the finished industries content and fitness personalities being social media influencers there's a popular influencer and you become that influencer that you always dreamed of becoming influencers that's the cleanest merch in the game that is clean hey Alexa is Julian Smith on steroids Alexa played Esposito for Cassidy Campbell a Belgian Bulls you know we're just gonna call Schaller we're gonna call him the Belgian balloon guys understand the level of strength that that takes how much strength that actually takes to do congratulations now everyone will just associate your content as the shittier version of mine like I mentioned guys Kenny kale emerges in the description down below along with everything else by the way that's the grossest merch I've ever seen oh my god I almost forgot I would have challenged you to a boxing match like you did to brad Castleberry but you wouldn't have passed the drug test so why don't we consider this video a technical knockout here we are again well it was the hey person Kenny care fanboys and the crystals are recharged shouldn't have sold Psalms the little kids Kenny you think we're just gonna let that shit slide really uh I don't know if you're ready for all this power I can feel it the hate crystals must be ready Kenny kayo does not deserve the wrath of the third eye of truth no he gets the brown eye of dude


  1. I think it's funny he is injecting sarms, hgh now. Kenny is a cringe monster you can tell that anyone that he pays to do a video with can't stand to be around him, He is always trying to figure out. Any way to make money he can

  2. Honestly all these “ why so and so is on steroids” and “fitness flop” videos remind me of the content cop by idubbz but with a fitness twist

  3. He’s judge Judy of bodybuilding… lame for sure.. also you and nick should quit crying, news sources use other news sources as well in mainstream, why would it be any different on YouTube???.

  4. Kenny is just annoying as Fuck. Seeing him repeatedly harass castleberry in an old vid in public got old very fast. I mean, it didn't even matter anymore about the fake weights and shit, we all knew, all that was going on was a pale puffy poptart ass trailing a surprisingly well behaved Brad during a convention.

  5. So what the dexa scan is wrong? And he got paid to do all that he wasn't claiming natty when doing hgh and insulin either.

  6. Can you imagine having a YouTube fitness channel and looking like you never hit the gym. Lol hit the gym stick boy

  7. Fuck kenny ko staright up, i hope someones beats his ass so bad he cant make videos anymore. Or should i say copy videos.

  8. wow dude hahaha nice content never knew kenny's like that thanks for the clarification of the info 😀

  9. Kenny K.O. is super popular but I do think he is pretty fraudulent. I feel like big boy and strength cartel is trash too. I'm not going to get into the strength cartel right now but all of these people are so thirsty for some money.

  10. you should do a video calling out joey from joeysworldtour because he never shows how he trains in the gym, thanks! woo woo woo wooooo!!!!

  11. Oh my god its midnight and my Sonos system just started blasting despacito at full volume in the kitchen and lounge BRILLIANT

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