Fitness Q&A

Fitness Q&A

hey y'all it's Aaron it's that time again fitness Q&A video the first question comes from Ellie she asks clean eating and if it fits your macros what are your thoughts well Nelly what are your goals if you're looking to get as lean as possible I would say clean eating is probably a better choice because if you're going by just macros I think you'll be able to lose weight but you won't be able to get as lean as possible eating things like pop-tarts cheeseburgers just because it fits into your daily caloric intake is not necessarily what I would recommend but again if you're just looking to lose weight limiting your caloric intake this is a pretty good idea and you can still you know enjoy food if that's what you like to do the next question comes from Allison she asks I'd love to learn how you peak weak yourself do you go through the same protocol regardless or do you go completely based off of how you look well Allison I change it from show to show and it really depends on progress pictures and this time you'd mentioned that I was fuller at this last show and one of the reasons for that is that I put away the scale and you know it's something that I've talked about in the past and I've done it in the past but you know I'll sneak over and I'll step on the scale and you know the goal is to put more muscle on more muscle weighs more but I was getting on the scale you know week or two before the show and I was weighing more than I thought I should in my head so I would you know up my cardio and I would reduce calories at that point and I think that's why I would come in flat so you know I've also increased my dietary fats and then done a little bit less cardio so I'm trying to take better care of myself and not just be focused on you know willowy whispy you know hair on a stick is what I call it so it's important I think to go by is you know basically what you look like rather than you know the number on the scale also measurements you know if you can take calipers your body fat that that really helps too so as far as the peak week itself I do follow the same basic protocol for foods so about a week out I'll cut my carbohydrates down and I don't I don't typically go a little carb throughout the year at all except for you know the depletion mode so I cut my carbohydrates and I keep my salts you know just where they are and keep my water intake where it is and about 48 hours before I step onstage I'll cut my salts continue to drink water and out of carbohydrates and just you know kind of switching things off and that imbalance tends to you know you deplete leave the glycogen stores so your muscles tend to fill up and you cut the salt so you tend to flush water especially if you keep drinking water so you know that's basically what I follow and it's worked for me but you know there are hundreds of different ways to do it the next question comes from Rebecca she asks muscle imbalance I'm having a hard time getting my right leg to play along while Rebecca to things that really helped me straighten out some imbalances that I had from track and field days those are unilateral exercises and really developing that mind muscle control so if it's your right leg that's lagging a little bit work on slow controlled motions increased time under tension and you know start with your quads start with something you can see watch the muscle work and do your unilateral exercises starting with your weaker leg so if it's a leg extension start with the right leg and if you can only do seven reps on the right side do seven reps on the left side and slowly but surely it will even out but it's gonna take a conscious effort on your part the next question comes from Robert he asks I currently weigh 303 five pounds at my heaviest I was 398 so I'm doing really good but I have a new long-term goal I want to turn myself into a fitness model and competitor what advice would you have specifically the timeframe involved from where I am currently well Robert first off I want to say congratulations that is awesome you are definitely an inspiration next I would say talk to your doctor and see how much weight you can healthily healthily lose in the year and plan that on a long-term basis so your long-term goal is to step on stage and of course be at you know a healthy maintenance weight but you know perhaps it's around a hundred pounds a year that you can lose still maintain muscle and do it the right way words lifestyle change and then once you have that long-term goal and your timeframe set short-term goals you know set things that are realistic they're attainable and you know monthly goal is to keep you on track you know say it's losing an inch here there and set up non-food rewards so you know say you reach your goal at the end of that month go get a massage you know take a little trip buy a new pair of shoes you know and I would say also you know join some type of network or have a buddy system where somebody can hold you accountable where you can check in with them you know when you can stay on track and and just know that we all have setbacks but just keep pushing and if it's your long-term goal to get on stage you know where point B is you're at point a set her out and do it I have faith in you the next question comes from Brian he asks I'm curious about your track workouts please include that so I can get an idea of how I can incorporate it into my CrossFit workouts thanks well Brian if you're doing crossfit I know that tends to be a total body workout so it depends on how many times per week you're doing that but for me when I run sprints or if I do in high intensity it's usually twice a week and what I'll do is I'll start with a dynamic warmup so it'll be dynamic stretches you know leg swings things like that get the blood pumping and then I'll do some accelerations and then I go into my workout and what I'll do is one day of speed and one day of sprint endurance so your speed will be like 850 meter sprints all outs and sprint endurance will be say six two hundred meters you know a little bit slower pace obviously the 50s but you're one you're going to want to take kind of a full recovery in between sets so between two and five minutes you want your heart rate to come back down and then when you're sprinting you want it about 80% of maps and other things to do just make sure you start slowly with the sprints make sure you have a nice level flat place to run a mondo rubberized track don't try to spray it on the pavement that's really bad for you but you want you know 15 minutes warm up 15 to 20 minutes high-intensity and then you're done cool down and then do your static stretching afterwards and once or twice a week should be great and the last question comes from Abby she asks prancercise or no one I don't know no prancercise no it's a fad but I tend to dabble a little bit you want to get a nice car to go and you want to get ankle weights wrist weights and you're gonna kind of just start slow and you can start at home you can do it anywhere get some music playing I don't have that but I got the way it's got the car to get ready to go thanks for the questions until next week train hard


