1. not true about the laundry /: you arent keeping it real , i live in texas and i have just as much as you if not more and it really doesn’t cost that much towards the water bill. i have 4 kids , work from home and ones 7 months and ones a year so both little ones , the others age 4 & 5. it’s simply being lazy, who would wanna waste money sending clothes especially for days at a time when you can just do them yourself and always have them. its just not a reality.

  2. Sorry that laundry service is lazy! I have 3 kids as well (4,2,11 months) and work from home, stay at home with them and keep a clean house and I’m never behind on laundry! Sorry I call this lazy and not realistic AT ALL!!!

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  4. If only I could have that awesome wardrobe! The stuff your getting rid of is adorable ofcourse, you are always dressed to the nines! Beautiful and productive mommy! I have 6 children and I stay so so so busy! Clothes aren’t an option for me to go shopping for! Lol 😆 You do have the cutest clothes though for real! That would be a treat! Have a blessed and very Merry Christmas 🎁🎄!!!!

  5. The first time I had food poisoning was on my honeymoon. I couldn't stop puking for 3 days and could barely walk. Didn't feel better for about a week. Got food poisoning a few weeks ago and was sick for 1 day, felt a little off the next day and was better by the 3rd day! Crazy how it changes

  6. Tara you're an amazing mom and an amazing person ❤️ Ignore all the haters, they're just jealous because they don't even come close to how awesome you, Adam, and the kids are. Keep up the good work!

  7. So I came on here so excited to see ur video and saw all these comments attacking a decision you made about hiring someone to do ur laundry, we may not all agree with choices people make in life but keep it to yourself people, tara is trying her best and if theses takes some ease of her then let her be, even if we don’t agree with it 🧐

  8. Yes even I don't like doing laundry thou I am not working mom .Tara you work from its OK if you try less you work by skipping laundry you may get more time for you r work and family

  9. Tara I’m going to have to moved to Tx. Sorry Hilary❤️ I just love your blog. I feel like I know you & the family. I be waiting for you to post. Happy holidays❤️❤️

  10. For anyone struggling with laundry, check out Jordan Page's laundry videos. She has 6 kids (soon to be 8!) And stays on top of it like a BOSS.

  11. Glad that you feel better Tara. Food poisoning is the worst. Grayson is so handsome. He's growing so fast. His sleeper is adorable. I wanna order it for my Grandson. Love Y'all.

  12. Hey Tara, we are about to go on vacation with your 17 month old son. He doesnt sleep as well, when he sees us, so I am wondering to put him to bed in the hotelroom bathroom. How do you get unready when shay is sleeping in the bathroom? XO from Germany

  13. should have told Shay to mind you and obey when you told her multiple times to get her shoes off of the couch instead of giving into her. Now she will throw a fit with everything because she know she will get what she wants ☹️

  14. I completely understand! And then when I finally get around to washing it all it will set in baskets for weeks before I actually start putting it away 🤦🏻‍♀️ it makes me feel so unorganized because I’m having to dig and find outfits and I use to not be this way but after having my second child I can’t find time to do hardly anything.

  15. When I was a young mom, working M-F 8-5:00 and then had a weekend job to make ends meet, I would sometimes go to the laundromat to get caught up. You can do 15 loads of laundry is about 3 hours, then once you're caught up, just a load a day can really help you stay caught up. I'm WAY picky about laundry, there is no way I could ever let go control enough to let a bulk service do it.

  16. Grayson blowing raspberries…omg….to cute..Great idea to have your laundry washed and fluffed for you….wow what a time saver!! I would do that if I worked as hard as you do…and girl you are a tornado…I used to nanny for families…I did it all…so no shame in sending out your laundry…lol…next is a consistent date night with a baby sitter…wink wink..its okay…I have had that symptom you described…it is the worst…you just keep hoping it is the last time to head to the bathroom…a lot of times it is exacerbated by stress I think…but I got it I think from eating peanuts out of the community bowl at a steak house…could have been anything but I am suspicious…will never eat from a food bar or anything that has other peoples hands in it …nope not happening…glad you got better and had a great time…no worries not was after all a vacation…hugs

  17. Tara l have no idea how u do what u do so if u need time to enjoy yourself please do so no need to explain yourself u deserve time for yourself and your family. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love your videos. Also so sorry u had food poisoning l to have experienced it and yeah it's not fun take care of yourself.

  18. OK, I normally keep my opinions about negativity to myself but this bashing is ridiculous… so what if she sends her laundry out, is it our business, is it costing us a penny, the answer is NO.. we should all learn to either watch and enjoy or stop watching… all these negative comments are ridiculous… so what if Baylee got a bed, Shay slept in a bathroom and Grayson in a closet…Big deal, it isn't like they were in a sink or tub… I am sure that Tara and Adam would never do anything to harm their children… We as adults need to be more kind and if you disagree, stop watching.. and picking on the size of a dog kennel is ridiculous.. come on, as adults, we are better than this…Be kind!

  19. Nobody: Nothing, not a single word.

    Tara: inserts slight flex of closet 😅
    Living for it! You need to do outfit inspo videos. 💕💞

  20. That talk about your job as a stay at home mom, totally relate. Not nearly as big as you but I’m trying and i completely understand wym ♥️♥️ love you.

