Fortnite if everyone had 1000 HEALTH

Fortnite if everyone had 1000 HEALTH

Hey hey what's up for tonight there's anything you gamemode let me just say that game mode is so poorly designed no one can die you can't die and why can't you die well let's start with arm you got a thousand health yes a thousand and arm there's almost no mo only in the end game in the early games there's no mo and you spawn with a thousand health so if there are no bullets you're not gonna die and it's also solo squats and I'm by myself because I'm lonely I'm lonely got baby but that didn't stop me from dropping a 20 bomb yes a 20 bomb all the enemies got over a thousand HP it is so low squats and I dropped a 20 bomb by myself Oh in the most important part there's siphon the siphon in this game mode yes you could help her kill can I get an amen and also you may not have heard me last time let me just repeat myself if I get 50k likes within 24 hours I'll upload a minecraft video okay so this is a squad LTM but let's be honest every single person queued for solos because we all have no friends this is gonna take a year can you give me siphon can you die for night what is this game-mode what is this game mode the wham-o plus they don't die I'm so fast you could even comprehend come on give it up cheeks well he's dead what is his game mode his game mode is hot garbage that's the art garbage no one nice hole up guys just gonna cages hold up I mean let me just kill her any time now any time there we go what is this game mode what am I looking at oh I got him no one a Sambo well that Ghost my ammo what am I looking at come on yellow I hit that shot bitch finally got him fighting for so long if he booted this teammate give me old mo kimi all that mo I got a lot of mo that's exactly what I need this stupidest game boat before that's ever added I've talked about the so overpowered now that I think about it wanna bill fight me even though Who I am boy I can oh man sigh god what is this fall damage we shooting at all you think that you can beat me no don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me thank you bye die die thank you yes HP back yes I need ammo I need ammo I need ammo I got no ammo I got no ammo no one assembled we're just running we're just running there you go you're so low no one is mo mo Pacus oh yes oh yes oh yes look at mo oh that feels so good now we're gonna kill them both yeah I got ammo for days I'm gonna have over this boy okay so all we go through spine mo boxes everyone this invincible you can't die you can't die look because you got a lot of HP no because there's no ammo please have low HP police have low HP yes you shoot the scum nice try buddy oh you hit that or you also it yourself people are gonna clean us up they're gonna clear yourself we gotta act fast we gotta act fast there we go okay just a little more there we go gimme that mo give me that sweet ammo Oh big snipe that so you're gonna die you're gonna pay for that you don't snipe at me no one Snipes at me you hear me I got you I got you man I got you there we go and build it we're gonna work in that bill where's the other guy that I knocked are you kidding me he's gonna die in the storm oh he just got you he just got shield oh he's still low he still owed this ain't it chief got et back a little there we go maximum disk specs and y'all a guide to John wick is gonna die in the storm he's gonna give me HP as well it takes a long time for him to die in a storm huh are they ghosts can escape me boy can't escape me I'm aren't you down there you go no shield Russell Debra what don't steal my kill I think I hit you more so yeah you better run indeed but I'm a chase you where you went there you are they're all teammates doll teammates oh come on I need you to die right now they're all solo man they're so low it's one pickle this girl it's another and there goes another come on you guys have to die give me shoots and I'ma through it myself oh my god the boat focusing me oh I need to do I need a few I need to kill I need to kill no you bucking me off you idiot – food yes I gonna mess oh give me your mess oh my god I got 19 kills nope you ain't taking a kill for me come on are you kidding me boy I'm in pseudo squats and every single person there's a thousand HP how did I get so many kills some win the game no you gonna die boy come on we going to up yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hey les worst partner I guess yet though last words oh well this guy you saw this guy's something else just getting those headshots whoo I'm SPECT man I'm spec are you trying to kill me you think that you can beat me I got ammo for takes Oh combat shoddy no one is kidding me trust me when I said Oh kills you or don't you bad at all come on don't test me don't pick up your teammate we all know that ain't gonna happen George is that church still George for me oh hell no I ain't signed up for that who's going to be puta teammate no chief if I have met that would not have been a close fight my time to shine clean up my time to shine yes open out of there see ya Oh God fighting here's my best bet Oh three shoots let's go waste all my Mets have run away like a little coward of course well I'm dead I'm dead unless he sucks oh wait you were so low got a self stop why are you so low I need to kill I know you're low don't you she's low oh my god I kidding me those are some tarts man I'm telling you I have to move are you kidding me look at them look at I out they are I got no mats what am I gonna do without meds Oh God get me back there aw no time to pick up the mats once you want come on that boy find me without the Mets couple Mets I win chichi dude why are your weapons so goood can I use those weapons come I want those weapons yeah give me those weapons yeah don't you all the I got plenty of HP left I'm missing all my shots Naga plenty of my man where did you find a weapon all of a sudden what's another problem no one can beat me because I could ammo I'm invincible oh you were one shot you got no ammo – don't steal my kill hell no I'm gonna kill your teammate what are you gonna do about it I'm gonna know what are you gonna do about it I'm gonna kill your teammate you can't do anything about it oh you're so low how about you give me that HP backbone why are you hiding come on I'm not scared to check funny moves there you are oh what a few satisfying you guys can't even see if you want me I'm invincible yeah you're dead you're dead oh yes a minigun Oh God oh my god use my other code thingy is bad by five


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