Fitness Model Paige Hathaway Is Scamming People AGAIN!

Fitness Model Paige Hathaway Is Scamming People AGAIN!

hey guys quick videos today but you guys remember that video I made about peach Hathaways client that won her transformation competition all I said was that it was giving people unrealistic body expectations and the two pictures were very deceiving it can be easily faked because of the way that he was standing and because I made that video she'd lost me that right there makes me feel like Paige Hathaway might be a little fishy and I also don't know why they block people because you guys already send me a lot of her things I never looked at that picture you guys sent it to me so her blocking me does nothing and you guys sent me another picture so here we are making another video but this time instead of weight loss you guys helped someone put on a lot of muscle in a short amount of time and it's a 1 and the time frame is 5 weeks and the amount of muscle that this woman put on is 8 pounds so let's check that out meet Jean del muley err I know everyone knows we all know I put your everybody's name a past client of fit and five-challenge and she put on 8 pounds using my platform for starting weight 133 pounds and ending weight 141 she says this challenge came at exactly the right time it was going to be mighty to try to unlock the body of my dreams I'm just super proud to have successfully completed the challenge I've gained confidence trust in myself that I can do anything I put my mind to and insight on the new lifestyle I've decided to continue to commit to the result are a healthier body and mind on all levels a better sleep better skin and uplifted spirit I'm grateful for this program and how it helped me stay on track with reaching my personal health and fitness goals with continuous guidance and support so once again this is also misleading to people who are not educated when it comes to building muscle on how long it actually takes a long time and I feel like this time I might just be a little bit biased because she decided to block me for some reason but I feel like she is straight-up lying at this point just look at that video that peach at the way posts it about her putting on 8 pounds of muscle in 5 weeks so like I said in my first video she's looking doughty depressed the lighting is making her look pretty you know like washed out shoulders kind of slumped over moving at an awkward pace she just looks done with life the after she's flexing she's got a nice glow to her skin she even asked makeup on she looks confident she's flexing once again she's flexing she's flexing she's flexing mostly original posters Instagram page and look at her before picture she's standing different feet are close together theater apart the camera angle is slightly different as well I think the before is a little higher and the after is a little lower and I can tell that by the chin her underwear is pretty low on the first picture her underwear is now hiked up into the crevices of her vagina in the after and it just gives her a better shape and lastly she's flexing her abs if this chick put on eight pounds of muscle eight pounds of solid muscle it would be showing in her legs which might I add they look exactly the same as the other picture her shoulders would have a little bit more size but once again they look exactly the same that's the other picture it just looks like she was holding in a good old poop in the first picture and the second picture she released the poop and in the picture that I'm looking at right now she's saying that this was an 18 day transformation what type of transformation can anyone have in 18 days – being majority water weight I hope everybody understands that it takes a very long time to put on muscle a lot of these really big social media influencers the fit ones like to tell you that it doesn't take that long it's like a month to put on 8 pounds of muscle easy if that was true there wouldn't be so many girls struggling to get a bigger butt come on this is like slap in the face Paige Hathaway thinks that we are all just dumb let's just see what Google says not even like a fool on you know muscle type website but let's just see what Google said based on all of this here's how fast you can expect to build muscle on average average natural man between point 25 and point 5 pounds of muscles per week or about once two pounds of muscle game per month average natural woman between point 12 and point 25 pounds of muscle per week or about 0.5 to 1 pound of muscle gained per month and this chick put on eight so you're going to sit here and tell me Paige Hathaway that your plan is so good that she put on eight pounds of muscle because your plan is so good that's not how it works and I might be sounding a little harsh in this video but it really sucks to see people full on this lying about their programs there is no you know just amazing program that's going to give you eight pounds of muscle in a week unless there's some kind of surgery going on so you must feel some type of way or that she knows that she's doing something wrong because she turned off comments because people were calling her out and that just shows how much she cares about other people or have some type of remorse because she left the post up so that people that are not educated in fitness will see this and think wow I can put on eight pounds of muscle but then they can't go to the comments and read actual trainers comments that say no you can't this is a scam that just proves that she only cares about money and making sure that people purchase her five days still fit or whatever it's called plan and that kind of makes me a little triggered I don't care if people block me that's my I will never stop talking about someone who is scamming people and taking advantage of people's lack of education in a certain subject so I hope people see this video I hope people share this I hope people call her out because that's what people should do that's rude that is a slap in the face is her saying that hi you're stupid you can't spot where I'm whining it's just sad she has so many followers she doesn't need to do that she makes good enough money but this is what I'm talking about people only care about money it sucks yeah oooh that's why I only watch cartoons cuz I can't take real wise people it's like why why do this I can only think of they only care about money and that's it so I will see you guys next time if you have a topic that you already talked about or a page that you want me to review make sure to leave it in the comment section what do you think about this how do you feel with Paige Hathaway basically saying huh you're too stupid to spot this hole see all of you guys next time if you enjoyed this video make sure to thumbs it up if you are not subscribed please hit that subscribe button by the way thank you for all the new subscribers I greatly appreciate it you guys are amazing yo she says thank you too and I will see you guys next time


