what w fart HBO really fool health dependent Pokemon moves team so this is quite an interesting topic there are some Pokemon out there in the world of Pokemon that actually are dependent on having their health high for certain moves to do more bass power or low for their moves as though certain base power and also depending on the opponent self now it poses the question if you could choose they move depending on a pokemons help what would it be leave a comment below in the comment section make sure I've hit that subscribe button people and make sure you've ding-a-ling that Bell and I have all the notifications enabled because if you miss yourself it's simply not my fault now that is the twitch there make sure you follow that one too we do all the streaming there thank you to all the support without this so far and let's get into the video we've got two battles today this one was against mr. Gus Lord on my discord and yeah we've got a teen sinner or late and I've got tangled this is the best greatest matchup in the world guys you know I just I just looked at the team prayer I thought this is the Pokemon I have to start with you probably you're probably seeing why that's funny in a bit so we're gonna intimidate all my tangler here and we got the flavor it's coming from the sinner off now this tangler wasn't very bulky at all so yeah that's that's so like a sha threat for this battle I'm sorry thank you light you'll come back in the next battle I'll use a max revival on you right the next pope we're going to swap out into it see neuro is the licky licky now this licky licky set was pretty interesting it's got one of my favorite kind of health it depended a moose and that is ring out now ring out is a normal special move and it's got basically it relies on the opponent itself so they're more healthy opponent has right and the more powerful ring out will be however there's a flip side to that as you do more damage to them ring out actually gets really weak so if they got a lawman health it'll do less damage if they got more it'll do more damage so if you can think about that like in a battle situation bulky Pokemon are actually really good against this thing ball against a lot of these strategies I really had a lot of struggles with them now to get around that like Oh at normal MC so I could let this go for a normal attack there they didn't trauma planets health but that was pretty much it that was the only way I could get around that and they had a I got a berry to get around it too so now we got a special in Cena Roy coming in so as you can see they've got a full encina raw team and yeah we're gonna go for a toxic air so all my attacking moves health dependence moves so on this and licky licky we've got max self and max special attack modest nature we got wring out toxic sleep and rest talk did I just say sleep and wrestle I mean rest and sleep talk that better be a top comment or this uh please gotta be some is gonna be wrong if that's not the top comment anyway they could they could be I could say something else dumb don't worry that this just just way to write something amazing else could happen so we've got the yet sinner or it's gotta get hit by they bring out and the toxic again it's gonna go down pretty soon I can go for a rest there just to stall out um I don't really want to lose my licky licky this early on the game I've lost my tangler and that was yeah that's quite a good Pokemon again the opponent into low health so going for a rest here I mean cetera I know can definitely not take me out in one shop and it's come definitely gonna go down to the talk to you so luckily he's going to get all itself back which is nice and a couple of rest spoke about on this team all right so all of them name like different things so this is Tiggers that is that like from Winnie the Pooh I'm not sure like you guys remember when you food like a heart the only the the bear and honey pot in I cut that's all I got yeah that's that's all I can remember about the show so you guys remember that one so anyway we've got the arrestee ER and it's gonna file against a tiger but tickers gonna still pues hunting and he's gonna faint so we've still got five more in Sinhala to deal with but I'm asleep at the moment so I've got to be able to get at least one ring out up before I died so in comes John John Cena I can't really see a sprite on the other side of the hill but I know that it's there right I'm cats put the cat did the editing for this and she's put the in-center Raw on the side so so I know it's there but I can't say arrived so we're gonna go for the rest sleep talk it and we get really CH is great I didn't get rest once and man this takes it really really well there I can't see the health bar but I know that the tanked it right okay so we're gonna get a slave let's hear from the Encino Roy and guess what guys licky licky actually tanks out on three health this is clearly a in sin or or that is very very bulky everything is invested I'd say it's all invest in like health defense or special fence or it's got like an assault vest attached up so go for the poison here on the in sinner or an o-ring out will do nothing now because I've done damage true it's gonna go for a u-turn so they actually trolled me there they didn't go down to the UM we're toxic and that is going to take outta my liquor League but I still have for popcorn remaining and the best ones are yet so we got the shotty and sinner or coming actually really liked Sharleen sinner or looks pretty cool so now we're gonna go into torkoal so as you guys know taco is a pretty cool polka white and it gets the move eruption so eruption is a special attacking move with a hundred and fifty base power right and it actually involves you having more health to do more damage so the less healthy got the less damage you're going to do so we really want to keep our taco in our high health there really I can do two in sinner ORS go for the eruption and this is gonna go for a five lastly so we'd actually didn't have a lot of moves to hit each other with at the moment both fire types of kind of make sense the other moves are con this arrest amnesia and sleek top too so I was trying to make this a very bulky set so I wouldn't take a lot of damage then I can power up some really go get some really powerful eruptions off this is max health and Mac's special tackers well we've got the ability a shell arm I thought about going for drought but I didn't really want to and the item was left over so shell armor so I couldn't get credit all right so my talk was gotta go down and now we're gonna go into the big dodo now dodo is a pretty good Pokemon on my team this is a fly off set and so as you guys know with the move flower right the low of the health you're on the more powerful flower is so if you got high health it's gotta do monkeys if we got at low health it's got to do a truckload of damage right so we go down all the way to my focus actually got agility flail protect and saw debt now I've got protect on this set in case we've got any fake out uses and actually pretty handy against that now I gave it the ability early bird so I can swap it into like a spore or something and wake up like real quick and the item is focused as you guys just seen so my my Spidey singers were like tinkling a little bit I was thinking you know the micro gopher protector I decided to go for flail against John and seen a roll