  1. My childrens' mother was diver for University Of Michigan what legs and what a bottom.
    I married her on the spot.She still is a daring human.

  2. Can you do a video of an example of what a vegan diet plan to get lean might look like? I know you're not vegan, but you're my number one inspiration and would love any tips you would give for diet without compromising my moral values.ย 

  3. Heyย kummer45 have some respect for an inspiring athlete. In this modern day and age its clear that only the strong survive. Keep your bluntness to your self. Sorryย Erin for the little jealous people that don't see the beauty in maintaining a strong mind and body:)

  4. Congratulations on your latest Oxygen cover.ย  These vidoes really help those of us who are really new to a healthier lifestyle.

  5. Instead of asking for fitness tips, why not take some time to understand the mechanics of exercises, comprehension of eating habits, the way the body works biologically and how to get discipline instead?

    She worked those things out for herself, should'nt we do the same instead of asking her what to do?

    Muscle mass comes with sacrifice. Knowledge comes with patience. There's no other way for this. Don't feed on others to attain that attitude by yourselves.

  6. Erin, Thank you so much for the Sprint Training advice! I am a 5k runner and your sprint drills in the past have really helped me shape the foundation of my speedwork; to which I have built on. I actually use you as a motivator to push through my workouts! So big thank you for that! You have such a positive attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I'm not starting trouble at all. Why there should be any trouble when someone states the truth?

    If you know how to read, and I hope you do, I stated three good qualities and of course the personality.

    The opinion of this humble peasant recommends the following:

    people should use their brain more often, be more natural and try to look less superficial. In other words, authenticity is needed…

    …just sayin….^^..

  8. Love your videos!!! I have always been a fan of you & your physique! You're my pick for Olympia again this year!!! Get it girl! (I've got 3 NPC shows coming up in the next month and a half for my season! 2 Weeks out now from NPC San Francisco!)

  9. Erin, you are awesome! And in response to this kummer45 fool, I happen to think you're even more charming when you open your mouth haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love all your tips, keep it up, you're inspiring!

  10. Here is the classical old textbook problem. You see a nice looking lady with good genetics, a good body and face.

    When she opens her mouth all her beauty and charms goes straight to HELL.

    Sorry but I'm blunt.

  11. Hi Erin I have a question for you: Is it horrible for me to be temporarily dehydrated regularly if I super rehydrate afterward? I just started a new job where I don't have access to a restroom for 6-8 hours – the only solution is to drink minimal liquids while working. I still drink a total of 4-5 liters of water a day. Do you think this is detrimental to my health and my fitness level? Thank you so much! I really value your opinion:)

  12. For Robert – if you're reading, you should give weight watchers a try. It's slow and healthy weight loss like Erin suggested… Definitely see a doctor first. Although I'm no longer doing WW, it was a good start for me – now I powerlift and love it. Good luck!

  13. Erin, I have a fitness Question for you: Can you do more Q/A videos, but with you in a bikini each time, and pan the camera back for a full length shot? Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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