  1. Abs In my opinion a way easier to get also love you for putting happy there also you look bomb have a great day

  2. Thanks for making these videos calling out these ‘Insta fitness models’ it’s so disheartening to see people continually falling for their lies and filling their pocket books. Could you make a video in the future about what to look for in a real trainer or fitness coach? What type of credentials and training they should have. I think it would be useful for those who are fooled by insta models and also those who are interested in becoming a legit trainer in the fitness industry. Thanks!

  3. Yeah that chick literally looks the same lol. You can see she has good ab muscles in the first pic but she's just relaxed (while looking fakeishly miserable) and the lighting is different in the second picture to show her abs even more apart from the flexing of course. I'm glad people are calling her out on it. And also much better proof would be to show the actual scale and how her weight changed (however u can fake that too hahha). The world we live in….

  4. You should see my before and after pics, the week after my period.. 😂 Looks like I gave birth to a watermelon.. I’m just going off assumption, but I’m pretty sure she’s just bloated in the first pic. 😂

  5. That's more raggedy kitty than I care to see before lunch. That girl had a good poo, sucked her gut in and pulled her drawers up to her cervix.

  6. It might be possible to do that if she is 1 only doing ab workouts and 2 does more than recommended which causes more muscle tissue to tear and gain more muscle

  7. I call BULLSHIT!!! I’ve been trying again 10# of muscle and gave myself 10 months, 1# per muscle…and I’m a fitness professional who knows all about food science and proper lifting.

  8. Thank you for looking out for us and being honest. I wish people weren’t like her. I appreciate your honesty!

  9. She looks the same in all 3 to me. You can see her muscle tone through her “push out”! Btw teal is your color! I’m jelly 💕😍

  10. The only difference is she’s flexed. If I don’t engage my core, my stomach does the same thing. Wow. So fake

  11. Also congrats on nearing 100k…. I'm wondering what you gonna do as a celebration… Pug twerking dance off ? Yoshi wit all dat ass.

  12. This is rly tru tbh. I have a tummy pooch that sticks out a bit and you can really see it when I'm wearing my underwear normally. But then I hike the undies up to my hips? Instant gratification. Suddenly I'm a model. My skin is clear and I've grown eight inches.

  13. Interestingly enough… seems like scandal and deception follows Paige Hathaway around like a sad puppy dog… or a sad vegan to kale shipments… during her stint with Shredz, she was called out for photoshopping her pics, over-exaggerating her features… most Shredz “athletes” did.. when she left, that reputation followed her… she laid low for a bit in her BMW i8… after that Shredz incident, she kinda dropped off but with this exposure, idk if she’ll recover from it as her reputation is kinda in the dumps…

  14. Its all about optics. No one will buy your "program" if you say " Results will come… 2 years" Noooow if you say 3 weeks people specifically women be like " Where my wallet!!!!!"

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