because I thought it was assault festered and that is gonna be enough to take it out so we're flailing at the moment without dodo and now we've got the that's the fifth in seen a rock you know it's the it's the first one I'm sorry it's taking a little bit damage it's sometimes it's hard to narrator better when you've got all the end in scene ores or the same Pokemon to stuff so we're gonna head for crunchy nuts beats me damn it out spit me damn son that's us that's a speedy in syrup so now we're going to go into the big boy our egg again says oh yeah a pretty cool move it's actually called crush grip and our crush grip is really cool too so this is same as ring up so the more HPER the tar your opponent has you know the more damage it will do so exactly the same to ring out of course but is the physical type move so this is a pretty cool set we've got crush crip thunder wave confuse rate and Forsyte we've got max attack and max speed so as you guys know ready gigas has slow start so what you do raise youth under way for them and then you confuse right that sort of stalls it out a little bit so you got to try and get those five turns worth the scum and then you can fire some pretty powerful crushed ribs and if you don't take the opponent on one here well you're hurt you're gonna have a really fun time trying to take that last core of damage because it goes really really slow like a were the Ray gigas monster attack alright so in cinah babe it's gonna come out I like that name in cinah pipe I'm gonna go for that little crush grip on the insider' pipe man that would actually hurt can you imagine regan gigas big white hand grabbing your head and just crushing your man that's savage anyway so speaking of savage we've got a Z move and Reagan gigas is actually a pretty bulky punk one in itself I knew this would take like a lot of damage now the Regulus was properly I'd say looking at my tail radius and well that's probably the best I'd say rig Iggy's and doduo probably and why other Pokemon Blastoise were the three best pokemon on my 10 so that does a nearly takes me out to us a little bit over three core damage i've got that i ever bury popping in reich real quick i can go for a crush cougar burn again on the in sinirage it's not really doing a lot of damage I'm kind of like hoping they'll hit themselves to confusion and I'll take and now they're gonna go for a low kick man low kick just destroys my trigger gigas damn so that's down I've only got one more Pokemon I've got to get back into this game and we got the big bustling Blastoise oh plus it's got waterspout rest sleep talk and Brian so this is a pretty string combo right so say when you use Blastoise use waterspout right and you know you take you take a pocket without like that insider' rock but then you've got a faster pokemon that comes in right and powers down your waterspout I was thinking if you don't take them out in one shot and they're below half health and then you can go for Brian right so Brian will be like gets a power boost so if the target HP is less or half or less this attack will hit with double power so you can make use of the waterspout not hitting us hard or on the second go or a taking damage so it actually works pretty well and then you can use rest to rest all your health up and try and take the opponent so waterspout fails to take me out there and we got eight we had a creep and a defense robbed there maybe though maybe they'll think I was going to go for Aquajet so they went for a swap I'm not really sure we've got another in today and Blasio's I just went for a rest here so I've got all my health back which is good now the problem is can I get waterspout at full health or am I gonna get Brian so Brian's good when they're half or less and works really nicely with waterspout Brian's a move you never ever see being used Avis I was really like hyped is this is probably one of my favorite sets I added this team actually this Blastoise so now we're gonna go for a rest sleep talk there and we got waterspout on the first go look at that guys look at that big waterspout the funeral is man that CC thick that that CC on the thick it's gonna do a little spanking and it knocks off my focus of analysis scum of the earth ah damn I put on my Blastoise people I'm sort of like low-key hoping I could get you know focus man kicks in and then get a waterspout with one hell anyway so going for that hour sleep talk guys hoping that I can get the brine on the in-center oh and I get the classic pimp light rest and that's it for today's battle people in see neuro it's gonna give me another spanking and that is the first bout of man I can't believe that like I got that I got credit and then a defense drop like that actually like legitimately lost me the game and the next up battle will have Azam by discord this was against a pickle Ouma and we got a Quags I leave right so tangler actually gets to do something this fellow guys hooray so we're gonna link with tangler again now this tangler said by all means we definitely wasn't good but it was quite fun to use so we got endeavour substitute sunny day and flail so we're trying to work on endeavour and flower to get the opponent down to a low health we've got the ability as chlorophyll as well so we can go for the sunny day double our speed which is really handy and we got the lychee berry as the item two so quack sighs I think she thought Craig's I might swap because like realtalk and absorb from tangler which is body Quagsire now we got the rapid ash coming in I'm gonna get that sub sheet up which is really important for a pastor's quality a scary Pokemon and the Sun is up as well so good thing the Sun's up because I'm able to actually add speed I don't want to reveal that I've got endeavour right at the moment so I'm just gonna go for a beep flail obviously we fly all the more healthy got the worst is going to do however with endeavor and that was quite an interesting move because that's very health defendant to so basically this attack cuts down the target HP equal to the user so say you've got sixty nine health rights gonna pluck a random number out the woodwork I'm saying God six and I'll help then go for endeavour you put the opponent on the same amount health so the host sixty nine eleven so two Pokemon on the field will have sixty nine health for example all right so this represent in you Lee the Sun is actually going to wear off in one-third so I've got no choice but to go for the endeavor and try and put rapidash in range I'm actually setting myself up here for another perk lop so I'm gonna hit by the positive they're definitely not going to go for the flavors because they don't want to use any like recoil damage which is fine the Sun does fade which is good too so now we're go to into the dodo so I'm thinking I reckon they'll probably go for flavors to serve because they're on a little bit of help they got nothing to lose and that is exactly what they're going to do so my item on the dodo as you guys know is the focus sash so rapidash is a really fast poco I'm right I was hoping the recall would actually take it up but it dis quite didn't just in case it didn't I went for the in glt right so we got the jersey up this is max attack and a max speed at dodo so we got on this one jolly Nate shop we've got to go you really got to make sure you're fast and flail with the ax sword dance is really really powerful too so rapido she's