Free Healthcare for WHO??

Free Healthcare for WHO??

should everyone include illegal immigrants coming into the country deserve free health care yes last week during the second round of the Democratic debates aka the clown show every single candidate up on stage raised their hand in favor of free health care for illegal immigrants we're gonna see with the voters in Cleveland Ohio think about that and if they support it raise your hand if covered if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants [Applause] free flowers for illegal immigrant so during the Democratic debates the other day the moderator asked all the candidates up on stage if they would support free health care for illegal immigrants they all raised their hand and said yes let's fund it let's give them all our money let's give them free health care do you support that yeah why do you guys support free health care for illegal immigrants in this country illegally well the Democratic candidates have thought about it they all raise their hand when the moderator asked during the debates if they would support free health care for illegal immigrants they've thought about it they're ready to support it is that acceptable to you about it I mean just thinking about it free health care taxed by you guys rehab care for everybody including illegal immigrants if we're gonna do it for one you do it for all are you saying like nope not today we're not paying for free health care for illegal immigrants no no we're not paying for it oh thank god there we go I knew that's what the shirt meant as a voter as a citizen of this country I assume do you agree with that thank you that should everyone include illegal immigrants coming into the country deserve free healthcare yes who pays for that I do and everybody else yes do you think that's moral or ethical to make citizens pay for people who aren't following the laws to get to this country I feel that a lot of the illegal immigrants are trying very hard to become citizens and I don't think I think they get a bad rep that they come in and they just want our jobs and they just want this and just want that but I know I personally know a lot in myoma my grandmother was not illegal she came with my grandfather but she worked really hard to get her citizenship so I feel that when people say illegal immigrants they aren't considering that these people are trying to become American citizens we're asking people if they support free health care for illegal immigrants in this country illegal immigrants yeah for illegal if they mean it's a not they come here unlegal illegally so they're not citizens and they passed the border didn't go through any paperwork should we be giving them free health care it was up to me yeah do you guys support free health care for illegal immigrants yeah I'm an immigrant myself and I feel for those who actually like came you're like whatever do you support free health care for illegals I support free health care pure eye including illegals I am support a free health care period however when it does come for people who are American citizens or people who actually pay into the city well if you are an American citizen then I guess I have no issues with it whatsoever when it comes to those who come across this country illegally or stay illegally I mean if they're not paying into the tax system they're not contributing as as American citizens probably will have a minor squabble with them do you know do I know you oh you do know me don't you I'm trying to politically outcast my view in a lot of things because there's a lot of abruption and anger and I justice in a lot of different ways so summarizing your opinion because we are the voters we are gonna be whose votes for the next president so I'm just wondering your opinions oh that's great but I'd rather not okay I think we you know can you see yourself voting for any of the Democratic candidates who would support what we just said is wrong I could see ya vote for some of them you know because I believe everybody should have health care would that change your vote if you were voting Democrat in the upcoming election would it change your vote knowing that that candidate that you might support would be in support of giving free health care to illegals well again I'm nonpartisan so I will eat easily vote Republican or Democrat as I would a socialist or Green Party member oh god you lost me there as long as they are supportive of what I believe are my ideas and support who I consider my that's the most important thing voting Republican voting Republican is the most important thing I like what you had Alison do you support free health care for illegal immigrants in this country illegally do I support it and that for illegally no why not why not I just think I know better YouTube channel sorry you gotta put down that Starbucks you know there's soy in there right you shouldn't be for Wars and get products that will take the soy out of your body that'll make you more manly like alpha power alpha power Infowars life calm that makes you a true strong man and then when you add the brain force to it it's gonna make you think more critically about these important issues that you know maybe we shouldn't be supporting free health care to illegal immigrants because that means that we the American citizens should be responsible for paying for the whole world when they stub their toe and that's just not okay yep no I don't think we should support that I disagree I think it's just a quite day all right illegal immigrants yep so why would would he give them free care you want to answer because what if they get sick if something happened then what you're going to we don't have free health care we technically do it's called welfare it's all free but don't everybody has it okay well I still don't think it's fair why don't you think it's fair because if they're coming over here illegally then why will we legally give them health care I don't understand are you kind of going along the premise that we should take care of our own people first and people who come across the border illegally they've broken lulz just coming across the border really shouldn't be getting our tax dollars true true what do you say to that this country was good the fam'ly grants day what do you mean like nobody literally we nobody was originally born here right you were born here I was born here homeless Americans were born here should we take care of them first homeless American citizens before people that just came across the border yes I don't I don't agree with that do you support something like that I don't know I think the more people come in here into America and what taken from a man so if you live with ignorant immigrants I need I didn't have to kill myself so maybe it might mess up my healthcare so I mean I've monstera from not being allowed to amend America they gotta sneak into America but I was before America too and my own benefits counselor I need benefits also I mean they come across legally no we can't do that why not because they're not legal citizens number one right and though we are we supposed to be legal correct that's the only reason of the legal I think it's why I'm makes pretty that that makes common sense right like we should take care of citizens first who live here who have been here all their lives why do you think they would propose such a radical idea to give all illegal immigrants free health care and it's taking away my opportunity to have more money in my pocket if they're taking my taxes for it as well so we won't be paying for them no your mind's made you're like no this is black and white immigrants but it's not fair for them to just come over and get something free if they didn't work for it so is your mind changing a little bit at all saying that you know wouldn't be fair to me sure like you don't have free health care but I don't agree with the idea that I feel like we always saying with somebody deserves like who are we to say what they can and can't I don't think that's okay because you this is a good country illegal immigrants shouldn't be paid shouldn't be paid to be here I agree with you uh-huh also that that means that you know the government should do a better job of not having these immigrants come over here so so we should build the wall yeah something like that so you guys know the drill already Infowars you can help support me by buying awesome supplements the highest quality of everything alex has to offer not only does it help me but it helps you because you're ingesting great things for your body that help you go through the day turbo force I can't even drink all of turbo force because it is so powerful so much caffeine so many vitamins I can't drink it all it's too powerful for me but it's great you have to go to the store support us there like I said great products for yourself my patreon you can support me directly at slash Caitlin Bennett get yourself a cool clown world t-shirt at info or 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  2. My husband serves this country in order to to get free healthcare for our family. So why should an illegal come to America for health care??

