Fitness model eye witnesses Bigfoot. Sasquatch fingerprints found

Fitness model eye witnesses Bigfoot.  Sasquatch fingerprints found

g'day my name's Todd standing I got a good show for you today because it's all about expeditions and the success of an incredible expedition that's really blowing my mind and the introduction of a new colleague and partner of mine whose name is Ashley Ventress we're gonna talk about that there shows some some evidence I'm not sure of fingerprints Sasquatch fingerprints I've never had any experience before with it so let's talk about that today I could use your input so let's let's get some input let's get the feedback and I figure out if it is indeed Sasquatch fingerprints that I'm looking at [Applause] I've taken out dozens of Wildlife officers PhDs and had them live interact with Sasquatch on multiple occasions trained in the art of tracking by Cree Nations elder and a military sniper my skill sets include camouflage techniques using the terrain and its features to mask ground movement counter-surveillance survival evasion and escape techniques it's on my first expedition this year I went to my my spot my happy spot my amazing spot where I've filmed Sasquatch since 2009 I've been filming Sasquatch in this area I have I don't know six of my videos my best videos are well arguably some of my best videos have come out of radium British Columbia they're the Kootenai Sasquatch the famous Kootenai Sasquatch so on the an expedition I took out with this new person I was interested in working with her name's Ashley Veenstra she is extremely fit I've excellent chemistry with her I just we've been we've been talking and working together just talking about tracking and and wilderness stuff for the past couple months I take her out in the first expedition men she's tough as nails Wow is this a tough girl I mean she's a she's a professional fitness model so I mean she's she's hardcore she's trained she's a beast and I was impressed to say the least I'll say that so anyway what happened well she had multiple sightings and it's so much stuff happened I'm not gonna be able to get into it all she literally probably the most exciting thing I think was she be the Sasquatch came up to the trailer and looked in the trailer at her and she had this extended interaction for at least a minute where she was looking at the Sasquatch and the Sasquatch was looking back at her so much more than that happened but and of course everything I actually saw this a Squatch as well that night and many other things have happened since then it's been incredible the Sasquatch are coming around this trailer like crazy and I'm extremely happy about that they know who I am this is Jake's family this is this is my crew so they're excited than they're they're excited about Ashley obviously they're certainly not afraid of her and we we substantiated the sighting with tracks and so much has happened that a TV show is coming out and they're gonna and I've agreed to this because some things happen that's never happened to me before because I've never had Sasquatch come around in my truck well they have but not like this not around my vehicle and this trailers parked where the hell at the middle of nowhere so what happened was it looks like when the Sasquatch came and visited her the Sasquatch came over to where I was sleeping I was sleep with cough medicine and walked that glass there's these large finger prints right where my head was right when I was sleeping so I'm gonna have this this it's like an x-files style show they're called mysteries decoded from the CW network and they've agreed to analyze the fingerprints and I'm gonna show them tracks I'm gonna show them where Ashley saw the Sasquatch where I've seen the Sasquatch there's tracks all over the place here they haven't been taking apples at all none so that's been a little frustrating but we're working on it what's going on so I'm gonna show you a little video about Ashley Veenstra this is her little demo reel like I say we've been working together just not doing expeditions but we've been working together doing wilderness stuff and a little bit of back country not Sasquatch stuff just just wilderness training because you know there's so much to learn there's so much to berries and foliage and tracking and survival skills so I've been I've been teaching or that we've been I've been mentoring her she's been mentoring me because man is she know about diet and fitness and athleticism I've always I've always been very fit I've always been an athlete of some level my entire life so it's wonderful to be working with somebody who shows such a kindred spirit with that we're outside working out together in the wilderness would bring weights with us so it's amazing we have a great relationship so here's a little more about Ashley Veenstra stay tuned next week because we man the expedition's if you want to get involved in the expedition's there's the only way you can get involved now is if there's a cancellation which I have all the time but we got PhDs biologists it's gonna be such an exciting year looks like discovery and Bigfoot part two is gonna happen as long as I can get some new great footage which I can't promise anybody but we'll see what happens I'm very excited I've never committed to research like this there's a full-time research center happening and I'm really excited about it so here's more about Ashley Veenstra stay tuned I'm very excited we're gonna have a great year look forward to it my name is Ashley Beach we are hiking and for the Big Easy camera I'm a very enthusiastic focused women I'm very active I'm a single mother I own my own business I strive to be successful at everything I do and I'm looking for new adventures Todd stunning is discovering sasquatches and proving that they are a real specie and I'm gonna help them with the movie make it a reality to the world show them the reality of it I want to bring a lot of energy and like I'm a real person and show people the hut what the adventure really is about so fitness I do fitness and I'm a professional athlete in the fitness industry and I am a mentor actor entrepreneur in the fitness issues so I liket like stayed fit strong healthy active to be a leader I love the wilderness I've been outside I love being in the mountains I'm from the farm so it's second my second home they're being inside so I love it makes me you


  1. Jimmy Chilcutt is the expert on sasquatch fingerprints. He worked many years in the police and assisted FBI. Not only expert in human fingerprints but primate hand and footprints too. This is why he took an interest in bigfoot because of his expertise with primates

  2. Ashley..Super Beautiful Person…… I could use your Help  to get me in shape…Be Safe Out There and Squatch On…

  3. Sasquatch will most certainly be interested in a pretty lady youll be able to get some great evidence. she should be able to herself. seems like they like pretty girls anc are usually interested. Good stuff

  4. Interesting you say BF has never slapped your vehicle, is it possible it is because you have a female with you now? This may change their behaviour somewhat. As far a finger prints go, please compare your findings to this article and Jeffrey Meldrum,

  5. My mind immediately went to a Big Bang Theory episode… The one where Penny is discovered to be the actor in a very cheezy horror flick… What was it called again?

  6. I wonder if her smell attracted Male bigfoots, if I was one in the woods I would have smelled her miles away, maybe the other female bigfoots got jealous? Lots to think about , I probably would have let her get her feet wet too.

  7. I do know there is several times now where a researcher has been going to a cabin somewhere in Canada where he gets hand prints on his dirty vehicles or if it's raining and the vehicle isn't dirty the Sasquatch will stick it's hand in the mud next to the car and leave hand prints and finger prints on the vehicle.

  8. Wishing both of you the very best Todd as always. The fingerprint idea has me curious as I am not 100% if other known primates have them and if they do, it sounds like this will take the research into another direction. After all, DNA has been determined though a unknown species that they have DNA of half human / half animal so if the half human part reveals that it is indeed there, it very well could lead into something very nice & positive for sure.

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