gonna get out spared and that it's going to go down so lot of parties gonna come out you know my spidey senses they're smelling scum so I'm gonna go for protect I'm thinking this is definitely gonna go fair makers faked me out right but guess what people I've got to protect up and it's gonna fail as you guys know you can't use fake out to turn to throw because it only works on the first so I actually counter the LA party there la pundit goes down in one shot man dota this is the big dodo people the big donor right so the next book we got is the Quagsire now it's a little bit worried about this because quacks eyes a fairly bulky poke quad I don't have a saw dance up I would have loved to get one up so I've got no choice let's go for flat just some thumping damage almost aq doubt but dance mostly Quagsire gonna stop my sweep short we almost at a Friday video there people almost I think I've done a dodo sweep already I'm not sure I say we've got a little bit left over recovery on the quake side but I was really good like dota really did some solid work there getting rid of – like rapidash and la funnies some really good Pokemon it got rid of though into the licky licky I don't want to risk and go for a week ring up ring out not not ring up ring out Dan what would ring up they like I'm actually trying to think what ring up would be like you get some rings right and you you hang the Pokemon up anyway so I'm going to go for the brain net blitz bring out a ring up I'm gonna call up ring up from now and I didn't want to go for that ring up because if quakes I wear for a cover right it would just like store me out all day and if my Z move could one-shot it when it got back to for health or recover I would be in the doodoo so we've got three Pokemon down this battle is going swimmingly at the moment and we've got the ABS all coming out now I love shiny ABS all looks really cool so it's gonna put a little bit of pressure on me I'm a little bit worried about super power but I don't want to swap and our episodes gonna go for that super power and it's gonna hit my licky licky right on the Wi-Fi signal and and Telstra disconnected again we've got three more pokémon remaining now the good thing about Arthur they use super power right there attack and defense fall so it's not gonna be as much of a threat usually a lot of time it'll be a swap right so that's quite good so now we got talking coming out I thought I'd get a nice easy swap here and guess what guys we've got Ross coming in which is the heir for Ross and air Frost is a very bulky pokel right so I was very happy to get a full-powered eruption against it if that a drought that would have probably nearly taken out – which is unfortunate and now we've got air for us going for the power gym outs feeding me and I've got Mac so I take that pretty well considering going for another eruption hoping I can take it out if it doesn't have wrestle scum like that and I do man I was very very I was kind of worried about air frost because it's very very bulky on the special side right and they were used up my dodo and you know might angler endeavor and things like that so the next pope we got is the glacier I'm thinking is it going to use water pulse or something like that Zee water pulse you know if it's gonna go for a hail and says oh oh oh I know what's going on here I detect I detect scum my bright powder snow cloak and stuff like that so I went for a ruptured again I've got no like I've got no choice to go for that it actually lands which is good and does some thumping damage the glacier almost taking it out Glaceon is gonna get he's gonna hit me with a tail I've got leftovers we're gonna heal it up like real quick which was nice so I think it okay it's it either doesn't have water pulse it's going to for blizzards got blizzard it didn't really have too much for answer for me I guess it was thinking maybe they could dodge the attacks and then finish me off of the blizzard so go for your weak eruption anyway on the Glaceon and it is just enough to take it out which is good so all we got left is that abs on that absol is a pretty scary pokemon i I'm thinking that one they could be choice they could be choice banded or choice scarf one I'm thinking I had the feeling it was it could be choice I wasn't sure but I had a little feeling a little suspicion oh yeah you have like a gut feeling about something that's how I am yeah that's what I was thinking this bout all right so we got a little bit of pressure on the talk or I'm no way gonna live the next attack and it's gonna be nice now she's like okay I've got Blastoise but if Blastoise gets critted that could be bad I've got regigigas too which has thunder wave we've got we've got to slow this boy down you know we've got to we've got to get that Thunder Wave up we've got to get that confused race so I'm gonna see what sort of damage we're gonna be able to dish out with the big blast I said so we've got the ABS I'll go for the knife slice you gotta watch out for that crit that's doing a lot of damage the next crit will actually take me out a thread for the Brian instead of the waterspout Brian does some impressive damage and absol is gonna get hit by the house but however the next hit from the crit on I slash might actually take way out so I thought okay I've got a flat smarty people I've got to go into Ricky's and get a thunder wave off because if I lose that and this is outta like me me out with the you know the crush grip or whatever like that I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble so I got here by the the night sludge again it doesn't do a lot of damage so the idea here is we're gonna go for the Thunder Wave and see if we can take out the absorbed with the crush grip so I'm gonna take another nice touch there getting the Thunder Wave water which is good so my flyer says will I be able to actually out speed the absol coming in which is very very important there now I know when I paddle people Oh what was think of like a couple of steps and events like if they've got like a meme item or something like a move like that which you could actually like really mess me up so I can lose the next attack there and I'm gonna eat that I app a berry man it was good gonna rub my tummy up that and we're gonna go for the confuse ray so we've got the power of fusion on the ABS on now the thing about this is I've got the slow start off so I'm actually still getting out spare them over I was hoping that I can get the big boys act together and then give all ABS or good crushed gripping all right so ABS I was gonna go for a night slash again on my Reggie because I didn't have a lot of actually yeah success with the power fusion on this rig you set which sucks anyway so I'm gonna grab the answer I don't live don't wanna help oh no oh no I was hoping it would actually hit itself but it's gonna go for another night / and then it's gonna take the big boy out there's nothing I could have done there people I get credit I knew is gonna happen a veggie but but the main important thing now is abs always paralyzed I can bring in my guy my Blastoise and go for a Brian or a waterspout and that my friends is game hope you enjoyed both these battles this is actually a really really fun team to use if you learn something new if he found entertaining it was fun to watch please drop a like on the video I'd appreciate that and I'll catch you guys tomorrow peace you


