Free Fitness Plyometrics Workout Video

Free Fitness Plyometrics Workout Video

hi everybody welcome to video I'm your host there and today I am doing by diatoms fitness expert Katrina today we're gonna go over plyometrics and how to add a little cardio to your workouts to get your heart rate up for more on biometrics see my blog this week first we're going to go through a warm-up I just want Sarah to jump up and land softly into a squat so she's gonna go down up making sure that you put your weight in your heels as you land squatting soft on the knees make sure that your knees don't go over your toes good perfect that's a plyo jump the next exercise that we're gonna do is apply a step shuffle Sarah's gonna explode up and go to the other side of the step up and to the other just as a great cardio bit to your workout now explosion good this exercise is for your glutes your hamstrings your quads and for cardio so I'm gonna have Sarah do it step by ohh jump and Sarah begins she wants to make sure that her leg is about parallel with the floor and her full foot is on the step she's gonna put her weight into her heel as she goes up and she's gonna jump up and come back down good fall foot we're gonna progress with FiOS step shuffle from side to side using the BOSU ball I want Sarah to put her full foot in the middle of the BOSU balls stabilizing her legs she's gonna jump up go the other side she's gonna go down into a soft squat making sure that she's soft underneath again this is a great way to add cardio to your workout


  1. I was pretty dubious at seeing how these chics were gonna teach me anything, but each one of these exercises is LEGIT– used to do each one when I ran track at Illinois. Plus, the demos were on point. Thx for the refresher, ladies!

  2. Nothing wrong with complimenting their physiques.
    They worked hard to get into the shape they are in the video.
    Props to you ladies. 🙂

  3. none of this is plyometric at all? The ground contact time is way to long, not using elastic energy or the SSC what so ever. Just brainless tits and legs jumping around

  4. but they aren't putting in enough effort for it to be an effective plyometric workout, you should be exerting as much energy with relatively long rest periods

  5. @cboadicea Oh I take very good care of my precious knees don't you worry :))

    Thank you for your response.

  6. @mtavares92 Plyometrics forces your muscles to use power and strength. Unlike static cardio like running which is boring, plyo is intense and techniques change rapidly.

    Be cautious, it's higher impact and if done incorrectly it can be murder on your joints, especially your knees. Do not do plyometrics everyday, it's best every other day because your joints will need the break, otherwise you'll wear yourself out too quickly and can cause some serious injury. I also recommend joint supplements.

  7. @mtavares92 Absolutely!

    Plyo training may be a little old fashioned, but still a "Gold Standard" for excellent athletic performance.

    It's tough, but when done right, it can train you to jump higher, run faster and go longer in whatever you do.

    That's why Shaun T of Insanity and Tony Horton of P90X use it in their DVD's for people who are serious about improving their fitness!

    Far better than steady state cardio. Plyo training burns 3 times more calories in shorter time!

  8. Hi,
    I am currently training as a Punter for my american football team.
    I bought this book written by a very famous punter, Ray Guy, and it said that i should be doing plyometrics once I had reached a certain level of strength and elasticity.

    I wanted to verify with you guys if it is true that plyometric exercises indeed benefit athetletic performance by enchancing speed and strength at the same time.

  9. Except for the fact that "Plyometrics" is a misnomer here. "plyometrics" is defined by maximum power output exercises due to muscles being loaded then contracted in rapid sequence to tap into strength, elasticity and innervation of the muscle in order to produce substancial gain in the desired training goal (strength, speed, intensity…). What is being shown here (and in 99% of the fitness videos out there) is simply NOT plyometrics due to a faulty protocol.

  10. Does anyone know how fast plyometrics make you in terms of sprints? Such as the 100/200 meter dash?

  11. Why is the gal stepping slightly back on the BOSU ball. Is it better than straight side to side? I have a few of my clients do this but why is it better stepping back @ an angle?

  12. It almost seems like plyometrics is a sorry bite off other exercise methods, Who ever came up with it is very unoriginal, Anyway you can hop on and off my face like that with your nice booty

  13. actually blondie you're supposed to cushion the landing with the ball of your foot before shifting the weight onto your heel

  14. But if they're performing them properly with correct form, don't they strengthen their bodies, making it less likely to be injured as each exercise is mastered?

  15. im a gymnast and we have to do plyo (thats what we call it) over panel mats once a week for about 15-20 minutes, its really hard but its great for cardio

  16. Hey it's Katrina!! Thanks for the comments!! Make sure to subscribe to my channel too.. ToneItUp 🙂

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