  21. Tbh I wish I can get my kids the best xmas they deserve unfortunately I'm a low income mom all my money goes on Bill's rent wont have enough for xmas present pls help me tara love u both soo muchh this will mean so much to us to the bottom of my heart $janetcutie

  22. Move laundry to the top of your list and that way you throw a load in while you go to the second thing on the list. Throw in dryer, next thing on list etc. Washing, drying and folding is literally 10 mins a load (your time) tops. It's putting it away that is the time taker but the cleaners aren't doing that for you anyway. My first job was working at a dry cleaners and if you saw how laundry is handled there, you would never send out your laundry again. Trust me, reused water regardless what they tell you too. It's actually really disgusting.

  23. Trust me i m watching only ur baby boy he so cute 😚😚😘😘 my son is 3 month old i following u really brav mom i luv u

  24. Tara PLEASE you left your daughter is the NATIEST MOST GERM INFESTED area of a hotel… the bathroom?!? Let her see you and not sleep as well as she does at home rather than stick her in there. PLUS you were throwing up in the toilet next to her. You make a lot of money and spend it on crazy things but you couldn't put that towards an extra room for your 2 daughters and son????? I'm sorry, but that's appalling for a parent to do.

  25. Hello Tara! I normally don’t comment but it amazes me how people take the the time to pour so much criticism into one video as if every detail of your life is shared into this 20 min vid. I’ve read people accusing you of lying of being sick, calling your husband lazy. Mom shaming you for where the kids slept and even threatening to call animal welfare on your family. On behalf of those people I apologize because no one can judge your life especially because you sent the laundry out. I have one son and he is 3 I’ve been a stay at home mom for 2 years before that I was a working mom. Recently I took a job working close to my husband, I was working 50+ hours a week and it literally left me no time for anything els I ended up quitting. thankfully God has always provided what we needed through my husbands job. We all have our own way of handling things and whatever people decide that’s okay because it’s their life and we all have different limits to what we can handle, my point is you have 3 kids 1 dog and a wonderful husband, you are doing your best and that’s all you can do, I’ve learned so much from you just by seeing how you interact with your kids like they are tiny adults they seem so happy and that’s really all that matters. at the end of the night you are all safe and happy. The best thing a woman can do for her home is fill it with Happiness and Godliness because with time everything will come after that. Every life is different every situation is different all we can do is encourage each other that’s what keeps us moving. Happy Holidays 😄

  26. Tara have you considered hiring a person come to your house 2-3 times a week to help with things like laundry, tidying up while you work? Seems like it would be very helpful. I wish I could do that but cant afford it. If you can maybe something to consider.

  27. You do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself and your kids. I have two kids and I completely understand how chores and cleaning can take up a lot of time and cause stress. You have three little ones, so close in age …you’re doing great, mama!!

  28. I dont know why but when you say "good morning you guys" your voice sounds so adorable and just brightens my day ! So thank you

  29. انتي لا تحبي اليوتيوب ياتارة انتي مجبرة عليه وهذا الشيء محزن لنا لانني ضننت انه هوايتك

  30. I rarely ask for help as well. It’s hard especially with kids, laundry, plus you have to do work as well. I’m a work from home mom as well and I totally understand the struggle! You are doing so amazing Tara❤️❤️

  31. I just recently started my channel & I already feel that way about filming! Sometimes I just need a break too! Never realized how much work goes into it🙃

  32. What ridiculous comments! I’ve wondered for a long time if Tara had a housekeeper! She has the right to make her life easier any way she can. Maybe she just doesn’t like to do laundry so it’s a struggle. So be it. Hire it out. I hear so many times about husbands not getting special times with their wives and the wives complain about being worn out from chores….wouldn’t it be better to hire chores out than to go through a divorce. We women handle a lot! Tara is a great mother and YouTuber. We love you Tara! ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Maybe when she sends out the laundry they fold it for her. I would assume they would to avoid wrinkling. Similar to a dry cleaning type service.

  34. Tara, would you consider out sourcing editing. I think that takes the most time (at least for me it is). But maybe it’s something you could do now that your subscriber base has grown significantly and maybe it would help you gain a more consistent work hours.

  35. Food poisoning is the WORST. It comes on fast and furious. One year, our entire family got it on Christmas Eve, from Lobster Newburg, at my grandparents house. 25 people couldn't even leave, to go home! People were laying anywhere they could find a spot, for 3 days. Glad you are feeling better!💖

  36. People in the comments are rude. Do what you have to do to get though the day! I personally love laundry. If it’s your pain point I’m glad you are shipping it out! I bet a lot of these people are not prioritizing activities with their kids like you are. I know I could definitely be better at that. Raven Elise subscriber would never post rude comments like that. Ladies, you should be building each other up and definitely not tearing Tara down!

  37. Tara,
    I love you! You give me inspiration to keep my life and home together. Anything we can do to lighten our load is important when it can make us feel more centered and calm. I absolutely don't understand why anyone would have a problem with you sending laundry out. I have one child but if I had a bigger family I'm sure I would consider it. Personally I think outsourcing chores so you can have more time enjoying your family is great, and being a hands on mom, which you are You rock!

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  39. I think that you have to stop being pregnant every year because it seems that you are not ready for this responsibility

  40. Just catching up on your vlogs💜just curious if your blood type is A positive? Growing up as a child untill adult I would get the throwing up flu or food poisoning etleast once a year too thrn after I tired 30 I became vegetarian and never puked again and I been veg for 8 years now then I found out that my blood type A positive does best on a vegitarian diet. Crazy. The meat really never agreed with me. Maybe that’s the case with you too? It’s the worst puking like that!! Horrid

  41. The kids will be able to spend years catching up on watching all the vlogs in the future☺️has Shay been better about the tantrums? You havent said anything recently about it.

  42. We told ya, boys are d best💙especially appreciating my sweet 14 yr old son while hearing about my very moody teenage niece😛

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