FOAM ROLL ROUTINE To Do Before Bed 😴 SLEEP BETTER & Recover Faster

FOAM ROLL ROUTINE To Do Before Bed 😴 SLEEP BETTER & Recover Faster

before you phone home because you've got FOMO foam roll hey what's happening it's the end of the day and I know you probably just want to get home get in bed and just you know call it quits but before you do that there's a couple things you need to address and it's probably because you just have poor posture so at the end of the day after your workout after a long day of whatever you're doing you're tired your body's broken down get a foam roller unwind unrelaxed it's not a word relax and unstress de-stress get rid of all the tension you put on your body get the foam roller right under your shoulder blades again this is therapeutic so go with me enjoy it come you know just like relax go to your happy place ahh at the end of the day had a great day bad day whatever it is I don't really care I mean I do care but not really but what you need to do right now is listen to me because this is one of those foam roll routines that you need to do to take away stress so hopefully you're doing what I'm doing right now because this feels incredible and the knees focus on your breathing clear your thoughts now as you can see I'm hyper extending my back it feels so good now if you want to throw a little bit of movement in there bring the chin to the chest bring the elbows together open up and extend because if you're like me at the end of the day you're tired you're probably a little bit hunched over from either sitting at a desk texting you know working on whatever it is like with your hands you know leaning over so what you need to do is open up the front part of your body getting good stretch you can play and see my my my ribs popping out here but that's the whole point you want to open up the front part of your body yeah that feels so good do this as long as you want you can spend five minutes here you know crunch down together again right there open that up do this again as much as you want all right so next thing you're gonna do take care of those hips so this one's kind of like it's painful at first but it ends up being like really relaxing get the foam roller at the top of your butt your lower part of your back so from this position what you want to do is extend one leg at a time guess what we're stretching you got that right your hip flexors breathe through it yeah that feels pretty darn good and then if you're daring enough slowly extend out that other leg ah there we go again go to your happy place focus on your breathing feels good but it hurts at the same time so focus on your breathing good breath in good breath out it feels great I think it really does feel good you don't have a foam roller shove a towel underneath your back do this again do these two stretches at the end of the day and at the end you know you can go into a corpse pose it's a you know yoga term or you just pretty much just lay on your back on a flat surface and kind of like our boys a core yoga guy here he says have your body melt away from your bones muscles melt away from your bones he does it at the end of the the yoga practice yoga routine and you just kind of visualize your body just relaxing so three ways for you to use a foam roller well not two of the ways or with the foam roller but use the user's routine at the end of the day don't go to bed stressed don't go to bed with tension take care of your body before you get into that bed and and again if you wake up stress do this in the morning I don't care when you do it just do it because it feels good and your body needs a little bit of TLC because we live in a stressed generation that were just constantly on the go so it takes some time take five minutes to yourself because your body needs it hey if you like this video just leave me a comment give me a thumbs up hopefully you found it helpful and hopefully you have a either a great day or a great night's sleep thanks for watching we'll see you again


  1. Thank you. I wake up with full body pain and tightness every morning, so I will incorporate this every night. As always, thank you very much for your effort and time. I appreciate you guys.

  2. The foam roller has been so incredibly beneficial to me. Definitely going to work in that hip flexor stretch tonight. Another great share man

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