Foster Dog Failure Becomes Best Dog Reunion Ever! The Abandoned Dog Rescue Show

Foster Dog Failure Becomes Best Dog Reunion Ever! The Abandoned Dog Rescue Show

it's an animal world out there watch the world animal Awareness Society channel and feel right at home come sit subscribe and stay a while on this edition of the abandoned dog rescue show let me take you to a magical place watched over by an army of volunteers a place where every dog that is adopted saves two lives this is the abandoned dog rescue we had a dog adopted I was a puppy about a month or two ago and the lady called yesterday and said that she needed to return the puppy because she'd gotten a new job and didn't have enough time for her which we do take returns when we have space and so I said well since we have this upper respiratory problem going on I'd call her and let her know as soon as dogs were well so that she could bring the puppy in she said okay that's fine and so we hung up and we got a call from Harris County that she had turned the dog in to Harris County yesterday we always keep our name on the microchip so when they check the microchip they could see that it was a abandoned animal rescue dog and so they called we made an appointment to come pick her up today girl Oh yeah head that way – yeah little bit we're gonna hit some siblings from here yeah wriggling from here well that's a thing this is kind of like not a good use of time necessarily what's going on we had some fraudulent activity on our check somebody thought they could get away with it and I guess they did get away with it we're trying to fix it now which is jumping through hoops this fixed good morning well we need to file a report on some fraudulent activity on our checking account fortunately a very poor replica so the banks they should be able to get it cleared up pretty quickly but in the meantime sixteen hundred bucks is out of our account and what they did that whoever did this actually deposited it through an ATM Debbie said that so we've never actually touched anyone's hands and then it came as an alert to us for our old a second of director who now does some banking stuff for us that in the memo line it said payroll so since we don't get payroll checks that's what causes red flag otherwise it probably would have gotten passed and they said that this happens it just all over all banks often unfortunately hello everybody we have merged [Applause] after the pups left me they were here at my home for five weeks no Lowe was here for about four and a half or so nursing them and then finally she had enough so we put NOLA in the shelter and she did great there she actually got adopted last week so we're very happy for her and then the eight pups stayed with me for about five days after she left and then they were all divided up into foster homes so we had four Fosters that took two puppies each beignet and bouquet went to Amy and her family and beignets always been kind of a little troublemaker since the beginning she was pushing her little siblings around and Starfire being born and cute little thing but a handful and one afternoon amy was letting her out to go out in the yard to go to the bathroom and instead of going around the wrought iron gate she decided to walk through the wrought iron gate and so one of the circles got stuck around her head so I couldn't pull her out and they couldn't of course I couldn't push her through so they ended up dialing mine when one and the fire department came out and set beignet free so today they decided to take her in foster bail is what we call it and so Bonet was paid on Friday and so today we dropped her off to them and the fire department that had originally saved her are the ones that came out to deliver the puppy and it was a surprise for the kids it's my understanding that you guys recently we're fostering a dog yes sir – tell me about it they but they bite they bite yeah what does it mean what kind of dogs like one per person how many how many learn your family's thanks there's six of you ones one dog for each person you think that's a good ratio probably a lot of dog food though yeah how did you become such a dog person I don't know maybe I'm wrong yeah everybody helped take care of the dog yeah for the most part I there's always some pitching in yes so if you guys were gonna give any advice in terms of anybody else like especially younger people who are thinking about fostering what would you tell them try not to get too attached what I love on the more you can just to help puppies because like they're too young to go into the shelter and all well that's that's pretty wise advice you guys are providing how did you get so wise is it just you going through the feelings of having to let the dogs like to give them up and it seems like that would be really tough it was someone come in to help the car that is the plan let's go there what's going on so they come is there it is like one of the cars I'm pleased or something sated that Kotlin okay we were a copier we go other than that y'all know it was daddy's idea so bud you got some great kids thank you this has been a wh us films presentation of the abandoned dog rescue show featuring the volunteers and dogs of abandoned animal rescue please consider making a donation to save more lives thank you for watching we'll see you next time you


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  2. Very good hearts people around the world thank you for sharing your story very good. Bless you all thanks

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  4. My emotions are jumping from being sad because of Sweet Lilly to being angry because of criminals who think that is right to take something that don't belongs to them and on the end of video happiness and joy because of beautiful Lola and those goodhearted kids and theirs parents who are teach theirs kids about love and responsibilities. Thanks to firefighters for theirs kindness and help
    Special thanks to all of you rescuers because without you nothing of this will happened .

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