Food Product Review: Soylent | Is Soylent Healthy? | General Wellness

Food Product Review: Soylent | Is Soylent Healthy? | General Wellness

what's up everybody welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is Adi Akash and I am a registered dietitian and today you have tuned in to watch the second episode of my review series this little series is just a fun thing I like to do grabbing the nutrition items out of the grocery store things that maybe look really healthy and then I review them for four different things nutrition label ingredients costs because some of these things are super expensive and then obviously flavor I'm sure you saw by the title of this video but today's video is about Soylent so Soylent is a ready to drink a little meal that comes in this bottle and I have a lot of Clint and there's just a lot of people that are drinking this so I want to turn you it to see what it tastes like and if I would recommend that so without further ado let's dive at first glance I love with the products label it is super cute and clean and you guys know all about that this is the chocolate library I turn you talk about the things because I think you can't get chocolate right there's not much you can get right so it's a pretty you know 20 grams of protein there's no stars by it it says 20 percent dealing interested and leather little start so then you just probably an answer to that smile oh it is us see you soon thanks panel for fat got it we'll see it so the first thing we're looking at is the nutrient box label this is one bottle as one serving which is good sometimes they deceive you and there's like three servings per bottle but this is not the case this has 400 calories 21 grams of fats wow that's a lot pulled out 15 grams of Milan saturated fat 3.5 grams of high in saturated fat do you grant saturated fat little bags out there is saturate about that Wow 15 grams of Marlon's hydrated look at the ingredients I bought a minute and find out where that's coming from 37 grams of car 3 grams of that our fiber 9 total grams of sugar includes 9 so they're added sugars and 20 grams of protein well have the 20 grams of protein that is kind of a bit of carbs but at least it's balanced and it's giving you something of carbs if you need that for a meal now on to the ingredients I'm just gonna read them for you guys filtered water filtered water multi dextran soy protein isolate high oleic sunflower oil a gave us our lorry and a lot of the fat iso milk chulos alkalis cocoa powder canola oil more fat natural and artificial flavors invited in the mineral premix what's premix soluble corn fiber which again we saw that in the last part too soy lecithin cellulose salt gellan gum and sucralose so there is artificial sugar and this from the sucralose molto dextran is also another sugar initially when reading plus guys I am not impressed it does explain what the vitamin and mineral premix is and is just a bunch of different you guessed it vitamins minerals I'm not afraid of this because it's soy I don't think that you should be afraid of soy but the other ingredients are not impressive let's see if it tastes any good that's not good okay so I mean then will it take in one drink but initially I am NOT a big boo and there's an aftertaste that I hit you a couple seconds later okay let's try it again not anybody no second time you guys okay so for the final review of this soy inland I would say for nutrient facts it looks pretty good initially right 400 calories if this is a meal great it's got a lot of added sugar it's got some carbs and protein though it's kind of a complete meal if you will but then we get to the ingredient list and you guys I mean I wish I loved it but I'm just like not a big fan of this ingredient list there's a lot of different oils I think get about trying to make at like creamier but I I just can't I can't get behind these ingredients so for price this is three dollars and forty eight so it's for this one little bottle and you are using as a meal replacement I need nothing pretty dang cheap meal and then flavor it was not right for me maybe you loved Soylent and if you do but I'm not a big fan of flavor so for me I would not you to drink this sweet with I'm probably not going to finish the bottle much like I didn't finish the quest bar but these are really popular things about dating guys so I'm reviewing them buying them with my own money these things are not sponsored I am purchasing these in order to see if it's worth your money thank you for tuning back into the general ones for a few series on this Soylent ready to drink drink if you have anything that you want me to review leave a comment in the section below and I will happily get to it also you could just direct message me on instagram my handle is a general wellness you can always find me there as well I love hearing those feedback it helps me create videos I know people enjoy


  1. Yea, I've seen a lot of people say they don't like the "cacao" flavor. There's also coffee, strawberry, neutral, and (i think) vanilla.

  2. I see this soylent at Walmart and want to try it out to replace meal breakfast or lunch in a day see if it work for weight loss too?

  3. There is a drinked called "naked" its like 5 dollors, it says its healthy but im not so sure. Do you want to review it? Strawberry and banana is the best kind.

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