hey y'all hey y'all what y'all doing I'm with the amazing Norma Jean Watkins and I'm with the amazing me we are at the teamily physique contest prep center based in Denver Colorado and we're going to show you how to do some fitness gym stuff using a pretty musk of their muscle person surely the six-bed Oh get in there I don't have that next we go I'm going to show you few tips and tricks on how you can do a fitness photoshoots I'm going to use and you see let me use some shots with a single light some with two maybe three ready so got shoes and surrounding true got tank leggings you got shorts shirts lots of shorts dinner and we have good stuff before you started a little bit when you're doing the fitness shoot a lot of times it's going to be immediately before or immediately after a fitness competition one thing that I had to have you keep an eye out for exhaustion if it's before so especially before so make sure you don't overexert make sure you don't push it too much because during be tweaked there braining most likely when we fried anyway and if you overexert and if you exhaustion it could affect of a perform on stage this is actually in between shows she just got done with the show last week and she's prepping for was it three weeks week so she's three weeks out so she's in that safe zone where she can knock her brain still works not that your brain won't work in two weeks but her brain won't work in two weeks yeah you know just see little blood flow into the shoulders cuz shoulders station like an accent you make me top of that slang and so we're gonna get a little blood pumping in shoulders make it pop a little bit don't wanna I usually do baby oil but I'm gonna use water today just because I don't want to get a lot of baby oil on the brand new equipment we got here in his gym so let's have a pump up a little bit we get the lights out we'll start off with the single light and then we move on to number two three four and five all right camera settings I'm at F 1.2 iso:100 shutter:100 125 for the single light them using the inner fit s Swan and the settings on that I have it on power setting 5 Whitney's reduces second light here to accentuate and to pop the face a little bit more using the badger unleash down this one or start off with power 5 and then we'll adjust as needed you


  1. Great video, Brett. I have a question….with light #2…you faced it toward the mirror, to prevent direct light, I guess, but, #3 was facing directly toward her abdomen. What would've been, if much, the difference of you pointing light #2 at her face directly, but, dialing down the strength? (Not critiquing, just trying to understand light better and how it works. I know where are many ways of creating the same pattern/strength of light if most situations, but, just curious about light #2). Thanks again.

  2. Your tips have helped me out so much and I just keep learning to not be the perv photog! Ig: kris_fotografie

  3. Thanks for your vid!! You should try coconut fat instead of oil… It becomes liquid as soon as it touches the skin and has (in my opinion) a much nicer look than baby oil… Looks more natural and makes the skin shine… Does wonders… Try it out and let me know! You can find it in the grocery store, it is uded to cook usually.. 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the great content! Need to switch out my Godox lighting for Interfit gear. Got an affiliate code that I can use? @travisweathers_photo

  5. This is going to be so helpful. I have my first fitness model shoot in 2wks. Feedback much appreciated. IG:

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