  1. I think that running a team of 6 Ratattas with a Focus Sash and the moves Endeavor and Quick Attack would work.

  2. Toxic,rest,confide,bulk up,Zeraora aaaand…. The most important thing….

    SALT !😀

  3. Full dynamax team
    Pokemon who have been dynamax before sword and shield. This is to make up for the fact, that the galas dex doesn't allow some of these mons

    Torterra(Detective Pikachu)-peacorptv
    -Wailord( It's just dynamax kyogreee)
    -Dragonite (Mystery at the Lighthouse)
    -Tentacruel(Banned Episode)
    -Alakazam(Ancient Alakazam with marking)
    -Gengar(Ancient Gengar with marking)
    -Jigglypuff(Ancient Jigglypuff with marking

    (Even tho these are robots, you could use this) Pokemon robot island
    (You could use totem Pokemon)
    C'mon I have been requesting this since I made my YouTube channel!

  4. QOTD – A fairy type move called natures help, that has a base power of 1/4 of the total HP of all grass and fairy type Pokemon in your team.

  5. Full deep sea themed team!
    Huntail (viperfish/oarfish)
    Gorebyss (chimaera/snipe eel)
    Malamar (giant squid)
    Relicanth (coelacanth)
    Cradily (crinoid/predatory tunicate)
    Lanturn (anglerfish)
    Wimpod (giant isopod)
    Pyukumuku (sea cucumber)
    Frillish/Jellicent or Tentacool/cruel (jellyfish)

    Make sure at least one Pokemon uses Dive in each battle.

  6. Ring up is definitely launching a big phone box at the opponent and forcing them to ring all their family members to catch up

  7. Full can't kill team with false swipe. Then toxic or something else to kill the opposing pokemon? 😅

  8. Pimpnite, you should do a full Pressure ability team, or full PP depleting team. Try to make the opponent take themselves out w /struggle😂

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