  3. WOW! Someone please tell these IDIOTS that it ISN"T FREE!!!!!!! there is no such thing as free!!! NO! Why in the hell would WE PAY For their FREE!!!

  4. You're confusing me with this question. Do you mean "Free healthcare" or "Free health insurance"? There's a big difference. Illegals already get "free healthcare". The Hippocratic oath guarantees any human that walks into a hospital the right to equal treatment and healthcare. But health insurance? That's another thing all together, and I think more accurate to the topic you're asking about….

  5. As Americans, we should all be obligated to take in AT THE LEAST two illegals, one male one female, with the agreement that they are allowed to have two kids that can also live in your house until they are 21. We should down grade our temperpedics for them, play our old systems and make sure they have the Xbox oneX and after they shit we wipe their asses with the finest doyles.

  6. If you didn't see and hear it with your own eyes and ears, you'd never believe the level of brainwashed idiocy roaming free in this country!!!!! The biggest problem is they are allowed to vote!

  7. I like info wars videos but this girl comes off like a complete bitch. If people say simply "I don't want to share my views on camera" don't do that "tisk tisk tisk" sound. Don't say "i think we know her views"… I hate Democrats for doing that kind of shit. STOP!

  8. It is actually scary at the level of stupidity of some citizens that walk around our streets. They cannot think past the end of their nose, and yet they support issues that are way past their brain capacity.

  9. Their all scared to answer because they dont want to admit that they agree with you and disagree with the Democratic party.

  10. I notice
    1: When people say everyone should have healthcare she never follows the logical path and ask why not people in Latin America or Africa should get US style health care paid by the US taxpayer, I mean they are people. It's a slippery slope. Also what is to stop anyone from the third world from jumping over to the US if they got cancer or something else expensive to treat
    2: On the other hand. When people use the argument that they don't have health care, why should illegals get it, she never corrects them by pointing out [as I understand it] that they want universal health care that includes illegals, not health care only for illegals, and that is dishonest. It is more AOC dishonest than trump flat out lying, but still dishonest.
    3: That guy who took her hat has a face in need of a slap, a Chuck Norris slap.

  11. Would you be ok if someone came into your home and helped themselves to whatever they wanted? Same difference.

  12. A tip from the UK, DO NOT CHEAPEN YOUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM BY MAKING IT UNIVERSAL. Free healthcare sucks. in the UK, it's fucking rubbish.

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