hey everyone it's me Matt Smith's we're gonna go for a bit of a run today into the coolies and a beautiful summer evening like tonight and you're gonna have a look at the railway bridge so I hope you enjoy the run I'm gonna try and just focus on running and not talking too much but I probably have a couple of chats along the way so I hope you enjoy it as I said there's an absolutely gorgeous night out so let's just get going I guess let's move we're going that is our location down hills easy part like the kalman never ends wilt [Applause] no shortcuts no shortcuts is a beautiful day out nice warm summer's evening perfect for a run beautiful in total Romney done about two to three for Mother's right now because right but slow down the missing I bet more have a look that cuz I'm tired beautiful absolutely beautiful okay boys and girls let's get back to it I'm gonna get up to the bridge for some hills these hills hard work very hard on my objective is up there won't good Maori training yourself on the hills we're gonna take a bit of a detour I get bill by getting by rat snakes no off the beaten track snakes inbound excuse me my objective megha hill yeah this is a steep one poor definitely a steep one parent through trying to and we've reached our objective covered in many mosquitoes our risk of around snakebite but we're here guys Oh am i spitting so we came off that Hill down there dressed down around over through and this is the beautiful bridge absolutely beautiful engineering at its finest this is a functional bridge trains do cross it get any Pacific trains and yeah it's it's pretty impressive I'm pretty sure was built in the 20s 30s still standing today and the beautiful Old Man River but the gorgeous sunset coming through the rungs of this beautiful bridge honestly guys good master better absolutely gorgeous out Oh see how much I'm out of shape and I got to get back into it the hills it's well get you a lot of people ask Matt's missus what's the best way of training for getting in the army get on the hills guys get on the hills and these hills are absolutely beautiful you're doing that kind of train gorgeous it's all we're gonna do to finish off our run and you got a beautiful view once we get there hopefully my battery lasts and we're just gonna get going so let's head up the hill guys as I said it may not be as fast as I hoped but we'll make it there actually the sun's going down pretty quick so all the yeah all the critters like to come out now including skunks which I really don't want to be dealing with right now so I'm gonna try and get out the brush as quickly as we can here we're gonna get some ticks no only in my shorts so it's tick season and there's the rest the Old Man River just as beautiful as the other side and the bridge itself again beautiful especially in this beautiful beautiful sunset so we can head up this hill here make it to the top as well punching up one's Oh you again what's an ant's nest around here billions on good take another rest well definitely tiring huh it's so refreshing so good for you concealing out of altitude we find here rumors at the top of the bridge unfortunately we can't actually go on the bridge obviously or really anywhere near other than we are now it's owned by a Canadian Pacific Railway you know white gunk and if you go near it's obviously chargeable by like war so you can't go on it unfortunately to be honest I'm not a massive fan of heights know how much good want quality content you get out of me going on that pigment shining right through the rungs sunset there we're nearly at the peak punch it up again sorry guys are cut off there and factories dying so perfect timing to say goodbye a perfect time a nice scene say goodbye to gorgeous just gorgeous what can I and people always ask me why did I move to Canada well I think everything in our last 25 minutes or so that's pretty much giving you that answer this is why because this is right on my doorstep every single day well folks that's it for me today hope you enjoyed the run as I said battery's dying so if you enjoyed today's I guess run feed make sure you hit the subscribe button hit the like button leave me some comments if you want me to do some other fitness runs some ways specifically maybe in the mountains I know wherever you want me to go and I will try my best to do it and there's some good fitness today so I had fun hope you did too have a wonderful day keep it stay strong can be happy all the best you


  1. makes me remember how much i miss running although it has been over 30 years since i ran anywhere, keep going man all the best to you

  2. Rail Runn'in ; What's Old is Nue Again . It's a HoBo way of Existence ! 5 by 5 . YYZ , Mohawk-Planker .

  3. Brother, cycling is way, way easier on the joints to get in your cardio with. Don't ya think your knees and ankles have had enough punishment from military ruck marches?Spin the cranks with a faster cadence – not crushing and pushing – two or three times a week, and the fat will melt away. Perhaps not as fast as jogging, but jogging is a poor long-term strategy, especially when we let ourselves get as heavy as we tend to do.

  4. Welcome to North America bro. ✌ Things like these are some of the reasons why my friend came from Wales to the United States (I know this vid is of Canada). I think you'd love it in America 🇺🇸. The scenery there is beautiful however, we have much more majestic sights to behold here.

  5. You're in Lethbridge?? Popson park is another place you can go for a run, there is a creek and more coulees

  6. Good for you Matsimus. I just came from 7km run too. Been running for little over 2 years, and never been in this good shape.

  7. You should film yourself running up a hill with your arms spread out while you sing the song from Sound of Music

  8. Just signed a ranger contract, I need to start running in capital Forrest soon. (Just south of British Columbia in Washington state)

  9. Matsimus hold on let me catch my breath,,,,,,, just watching you run I'm winded, I think I'm cramping
    up. Great video, I need to do this to.

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